In Praise of Baby-Killing and Bestiality

We live in very dark times. Indeed, it can be rightly argued that we are descending into a new dark ages. The moral freefall that the West is in is as alarming as it is certain. Everywhere the moral train wreck that is Western culture is gathering pace and becoming more pronounced.

The examples of this moral decline are legion, and I often report them on this site. Two more prime examples can be offered here which occurred yesterday. The first has to do with the annual Queen’s Birthday honours in which various Australians are chosen to receive the Order of Australia.

All sorts of people get these honours, but they tend to be the usual suspects. It is not often that a vocal Christian gets such an award. Hardly ever do pro-family activists get such honours. And very seldom do any pro-life campaigners get selected for the day.

But you can expect a steady supply of those who are politically correct and left of centre to pick up these honours each year. Let me mention just one recipient this year: “Dr Joanne Wainer, Shire of Nillumbik, Vic For service to the community as an academic and researcher in the area of women’s reproductive health rights, and through leadership roles promoting women in medicine, particularly in rural and remote areas.”

By this euphemistic description, the unaware reader would not know that what she is being honoured for is baby-killing. Ms Wainer is a long time feminist and pro-abortion activist. Listen to her own words as she celebrates the Victorian abortion law changes in late 2008:

“Thirty six years ago my late husband and I shouldered that risk and set up Australia’s first openly operating abortion service. To get there we had to wade through the dark morass of backyard police corruption, political and religious intimidation and social ostracism.”

Wow, the way she puts it, she was a hero, and those wanting to protect unborn babies were the real villains. Talk about twisting words in order to twist values. But she is very proud of her role in all this. Listen as she praises her own achievements:

“For 40 years women’s health and reproductive experts and advocates did the detailed work to understand and make explicit the role of abortion in women’s lives. Once the data was in we turned to the political process. Members of the major political parties developed policies to support legal abortion and had them adopted by their parties. In the ALP a parallel process was begun by former Victorian premier Joan Kirner and other prominent women to increase the representation of women in parliament by creating EMILY’s List, whose members support the principles of equity, diversity, pro-choice, and the provision of equal pay and childcare.”

She was also happy to attack pro-life Catholics: “Yet the Catholic Church whipped up a storm of protest against the Bill. That threat to withdraw medical services might be the impetus to discourage governments from giving service contracts to Catholic hospitals to deliver women’s health services, or to Catholic universities to train health professionals. If they are only prepared to treat people who share their values — and even members of their own faith do not — then they should excuse themselves from state supported health enterprises.”

Her most incredible words come at the end of her long self-congratulation: “The Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 was a unique opportunity for the state to repair 150 years of neglect and torment of women, and finally put the decision to terminate a pregnancy where it belongs: with women, their families and their doctors. The Brumby Government and the leaders of the Liberal Party and the Greens who supported the Bill will be remembered through history for this act of equality.

“The Act is a profound shift in the relationship between the state and its female citizens. It changes both nothing and everything. Nothing, because the number, rate and incidence of abortion will not change. And everything, because for the first time women will be recognised as the authors of our own lives. With that comes our full citizenship.”

There you have it folks: it was only in October 2008 that Victorian women became full citizens! Yep, you heard her right. Before this they were second class citizens. But now they are somehow “authors of their own lives” who finally can enjoy “full citizenship,” all because they can now kill their own unborn babies with complete impunity.

If this is not a descent into barbarism, I don’t know what is. Well, actually I do, and it concerns the second disturbing event that took place yesterday. I refer to the ABC television program, Q&A. This is a typical ABC debate program wherein the ABC thinks it is fair to have one conservative take on a whole bunch of lefties.

This happens all the time with the ABC and other leftwing mainstream media outlets. I know this full well, since I have taken part in countless such “debates” over the years as the only token conservative voice. The moderator of course is usually not moderate, so you have everyone else effectively lined up against you.

The same with last night’s Q&A. One lonely conservative voice, Liberal Senator Helen Coonan, was pitted against lefty heavyweights such as David Marr, Peter Singer, and Peter Garrett, along with a Monash psychiatrist. So here we have in usual fashion, a panel of five against one. Nothing new there.

But the real concern was when Singer was asked about some of his really bizarre ideas. I have written up this vegetarian, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia and pro-infanticide activist elsewhere, eg:

But he has also been known for his outrageous views on bestiality. I have already had many people express their shock at what Singer advocated last night, but I have had to tell them that he has been pushing this position for years. Indeed, he was happy to go public with this a decade ago. For example, he had an article in Nerve online magazine in 2001 entitled “Heavy Petting”.

