Homophobes Unite: We Were Born That Way

The militant homosexual lobby likes to cement its case for radical social engineering by saying their lifestyle is an innate, unchosen condition, one which is likely genetic in basis and therefore unalterable. Of course this ignores the tens of thousands of people who have decisively left the homosexual lifestyle.

It also ignores real science, not the puff pieces found in the media. But I document this all in detail in my new book, Strained Relations. However for the sake of argument, let’s accept the genetic explanation. Some people are simply destined to live this way because their genes have predetermined this.

OK, but then this argument must cut both ways. All those people out there who are adamantly opposed to homosexuality can also be considered to be driven by their genes. Clearly there is a “homophobia” gene which accounts for their disposition.

Thus the homosexual activists will have to come up with a new ploy – simply calling their opponents “homophobes” is as helpful as calling them red-haired or right-handed. Of course they are homophobes – they can’t help it. Indeed, they were born that way.

And there is even scholarly research which confirms all this. Studies have in fact appeared which do argue for a genetic basis for homophobia. Consider just one major study which has appeared in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Behavior Genetics.

Seven authors are behind the 2008 article, “Genetic and Environmental In?uences on Individual Differences in Attitudes Toward Homosexuality: An Australian Twin Study”. One of the authors, J. Michael Bailey is of course famous for his twin study of the early 1990s and other research which purports to show the innate, biological nature of homosexuality.

So we don’t have a bunch of “homophobes” here writing this article. So what do they argue for? The Abstract for this article says this: “Previous research has shown that many heterosexuals hold negative attitudes toward homosexuals and homosexuality (homophobia). Although a great deal of research has focused on the pro?le of homophobic individuals, this research provides little theoretical insight into the aetiology of homophobia. To examine genetic and environmental in?uences on variation in attitudes toward homophobia, we analysed data from 4,688 twins who completed a questionnaire concerning sexual behaviour and attitudes, including attitudes toward homosexuality.

“Results show that, in accordance with literature, males have significantly more negative attitudes toward homosexuality than females and non-heterosexuals are less homophobic than heterosexuals. In contrast with some earlier ?ndings, age had no signi?cant effect on the homophobia scores in this study. Genetic modelling showed that variation in homophobia scores could be explained by additive genetic (36%), shared environmental (18%) and unique environmental factors (46%). However, corrections based on previous ?ndings show that the shared environmental estimate may be almost entirely accounted for as extra additive genetic variance arising from assortative mating for homophobic attitudes. The results suggest that variation in attitudes toward homosexuality is substantially inherited, and that social environmental in?uences are relatively minor.”

And in the Discussion section they say this: “In summary, this study concerning the aetiology of homophobic attitudes revealed that familial aggregation in attitudes toward homosexuality is accounted for by genes as well as by shared environmental factors. However, when the plausible effect of assortative mating on our estimates is taken into account, familial aggregation for homophobia scores might be almost totally accounted for by genetic effects. More research is necessary to further unravel the sources of variance in homophobia and to determine whether these differ between sexes.”

There you have it folks. Much of the “homophobia” out there can simply be put down to genetic factors. Not all of it of course. Indeed, very few arguing for a genetic basis for homosexuality claim it is 100% genetics either. But as I say, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If some of these same researchers are claiming that both homosexuality and “homophobia” have a major genetic component, then the same repercussions of this must also be affirmed. If a homosexual cannot help it, and can simply claim he was born that way, then so too the “homophobe” can simply say he was born that way and has no or little choice in the matter.

So based on this research, I am happy to admit that I must have been born to oppose homosexuality. Indeed, for as long as I can remember, I have always been this way. It is obviously in my genes, and of course you cannot argue with Mother Nature. If I am biologically predetermined to be the way I am, then surely the activists need to just learn to accept me for who I am and stop being so intolerant and narrow-minded.

The homosexual lobby needs to ease up on all its abuse and hate, and learn to embrace me for who I really am. No more name-calling and nasty bigotry. And no more homophobia phobia. No more denunciations of something I just cannot help.

So I call upon all homophobes of the world to unite and proudly fly the flag of homophobia. No more hiding in the closet. Come out and be true to who you are. Don’t let the bigots with their hate get you down. Let’s all support homophobia awareness and advocacy.

After all, who would choose to be a homophobe with so much hatred and prejudice raised against it? We are clearly a persecuted minority group. We demand our rights just like everyone else. We look forward to the government setting up special departments and ministers for homophobia.

There need to be new anti-discrimination commissions set up to help wage war on any sign of this ugly homophobia phobia. There is simply no place for such intolerance and bigotry in a modern progressive society. We will fight for our rights, and will no longer let prejudice and hate rear their ugly heads against us.

