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Time To Put Jesus on the Couch

Mar 28, 2011

The more nonsense I see emanating from so-called evangelical Christians, the more I despair. On a daily basis we see the faith once delivered by the saints being ripped to pieces by trendy upstarts. And so much of this is

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When Elijah Comes To Town

Mar 16, 2011

I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that if any of the Old Testament prophets – or any of the New Testament disciples for that matter – came to our churches today, in most cases they would quickly

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On Hell

Mar 11, 2011

One topic which is rarely discussed today – even by Christians – is that of hell. Yet it is a topic which should often be on our lips for the simple reason that the Christ we claim to follow spoke

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Imperatives and Exhortation

Mar 9, 2011

With a title like this, I have probably attracted about two or three readers. That is because the first term would send many folks racing to a dictionary, while the second term would strike many as being judgmental or intolerant.

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McLaren and Obama: Not So Strange Bedfellows

Oct 27, 2009

Generally speaking, those with liberal theological views tend to also have liberal political views. Conversely, those with conservative theological views tend to have conservative political views. Not always, but in most cases. So religious liberals can usually be counted on

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Sorry, But I am Not Buying Into Chrislam

Sep 16, 2009

Chrislam, as the name suggests, is a growing movement wherein some Christians are seeking to find common ground with Muslims. Indeed, it actually seeks to combine Christianity with Islam. It is a syncretistic movement that speaks about “spirituality without boundaries”.

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A review of The Truth War. By John MacArthur.

Mar 19, 2009

Thomas Nelson, 2007. (Available in Australia at Koorong Books)

That the Bible puts a very high premium on truth is indisputable. But sadly, the church today has largely downplayed and abandoned truth, content to follow the spirit of the age.

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In Praise of Doctrine

Mar 7, 2009

In his newest book Christless Christianity, Michael Horton makes this intriguing claim: “Secularism cannot be blamed on the secularists, many of whom were raised in the church. We are the problem.” Just what does he mean by that? He

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Jesus, Law and Relationship

Nov 1, 2008

Law does not get a very good rap in today’s culture. For law is associated with such things as right and wrong, truth and falsehood – all of which are under attack in our postmodern times. And it is not

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On Creed and Conduct (and Emergents)

Oct 31, 2008

There are two areas which the believer is constantly encouraged to excel in. These two areas can be developed for the glory of God, or they can be ignored or negated, resulting in apostasy and judgment. I refer to creed

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On Emergents and False Dilemmas

Jun 27, 2008

One thing a believer quickly discovers when reading or listening to the emerging church leaders is their love of dichotomies, or dualities. They are keenly intent on setting out a whole bunch of polarities or antitheses. They claim that believers

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