The Multi Cult and the Desolation of Europe

OK, another week, another dozen or so cases of Europe going down the gurgler, mainly because of patently failed multiculturalism policies, and a political ideology known as Islam. One can never write too often about all this, because the cases are never-ending.

And you can pick your country here – all throughout the UK and Western Europe we see the same problems over and over again, from Scandinavia down to the Mediterranean. Letting in masses of immigrants who are not very keen on the values and beliefs of the host nation is always going to end up ugly.

And all these examples would simply scratch the surface of reported cases, but imagine how many more unreported cases there are. Things are getting so bad that one can just barely offer more than a bullet-point summary on this. Indeed, with so many stories to run with, let me just offer the headline, date, the opening lines from each article, and the link.

Greek mayor: “Women are afraid to go out alone, we keep our children inside our homes”
May 31, 2018
Spyros Galinis, the mayor of Mytilene, the capital of the island of Lesbos, told Greek news outlet Iefimerida, that the people in his city are increasingly concerned about migrants. Galinis said that “Women are afraid to go out of their homes, we keep our children in our houses”. According to the mayor, Lesbos is exhausted of the ongoing dangerous situation with migrants. The people of Lesbos were once represented by the media as the people of solidarity, who even opened their homes to refugees from Syria. But now the situation has completely changed, as the once solidary and tolerant residents of Lesbos are facing the cruel reality of the uncontrolled mass immigration crisis that is inflicting Europe once again.

Germany: Corpus Christi procession canceled due to inability to provide safeguards against jihad attacks
May 31, 2018
There will be much, much more of this: Europeans curtailing their activities and sacrificing elements of their culture in order to guard against Islamic jihad massacres. This is the future of the United States as well, if the Left gets its way. The wound in Germany is self-inflicted, and will be in our case as well. Islamic law forbids Christians to make any public display of their faith, including processions. So this cancellation is exactly what Islamic jihadists were hoping for and striving for: the voluntary acceptance of dhimmitude and Sharia by a non-Muslim population.

German teen girl needs surgery after being violently raped by a Syrian refugee in a cellar
May 31, 2018
A brutal rape of a German teen has shocked the city of Chemnitz. A Syrian refugee attacked and raped a 15-year-old German girl in a cellar. The young girl was so badly injured that she needed surgery, tabloid Bild reports.

Axe-wielding maniac kills police dog and attacks officers before being shot in the Dutch city of Schiedam
May 30, 2018
An axe-wielding maniac killed a police dog and attacked officers before being shot by cops in the Netherlands yesterday. Dutch police shot and wounded the Syrian man after he assaulted cops trying to arrest him at an apartment in the Dutch city of Schiedam. Just hours after the bloodshed in the Netherlands yesterday evening, a policewoman was stabbed in Germany following an incident on a train approaching Flensburg central station.

French woman beaten up by Afghan asylum seekers ‘for being too lightly dressed’
May 31, 2018
A 33-year-old woman was severely beaten by two Afghan asylum seekers last week, France’s Valeurs Actuelles reports. The assault happened on a train leaving Paris. The men taunted and insulted the woman for not being dressed enough to suit them. The attack on 23 May started with verbal insults. The Afghans were reprimanding the woman for ‘showing too much cleavage’. After the train stopped at Dijon’s train station, they forced her out. The woman was kicked and beaten until she fell to the ground.

I recently wrote about a classic case in point of failed immigration policies, the elevation of Islam, and the retreat of Christianity: Sweden. See my article here:

A recent report tells us why, in part, Sweden is in such a bad way:

Swedes ‘least likely in Western Europe’ to go to church
May 31, 2018
When it comes to Europe, Sweden is the country where you’re least likely to find church-attending Christians. Yes, just 9 percent of respondents to a European survey said they went to church, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center. This was the same result as in Finland, with Denmark and Belgium just one percentage point behind.