It is time to stamp out all the last vestiges of homophobia phobia. And the heavy hand of the law must be used to win justice for our cause. No more silence and no more shame. We’re here, we fear, and we’re not going away. So I’ll see you at the next homophobia pride march.


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  1. Bill, take it easy; sounds like you need a rest, mate. Or rather you need some homophobe affirming therapy. And by the way watch out for those nasty ex-homophobe therapists and counsellors who make unscientific claims that they can cure you.

    I am waiting with eager anticipation to be the first person in Britain, to be clinically diagnosed with homophobia. It hasn’t happened yet but I am sure, given a little time it will happen. Maybe Richard Dawkins could come up with some theory about this


    David Skinner, UK

  2. A phobia is an atavistic fear, usually triggered by a single exposure to the object of the fear. Spiders, rats, heights etc, things which we learned to avoid automatically way back when we were barely out of being chimps. All other human learning requires considerable exposure. It takes a whole lot of gin and tonics before anyone ever gets scared of them.

    The homosexual lobby is not only hypocritical but nauseous. We may not only throw ‘Homophobia – phobic’ back at them, but also homonausea, homotoxia and homo-flatulent too.
    Dr. Christopher Langan-Fox

  3. Yes quite right David. That ex-homophobia therapy is a load of baloney. They use shock therapy and other things to get you to become un-homophobic. How disgusting is that? It is as if you can “cure” being left-handed!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Ah, David, have the Stonewall maniacs decided to relent yet and allow you to nominate yourself for ‘Bigot of the Year”? I’ll second the nomination if it’s any help… 😀

    Mark Rabich

  5. Bill, I am still waiting to have the high honour of being the first person in Britain to be diagnosed with having the homophobic gene. Then I will be justified in nominating myself as homophobic bigot of the year at the annual Stonewall awards ceremony at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

    I am already well on the way here with being featured in the Pink Humanist. Scroll down to “No Mincing Words.”

    Its about time we had homophobic pride rally, all in the cause of diversity and tolerance

    David Skinner, UK

  6. Mark, I don’t believe you for one minute. you’re a troll!! Now did I tell you that they have discovered a gene for that too…(carried off shouting and foaming at the mouth).

    David Skinner, UK

  7. I’d have to say I don’t care much for the word homophobia as for me at least it implies some sort of fear of homosexuals where I don’t fear them at all, but the concept disgust’s me to the core, it makes me cringe. Unseemly the Bible says.
    Romans 1:27: “And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet”
    Like any sin that needs to be overcome by the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit homosexuality is right up there with other besetting sins. Genes or no genes surely God has the power to re-create. As for my homophobia well there is no instruction from God to embrace error and perversion so I suppose that’s one shoe I’ll have to wear.
    Greg Sadler

  8. And of course, a pseudo-intellectual scam wouldn’t be a pseudo-intellectual scam if Keith Windschuttle weren’t plugging it. Comrade Windschuttle not only has never expressed a scrap of contrition about his gullibility in the “Sharon Gould” scandal, but has been equally unrepentant about his 1970s championship of Pol Pot and Aboriginal Marxist violence.

    So of course in the new QUADRANT – March 2012 – we get an article by one John Zerilli – behind a paywall – called (what else?) “The Conservative Case for Same-Sex Marriage.” Yeah, right.

    Why am I not surprised that the homosexual shenanigans of Ronald Conway – a contumacious Freudian-Kinseyan heretic and long-standing QUADRANT contributor – have never even been admitted by Comrade Windschuttle? Much less openly discussed in the magazine which he has done his utmost to destroy?

    Whether Comrade Windschuttle’s current truckling to Organised Sodom results from malice aforethought, or through nothing more sinister than innate folly, is a legitimate subject for analysis. My betting would be on the latter explanation, given the late David Stove’s decidedly sub-acid observations on the intellectual calibre of Comrade Windschuttle in his LSD-infested, draft-dodging student days.

    But this is conjecture only. What is not conjecture is that if QUADRANT’s editorial board members do not consign Windschuttle’s tenure to a long-overdue grave, they are failing in their most elementary moral duty.

    R. J. Stove, Melbourne

  9. Actually Bill, I have, after extensive research found the gene and have named it the MCH gene (monochristohetro). Further more, the gene causes the genetic condition of monochristohetrosexualism, where one feels the unending need to live in loving monogamy, Christianity, heterosexual lifestyle.