In it he wondered why in the world we have taboos against bestiality. You can read this incredible article for yourself (see link below). In it he waxes eloquent about the virtues of bestiality, going into great details about the joys of sex with horses, dogs, orang-utans and donkeys.

He said there, as he did again last night, that as long as the animal is not hurt or exploited, what is wrong with it? Is that it? As long as the animal is happy, let’s go for it? And this guy is a world-renowned ethicist and philosopher. As a strident vegetarian, all that he is really doing here is telling us that it is OK to have sex with animals, as long as we don’t eat them afterwards.

So what he shared last night was nothing new. The amazing thing was that he was not booed off the show. This is incredible. A reputable prime-time debate program which allows some “intellectual” to tell us there is nothing wrong with bestiality. And most of the other panellists did not seem concerned at all.

True, Coonan and the psychiatrist expressed mild disapproval, but all that the host, Tony Jones, could do was laugh and make fun about it. Do we need any more proof of how degenerate the ABC and our elites have become, and how far down the tubes Western society has gone?

Next the ABC will have some egghead on telling us there is nothing wrong with necrophilia or paedophilia, and Tony Jones will snicker about it, and the other intellectualoids will try to make serious “commentary” about it. If you ask me, we should put Q&A out of its misery, and take these so-called intellects and give them all a good smack down.

All this was foretold two and a half millennia ago when Yahweh warned through Isaiah: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isa 5:20).—-.htm

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28 Replies to “In Praise of Baby-Killing and Bestiality”

  1. In Jo Wainer’s distorted thinking, “medical services” equals dismembering the most vulnerable humans on the planet.

    I wouldn’t trust her to tell me the correct answer to “what time is it?” in a room full of accurate clocks. Honestly, what goes on in the minds of these people?!? I can’t imagine what kind of conscience searing goes on; they are amongst the most evil on the planet.

    btw, this was a blatant lie – “…the number, rate and incidence of abortion will not change.” FYI, Jo, late-term abortions have increased 600 per cent since your great “act of equality”.

    This is why any politician who supports abortion MUST NEVER be voted for – they simply don’t even have the basics right, so what chance they are going to get more complicated things correct?

    As for the ABC – well, any Christian MUST reconsider if watching this worthless network is a good use of their time. I ‘grew up’ on the ABC, but I haven’t watched them in over 5 years and I, frankly, LOVE it. I’m sickened by the fact that taxpayer dollars are going into this dinosaur – the needs that produced the ABC decades ago no longer exist. Read the ABC Charter. Technology has moved on and the TV services could be switched off today without measurable harm to Australia. It NEEDS to be defunded.

    Mark Rabich

  2. Greetings Bill.
    I have gotten to the place where I refuse to watch Q&A.
    A number of times I have written to the ABC with an official complaint about the bias and lack of objectivity. Each time they reply that they have checked the program in question and it meets their guidelines. Any decent politicians would have shut the ABC down years ago.
    I never really knew this about Singer, this is just so sickening, what evil. But it is no surprise. What does surprise is how this man is applauded by people who should know better.
    We are indeed on the path to bestiality.
    So Bertrand (not sure about name) Wainer’s evil legacy was continued on by his widow. Surely Gods judgment must come down on Australia soon.
    Rob Withall

  3. Bill, you refer to Singer as saying that as long as the animal is not hurt or exploited, what is wrong with it? But some people get heightened pleasure from being hurt and exploited. It is called masochism, and presumably some animals enjoy pain!!!

    Peter Tatchell would agree. He says, “Acknowledging these social changes is, however, no reason to lapse into anarchic moral relativism. Instead, we need a new moral framework for teaching sex education that can encompass diversity while also giving young people guidance on how they are most likely to find erotic and emotional happiness. This new moral framework involves three very simple principles: mutual respect, consent and fulfilment. In others words, when it comes to lust and love, treat others the way you would like them to treat you. Don’t have an egotistical, selfish, me-first attitude. Be thoughtful and caring towards the other person. Never coerce or pressure a partner into doing something they don’t want to do. Make sure both of you get physical and psychological enjoyment. That’s it! Simple, inclusive and moral – without being moralistic.”

    At the end of the day the only moral criteria set by Singer and Tatchell is that participants of sexual behaviour are consenting – even with cannibalism. “That’s it! Simple, inclusive and moral – without being moralistic.”

