Even More Scenes from the Passing Madness

Sometimes the steady stream of craziness becomes so full on that one can only list the various episodes along with the briefest of commentary. The past day or two has been a good case in point. There were a number of headlines which featured the latest acts of lunacy. So let me provide a whirlwind tour of some of these recent escapades.

The Government’s war on children

We have just been informed about two major Victorian decisions. First, the Parliament has just voted through controversial legislation which will allow singles and lesbians access to IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Second, the Brumby Government has announced a crackdown on youth violence, disrespect and hooliganism. And the two stories are in fact closely related.

The call to instil good values, responsibility and respect in our students is to be welcomed. But it must begin in the home first, and then it can be supported and complemented in the schools. And the best way to instil good values in children is to ensure that they grow up with their biological mother and father.

Over three decades of social science research has made this abundantly clear. Children raised by their own natural two parents do better on every indicator – on average – than in any other household structure. They are less likely to be involved in crime, in drugs, in suicide, in anti-social behaviour. They do better academically and are more socially adaptable.

But what the Brumby Government wants to give with the right hand it is taking away with the left hand. By introducing, and passing, the new ART Bill in Parliament, the Government has declared war on the well-being of children. Indeed, it is unleashing a new stolen generation. It will allow children to be deliberately created and raised without their biological mother and father.

And as the research shows, this is a recipe for disaster. All the problems Brumby wants corrected in schools – drug abuse, disrespect for others, anti-social behaviour, violence, reckless partying, drunkenness, and gang activities –  will now all be exasperated and compounded, because this Government is more concerned about appeasing the radical social engineers and the minority group activists, than in looking after the well-being of children.

Whose loyalties?

An Islamic School in Brisbane has banned the singing of the Australian national anthem. As one press account puts it: “Australia’s national anthem has been banned at an Islamic school in Brisbane, the Courier-Mail reported Friday. The paper obtained a copy of a memo sent to teachers in July banning Advance Australia Fair, and a former teacher, Pravin Chand, confirmed that the anthem was found to be against the ‘Islamic view and ethos’.”

After a public outcry since the story broke, the Australian International Islamic College has reversed its decision, and is now allowing the anthem to be sung. Nice of them to back down – but only after public pressure.

But all this raises questions about how keen Muslims really are to integrate into Australian culture, or whether they regard themselves as a distinct people who need to stay “uncontaminated” by Australian values and mores. Multiculturalism can work when those coming to a host nation embrace the culture and values of it. But to come to a nation and remain in ghettoes, refusing to integrate into the wider community is always going to be a recipe for trouble.

The Christmas gift of death

Although this story is about a week old, it is certainly worth a mention, given its sheer repugnance. Planned Parenthood of Indiana is offering dead babies as Christmas gifts. I kid you not. More specifically, it is selling Christmas gift certificates that can be used for goods or services, including abortions. It seems the certificates come in $25 increments and can be used for breast exams, birth control, and abortions.

The condemnation by Black pro-life activist and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Alveda King, is well worth repeating here: “The word inappropriate hardly describes Planned Parenthood’s scheme. To give someone a gift card from the nation’s largest abortion business is to give death for Christmas. Planned Parenthood really should call these ‘King Herod certificates’ after the Roman ruler who slaughtered tiny babies in his vain attempt to kill the baby Jesus. Better yet, it should just leave Christmas, a celebration of birth, hope, and life, completely alone. Planned Parenthood’s selling of Christmas gift certificates that can be redeemed for abortion is an irredeemable act. No amount of spin can turn this promotion into anything other than an abomination. Congress gave Planned Parenthood $300 million last year and now a chapter of this group is defiling the celebration of our Savior’s birth. As one of America’s taxpayers, I want my money back.”