    Anyone who disagrees with my findings shall find themselves arrested by the international court of human rights and charged with hate attacks, MCHaphobia and shall be also directed to the “flat earth society” for failure to adhere to “scientific” and “scientific ethics” policies.

    Also, as this is now a recognised condition, the glbt parade must now give the MCH pride organisation a dedicated float, which must be placed at the front of the parade to welcome and celebrate this newest “diverse” group, and to ensure that they live up to their “tolerant” “inclusive” and “open” mandate.

    Goose, Gander, yep I can play that game, should be fun to see them squirm, spit and become “intolerant” “uninclusive” “closed” very very quickly.

    Excellent article BTW Bill.

    Neil Waldron

  10. All humans past and present, except our first parents and One other, regardless of their sexual proclivities, if they are honest, must repeat the confession of David in Psalm 51:5:

    “Surely I was sinful at birth,
    Sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”

    However, that confession, true and tragic as it is, is no justification for anyone’s sins. In the same Psalm, David owns his sins as his own wilful acts. He also pleads for God’s grace to begin in him a new creation.

    To seek a purely genetic basis for any human or animal behaviour is to take us, with behaviourist, B.F. Skinner “beyond freedom and dignity”.

    Is sexual orientation really simply a case of “gender evolution”? Where does personal responsibility for our behaviour begin and end, if that behaviour is simply one’s “birthright”? If we are all doomed to dance to our DNA, are our cherished dreams of love, freedom and dignity nothing but cruel delusions?

    Causes of sexual orientation are important in validating any case for same-sex marriage. “One-size-fits-all” answers to uncomfortable human issues are rarely accurate.

    John Wigg

  11. May I mention that there is one minority group who have been completely ignored in all this: I am talking of smokers. It is absolutely outrageous that every packet of cigarettes carries a health warning: smoking can kill you, As yet I am unaware of smokers demanding that the Advertising Standards Agency ban this blatant fagphobic statement. Clearly this is incitement to fagphobia and yet smokers are dying in their thousands through internalised fagphobia caused directly through society’s lack of acceptance.
    We ought to have fagpride marches where a million smokers strut, puff, cough and wheeze through our cities with smoke billowing out of every available orifice.

    David Skinner, UK

  12. Hey John, no its actually just another arrow in their quiver to attempt to take God out of the picture and replace it with the anti-theist god of evolution.

    They propose that because we come from apes, therefore we really have no free agency, no free agency means no sin, no sin means no need for a saviour, no saviour means no need for God.

    Or to paraphrase Charles Lyell (known as the father of geology), trained lawyer, if I can propose an alternative history of the world to that of Moses, I can bring down religion. So simply put, the evolutionists who in modern time started with Charles Lyell, simply wished to bring down God, so that they could warrant their depraved behaviour and have an everything is permitted attitude. or in other words, evolutionists are peeing on us from their ivory towers and are trying to tell us its raining.

    Neil Waldron

  13. GLBTIQ issues and campaigns will always arouse ardent passions in both their camp and amongst the hosts arrayed against them. Sadly, we live in times when yesterday’s dark passions come to us clad as today’s indispensible virtues. Yesterday’s demons are now loudly proclaimed as today’s martyrs, saints and angels.

    In such an ethically unstable world, “liberty” has become “all things to all men”. Only when the will of God and his Christ is done on earth as it is in heaven, will true freedom once again break the chains of human arrogance and hedonism. Maranatha.

    John Wigg

  14. What should our flag look like? A few years ago, there was a symbol on a magazine that I would have liked to have put on a t-shirt, but was told it might be too confronting. It was like a No smoking sign, only with 2 male or 2 female genetic signs inside the red circle with the line through it with No ssm underneath it.
    Should we have a flag designing competition?
    To the genetic question, what about all those factors that they are discovering all over place that have the capacity to turn gens on and off? Are they purely environmental factors or do they also appear through the exercise of the will?

    And what was that comment about Mr. Windshuttle all about?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  15. What about the effect of reason?

    If all human opinions and attitudes simply come down to genetics, what is the point of learning anything at all or claiming any understanding, such as J Micheal Bailey does.

    In claiming that an attitude or bias is genetic, he creates a paradox for himself. He is involved in higher learning which has discovered higher learning is irrelevant.

    I think the Bible has it right when God says “Come let us reason together ..”

    People form attitudes and opinions based on reason and principles rather than emotion. Pro-homosexual activists are trying to claim that adversion to homosexuality is an irrational emotional response. It is not.

    They can no more claim that homophobia is due to my genes than they can say my dislike of communism is racial. What sort of science is this?

