Just Throw Them All in Jail

Law can do one of three things: it can prohibit something, it can permit something, or it can promote something. We see the full progression here in the case of homosexuality. Until just recently almost all cultures prohibited homosexuality, realising that it was a high risk, dangerous and dead-end lifestyle.

Then in the past few decades we have quickly moved from permission to active promotion. All over the Western world secular leftist governments are forcing upon its hapless citizens the celebration and endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle.

And all this has rarely occurred by the express will of the people. Quite often it is because of judicial activism or bullying by tiny social engineering groups. All too often an unelected and unaccountable judge (or handful of judges) will mandate that homosexuality be given special preferential treatment, and everyone else must simply applaud such a move or face the consequences.

Numerous examples of this have been documented on these pages. Let me offer the latest case, this time from California. With the headline, “California passes bill mandating pro-gay teaching in schools, no parent opt-out,” this is how one news report presents the story:

“A bill requiring public schools to teach the ‘historical contributions’ of homosexual Americans was approved by the California legislature on Tuesday, July 5. The bill also prohibits any school material or instruction that reflects adversely on homosexuality, bisexuality or transgenderism, and prohibits parents from removing children from classes over offensive material.

“Bill SB 48 was sponsored by openly homosexual state senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and passed in the Democrat-controlled Assembly by 49-25, with all Democrats voting for the bill and Republicans opposing it. The legislation passed the state Senate in April. If signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, schools would have to introduce the homosexual curriculum after the bill becomes law in January.”

OK, let me get this straight. The PC activists controlling California want to rewrite the history books, to make it appear that everyone from Washington, Lincoln to Arnie Schwarzenegger has probably been homosexual, and we must force-feed onto hapless school children this radical social engineering agenda.

And worse yet, if any parents dare to object, seeking to keep their children out of this obvious case of state-based indoctrination, they will be refused that right, and probably punished for even trying to do so. Welcome to the brave new world of the rainbow warriors.

Fortunately not everyone has been thrilled by this latest case of forcing the homosexual agenda down the throats of little children. “Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, a pro-family organization, said the passage of the bill may be the turning point that will result in parents removing their children from the public school system en masse.

“‘This sexual brainwashing bill would mandate that children as young as 6 years old be told falsehoods – that homosexuality is biological, when it isn’t, or healthy, when it’s not, Thomasson said. ‘Parents don’t send their sons and daughters to school to learn to admire homosexuality, bisexuality, cross-dressing, “sex change” operations, homosexual “marriages,” or to support legal persecution of people who disagree.’

“‘There’s already a raft of school sexual indoctrination laws on the books. Impressionable children are already being sexual indoctrinated, but SB48 would be the most in-your-face brainwashing yet. We urge Gov. Brown to respect parents, he continued, remember basic academics, and basic family values, and veto this bad bill when it reaches his desk’.”

The homosexual juggernaut continues to steamroll along, crushing everything in its path, flying its flag high, daring anyone who seeks to resist this militant agenda to even try. All this is leading in only one direction: the complete dismantling of democracy and the criminalisation of Christianity and any other group which opposes this PC steamroller.

One American writer, Dr Jeff Mirus, looks at just one aspect of this: the push for same-sex marriage. He entitles his piece, “Gay Marriage and the Next Gulag”. He warns where all this is taking us. He is worth quoting at length:

“The writing is on the wall. Gay marriage is the lie that will create the next Gulag. Indeed, gay marriage is the perfect totalitarian wedge, not least in a country like the United States, which has been capable of believing itself uniquely dedicated to liberty even in the midst of slavery and abortion. We Americans, it seems, will be quite willing to sing the praises of our liberty no matter how many of us lose it. It is our national myth, something we worship.

“But the cause of gay marriage fits the myth better than most issues because it really does seem that those who oppose it are denying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to others. This denial can be accepted for the unborn, in the name of the liberty of their mothers, as it once was accepted for African Americans, who shared judicial non-personhood with the unborn. But gays are well-educated, wealthy and—above all—a logically favored projection of our moral culture. To inhibit their happiness, for any reason, seems just plain wrong….

“Far from having a natural revulsion against homosexual intimacy, modern Western culture can hardly help seeing it as the jewel which crowns and protects its own warped vision of sex. We recognize and defend a right of men and women to engage in sexual intimacy without fruit. It follows that rank prejudice must be the only reason anyone could possibly oppose the same freedom between men and men or women and women.

