Gimme a Little Respect

In something straight out of a George Orwell novel, the Victorian government has recently appointed an MP to become ‘Minister for Respect’. With all due respect – pun intended – this has to be a national first – perhaps a world first.

Orwell of course had four ministries in evil Oceania, in his celebrated novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four (published in 1949). They were: the Ministry of Love, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Plenty, and the Ministry of Truth. They were part of the totalitarian apparatus of Big Brother, meant to keep the populace in check.

The motives of the Victorian Premier are hopefully more benign, but the same concerns arise here: a Ministry of Respect? What about a Ministry of Niceness, or a Ministry of Friendliness, or a Ministry of Let’s Just All Get Along?

Don’t get me wrong – these are all good things. Who doesn’t want a little respect or a little friendship? The question is, however, whether such things can simply be produced by Government decree – by the click of a Minister’s fingers.

The motivation is good as well: the flood of violence, racial attacks and criminal activity plaguing the streets of Melbourne need to be tackled. And sure, if we all respected each other, hopefully crime and anti-social behaviour would lessen.

But how exactly do we make this happen? It seems that even Justin Madden, the newly appointed Minister for Respect, is not fully sure what his new role entails. How do you legislate respect? How can an inner disposition become a matter of external regulation?

The truth is, respect is an important personal and social trait, but it has to come from within, and not be imposed from without. But the problem is, social peace and calm can be achieved by only two means: conscience or cops. Either we heed the moral compass within, or we pass more and more laws without, to keep society functioning harmoniously and smoothly.

However, all over the Western world, as we become more and more secular and hostile to eternal truths and realities, our inner moral sense is becoming more and more dulled, if not extinguished. When we are taught over and over again that there is no God, that there are no absolute moral values, and that everything is relative, then it is quite hard for conscience to function properly.

When we are told repeatedly that we are mere accidents of nature, without meaning, purpose, a clear beginning or a certain end, then morality – both private and public – becomes increasingly hard to maintain and encourage.

If we are just accidental blobs of tissue living in a purely material world where right and wrong are at best mere social conventions, and at worst, non-existent myths, then why try to live morally? Why bother trying to show some respect? Why bother trying to be good at all?

When we abandon in wholesale fashion a worldview which holds to transcendent truth, including the truth that we are moral beings living in a moral world created by a personal moral God who will one day be held accountable for our moral decisions, then we can only expect that Aretha Franklin’s complaint about getting no respect will only increase.

And given that the Victorian Government has been at the cutting edge of radical social engineering, much of which is aimed directly against the Judeo-Christian worldview, and its expression in the public arena, then you have to ask, “Who are you to talk about respect?”

All sorts of decidedly disrespectful pieces of legislation have been passed by this activist Government. Consider just one: Justin Madden, along with his Labor colleagues, effectively railroaded through a bill which makes Victoria’s abortion laws the most liberal in the nation, and amongst the most liberal in the world.

Abortion is now completely open slather in this state, and an unborn baby can be snuffed out with impunity at any time in his or her first nine months of life. Where is the respect there?

Indeed, how can you talk about respect when the ones deserving the most respect – those who cannot defend or protect themselves – get the least respect, and are subject to draconian death legislation. Some 20,000 of these innocent and unprotected babies are killed in this state every year.

It seems pretty hard to instil respect into the citizenry when we do the exact opposite in terms of our most vulnerable and most defenceless. If the Victorian government can say it is just hunky dory to wipe out unborn babies in their tens of thousands, then why are we surprised when so many Victorians seem to show no respect for each other?

Mother Teresa long ago said abortion is the world’s greatest disturber of the peace, the most ruthless act of violence. If we can legislate to kill helpless babies, then I don’t see how appointing a ‘Minister for Respect’ is going to even remotely impact the growing levels of violence, crime and anti-social behaviour swelling in our state right now.

If the state is really serious about showing some respect, why not start showing it to those who are most worthy of it – those who cannot speak up for themselves? But somehow I don’t expect the radicals running this state to make this sort of connection.

I fear they will simply continue to offer cosmetic solutions to entrenched social problems, with an ever-expanding bureaucracy, complete with even more Orwellian titles. And as long as they send out these mixed signals, I can’t see how such new ministries will do the slightest bit of good.

