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IVF, Babies and Frozen Peas

Apr 17, 2015

So what do babies and peas have in common? Well, both can be frozen and later thawed. While it is convenient for us to eat vegetables in this fashion, babies are not vegetables. Yet unborn babies are treated in similar

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Playing Against a Stacked Deck

Jan 19, 2004

In the culture wars, fair fights are hard to come by. Sometimes the odds are so stacked against you, that you hardly feel like wading into a fight. Often those promoting all the wrong causes are entrenched in public service

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IVF and Rights Gone Mad

Nov 15, 2001

We live in an age in which rights are being pushed on all fronts. Individuals and groups are clamoring for rights that until recently didn’t even exist. Much of the “rights industry” has developed around so-called social justice and discrimination

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Unrestricted IVF: Who Protects the Child?

Jul 23, 2000

The Infertility Treatment Authority recently put on a one-day public seminar in Melbourne entitled “The Welfare and Interests of Persons Born as a Result of Assisted Reproduction”. A number of speakers involved in or associated with the IVF industry were

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We Create Them and Then We Destroy Them

Jun 10, 2010

While modern reproductive technologies might seem like a blessing to some, they are certainly not free of major problems. Indeed, many people have warned about the brave new world scenarios assisted reproductive technologies (ART) might create.

I have written elsewhere

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More Concerns About IVF

Jun 15, 2009

For those couples who have genuine biological infertility problems, various assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF can seem like a real godsend. The desire for children is of course most natural, and the inability to have children is always

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