France, Islam and Civil War

Is France about to erupt into civil war?

It is a fact of history – as well as simple common sense – that no nation can last for long if it is being plagued by major cultural divisions, with leadership unable or unwilling to maintain some sort of set of shared values and beliefs. This especially comes into play when failed policies of multiculturalism and immigration and porous borders allow masses of people into a country that hold to radically different beliefs and norms than the host culture. That is a recipe for disaster and it will simply tear a nation apart.

I and others have been warning about this for decades now, certainly in regard to Islam and the West. We have seen plenty of examples of this taking place, where in effect countries are being forced to have two-tiered societies, two-tiered legal systems, two-tiered educational systems, and even two-tiered banking systems.

Add to all that the fact that some of the people welcomed with open arms resort to killing those in the host nations – something we have seen far too often, certainly in France. Thankfully not everyone is oblivious to this or seeking to make excuses for it. Many are trying to sound the alarm – with mixed results. Consider the nation of France. I have often written about how far down this path of disintegration France has gone, and how this is being made worse by leaders like Macron. As I wrote seven years ago for example:

Islam in Europe is a huge problem, and getting worse by the day. If all Muslims coming to the West readily accepted and embraced our core values and beliefs, we would have no problem. But many do not, and want instead to spread sharia law and Islamist totalitarianism wherever they go. The nation of France knows this all too well. With around 10 per cent of the population Muslim, there are almost daily horror stories coming out of this land. What is happening there should serve as a warning and a wakeup call to the rest of the West.

Things have continued to deteriorate there since then. But thankfully some are awake, and some are willing to take the heat for sounding the alarm. One story on this involves the warning of 20 retired French generals. One report puts it this way:

Twenty retired generals have created a political storm in France with a call for a military takeover if President Macron fails to halt the “disintegration” of the country at the hands of Islamists. The open letter, published in Valeurs Actuelles, a right-wing news magazine, has gained resonance after a Tunisian Islamist stabbed to death a 49-year-old woman who worked at a police station in Rambouillet, in the western Paris commuter belt, on Friday.

Needless to say, I am not necessarily a fan of military takeovers of democratic nations. But then again, I certainly am not a fan of Islamic takeovers of democratic nations. And that is just what we are witnessing all throughout the West. Macron certainly is not happy with what the generals have said, as another news report puts it:

Emmanuel Macron has threatened to punish generals who signed an open letter warning that the country is heading for ‘civil war’ because of radical Islam. Twenty retired generals, as well as several serving soldiers, signed the letter which warned that failure to act against the ‘suburban hordes’ – a reference to the predominantly immigrant population of the housing estates which surround French cities – will lead to deaths ‘in the thousands.’


The government strongly condemned the letter, which was published on the 60th anniversary of a failed coup d’etat by generals opposed to France granting independence to Algeria. ‘These are unacceptable actions,’ Defence Minister Florence Parly said Monday, adding that serving military members had flouted a law requiring them to remain politically neutral.

But ordinary French citizens are increasingly growing tired of the situation there. For example, a few days ago a large march took place in Paris as folks expressed their very real concern over political inaction while Islamists keep targeting Frenchmen:

It is encouraging that a protest was organized and that it drew 20,000 people to the streets of Paris. Although the leftist politicians tried to appear thoughtful and concerned, they were booed at, signifying that the protesters have had enough of their lip service.


The decision of the French court to uphold the decision not to try the Muslim who murdered a Jewish woman because he was high on marijuana at the time does not sit well with the French public. Nor should it. Kobili Traoré was screaming “Allahu akbar” and antisemitic slogans as he beat Sarah Halimi and then threw her out the window. Still, he got off for the astonishing reason that he was high.


Meanwhile, Islamic antisemitism has risen to disturbing levels in France. Now the crisis of Islamization that France faces is increasingly obvious, and has prompted 25 retired French generals to warn of an impending “civil war” if the country does not protect its “civilizational values.”

And a new poll has found that the majority of the population in fact sides with the generals:

A warning by retired generals that France is “disintegrating” and risks civil war as Islamists detach swathes of the nation is far from a fringe view. In fact, a new poll shows 58% of French people support the “call to honor.” Although Prime Minister Jean Castex condemned the letter to President Emmanuel Macron this week and the signatories now face disciplinary sanctions, the LCI TV poll conducted by Harris Interactive suggests that French people are with the 20 retired generals. According to the survey, which was reported by Valeurs Actuelles magazine, 73% agreed with the assessment that the country is “disintegrating,” and 84% agreed that violence is increasing in French society.


“The hour is grave,” the letter said. “France is in peril.” The former generals urged Macron and other leaders to “find the needed courage to eradicate these dangers,” warning that otherwise, “civil war could end the growing chaos.” The signatories added that Macron would be responsible for thousands of deaths if he procrastinates….


The poll found that 58% of respondents “support the words of the soldiers,” while 49% believe the military should intervene, even without a government request, to restore order when necessary, such as during the Yellow Vest riots. About 74% of participants agreed that supposed anti-racism initiatives are having the opposite effect, attacking symbols of France and creating more division. Only one-third of respondents said the generals and others who signed the letter should be sanctioned.

As mentioned, I am not normally a fan of military coups. But I am no fan of Islamic coups either. And that is just what we see happening here. We call it stealth jihad, or creeping sharia. All over the West this is occurring, and many ordinary men and women are getting quite fed up with it, and with the decided inaction of their leaders, and their active support of even more unchecked immigration and kowtowing to political Islam.