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  1. This government policy failed within 24 hours! The government pushed this Respect policy out on Tuesday morning, with the Premier waxing lyrical on Neil Mitchell’s program on 3AW. On Wedenesday morning there was news (again on 3AW) of an election leaflet in Lynne Kosky’s seat which made a personal attack against the Opposition leader – showing total disrespect for him as a person.
    John Angelico

  2. Not quite related but consider this.
    We have an abortion program that kills future Australians created in Australia. Yet we need migrant workers so in effect we import ready made 20year (+) old babies from other non Australian countries. In a sense we are replacing Australian people not from our own natural reserves but from countries which generally have larger families and where abortion is a crime. Is it my imagination or can anyone else see where this rapidly self defeating philosophy is leading.

    Dennis Newland

  3. Very interesting observation, Dennis. This article I found takes a candid look at the influx of Muslim immigrants into the UK – growing 10x faster than the Brits can (or will) replace themselves. The article’s closing question is very apt:

    “… Who will be making the laws of this country in the future?”

    Mathew Hamilton, Victoria

  4. The old adage puts it well – respect can’t be commanded – it has to be earned.

    It’s time the government did a few things to earn respect rather than bullying the public with its social engineering program.

    Dallas Clarnette

  5. Well the one ministery they would find hard to fill is the ministry of logic & common sense.

    Something that politicians from both the majors seem incapable of achieving.

    Tony Zegenhagen, Editior of The Logical Voice amongst other things

  6. Spot on there Tony! Why is common sense no longer common? We need a minister for common sense, would Bill consider standing?
    Keith Jarrett

  7. Thanks for the offer Keith. But common sense seems to be the very thing which prevents most people from getting elected.
    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  8. Bumbling fools,
    It is so irritating to watch these leaders, come up with yet another attempt to gain control of the noisy herd. There is a strong and powerful GOD to be listened to and has been there all along yet STILL, nobody is listening arggg.
    Daniel Kempton

  9. It has always amazed me that politicians who are responsible for either evil deeds (such as aiding and abetting abortion) or stupid deeds, such as not allowing the populace to clean up bushfire fuel from the ground or from forests, attach more importance to their pantheist pagan religious dogma, than they do to (again) human life and property, lost in bushfires. They always go into denial and start creating ridiculous laws pretending they are people of great principle. In Victoria you have a “Brumby” government don’t you? Well we have a “brumby ” government in Queensland also. In fact I believe all the seven Labor governments in Australia are composed of a bunch of brumbies. I don’t think any of them have ever had a real job. In fact they are so incomptent, I believe they couldn’t successfully run a double decker toilet in a baked beans factory.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  10. With respect to the government (sic) appointing a minster for respect and choosing Justin Madden to fill the role I would respectfully like to suggest is a lack of respect for the respectful people of Victoria who have great respect for people who respect others, not just railroad over the communities wishes as Madden regularly does in his Planning protfolio. This show a complete lack of respect for others and I would like to respectfully suggest to Brumby and Madden that they sign up for a course in respect to allow them to offer a modicum of respect to those who have every right to be respected. Namely, the respectful people of Victoria, who have earned their respect by being respecful.
    Roger Marks

  11. In something straight out of a George Orwell novel, the Victorian government has recently appointed an MP to become ‘Minister for Respect’.

    O My Lord!

    Louise Le Mottee

  12. I wonder what the “Minister for Respect” has done about the disrespectful way Lord Monckton has been treated by the MSM? What a lost opportunity to show his worth!
    Sue Pollock

  13. How can we have a minister for respect within the Victorian Government to deal with alchohol related and other violence when the government itself condones gross unmitigated mutilation violence against the unborn and even those within a finger of being born in the so called partial birth murders. How is it possible that half a minute can make the difference between the crime of murder and one of womens choice? How can anyone have any respect for the politicians or the courts who condone this atrocity, surely they must lead by example and respect those most vulnerable of humans the unborn child.

    As an addendum and with a minimum of respect I would remind the new minister for “Respect” that if he requires the removal of disrespect he must first respect the lives of children expecting to be birthed and in retrospect remove all laws disrespecting the unborn. Then and only then might I have any respect for the minister of “Respect”.

    Dennis Newland

  14. It sounds like Mr Brumby has finally come up with a job for Mr Madden. “Say yes Justin! Vote for the most hideous abortion bill in history and I will give you the world!” Sounds convincing, however John Brumby you have failed to explain to Justin, his wife & children that they risk the beauty of eternal life for the sake of the promise of Justin’s so called pre-selection!
    Jane Byrne

  15. I remember watching the new “Minister for Respect” in Parliament last October. Not only did he vote yes for the most evil & darkest bill in history, he said nothing, no debate, no reasons why…just sat on the side of the “Yeh!” death culture…just so happy to save his job! My observation… noone wanted him there, he was dumb enough to fall for the bait…isn’t that what rats do?
    Jane Byrne

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