    David Skinner, UK

  4. I worked for a period of two years in a facility that housed thirty residents who were suffering the effects of psychiatric illness. These people were living lives totally devoid of any real meaning, medicated to the hilt and half asleep most of the time.
    With some spare time, I would gain opportunity to speak with many of these people and the life testimonies some of these people shared would horrify anyone. It became apparent to me that the residents could be broken up into two basic groups. Those who had sinned and were bound up in the curse of that sin, and those who had been sinned against and could not find the will to forgive the one who had sinned against them. The relevance to this post comes with the testimony of at least three of those residents having confessed to having sexual intercourse with some type of animal. What had begun with a curse of the soul, was terribly evident on the outside. They looked as filthy as they felt. This gave me a new understanding of why God gave us the choice of “life and death, blessing and curse.”

    There really is a consequence to our actions when we choose to depart from God’s ways. He shows us those consequences in the book of Deuteronomy with a very concise and detailed list of the evidences of both blessing and curse.

    Deuteronomy 28:28, 29 The LORD will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind. At midday you will grope about like a blind man in the dark. You will be unsuccessful in everything you do.

    Deuteronomy 28: 64-67 Then the LORD will scatter you among all nations, from one end of the earth to the other. There you will worship other gods—gods of wood and stone, which neither you nor your fathers have known. Among those nations you will find no repose, no resting place for the sole of your foot. There the LORD will give you an anxious mind, eyes weary with longing, and a despairing heart. You will live in constant suspense, filled with dread both night and day, never sure of your life. In the morning you will say, “If only it were evening!” and in the evening, “If only it were morning!”-because of the terror that will fill your hearts and the sights that your eyes will see.

    I saw this consequence in many of those residents, with my own eyes.

    Having said this, I am also aware of the value of the curse in light of God’s demonstration of mercy. Curse is the signpost to tell a man that he is going in the wrong direction. If there were no consequence for a mans actions, he would never know that he has departed from God’s ways and was traveling down the road toward destruction. This occurs even when a man is oblivious to God’s Ways. Actions have a consequence as a matter of God’s Universal, immutable laws. They apply to ALL and they are written on the hearts and minds of all men. It is only the sinful, depraved nature of a man that veils this truth and seers the conscience. Of course only Christ can remove this veil.

    In both the Old and New Testaments, God decrees consequence for doing what ‘ought not be done in the sight of the Lord’, but it is a hope and a blessing for all concerned that God is faithful to his Word, in that his justice is also matched with his Love. If God’s righteous judgements were not seen throughout all the earth, a man would never come to a place of repentance.

    The message is loud and clear. Calling “good” and “acceptable” that which is “evil.” The effects of a sin permeated world due to men who DO what God has commanded us NOT to do.

    While we thank him for his perfect Love, we must not forget to thank him also for his perfect Justice.

    Bennett Donelly

  5. Ever wondered how venereal diseases get started? I gather one, I forget which, is endemic to camels. And several, like the HIV variant HIB, are endemic to apes. I bet they weren’t first acquired by eating uncooked meat. Its not about not harming the animal. Gods laws are never arbitrary or foolish; there’s always a sound biological reason.
    Wesley Bruce

  6. What these “honours” show is that the Establishment (whatever form it takes, in whatever Western country) gives pride of place to the mad and bad in our world, and those who try to resist this, and its results, are just mocked. To receive an official honour, in our societies, shows you are seriously unsound in some way. Yes, Bill, “Woe to those who call evil good …”; what they are determined to sow, they will reap …
    John Thomas, UK

  7. Pro-life Victoria is encouraging us all to write to The Queen, The Governor General, The Prime Minister and The Victorian Premier to call for this “honour” given to a child murderer to be rescinded.

    Mansel Rogerson

  8. In relation to Wesley Bruce’s comments, I think you should remember that HIV which is a mutation of the Simian immune virus, started in the forests of West Africa. The people in this area practised strict taboos – adultery was punishable by death. A fellow nurse, who specialised in HIV/AIDS nursing made the point that people who ate a siv-infected monkey usually died within 6 months. At some point it got into the human bloodstream. Was it as a result of smallpox vaccinations going wrong? Read Ed Hooper’s excellent book about this subject called THE RIVER. Was it caused by a chap chasing a SIV infected monkey that bit him or he had a cut on his foot and he trod in its excrement? Whatever, it came over into humanity. Whilst the yanks were seeing gays dying of it, the French were finding Haitians – male,female and children infected. I was in a lecture at Melbourne’s major AIDS treating hospital in 1997, where it was said that gay couples went to Haiti for holidays – double income no kids – at the same time that Cubans returning from Africa also went there. I leave the rest to your imagination as to how transmission occurred. Were I to do doctoral studies, this is one area that I would follow up to sort out the fiction and fables from the truth.
    Wayne Pelling