Another Black pro-lifer, Day Gardner, was equally appalled: “Clearly, Planned Parenthood is making a mockery of the birth of Jesus Christ. Looking back to the very first Christmas I’m sure Mary, was a frightened young girl–unmarried and suddenly pregnant, yet she believed God had a plan for her and her child. If she had not given birth to her son, Jesus Christ– there would be no such thing as Christmas – He alone is the reason for the season that Planned Parenthood so adamantly disrespects. Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar, money grubbing, baby killing machine. And like the Biblical King Herod, who tried to kill Mary’s baby, Planned Parenthood is on a rampage to kill as many babies as possible while spewing ‘Happy Holidays’.”

This poor exploited child

Finally, a story about the terrible exploitation of a poor, defenceless child. Actually, I jest a bit. What we really have here is another example of rabid misotheism, this time from Brisbane. A recent news item tells us about a very angry parent who is incensed that his daughter in primary school had to take part in an evil and nefarious activity. It seems that the poor lass was involved in actually helping to make a replica of Noah’s Ark! Shocking!

Here are excerpts from an article in the Australian about this: “A Queensland father of five has taken action in the Anti-Discrimination Commission after his four-year-old daughter was asked to help make a replica of Noah’s Ark at the local state school. Ron Williams, who has five children under the age of 10, is opposed to religious instruction in state schools. He said he was taking action because he did not believe students should be ‘exposed to superstitious mumbo-jumbo, presented as fact, in an educational setting’.”

But the school does not see things in such a sinister light. It claims that the children were merely shown a video of “Evan Almighty” (which is a comedy about a modern-day ark-builder) “and a book about the Ark as part of a unit of study on animals and the noises they make. In a statement to The Australian, Queensland Education said there were ‘no references to “God” or the biblical story of Noah’s Ark made in Kathleen’s classroom. Through negotiated planning, students began studying animals and used the book Trouble in the Ark as reference material,’ the statement said.”

But it seems Mr Williams believes all this is on a par with the Spanish Inquisition, and he has withdrawn his daughter from the school. And on top of all this, “Mr Williams intends to sue Queensland Education for the cost of having his children educated by distance education or some other, secular alternative to the state school program.”

Yikes, this is one ornery anti-theist. This is one really mean Scrooge. He seems totally convinced that his four-year-old daughter will obviously be scarred for life after this nasty activity. He seems to think that this is a case of a school ramming religion down her poor little throat. How dare his school be so heartless and cruel?

In truth, I think Mr Williams has been reading far too many of the angry screeds of Dawkins, Hitchens and Co. Like those rabid misotheists, he really needs to just lighten up a little. His obsessive hatred of religion has obviously greatly affected his capacity to think and make balanced judgments.


Of the making of much madness there is no end it seems. There seems to have been an even greater amount of moonbeam activities taking place this past week. In the face of all this craziness, one can be tempted to become overwhelmed and want to give up. But it is exactly because of such lunacies that we need to redouble our efforts to provide a bit of sanity, morality and common sense. If we don’t, things will only get a whole lot worse.

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9 Replies to “Even More Scenes from the Passing Madness”

  1. Mr Williams also needs to know that in many pagan third-world societies around the globe there are varying references to some sort of global flood in their folk stories. This highlights the likely veracity of there having actually been a biblical/historic flood. This was discovered about 40 of 50 years ago as Christian missionaries would enter these cultures for the first time, before the biblical account was mentioned. I’m going by a 25-year-old memory of having learned this in my anthropolgy studies. So if you want to take the flood out of learning, it’s like wanting to take Holocaust out of the history books, which I believe some also want to do.

    Rebecca Field

  2. In Luke 21 Jesus tells us that we should not be surprised or amazed at signs of the end times. We might also ask what Christians have done deserve the growing persecution against them? Precisely, it is because we have done nothing, except hid in our pews, like Gideon hiding in his wine press, that this evil is allowed to continue. And so it will continue, unless we really do want God to intervene now. But then it will be too late for a hell of lot of people.

    David Skinner, UK

  3. Thanks Bill.
    It seems that Mr Williams is the one whose misotheism has scarred him for life! You’re probably right: he has been reading too much Dawkins, Sam Harris et al, and watching too many modern movies where the good guy is the secularist and the bad guy, the deranged, and dangerous, nincompoop, is the theist.