And the ongoing horror of the UK rape gangs still needs exposure. Hal Colebatch recently wrote “What Rotherham Means”. He begins:

The revelations of unhindered Muslim sex-trafficking of thousands of young girls in British towns, including Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford, are so gross and shocking, so monstrous, and on such a scale as to actually make response or comment difficult, except to point out that they display Britain – or a significant part of it – as a failed and broken culture.
The most shocking aspect, of course, is the craven failure on a staggering scale of the very institutions part of whose raison d’être is precisely to prevent such things: the police, the social work industries, the local government bodies, and probably, at least in some cases, parents (certainly some parents seem to have done their best, and quite properly approached the authorities, only to be ignored).
The sickening, Eloi-like passivity with which the police and social-workers behaved for fear of being accused of racism indicates mass cowardice and moral corruption on a scale again difficult to describe. The more that is revealed about this scandal the worse it seems. It is not too much to call it the worst British public/political scandal in modern history.

Finally, still on the bad news side of the ledger, this 39-minute video is well worth watching and sharing. Michelle Malkin looks in depth at the immigration crisis in Europe, and the Islamic rape gang plague:

Some good news

But lest we all get far too depressed and discouraged, I better end with a bit of good news! Here are three pieces which speak about Europeans hopefully beginning to turn things around as they decide that enough is enough:

Over 40% of western Europeans find Islam ‘incompatible’ with their values – poll
May 31, 2018
Some 42 percent of people across western Europe believe Islam is incompatible with their values, a new Pew survey has found, noting that Christian-affiliated responders are more likely to reject foreigners in their community. In recent years, Europe has experienced a record influx of asylum-seekers and migrants from predominantly Muslim countries who are fleeing conflicts across the Middle East and North Africa. The wave of migration, encouraged by the German ‘open-door’ refugee policy, has prompted a heated public debate about immigration, border control, and security policies across Europe.
A new Pew Research Center survey has found that around 42 percent of the general population across 15 western European states believe that “Islam is fundamentally incompatible” with their national values and culture. Twenty-six percent of them believe that migrants from the Middle East are dishonest.

Denmark becomes latest European country to ban burqas and niqabs
June 1, 2018
Denmark became the latest European country to ban garments that cover the face, including Islamic veils such as the niqab or burqa, after a vote in the country’s parliament. Human rights organisations criticised the move. MPs in the Scandinavian country approved the bill after it was introduced by the centre-right governing coalition, by a majority of 75 to 30, although 74 abstained.
The government said that the new law, which does not ban headscarves, turbans or the traditional Jewish skull cap, was not aimed at any religion. However, many see it as directed at the dress worn by some conservative Muslim
women, although full face veils are uncommon in the Scandinavian country

Hungary tells UNHCR: “Aiding illegal migration is not an act of humanity but a crime and security risk”
May 31, 2018
Responding to the UNHCR’s call on the Hungarian government to withdraw the “Stop Soros” bill, which was submitted on Tuesday, the foreign ministry said the top priority of the government was to ensure the security of the Hungarian people.
In a statement on Wednesday, the ministry said the UNHCR in recent years had attacked the Hungarian government more than ten times in connection with its protection of the borders against illegal immigration. The UN body argues that migrants should be free to travel between countries and that illegal border crossings should go unpunished, the ministry said.
“The Hungarian Government does not accept this,” its statement said, adding that illegal migration was not a fundamental human right. “Aiding illegal migration is not an act of humanity but a crime and security risk. Migration is a national security matter,” the ministry said.

So there is some fightback going on. Overall, Eastern Europe is doing much better in this regard than Western Europe, with nations like Poland and Hungary resisting EU multiculturalism and PC madness. The question is this however: has the rot set in so far, so deep, and for so long, that it may now be too late to sufficiently turn things around?

Time will tell I guess, but it is looking very bleak indeed in Europe right now. And much of the rest of the West is not much better.

