More Commodification of Children

We live in an age which seems to hate children. We know what is best for children, yet we seem intent on deliberately denying children that very thing. The most important need any child has – and therefore a child’s most fundamental right – is to be raised by his or her own biological parents, preferably cemented by marriage.

No more important foundation can be laid for the well-being of children. The social science research on this backs up what we already know by common sense. Every child deserves his or her own parents, and to deliberately deprive children of this right is a form of child neglect, if not abuse.

Yet this is occurring all the time. Children are now seen as mere commodities to please selfish adults. The ‘right’ of adults to be happy, regardless of the wellbeing of children, has now become all too common. Indeed, it is now becoming demanded by the PC elites.

And woe to those who dare speak up for the rights of the child. They are immediately targeted and treated like lepers, simply for putting the wellbeing of children ahead of selfish adult lifestyles. When the selfish cravings of adults trump the rights of children, then we know that society is going downhill fast.

Consider yet another example of our contempt of, and disdain for, children. Aging rocker Elton John and his “husband” now have a baby boy, conceived by an anonymous surrogate mother from California and a separate egg donor. Thus this poor child seems to have at least two dads and two mums.

But by the sound of it, he will never actually know and have a personal relationship with his own mother. Yet all this does not seem to faze our ruling elites and intelligentsia. TV news reports were all schmaltzy about this news, and opinion pieces have routinely decried any contrary viewpoints.

For example, a Guardian writer (whose piece was reprinted in the Age – of course) was quite happy to speak of homophobia, and refer to those who dare to disagree as rodents. This writer interestingly did not say one word about the baby’s lack of a mother.

He seems to think Elton will be just a fine dad. But one thing Elton or his partner will never be is a fine mother. They won’t be any kind of a mother. And having female figures drifting in and out of the home does not cut it either. A child does not need male and female figures popping in and out of his life.

A child needs a mother and a father – end of story. A child needs a mother and father who will always be there and care for the child. A child needs to see how a father and mother (husband and wife) interact and relate. Nature decided this was the optimum situation for the rearing of children, yet we seem to think we can improve on things.

The writer did talk about Elton’s age – he is 62. But he saw no problem with that as well. But just when the boy will be most active and in need of a dad who can run around and play with him, Elton will be close to 70. When the boy will be a teenager, and in special need of his father’s close companionship, Elton will likely be hobbling around or in a wheelchair – if he is even still alive.

But leave the issue of age aside if you wish. As I say, the biggest scandal here is the idea that for children today, mothers and fathers are simply optional extras. Take ‘em or leave ‘em. No big deal. Who needs a mum and dad anyway?

This whole notion that biological parents are just an optional extra is now the prevailing PC mindset of our time. We have bought into the biggest PC lie of all, that parents don’t matter, that family structure does not matter, and that kids really need not be our number one priority.

Instead we have simply soaked up the decadent mindset of modern culture, which says that the only thing that matters is our own personal happiness and fulfilment. That is all that counts. As long as adults have what they want, whenever they want it, and however they want it, that is the only concern.

But what about the children? What about their wellbeing? What about their most basic and most fundamental right of all? Why have we stolen parents away from children? Why are we creating – deliberately and intentionally – a whole new stolen generation where children are deprived of what they need most?

It is often said that we can judge a society by the way it treats its own children. If that is the case, then we can see that Western society – or large portions of it – simply hates children, and views them as no more than a commodity, existing simply for the pleasures of adults and their wants.

Such societies will not long last. But the massive suffering these children will have to endure in the name of adults “rights” will cry to the heavens. For that reason, there will be some – hopefully many – who will fight this injustice passionately and doggedly. We can do no less for our vulnerable and innocent children.

