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Brave New Worlds

Nov 17, 2007

The report this week that scientists have now cloned embryos from adult monkeys takes us ever closer to the possibility of human cloning. Overcoming this hurdle does make the prospect of human cloning all the more certain. Thus it really

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Civilisational Decline

Oct 18, 2007

There are plenty of signs of civilisational collapse. They are easy to come by. Here I want to focus on just two, and discuss a recent case in which they converged into one ugly proposition. I refer to the ongoing

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Is the Sky Really Falling?

Sep 27, 2007

There is always a fine line between getting people to take their environmental responsibilities seriously, and simply resorting to scare-mongering. The environmental movement is often its own worst enemy by overstating the case and pushing doomsday scenarios.

And usually the

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More Public God-Loathing

Aug 11, 2007

The recent Make it Count forum put on by the Australian Christian Lobby in Canberra has created a predictable stir amongst our intelligentsia and Christophobes. The atheists and God-haters have come out in droves, complaining about the nasty influence of

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Learning to Live With Limits

Aug 9, 2007

For most of human history people have accepted the fact that life is “nasty, poor, brutish, and short”, to use Hobbes’s phrase. But advances in science, medicine, technology and other areas have resulted in a redefinition of what it is

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The First Church of Transhumanism

Aug 2, 2007

It is always interesting – and scary – to check out the transhumanist websites. Go ahead: Google the term transhumanism. First up you will find the World Transhumanist Association. There will also be well over 2 million other hits that

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Global Warming, Again

Jul 9, 2007

The Live Earth concert, just held, was meant to raise our awareness of global warming. It seems many people already are aware of it. Indeed, Sir Bob Geldof, famous for his own Live Aid concert, was a bit forthright, to

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Climate Rockers and Shockers

Jul 9, 2007

Another global rock concert, another major “cause,” and another set of questions the politically correct are afraid to ask. This time it was Live Earth, and the rockers were out to save the planet, or at least raise awareness about

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Our Censors in Academia

May 29, 2007

Once upon a time universities were about learning, knowledge, the pursuit of truth and openness to other points of view. It seems those days are long gone, at least in many Western universities.

On many campuses today if one does

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Longer Life, Better Life, Eternal Life

May 3, 2007

There was an interesting news item in today’s Australian (and other media outlets) about a new scientific breakthrough which may add extra years to human life. According to the reports, a team at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in

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When Medicine Becomes Politicised

May 1, 2007

Medicine, like science, is one of those things that we expect to be above partisan politics. We hope that they will remain neutral and independent, and stay out of advocacy work, dealing instead with their areas of expertise. Yet quite

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Darwin and Eugenics

Apr 16, 2007

Poor old Darwin. So misunderstood by his followers. He was actually a nice old chap with fairly tame ideas, but his extremist disciples took his thoughts a bit too far. At least that is the spin being put out by

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The First Church of Climate Change

Apr 14, 2007

Many have noted the quasi-religious status of much of the environmental movement. Many seem to have elevated concern about the environment into a full-fledged religious movement, complete with prophets, holy texts, and sacred rituals.

Now there is nothing wrong with

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When Science Becomes Unscientific

Mar 29, 2007

From around the time of the Enlightenment, science began usurping the role of religion. Prior to then, most people had a high regard for Christianity, for the church, for the local priest, and so on. The priest or pastor was

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The Flatlands of Reductionism

Feb 20, 2007

I recall when I was quite young my older brother reading a book called Flatland. It was not until many years later that I finally read it myself. It is a fascinating book about a group of sentient geometric

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Because Ideas Have Consequences

Jan 8, 2007

A person’s worldview is often much more than just some theoretical knowledge. Often it translates into action. And dangerous worldviews will lead to dangerous practices. Atheism and Darwinism are two worldviews that embrace similar presuppositions, and they both need to

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