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26 Replies to “The Multi Cult and the Desolation of Europe”

  1. There is fightback going on in Britain, but we are of course up against a useless government that rolls over on its back for tummy-tickling where Islam is concerned. All major parties (bar UKIP) are exactly the same; the establishment is firmly at war against we the people. Although muslims are still very much a minority, they have managed to claim many places of high office—-such as mayors—and this is also a big hindrance. I don’t think anything other than a complete breakdown of our British political system will solve the problems; the tentacles run deep and need to be unearthed and burned. How this will happen I don’t know….God still hasn’t shown all his cards.

  2. The first trial of Rape Gangs was in 1975. We are now in the 5th decade ! In these two video’s Peter McLoughlin author of Easy Meat and his friend John London talk about both the scale of the muslim lawless takeover of our towns and cities and also the scale of the cover up and he confirms that this is the Government’s policy to foster muslim control.
    Exclusive Interview! Talking Telford and UK Rape Gangs with Author of Easy Meat: Peter McLoughlin
    Tommy Robinson is revealing the true scale of Jihad rape gangs in UK

  3. Bill I wonder what hope we have in countering Islam and its outreach when even so called Christian radio stations tolerate and allow advertising of a watered down message regarding Christ’s uniqueness in Time and History. I sent the following to LIGHT FM:
    “I was driving home at approximately 3.50pm today – 1st June 2018 – when I heard the one minute coach segment with Jaemen introducing himself. He spoke first about Shakespeare not being considered successful in his lifetime but only after his death, and then he referred to Jesus only having small number of followers at his death, and some other historical persons, with an ending as to none of these were successful in their lifetimes or something to that effect. There was no mention of the Lordship nor uniqueness of Christ, rather a message of moralistic therapeutic deism. I have had concerns about this One Minute coach advertisements for some time as they seem to be about self help. I am afraid that if you do not address this issue I will no longer support LIGHT FM even with a meagre $10.00 per month. I consider this type of message an affront to the Gospel of Christ.

  4. Australia seems to be ignoring all the signs as well – how do we get our so called leaders to listen and make a stand now? I live in a country town with an ever increasing number of Muslim families moving here – with their large families and aggressive natures.

  5. Christianity has been retreating in Europe since the end of WWI and its horrors and then even more after the horrors of WWII and the Cold War didn’t help. State churches that in some cases were and are little more than branches of the civil service.

    Things will not change until the peoples of Britain and Europe become real Christians and reach out to the Muslims and others to bring them to Christ. Even thirty years ago, not long after Muslims started coming to Australia, Christian leaders were saying things along the lines of: “It is impossible to get missionaries into Muslim countries now, so maybe God is bringing them to us”.

    Bill, in all your posts on this and the comments, no-one has suggested that we try to evangelise to Muslims and others, that is what Jesus told us to do.

  6. Thanks Louise. If this were the only article I had written on Europe, you might be right to chastise me. But given that I have written 198 pieces on Europe, then not so much! Had you seen some of my other pieces, you would have found that I often talk about the gospel being Europe’s only hope, the need to evangelise Muslims, and the fact that God is still at work in Europe. See these pieces for example:

    So in fact my views are not dissimilar to yours!

  7. Latest from Tommy Robinson

    Tommy Robinson
    4 hrs ·
    Message on behalf of Tommy
    Tommy is overwhelmed by all the support he is receiving in the UK and abroad and would like to thank everyone so much for this, it is incredible.
    He would ask a favour of you all though, please DO NOT RING HM PRISON HULL, you won’t be allowed to talk to him and it is jamming up the switchboard and inconveniencing other prisoners and their family members as well as staff at the Prison. He is fine and his team will release updates, as and when get them.

  8. Hey Bill, whats your opinion on Italy’s new Populist government? I heard that they will work to deport 500,000 migrants that came illegally into the country and there was an article that stated that Italy may crack down on mosques and they were going to do something about the welfare system which is one of the main problems why Italians sadly don’t have a high birthrate. What I find scary though Bill is I talked to some Italians about this and Matteo Salavini (Italy’s Trump) was actually called a racist for suggesting policies that would help Italians increase their birth rate. All in all, I hope nothing but the best for Italy.