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  1. Hand in hand with this is the deliberate marketing of evil to children. An excellent book on this is David Kupelian’s “The Marketing of Evil”. The sexualisation of children at an early age is a market ploy, and it also suits paedophiles down to the ground for this to be so. The treatment of children in this age, is, as you’ve said an indicator of how far down we’ve come.
    Morris Motte

  2. Abuse of children is hardly new. It takes different forms. In a recent documentary there was mention of boys no more than 8 years of age working in Sicilian sulphur mines a century ago. Their labour was used to pay off family debts, especially those of widowed mothers. There was another documentary about Pakistani boys sold off to rich Middle Eastern Arabs for the purpose of being jockeys in camel races. Of course they were abused. The trade has now been outlawed in response to protests. And recently we’ve had the spectacle of little boy soldiers in West Africa armed to the teeth with machine guns and grenades.

    With regard to adoption of children by homosexuals, if ever it becomes the practice in the USA then that will be a reflection on the majority of citizens who happen to be Christian. Muddled secular elites should not be allowed to impose their dubious moral ideas on a religious majority. The USA is a strange place. Its largest Secular Humanist organisation has only a few thousand members who typically complain about Christians trying to impose their morality on others yet here they are aiding the imposition of radical secular agendas on many millions of Christians.

    John Snowden

  3. Did I read that wrong of did Ms Williams suggest Elton John is God and his Christmas child the Messiah? He of course will be a great father because he is Santa Claus always showering people with gifts, unlimited funds for his son.

    I may be a bit old fashioned but I think reproducing should be left up to those who can do it naturally. Couples of opposite sex and reproductive age. God put limits on our capacity to reproduce for a reason.

    Kylie Anderson

  4. Not unexpectedly there will be a rather large production line of millstones for the abusers of children. Repentance is always an option but consequences will flow.

    Have we ever considered why Christians appear so ineffective and are not leading in terms national and moral values of Righteousness? Clearly there are many reasons, but here is one for consideration.

    Why is it that Paul of the epistles [1 Cor.14: 18] “spoke in tongues more than you all”? One explanation is that he was continuously into spiritual warfare and needed his spirit fully charged by being close to and guided by Holy Spirit. His legacy remains some two thousand years later because of his willingness to be compelled to fight from a position of Righteous obedience.

    The church militant and victorious does not exist without Holy Spirit leading and that, we are told, requires humility. How else will the children receive protection? The current model appears to be failing traumatically.

    Ray Robinson

  5. At the Herald Sun report there are 12 comments, of which only 4 are in favour, but beside the main story are another five “Elton John” stories.


    John Angelico

  6. I hate to say it Bill, but according to gays you are wrong about Elton or his partner being unable to supply female influence. They can do “ female” just a good as any woman. Anything that a woman can do they can do better.

    In the Channel 4, Cutting Edge Series entitled ”My weird and wonderful family,” we follow the lives of gay couple, Barrie Drewitt and Tony Barlow as they prepare to have their fourth child through IVF and surrogacy. The question arises about Saffron having no female role models; she is the only girl amongst three brothers and two dads. Barrie answers this objection by saying, She is not a typical girl. I actually thought to myself, oh, I’m going to have a girl. We can go shopping; we can go to the hairdressers and we can have our nails done and Saffron is like, No. Well, she just does not want to do it. It’s not fair. So I have to call up my gay friends and come and do it with them. I remember years ago, people would say ‘Oh, it’s terrible, she’s going to have no female influence. How is Saffron ever going to do her own hair; do her own make-up; do her own nails? How can she talk about all that stuff with gay men?’ Hello! Have you not seen some of the gay men that go out down Brighton and Manchester?
    (Slide bar to 10:54 seconds)

    Maybe we have to define more clearly the role of the female gender stripped of female sexuality. We can have sexy women devoid of any maternal and wifely instinct whilst we can have unglamorous motherly and wifely women.

