A review of Thinking Against the Grain. By Garrett DeWeese and N. Allan Moseley. Kregel, 2003.

This is really two books in one. First, it is a call to develop a thoroughly biblical worldview. Second, it is a call to put this Christian worldview into practice, with the cultural, social and ethical issues of the day.

There are of courses many dozens of books written on both these subjects, perhaps even hundreds. Yet this book serves as a nice bringing together of both emphases in one volume, and is a good starting place for those interested in such topics.

Moseley, a pastor and academic, believes that Christians need to love God with their minds, and develop a solid Christian worldview. We need to do this because truth matters, and because biblical truth needs to be maintained to assess and critique non-biblical thinking.

But it is not enough to have a set of good ideas. They must be put into practice. Thus Moseley examines a number of contentious social issues, including abortion, homosexuality, wealth, and the environment. He urges believers to become involved in these and other battles of the day, and make an impact for good in a culture gone awry.

A helpful volume on the importance of thinking biblically and applying the Christian worldview to the many vexing issues of the day.

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