    Lennard Caldwell

  16. Mr Stove what other evidence have you got that Quadrant has deteriorated under Keith? Just because he airs the odd different perspective? I thought Quadrant has thrived under his editorial.

    BTW I enjoyed your recent atheism to catholicism conversion story.

    Damien Spillane

  17. As the push for SSM continues apace in Britain, the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols has ordered a letter to be read out in 2,500 churches across England and Wales, which says “Catholics have a duty to ensure gays should not be allowed to marry even in civil ceremonies.” He also encourages parishioners to sign a national petition.

    Cardina Keith O’ Brien of Scotland calls SSM “As immoral as slavery”, and “a madness.”
    The C of E and other churches have strongly opposed SSM too.
    I have written to Cardinal Pell and other Australian Bishops suggesting we should follow the example of the British Bishops, and have a strong condemnation read out in all the churches.
    Des Connors

  18. I hope you don’t mind Mr Skinner but I have taken the liberty of printing a copy or two of your latest entry, Fagphobia. Yes I floated it on the w/shop lunch room table. Interesting reactions all round. Most people laughed then looked troubled.
    Daniel Kempton

  19. One wonders if there is a genetic component to racism too? If so then ‘they were born that way’ and ‘racist-o-phobia’ and it’s toxic attitudes must be challenged ;-).

    However a genetic basis to racism would throw a huge spanner in the wheels of the cult of victimology bandwagon and the entire circus of ophobic mantras would be in dire straits indeed.

    Doug Holland

  20. Well, in answer to queries about QUADRANT on Windschuttle’s watch, the simple fact is that in the USA or Continental Europe, any magazine editor who had fallen hook line and sinker (as he did) for the blatant “Sharon Gould” forgery of 2009, and who then attempted by public blustering to keep his job at the taxpayer’s expense, would have been rendered unemployable in the publishing industry thereafter.

    Also, some of us are intrinsically doubtful about the ability of dyed-in-the-wool pro-Vietcong, pro-Pol-Pot Marxists like KW ever to abandon their Marxism. At least, unless they undergo a religious conversion at least as dramatic, at least as heart-breaking, and at least as soul-searing as my own conversion was. KW, even before he appeased the “gay” lobby with the new QUADRANT issue, was absolutely incapable of comprehending the terrible admonition expressed by Evelyn Waugh: “It is no longer possible, as it was in the time of Gibbon, to accept the benefits of civilization and at the same time deny the supernatural basis upon which it rests.”

    R. J. Stove, Melbourne

  21. Thanks Bill, I lol’d. Groucho Marx could not have done better.
    Terry Darmody

  22. I’m tired of the ‘tolerance brigade’ being so intolerant of my freedom to not tolerate homosexuality.

    Absolutophobia is rampant in today’s western world!…

    Jeremy Woods

  23. By the end of your article, Bill, I really was ROFL ! I loved it. And I also rolled about when I read David Skinner’s comment coining “fagphobia” as yet another worrisome trend in contemporary society! I think I would like to add an “o” into the word as “fagophobia” is easier on the tongue…
    Of course, in the US I think Dennis’ neologism could be used as a synonym for that witless word “homophobia”…
    [chuckle, chuckle!]
    Dominic Baron, NZ

  24. Well done Bill.
    I think I’ve found that I have a phobia.
    Thought I was clean!!
    Robert Colman

  25. Not only that Bill, but we need to demand classes in school to educate kids on the wrongs of all the homophobophobe “in your face” bullying that is occurring!
    Boyd Hawkins

  26. Appears Bob Katter has inherited this homophobia gene as well.
    Time our other politicians with this condition are outed?
    Maybe it will become contagious if a few more come clean.
    Rob Withall

  27. A beautifully constructed article Bill – turns the tables on our detractors perfectly!
    Steve Davis

  28. “Maybe Richard Dawkins could come up with some theory about this”.

    He has. Read his essay “You are not your Genes”. You’ll probably find common ground.

    David Williams

  29. So Glad you enjoy being a hater.

    Do some valuable research. Oh that’s right, your christ is a judgmental bastard who hates anyone who doesn’t fulfill the requirements of the LAW….ooops!

    Jesus spent most of his ministry with the Lepers; the prostitutes; the tax collectors; those that were marginalised. In fact he was happy to go to a centurion’s home to heal his love servant.

    But, hey, your mind is so up your ass you couldn’t see the truth if it stood right in front of you.

    Enjoy your smug one-up-man-ship in Hell.

    Graham Douglas-Meyer

  30. Thanks Graham

    OK, so let me make sure I have got this straight: you are telling us you want us to be as loving, accepting, tolerant and non-judgmental as you are, right?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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