One political commentator put it this way: “Macron can’t ignore furious generals’ warning that terror attacks & ‘Islamist hordes’ are pushing France towards civil war”. He wrote:

Although France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, the simmering tensions over Islam’s place in the secular republic are only ever a news cycle away from boiling over. In the space of just a week, there has been controversy over a court decision to free a killer without charge, the murder of a police worker on the steps of her station and a call to arms from a group of retired generals who warn the actions of Islamist “hordes in the banlieue” risk the disintegration of the country and civil war. Frankly, it’s hard to keep up.

He concluded his piece this way:

National Rally leader Marine Le Pen quickly moved to side with the generals. “As a citizen and as a woman politician, I subscribe to your analysis and share your suffering,” she wrote in response. Opportunism, certainly, but at least she acknowledged the generals had a point. Which is more than defence minister Florence Parly was prepared to do, preferring to attack Le Pen over her apparent attempt to politicise the military.


“Wanting to politicise the armies is to weaken France,” the minister scolded. “Shame on those who, for personal interest, weaken France. The army of the Republic is at the service of the nation. And no one else.” It wasn’t just Le Pen she was pointing her finger at either. The grumpy generals were the prime target: “20 irresponsible retired generals who represent only themselves,” she said. “Who are these retired generals who claim to defend France as they fan the flames of hatred? Who are these retired generals who claim to fight the ‘disintegration’ of France by threatening a civil war?” 


The defence minister chose to shoot the messenger. However, with the body count of terrorist victims continuing to rise and the French government struggling to win the public’s faith over the way it deals with radical Islamism, maybe Mme Parly should have chosen a more conciliatory approach. After all, while it’s easy to discount a bunch of retirees, maybe more thought should have been given to the message this dismissive attitude sends to the families of Stéphanie Montfeture and Sarah Halimi.

Yep. As long as we have weak, politically correct and appeasing leaders who refuse to do anything about all this, it is not unexpected to see others start talking about what might be done. Is it too late for France? Is civil war the only option? Time will tell. But things are not looking very good right now there – and in the West as well.

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8 Replies to “France, Islam and Civil War”

  1. A handful of years ago it was pointed out that the birth rate for Muslims in France (and the West) is around 8.1, whilst for native French people (and Westerners generally) the replacement birth rate is 1.8 – though this has very likely dropped lower still now for Westerners.

    Stuart Robinson, in his excellent and insightful book: ‘Mosques and Miracles’, spoke of immigration and population as being the 2nd prong of the Jihad – i.e. the determined multi-decade Islamic agenda playing out now to claim the Western world for Islam (resembling the long march through the institutions of godless marxism).

    Not one of us can with conscience continue to slumber and simply ‘party-on’ while darkness descends.

  2. Our founding fathers wrote into our Constitution that Australia was to remain a white Christian society and special laws could be written for races other than the Aboriginal race (S 51 ss xxvi). They well knew that we cannot weld ideologies and that even so that we come together as different nationalities we need a higher power to look up to.
    Islam and Christianity make poor bedfellows even on the political front where the Christ told us to obey those that govern us while Mohammad ordered the death of the infidel. In this, the Muslim cannot swear allegiance to the Crown. Thus, no Muslim can ever be a citizen of the Commonwealth of Australia because a citizen, by the strength of our Constitution, must swear allegiance to the Crown and if a Muslim does so swear then by their own faith they must be beheaded.
    John Abbott

  3. As Albert Mohler likes to say with regards to France a secular ideology is no match for a Muslim theology, so France if it has to survive, must reclaim its’s ancient position, as the first son of the Catholic church, because only then will they have a strong enough theology to counter the Muslim counterpart.

  4. “Shame on those who, for personal interest, weaken France.”

    Pot calling the kettle black????

  5. Islam is a false religion. Muhammad claimed to be a prophet of God, but he was a prophet of Satan.

    That said, I look at two evils – on one side, the woke left with its LGBTQ, feminism, critical race theory, etc; on the other, Islam. I think Islam is the lesser evil. For all of its theological errors, Islam doesn’t deny the fundamentals of what it means to be human – male-female marriage, the family, accepting the gender in which God made you, etc. The woke left does.

    Islam at least has a “dhimmi” status. In traditional Islamic societies, us Christians are still allowed to exist, often persecuted and diminished but still enduring. The woke left takes no prisoners. They will not stop until orthodox Christianity is destroyed and replaced with a fake Christianity that is “LGBT-affirming”, in which all the actual historic doctrines of Christianity have been hollowed out and replaced with the new religion of progressivism wrapped in a thin Christian veneer.

    Of course, the best situation is if neither take over. But if I’m forced to choose, I’d much rather live in an Islamic state than under woke-left totalitarianism.

  6. Thanks Zachary. I am not sure if I would be keen to give a slight preference to either one. Both are so very problematic for so many reasons. As to Islam, Christians seldom have the luxury of just happily getting by in a Muslim-majority nation. It is usually either conversion of death. And even if not, dhimmi status is nothing to take lightly. And then there is the fact that in its 1400-year history, we have had anywhere from 300 to 600 million deaths at the hand of Muslims. While things like the radical feminist, homosexual and trans agendas are doing incalculable harm, they certainly are not – as yet – responsible for those kinds of numbers. So I will keep fighting both!

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