  9. Thanks James. It is early days yet so time will tell. But if they do even some of the things they have promised, it could well be a step in the right direction. See here eg:

    And this despite the President trying to derail the new government:

  10. Louise’s call to evangelise Muslim migrants to Western countries finds an echo of sorts in Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s autobiographical Nomad : a Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations. Fourth Estate, Sydney, N.S.W, 2010. In a chapter poignantly titled “Seeking God but Finding Allah”, she points out that Muslim Brotherhood missionaries are already befriending migrants from Muslim countries with a view to converting them to their hard-line cause. It may not be plain sailing when it comes to bringing our Muslim neighbours the Gospel of the love of Christ, but that Gospel may turn out to be the only hope for the survival of Western civilisation as a working democracy.

  11. Christian-affiliated responders are more likely to reject foreigners in their community
    Cause and effect may be mixed. Anecdotal evidence is that non-church-goers among the indigenous population are more likely to self-label themselves as Christian rather than “no religion” if they are living in an area of high immigrant population.

  12. Thank you Bill for another important reminder of the dangers of Islam. I don’t know if your U.K. contributors know here in Australia our pollies are considering proposed laws that would give Muslims the right to teach their “religion” in their schools, preach their hate in the streets, and even extend anti-discrimination laws to cover them, so that if a Muslim is offended by anything anyone says they can get dragged to the Human Rights Commission.

    I want the protections we were promised by the prime minister but these protections must exclude political ideologies like Islam and fake religions like Scientology and the LDS.

  13. Gene Clark, those laws have been in place now for many years. Of course, they can teach their religion in their own schools, just as Christians, Jews and other religions do. Yes, they have street preachers trying to convert people to Islam. Anti-discrimination laws cover everyone, even the people we might not agree with.

  14. Two more bad news:
    Fans of Turkish President Erdogan (who’s very islamist) in France have been attacking a French magazine that published an unflattering report about him:
    This in line with Turkish efforts to mobilise the huge Turkish diaspora in Netherlands, Germany and elsewhere in Europe for political purposes. This has spooked the national authorities of those countries. To be fair, Turkey was rallying the diaspora for its own domestic politics but still, it doesn’t take much to rally those communities to try to affect Europe itself;

    Two somewhat slightly pro-Christian news:
    Bavaria orders crosses to be put on public buildings:
    Denmark orders immigrant kids to learn about democracy, equality and Danish traditions of Christmas and Easter:

    And from the ‘freak show’ side of news: apparently there is such a thing as a ‘Beyonce Mass’….

  15. In Bavaria the powers that be have decreed that all public buildings must display crosses as a matter of culture, not religion. It’s an attempt at a pushback against what I see as the distopian influence of George Soros’ Open Society, cultural marxism, Islamisation, virtue signaling and the disfunctional equality agenda although it is more like an advertising campaign and statement of political identity. However it’s a much needed rebuttal of the subtle theft of existing local culture and sense of identity by a global cabal of rich people whose aim is to re-arrange and control the world as we know it. In their dreams, as gradually people are waking up to the systematic dismantling of all they hold dear and the betrayal of trust!

  16. Louise Bingen, so why must we enshrine in legislation all these rights for Muslims just so we can enjoy the rights the Prime Minister promised to Judeo-Christians during the fake marriage survey?

  17. Gene Clark, we did try banning JWs (world War 11) and took action against Scientology claiming it was not a religion in the 1960s. Both of these efforts were overturned. In a secular democracy with no official religion, or mention of God in our Constitution, we are a society that has and must tolerate people – even folk like us. Of course people can teach religion in religious schools, preach in the street (you may need a permit from the council) and obey the law about not abusing others. John Howard when PM had a good relationship with big donors to the Party from a cult who didn’t even vote – Exclusive Brethren.