“No group is more hateful to modern society than the perceived moralistic prigs who, out of what most perceive as religiously-motivated prejudice, seek to diminish the personal sexual liberty of others. Nothing could be more obvious in our current culture than that such people must be silenced and, if necessary, restrained. Moreover, it seems only right and just that their denunciation of the gay lifestyle and their opposition to gay marriage should be criminalized. In fact, it should be criminalized in the name of liberty. That is why gay marriage is the lie that will create the next Gulag.

“The insistence on ignoring vice is the hallmark of a debased culture, but the insistence that a lie be publicly affirmed as true is the hallmark of ideological totalitarianism. Such lies are always accompanied by the monopolization of education and other forms of thought control, and this is always made easier by the sad fact that huge numbers of people are convinced that those who are targeted are getting exactly what they deserve. The slightest intellectual resistance is perceived as a grave threat to peace and order. The truth becomes subversive. To speak the truth makes one either a social pariah or a traitor. The most obvious of realities must be denied. The most obvious of facts must be hidden. The most obvious of statements must be unsaid.”

So what can we do to turn things around? “It is difficult to see anything that can be done about this without massive personal reform. Within the dominant culture, there is really no way to gain any traction to push back. The only thing that can possibly help is for those who oppose gay marriage to start living according to the understanding of sexuality communicated by the natural law. And almost the only way to do that in a culture incapable of recognizing the natural law is to seek the clarity and strength provided by Christian Revelation and grace. In other words, the only way to reverse the trend is to live the whole truth, sustained by Faith, rather than merely to argue about this or that part of it.

“This means creating families and even whole communities marked by permanent marriage and fruitfully responsible sex, a lifestyle which—once one recovers from the initial shock—leads first to a deep sense of security and ultimately to a rich happiness. It is fair to say, I think, that commitment to and communication with reality invariably produces these remarkable results. But the time for lip service is long past. The ultimate answer to every Gulag is the affirmation of truth through life—a vibrant demonstration that Christians have more heart to lose than pagans have to win.”

It will surely take both. Life, marriages, families, lived according to truth and holiness. But also those who are willing to stand up against the steady erosion of our freedoms, and this creeping homosexual police state in the West. It is ours to win it or lose it. Whose side will we be on?


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22 Replies to “Just Throw Them All in Jail”

  1. Those who support and promote the homosexual life-style agenda, are promoting an ideology of death and are very much complicit in sending those people to an eternity in hell.
    Those who truly love homosexuals are those who boldly speak the truth; and name it for what it is = Sin!!! The Word of God says – sin leads to death! JESUS is their one and only answer!!!

    Barb Hoc

  2. G’day Bill,

    Goodonya, again. Thanks again.

    What I’ve been exercising my mind (as a result of a previous post of yours) is how and whether Christian celebrants (i.e. ministers, priests, and pastors) should respond.

    I hope they will give us an exemption from refusing to marry homosexuals, at least initially. And anyone, we have the right to refuse any marriage without giving grounds.

    But should we opt out altogether? Start talking about Christian-marriage which is a man and a woman for life?

    What about Christian couples wanting to marry? How can I continue to minister to them? Is opting out the way forward?

    I really feel for our Roman Catholic friends for whom marriage is a sacramental act. What will they do?

    No doubt, down the track, the marriage certificate will excise ‘Bridegroom” and ‘Bride.’ for ‘Partner A’ and ‘Partner B’ and I for one have decided to cross those terms out and replace them with ‘Bridegroom’ and ‘Bride’ regardless of the consequences.

    But anything else? Could you or anyone suggest what ministers, pastors and priests might be able to do?

    (Rev) Andrew Campbell

  3. Thanks Andrew

    The main thing I would suggest is that we fight this like mad so that we never have to get to that point. It is easier to prevent something bad happening than to have to pick up the pieces afterwards. Every concerned pastor and priest in the country should be telling their flocks about this and urging them to get active and get involved. We are losing by doing nothing, while the other side is very active in all this.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Very sobering reading. I think I’ll stick with my “unfashionable” and “puritanical” sexual ethics, even if I’m out of step with mainstream culture.

    Ross McPhee

  5. The speed of this rampant homosexual agenda is breathtaking and too many good people still have their heads in the sand.

    Peter Coventry

  6. Some creative homosexuals have indeed contributed to our culture but hardly because of the very fact that they are homosexual. One could conceivably argue that in some cases the contributions were made in spite of being homosexual, especially where their sexual behaviours were ostracised and stigmatised. If we are going to teach kids about the achievements of homosexuals as if that was a case for homosexuality then why don’t we teach them about the cultural achievements, say, of womanisers (examples: the composers Debussy and Faure, the artist Gauguin)? And we could survey the achievements of neurotics and manic-depressives, too.