    The sad thing is that in this litigious climate such unhinged narks launch legal suits, and there are always leftist, bleeding-heart judges who will listen to them.

    Murray Adamthwaite

  4. The other aspect of the statement from Brumby re youth behaviour I found quite absurd is that less than three months ago he was applauding a piece of legislation which basically says the youngest and most vulnerable of all are not even worthy of the right to life. You can’t just demand respect, you have to earn it, and Brumby doesn’t even have respect for life and in sponsoring the abortion bill he was/is further proliferating the whole ‘me, me’ culture. Not to mention the growing disassociation between ideas, actions and consequences. He is being incredibly hypocritical.

    Message received loud and clear, John. You should not be surprised at the outcome.

    Mark Rabich

  5. No Australian national anthem in Australian Islamic schools.

    Bill, you ask the question ‘ how keen are Muslims to integrate into Australian way of life?’

    You, Bill would know better than most what the evidence reveals. If history elsewhere around the globe, up to the current day is researched, and taken as a guide, the overwhelming answer is ‘ they abhor any other culture.’

    Fourteen hundred years of Islamic history including the last thirty five years European – Arab dialogue and immigration emphatically indicates that Muslims have no loyalty to a host nation. Evidence suggests that they, as grouped ideologues, continue to be violent, discriminatory, isolation dwellers by choice, and rule by spilling the blood of the infidel.

    Bill’s earlier article on the number of atrocities by Muslims since 9/11 exceeding 12,000, the riots in France, etc etc, is current alarming evidence that Australian and western policy makers need to take a strong stand asap.

    Lithgow gaol authorities allowed a killer, a Muslim, to run a multi million dollar drug syndicate from within the gaol confines. Who is watching over our security?

    History records that only warfare stopped their religious imperialist advances – and they still accuse and abuse the west – even though warfare is their modus operandi.

    In another article you speak on ‘fear’ Bill. Well this short comment does not say anything new, but does reinforce that the Christian has to stand up in the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

    Ray Robinson

  6. Bill, the compulsory attendance age remains at 6 in all States.

    I would therefore like to encourage Mr Williams to withdraw his daughter from the school and look after her at home. Then she can be indoctrinated with his brand of “superstitious mumbo-jumbo, presented as fact” and he will have no-one else to blame!

    Somehow I doubt that he would take up that option, though.

    John Angelico

  7. In a similar vein, I watched last night on SBS the doco “Intelligent Design on Trial”. You just can’t help but be appalled at the ferocity and venom of the lies about the Theory of evolution and the dreadful “myths presented as fact” that ID is presented as. When we understand that it is illegal to even pray in a primary school carpark in the US (how on earth do you police that?). What will they do with “in God we trust”? Of course lots of people want that off the currency. When you see the desperate lengths they will go to to keep God out of the classroom – and we have it here too, only thankfully not as rabid. But let us be warned by all this – what happens in the US and Britain will usually happen here too if we don’t stand up to it. Let us, the church, grow some male appendages, and hair on our collective chest, before it’s too late.
    Ian Brearley

  8. If Mr Wiliams doesn’t believe students should be “exposed to superstitious mumbo-jumbo, presented as fact, in an educational setting”, then why isn’t he objecting to the teaching of evolution? No one does of course because evolution is the one religion which has protected status in our public schools.

    The latest example of madness from the Left that we could add to this week’s list comes in the form of the Victorian government’s planned changes to the Equal Opportunity Act. As the article in the Herald-Sun says:

    Discrimination against dominant white males will soon be encouraged in a bid to boost the status of women, the disabled and cultural and religious minorities.

    Such positive discrimination — treating people differently in order to obtain equality for marginalised groups – is set to be legalised under planned changes to the Equal Opportunity Act foreshadowed last week by state Attorney-General Rob Hulls.

    Ewan McDonald.

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