  9. Bill, whilst sitting in Flinders University last year listening to a lecture advocating Peter Singer as some sort of hero on his humanitarian views. Nevertheless, failing to tell students his real agendas and views was and is nothing more than bias propaganda held by these institutions. No wonder when I pointed out Peter Singers real agendas in my essay my grade/comments by my tutor was somewhat vague and reserved.
    Robyn Grace

  10. What Peter Singer is advocating is the same thing paedophiles say about children who are just as defenseless and what is even more astonishing is that Peter Singer has the gall to promote his views that are actually a Federal offence punishable by law on a TV station not only owned by the Government but in front of Australian politicians who were sitting next to him.
    Paul Hotchkin

  11. Woe, woe, woe! Of course this was the next thing to hit our TVs. Where else is there to go from human sexual immorality? The strange thing is that this was also promoted on the show Glee. Yes, lets lure kids into watch it because of the singing, even though it has a sick storyline – lying, cheating and adultery, plus the one teacher who is hell bent on destroying another. Then to top it off, have a lonely girl saying how she “made out” with her cat. Disgusting! I am disgusted that there were politicians sitting near Singer and just saying nothing. So typical and so ironic that it is actually against the law in Australia. What a load of rubbish that about “its okay, as long as your not hurting the animal”. I don’t know about you Bill, but is he Dr Dolittle that he can talk to the animals? Last time I spoke to my dog, he didn’t answer me back. We are in the times of Genesis 6, just before God flooded the earth, where man just does whatever he wants, as long as he is okay. Well, we better be prepared, because this country is no longer going to be free.
    Francesca Collard

  12. Hi Bill. Peter Singer holds very shocking views, no doubt about that. Since his delivery style is so benign one could be tricked into thinking he is more relaxed then his words make him out to be – don’t be deceived! With books titled ‘Should the baby live?’, its no surprise his moral compass is so warped so as to glaze over bestiality. Bill if you get the time, you should write up an article of his driving philosophy – utilitarianism. He’s very consistent with his foundational ideas (although dead wrong, of course!)
    Keith Jarrett

  13. Bill having read your article and comments from others I want to say that I truly am amazed at the grace of the God of the universe. He truly is in love with His creation and holds back our end by the power of that love. No-one, absolutely no-one, will stand when that love is truly revealed. Father God, Yahweh – forgive us.
    Deborah Lorkin

  14. It is very clear from all of the foregoing information that on some fronts the enemy is winning. We mustn’t despair because the final result is known, but the challenge can certainly seem overwhelming. Jesus Himself said “My heart is filled with sorrow to the point of death” as He felt the total burden of humanity’s sin in His agony in Gethsemane. In our era we begin to glimpse more fully the utter immensity of that burden. I find very apt to our present circumstances the final part of that verse {Mark ch.14 v.34}, “Remain here and stay awake”. Part of your work for the Lord, dear Bill, is to help us all to stay awake and I thank God for your faithfulness. You must be sickened at heart by having to allow such filth any space in your brain, let alone having to alert the rest of us to what is happening in the world. I pray that you and your family will be covered and protected by the Precious Blood of Jesus against which no evil can ever prevail. I am unsure whether to even pray for such a depraved and wretched creature as Peter Singer, whose views are not unknown to me. His benign, gentle and reasonable manner as he spews his noxious opinions can make him appear as an angel of light. The most important thing each one of us can do in the face of all this, is to prayerfully discern God’s call for our own lives and then to answer that call wholeheartedly. We each have our part to play in the Divine economy of salvation no matter how insignificant it may seem. For the rest, let’s keep our eyes, minds and hearts focused on Jesus and not worry or doubt His ability to bring all things to Himself in the end. An apt text for us in these times might be 1 Peter ch.5 v.6-11.