    John Snowden

  7. Hi Andrew Campbell
    I’m trying like everyone to understand and contemplate all this and I notice you mention “what can one do?”
    And then you say, “I for one have decided to cross those terms out and replace them with ‘Bridegroom’ and ‘Bride’ regardless of the consequences.”
    Bless you.
    Daniel Kempton

  8. We certainly need compassion for the homophile, those who for no fault of their own, from a very early age, have sensed that they were different from other children. They did not choose to become like this and we must listen to their experience. There are those who, maybe at the age of eight or ten become homosexuals through being seduced by an older person. Then again there are those who during teenage years experiment with homosexual emotions and behaviour and arrive by that route. Finally there are maybe adults who arrive through queer ideology and idolatry.

    These we must not shun. Jesus Christ came to the lost, not those who were self-righteous. Indeed, we all have our human frailties, addictions and thorns in the side which no doubt will try to reclaim us as long as we are alive, but thank God we are not the hapless victims of determinism and evolution, but have been endowed with the capacity to choose life and not death.

    But even though there may be doubt as to how, when and why a person arrives in Gaytranselvania, one thing is for certain: the Gaystapo do not believe in human dignity, freedom of thought, conscience or choice, but are intent on capturing and bringing a whole generation under enslavement; the process of becoming queer goes only one way and all exits are blocked.

    Let us also be in no doubt of the fact that the fundamentalist, gay activists do not want our Christian sympathy, affection, warmth, tolerance, kindness and genuine love. What they want is the licence and social approval to do whatever they want when they want it.

    We are at war. The strategic target for the enemy, like Stalingrad, is the citadel called marriage, whilst in the surrounding suburbs, in our schools, nurseries, living rooms and bedrooms, fierce hand to hand fighting is taking place with heavy casualties being taken on the part of the defenders. We cannot be ambivalent in this, no wavering or being thrown off balance by the subtle and fiery darts of the enemy, falsely accusing our over sensitive consciences that tells us that we should be tolerant, inclusive, live and let live and, above all, kind. Jesus Christ did not come to free the woman caught in adultery from the nasty judgementalism of the Pharisees, he came to rescue her from the power, bondage and penalty of sin. His kindness was to set us free with the truth. So when we stand in the public arena, and we are asked if is there anything wrong with homosexuality and we (like Peter denying that he knows Jesus Christ) answer, ‘No, I have homosexual friends,’ we lose all credibility.

    Gay ideology denies the Word, the Bible, made flesh.
    It denies Jesus Christ. Elton John’s claim that Jesus was gay.

    It denies the truth.
    It denies authority.
    It denies God’s moral order.
    It denies freedom of conscience and freedom of choice
    It denies guilt and culpability.
    It denies justice.
    It denies God’s created binary order.
    It denies cause and effect.
    It denies reason and education.
    It denies language.
    It denies the unique nature and sanctity of human life.
    It denies marriage.
    It denies the family and childhood.
    It denies history.
    It denies the economy.
    It denies life.
    It is denying, deceptive, defiant, delusional, deviant, dualistic, duplicitous, disordered, distracted, diversionary, disruptive, dysfunctional, degenerate, depraved, destructive, devilish and deadly.

    Read Peter Tatchell’s unequivocal definition of Queer theory and queer ideology.

    David Skinner, UK

  9. Praise God!
    James 1 v 2 says “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet various trials.”

    Praise God that persecution is rising! Not that I am some sort of masochist who loves suffering. I don’t. But I know that through our willingness to face suffering Christ will be increasingly formed within us.
    1 Peter 4 v 12 says:
    “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.”

    The New Testament makes clear statements in numerous places, that as Christians we are called to share in Christ’s sufferings. Another verse on the same theme is Revelation 1 v 9:
    “I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus. . . because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus.”

    Pray that loyalty and faithfulness, both to the Lord and other Christians grows amongst us.

    Thanks Bill, for your faithfulness in keeping the details of these concerning reports still coming.

    Praise God that it appears it will increasingly cost us something to be a Christian in Australia. I sense revival will come to this land amidst growing opposition to the gospel. However, Revelation 3 v 14 – 22 is particularly relevant for both many individual Christians and Australian churches. May the Lord wake them and even use us in some measure to that same end also.

    Cheers, Chris McNicol

  10. John Snowden, I asked Sue Sanders, the CEO of the Schools Out organisation that is responsible for the LGBT History Month, when schools are supposed to celebrate gay icons and role models in every subject, during February, why it was that Ernst Rohm, the brutal homosexual, who set up Hitler’s Storm Troopers, was included in their pantheon of gay stars?