  18. Gene Clark, why do you think that the Prime Minister promised these rights to ONLY Judeo-Christians during the marriage survey? They were promised to all religions that want them.

  19. Travis McHarg, that is a straw man argument. I haven’t, Bill hasn’t and I don’t believe anyone on this website has ever advocated for banning Islam.

    The real issue is that in the wake of the fake marriage vote the Prime Minister and Treasurer promised the unenumerated rights conservative Christians and Jews have hitherto enjoyed would be enshrined in legislation to guarantee they couldn’t be rolled back by courts with progressive agendas. But the danger is these laws will be weaponized by Muslims and other followers of fake religions to make any criticism however valid an excuse to drag us before courts or tribunals.

    Muslims have a general religious freedom right to practice their religion peacefully and quietly, but they should not have legislated rights to preach hate under the guise of religion, or impose a religious tax on the food we eat, or to use our taxes to fund the religious indoctrination of young Australians through their religious schools. If anything we should listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and preemptively shut down all these Muslim schools. But if we’re not willing to do that just yet, we must have the right to do that in the future if it is proved that they are teaching things that go against traditional Australian Judeo-Christian values.

    Louise Bingen, they were promised to Christian leaders ONLY, I didn’t see the Prime Minister or Treasurer addressing any Muslim leaders when he promised these protections, and this is why the head of F4F got to work closely with Mr Ruddock in producing the report recently handed to the Prime Minister. Again did any Muslim leader get to work so closely with Mr Ruddock? I don’t think so.

  20. First, what is F4F?

    I can’t remember the exact words that the Prime Minister said, but I have the impression that he meant all people from whatever religion would get protections. I could be wrong.

    Gene Clark, I don’t want to give you an apoplexy, but Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and whatever, have the right to teach their religions in public schools during Special Religious Education (SRE) classes formerly called Scripture, depending on if there are kids of their religion at the school and if they have religious teachers willing to do it. I heard that at an inner west (Sydney) school they even have “Pagan” SRE. I know first hand that Muslims and Buddhists are active in SRE at public schools. This has been happening for close to 30 years.

    Now I am a fan Ayaan Hirsi Ali and have one of her books and intend to buy more.

  21. F4F = Freedom For Faith

    “I have been kept closely in touch with the Ruddock Inquiry. I have been kept informed by the Prime Minister’s office and we have been making progress.” <- Indicates the Religious Freedom Review is intended to protect Christians' rights.

    The setting in stone of rights for all so-called religions without regard to how dishonest, violent or destructive they may be is one of the biggest dangers facing Christians but one most believers are blissfully unaware of. Just today the NSW government announced it is going to change the Anti-Discrimination Act to jail people for up to three years for discrimination when someone "feels" threatened on the grounds of race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex or HIV/AIDS status. No actual violence is needed, just for someone to feel like they're threatened.

    There's a whole lot in there to be very worried about. But I guarantee you if this change to the law goes ahead it will be Muslims who will make up 90% of complainants, and Christians will be their targets. Apostate "Father" Rod Bowers and his followers will be among the other 10% no doubt!

    We must have legislated protections for Judeo-Christian religious belief because we are a Christian country. This is not novel, it will simply confirm that the religious freedom written into the Constitution was only ever meant to apply to true Christian believers. This was proven by leading academic Dr Augusto Zimmermann:—A-Christian-Commonwealth2

  22. The whole multi-culturalism mess could have so easily been avoided. Some silly person decided that being multi-cultural needed us to change the name of national celebrations (Christmas and Easter). This was decided by an isolated elite with no general discussion. Effectively they threw a foundational element out the window – mutual respect! If ALL national celebrations are not respected then how can you claim to be MULTI-cultural? Ordinary Aussies are shut down with accusations of racism for simply wanting equal recognition of national celebrations.

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