    Anna Cook

  15. Thanks Lorna

    And well you should. Indeed, we all should be greatly bothered by this sort of stuff. The sad thing is, many are not disturbed by this at all. So many people have become so desensitised to it all.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  16. I heard Peter Singer speak at a forum on the ethics of climate change last Friday night. I agree with Keith that he comes across as benign. Hopefully he won’t be invited to appear on Q&A again any time soon. Admittedly I haven’t read much of his work, but his views on euthanasia make me very uncomfortable.
    Ross McPhee

  17. Bill, I saw Q&A and quite honestly I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!! It took a minute to sink in (unfortunately). How could Tony Jones let Singer go into detail, let alone allow the subject to come up?!! I agree with Lorna and what about the young people who were watching!
    Theresa Lokan

  18. The only thing I watch on the ABC is the 7pm news each night.
    Let us not forget that while Peter Singer preaches much that is totally abhorrent to the people of God, the same Peter Singer took great care of his mother who needed full time care and was allowed to die with dignity, naturally. No euthanasia for her.
    Madge Fahy

  19. Thanks Madge

    Yes quite right. Indeed, this is more than interesting – it is gross inconsistency and hypocrisy on his part. According to Singer’s own worldview, his mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s at the time, was a non-person and had no right to live. So she should have been bumped off and room made for ‘real’ persons. But Singer did all he could to keep her alive. Fortunately for his mother, Singer was a better son than a philosopher in this instance.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  20. Hi Bill
    I have often wanted to comment, but somehow feel intimidated by the numerous intellectuals that write wise replies to your material. I have greatly enjoyed reading your articles over the years. This one really gets my blood boiling like it did yours. I had already gone to watch soccer before Peter Singers made these outrageous statements. But as we know we could hardly expect anything wholesome to come out of this person’s mouth. As for the ABC, the people’s TV and Radio, we are fast reaching a stage where we can’t enjoy looking or listening to these programs any more. The other morning our local ABC morning program went to great length to promote swingers clubs and encourage people to try out nudist clubs to strengthen marriage bonds. All in the name of political correctness, what is next? No I am certainly not enjoying our age of consent, I would rather hide under a rock at times.
    Keep up the good work.
    Bill Heggers, WA

  21. I think many young impressionable uni students and those who like to refer to themselves as ‘free spirits’ state their support for Peter Singer having little or no idea of the values he promotes. Thanks Bill for the references, it’s great to be given knowledge of these things without having to actually watch the crap on TV.
    Catherine Dodd

  22. Thanks Bill
    You provide us with tremendous insight as we journey along each day through these dark and evil times. God himself is continually nudging us to break the evil, fight to the bitter end against the forces of darkness. It is so much easier to fight these battles when you know who and what you are up against. I find CultureWatch a most invaluable tool in helping to recognise Satan’s methods, to recognise his deceiving work. I have heard many women like Jo Wainer are caught up in goddess worship and occult energies of the “universe” eg “the she goddess of the universe”. In Psalms 96.5 we are told that “all the gods of the peoples are idols,” and that idolatry is “sacrifice to demons” (1Corinthians10:20). Any wonder she is one of the main players in advocating human sacrifice, constantly and vigorously promoting the “culture of death”? As for Peter Singer and what he advocates, utter madness, absolute evil! Praise God that we have the best spiritual weapons to fight against this evil: prayer and dedicated service. God WILL ultimately be victorious!!
    Jane Byrne

  23. The apathy with which these programmes are viewed is just as distressing as the programmes themselves. When I spoke to our minister about the subject of bestiality and the way it was handled on the Q & A session, and the critique on the Culture Watch site, the reply was “Well, don’t read the comments on Culture Watch if the subject is sickening – why go there?”
    My reply was that if the Christian voice of society isn’t heard, then anything and everything becomes acceptable. That is why I “go there”.
    Even when the subject makes me feel sick, I appreciate the action and the opposition to evil which you put forward on behalf of like-thinking people who feel they can do so little in this ongoing battle.
    Lorna Rogers

  24. Thanks Lorna

    That was a rather poor and unhelpful response from your minister, wasn’t it? Sadly a lot of Christian leaders do not seem at all concerned about these sorts of issues.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  25. Dear Bill, Thank you for your often heroic defence of Christian values and for being an alternative media that we can trust. I have only watched Q and A a few times and have never been impressed with it. It has always seemed to me, as you say, loaded with lefties. However, after Peter Singer was allowed to get away with his filthy comments on bestiality on Q and A it is high time I wrote to the government asking that the ABC’s funding be withdrawn.
    Patricia Halligan

  26. Ms Wainer states: “The Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 was a unique opportunity for the state to repair 150 years of neglect and torment of women, and finally put the decision to terminate a pregnancy where it belongs: with women, their families and their doctors. …”

    Anyone with any common sense knows that the baby inside a pregnant woman is of course related to the mother and is most definitely a part of her family! Though unable to speak yet, it goes without saying that that member of her family would be 100% opposed to being put to death.

    Annette Nestor

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