Twisted Minds and Morals

In Romans 1:28 Paul says that when people reject God, God gives them over to a reprobate mind. They not only do things they should not be doing (like homosexuality, as the context makes clear) but they end up thinking some pretty stupid thoughts as well. That is, when a person rejects God their morals are loosened and their minds are darkened.

In our postmodern age we see the rejection of absolute morality and universal truth played out all around us. Our culture of morality busters and truth deniers has produced a generation of people who cannot think straight or act straight.

A remarkable example of this was a letter to the Herald Sun on August 6. A female writer makes this mind-boggling and morality-bending claim: “We should understand that choosing to safely terminate an unwanted pregnancy is much better for the welfare of the would-be mother and unwanted child than had the pregnancy gone ahead.”

It is Orwellian double-speak in the extreme to say that killing a baby is somehow “much better” for its own “welfare”. The really worrying part is that this woman presumably can utter such inanities with a perfectly straight face. She actually seems to believe that what she has written somehow makes sense – logically and morally.

We live in an age which glories in twisted thinking and moral confusion. Such a culture is not only dumbing us down but killing our consciences as well. Is it any wonder that society is in such a mess?

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