More Green Falsehoods and Mischief

It seems you can trust the Greens to play fast and loose with the truth, go soft on morality, and trifle with the facts. They are happy to do anything to push their radical agendas. Whether it is euthanasia, homosexuality, or other social engineering agendas, they will do whatever it takes to get their way.

Consider their most recent case of stretching the truth and engaging in deception and demagoguery. Greens’ Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said that Australia must legalise same-sex marriage because we are one of the few civilised nations left on earth not to do so. Really!

She said this: “Australia is one of only a few democratic nations that does not provide same-sex couples with equal marriage rights”. So now it is evidently fully proper for a Greens’ politician to actually lie with impunity in the Australian Senate.

She would of course know full well just how many (or how few) democratic nations have gone with homosexual marriage. Or is she so weighed down by PC bigotry and bias that she does not consider the United States to be a democratic nation?

Or England. Or Germany. Or Italy. Or France. Or Ireland. Or Greece. Or Switzerland. Or New Zealand. Or Austria. Or Japan. Or South Korea. Or India. Or Uruguay. Or Chile. Or Malta. Or Costa Rica. Or Israel. Or Finland. Should I keep going?

Does this PC Senator not regard these nations as democracies? Or is she just so unable or unwilling to state the truth? But the actual truth is this: only a tiny handful of the nations of the world have legalised same-sex marriage. Indeed, only 10 out of around 200 have. That is a mere 5 per cent if my math is right.

I have spoken to all this much more fully elsewhere, such as in this article:

Thus only a minuscule number of nations in the world have actually headed down this path. And in most cases this was not an expression of the will of the people, but an exercise in raw judicial power. A handful of usually unelected, unrepresentative, and unaccountable judges have decided that these nations shall embrace homosexual marriage, whether the masses like it or not.

These acts of judicial activism tell us little about the will of the people, but tell us much about how the social activists have commandeered the judiciary (and much of the media and other institutions of power and influence) to push their radical agendas through unto an unwilling populace.

Indeed, not only do very few nations want same-sex marriage, some are moving in the opposite direction. For example in Hungary, their newly adopted constitution declares that marriage is to be a union of a man and a woman only. In similar fashion Australia amended its Marriage Act in 2004 to affirm the same basic truth.

In the case of this particular Australian Senate vote, the Greens motion was handily defeated by a vote of 31 to 9. And a previous Bill introduced by the Greens in February of last year was defeated 44 to 5. So it is basically just the Greens who seem to be pushing for this nonsense at the moment.

That this is such a number one priority for the Greens with their new balance of power in the Senate tells us a lot about them. Where is all the concern about true environmental matters, as this party feigns to be so concerned about? Instead, all it wants to do is legalise euthanasia, homosexual marriage, and implement other radical social agendas.

As of July 1, we now have 9 Greens Senators in power. As one of his first acts in the new Senate, Greens’ leader Bob Brown tried to get one of his own party elected to be President of the Senate. Labor Senator John Hogg won the vote by a margin of 62 to 9 – and guess who those nine were?

So far the Greens have been acting like a spoiled new kid on the block, trying to destabilise things and push their radical agenda to the top of the list of things demanding immediate attention. How all this came about is the topic of an opinion piece in today’s Australian.

John Pasquarelli argues that both Labor and Liberals were at fault for allowing them to gain power. With foolish preferencing deals they allowed the Greens to get this position of power in the Senate. He concludes his article this way:

“A week is a long time in politics and the real world is far removed from that ivory tower in Canberra. Liberal Senator Eric Abetz was reported in The Australian on June 7 calling for Labor and the Coalition to agree to preference the Greens last at the next federal election, quoting the success of the Victorian Libs at their recent election.

“In a hard-hitting opinion piece on July 6, Julie Bishop, the deputy leader of the federal opposition, lambasted the Greens mercilessly, concluding that ‘the Greens’ policies are a genuine risk to the peace, security and economic welfare of Australia’. On July 7, in the 3AW studio with Neil Mitchell, Kennett recanted somewhat when he took umbrage with the fact the Greens would be given carbon tax briefings ahead of Labor backbenchers.