    Her answer was that he was not put forward as a role model but proof that gays had always existed. This to me puts a new slant on Descarte’s famous statement, “Cogito ergo sum”, I think therefore I am. – I am therefore I am justified.

    When we tell stories to children of heroes, like King David, do we also say, by the way, he was also an adulterer and murderer and the mere existence of his adultery and murder justifies it?

    By taking a closer look at the SchoolsOut web site, that receives money from the government and other agencies,
    we find that it alerts any pupil or teacher who access the site, to the existence all kinds of exotic behaviour.

    Click on “Links” down the left hand side, then “Culture”, then “Big Gay Read.”


    David Skinner, UK

  11. David, I almost clicked through. But there is a description of what you get that fully put me off! I’m way over 18 and married, but that site, just from it’s description looks pornographic! It’s that kind of yuck they want to be teaching children from? Heaven save us!

    Sue Dallibar

  12. David,the URL for Peter Tatchell seems to be incorrect. I would love to access. Could you check link. Many thanks!

    Jane Byrne

  13. I am right in the middle of reading the book, ‘Persecution: How Liberals (what we in Australia would call Left or Left-leaning) Are Waging War Against Christianity’, by American writer David Limbaugh. It cites many examples of how certain lawyers and law organizations in the US are helping Christians hold their ground against extremely unfair discrimination, through legitimate legal action. Often, it is one individual or one organization whipping up a frenzy against Christian holidays, symbols and stances, such as rejection of homosexual militancy. It takes us from education to government to the media to Hollywood, describing specific lies against Christians and Christianity. This reminds one of the mobs that set up trouble for the Apostle Paul, described throughout the book of Acts.

    Angela Parham

  14. Thank you, David Skinner. Rohm was not the only homosexual Nazi, as you can see from Lothar Machtan’s recent book on Hitler. What an eye-opener that book is! With regard to the practice of promoting high achievers as heroes because they were homosexual, the answer to that is to encourage students to look at the dubious sexual behaviour of these heroes. The eminent film director Pasolini, for example, prowled the streets at night looking for anonymous sexual liaisons, and met a violent end reputedly at the hands of a hustler. I recall that a magazine at the time commented that his death was a case of life imitating art, his art being violent and sadistic.

    John Snowden

  15. Re persecution of Christians in the west, there is an excellent article on the MERCATORNET site:


    It is written by the personal representative of the chair in office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

    Wayne Pelling

  16. Hi Bill

    “The insistence on ignoring vice is the hallmark of a debased culture, but the insistence that a lie be publicly affirmed as true is the hallmark of ideological totalitarianism.”

    The truth of this statement was powerfully brought home to me in the pages of a book I am currently reading. It is called Frida and is the story of Frida Gashumba who survived the atrocity of Rwanda back in 1994. Years before the outbreak of actual hostility, Frida and her Tutsi schoolmates were subjected to psychological abuse from her teacher and principal that Tutsis were inferior to Hutu children. This then prompted the Hutu children to begin emulating their leaders and even abusing the Tutsis physically as well.

    When the call then came over the radio for the Hutus to wipe out their former friends and neighbors, the adults (and children) had little difficulty in obeying. Even those who had formerly professed belief in Christ willingly took up machetes and clubs and joined the killing spree. I hope and pray homosexual PC does not come to that level of terror, and that those who trust in the Lord would continue to stand strong in the face of these testings.

    Vic Trudeau

  17. Bill,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Constitution of the State of California allow for prescribed number of citizens to demand a veto referendum on legislation that has been approved by the state legislature? If that is the case then I sincerely hope and expect that the required number of electors will hasten to put forward the necessary demand for a referendum on this matter. I do not doubt that in the event of such a referendum taking place that legislation will be rapidly overturned and consigned to the dustbin of history!

    Dominic Baron, NZ

  18. Jane Byrne, you only have to google, Peter Tatchell and Beyond Equality, or PT and “Teenage Sex- What Should Schools Teach Children?”, or any of his numerous articles such as “Insignificant Other.”

    The complete web site is such a rich treasure trove of queer candour. Except no one can be bothered to read it.

    Read your Tatchell I say.

    David Skinner, UK

  19. Vic Trudea, the political masters in every communist country have trained children to betray their parents and even hand them over for barbaric treatment. We are already seeing children in America being trained to mouth the most disgusting hate towards those they consider not fit to live in the twenty first century.


    I fear that the gay liberation front have done their job and will now hand the baton onto our children.

    David Skinner, UK

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