“Many of those who voted for the Greens and now realise that they were duped will just have to cop it sweet. Brown, Christine Milne, Sarah Hanson-Young and Lee Rhiannon have left us in no doubt as to what sort of Australia they envisage: a brave new world where George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four becomes a reality. Are there any silly Liberals still out there who want to preference the Greens?”

A brave new world indeed. It is early days, but so far the Greens have been handed a few decisive defeats. But things never should have gotten to this precarious place. We will all suffer now with these fruitloops holding the nation to ransom. And it is not going to look very pretty.

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16 Replies to “More Green Falsehoods and Mischief”

  1. Good article. The Greens are all about mis-information. She’s treating citizens like gullible dupes. I hope they catch up with her at the next election.

    John Snowden

  2. Thanks for the article Bill. This madness called the ‘Greens’ and its agenda for ‘social progress’ should turn us all into zealous political activists!

    Peter Jackel

  3. Considering the views I have heard from some Christians about the greens it will be a very hard struggle to change their views even with these blatant moves as they have drunk the Kool-aid completely.

    Aaron Downs

  4. Global Radical Ecofundamentalists Engineering a New Society

    Gays Redouble Every Effort to Normalise Sodomy

    Greens’ Renewable Energy Eschews Nuclear Science

    Global Regions Effectively End Nation-States

    Michael Watts

  5. I find Senator Hanson-Young to be naive, immature and lacking in life experience. Remember this is the greens party where Bob Brown castigated Tony Abbott for speaking at an anti-carbon tax rally where there were virulent anti-Gillard posters. Then he writes a letter to the PM saying that Abbott should apologise – except Senator Hanson-Young had appeared at a rally where there were anti-Semitic posters.

    Wayne Pelling

  6. To quote a friend who wrote this to his local paper:

    The Greens’ Global Charter aims to create a society with a much lower population than at present, existing at a basic standard of living using only costly renewal energy. According to one Greens’ senator, a sustainable population of Australia is 7 million people. So our population will need to be reduced through abortion, euthanasia and of course same-sex marriage will need to be legalised (unable to reproduce). Don’t be surprised if the PM also changes her mind on SSM.

    Madge Fahy

  7. In the courts of Australia, lying is called perjury; Perjury is an offense that leads to prison.
    The Greens party MP should be held to account.

    Barb Hoc

  8. I have maintained for a long while that if you are a tree vote for the Greens as they will hug you and protect you but if you are in fact a part of the human race they will want to abort you, legalise drug use for you and/ or your children, demean you if you are not in favour of “Gay” rights and desire to give your children both a mum and a dad and finally as you reach older age and are no longer well enough or young enough to contribute in what they consider a meaningful way to society they want to put you to sleep like an unwanted animal.

    Judi Walker

  9. Great article Bill. I hope that both of the major parties are drawing up plans for the next few elections to shut the Greens down.

    They’d be almost as nuts as Bob Brown (and the rest of the Greens) not to be doing so!

    George Kokonis

  10. The Greens (so called) are the perfect example of politicians, who couldn’t run the proverbial chook raffle, but have certain capabilities in one direction – they have a so called ability in “rat cunning”. They know that if they appeared as the party of pro abortion, euthanasia, same sex “marriage” and other homosexual causes, they would probably receive less than 2% of the vote. However, when they emerge as the one party with aims to clean up the planet and save it from destruction, their support will be higher. They hope that their real agenda will appear as some sort of after thought. They ascertain that there are enough people, who will be easily fooled by their nonsense.

    In suggesting that some are easily fooled, I’m not referring to those who have not been afforded the opportunity of a rounded education – far from it. Some, but not all of the highly educated, with multiple university degrees are the first to be sucked in with the Greens’ nonsense. There is an old saying that some of the intelligentsia lack the common sense of the blue collar worker and the farmer.

    Also, the Greens have progressed this far, because they have received millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of free publicity from a sympathetic section of the shame stream media.

    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  11. If only you could reach a wider section of ordinary people Bill. They need to know the truth but are often hard to reach or else apathetic. Thanks again for your faithful obedience to a very demanding vocation. We continue to pray for you.

    Anna Cook

  12. The Greens need a new name that is more reflective of their policies. I’m putting forward the Anti-people Party.
    Kylie Anderson

  13. Hope a few of you have written to her asking which nations. She probably doesn’t read Bill’s blog.
    Katherine Fishley

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