    David Skinner, UK

  7. One word comes to mind in this whole affair – “Selfishness”.
    Jane Petridge

  8. I think the obfuscation of the baby’s mother (doner egg gestated by different surrogate mother) was a grotesque violation of the baby’s Human Right to its biological mother. Nobody wants two fathers or two mothers. What they want is their birthright, their biological mother and biological father, who made them. Wealth is less important. The mother had no right to give her son away for cash or any other reason merely to facilitate the dream of two homosexuals to be parents whilst on a mission to prove that the true mother is redundant. The net result is human trafficking. Are we suffering from brain fade to the point of imbecility that we cannot see the enormity of this violation? Helpless babies are being being betrayed by their selfish, blinkered parents on a monumental scale and this does not augur well for future generations.
    Rachel Smith

  9. Anyone want to bet on the Uniting Church speaking against this. Society has followed the church, society has lost the plot too.
    Stan Fishley

  10. Rachel Smith we are indeed suffering from brain fade to the point of imbecility. You have pointed out for us the blindingly obvious. Thank you. Yes, this is nothing less than human trafficking. What are UNICEF doing about it, or even the Archbishop of Canterbury?

    Peter Tatchell, the great self-styled human rights champion would say that it is a woman’s right not only to abortion but to sell her own baby to the highest bidder.

    David Skinner, UK

  11. No Stan, but I would bet on the Uniteds commenting favourably on the “loving, caring relationships”.

    But I suggest that the apostate church has followed society rather than led it (as per Francis A Schaeffer’s writings).

    John Angelico

  12. An excellent article Bill. Did you hear the media report yesterday of a paedophile parent ring which was posting pornographic photos of their children on the internet? Scandalous as it is is it really any worse than the hidden abortion holocaust taking place every day in our midst? When our society once again respects and values the lives of its babies in the womb then we will truly know that it loves its children. Until then displays of horror over other forms of child abuse are hypocritical and meaningless.
    Patricia Halligan

  13. This story is an excellent example of the fact that when ever concessions are made to crackpot politically correct types, it is not the end of the matter it is always the beginning of things worse. I thought things couldn’t get any worse in relation to babies but they have – and where will it all end?
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  14. Patricia Halligan, your comment is excellent. I have often wished to express exactly that in debates over abortion, however, have never been able to say it so perfectly. i will quote you from now on if you don’t mind.
    Catherine Dodd

  15. Many thanks Bill, John and Victor for signing the petition above. I am praying for a million signatures.

    David Skinner, UK

  16. Sorrow upon sorrow and no end in sight. May god protect the innocence of so many helpless little ones.
    Anna Cook

  17. Bill we live in a society of twisted minds. When things do go terribly wrong from time to time as they do, these very same people cry out in anguish as to why things have have gone wrong in their lives. These are the unteachables in our society. Their ignorance of any values is incredible.
    Pat Brams

  18. How will these guys be visiting one of those Arab countries on a holiday as a family? or are they unlikely to venture anywhere near.
    Pat Brams

  19. David
    I did my best to sign the petition, but came up against so many obstacles e.g. “You didn’t sign the code properly'” and “You didn’t mention your region” etc, I had to give up in frustration, on a subject I feel strongly about.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  20. Frank, I can only say persevere. I was talking to a friend about 30 minutes ago who experienced the same frustrations. But then he tried again and it worked. I hate to think how many signatures have been lost but it is important to try again. God Bless you

    David Skinner, UK

  21. Yes, selfishness is the word. The sexual “revolution” of several decades ago was (as I have said before) the triumph of Self, and gave (appeared to give) people permission to put themselves, and their self-gratification, before any consideration of others.
    John Thomas, UK

  22. To Dave Skinner – I am signatory 526! I am also praying for a million signatures as well!
    Steve Davis

  23. Frank – David is right, as it took a while for me (internet things can be like this, including questionnaires), but all done in the end – and so worth it.
    John Thomas, UK

  24. It’s worth mentioning the consequences to society of these experimental family structures. Ninety percent of prisoners don’t have any happy memory of a father, according to a survey, and these are all people who have harmed others in some way, so we shouldn’t pretend that these matters just pertain to the dysfunctional individuals themselves. Every social and psychological dysfunction finds its root in fatherlessness and other family abnormalities more than in any other causative factor. Either we restore the norms for sexual behavior or we as a society are doomed to continued disintegration.
    John Hughes

  25. David & John
    Thanks for your responses.
    I just tried again – I was told what “errors” I made and then was informed I “had already voted”. The mind boggles. I hope those good people are able to keep those agitators out of their rooms. When Christians try to do their best in life, they are always deliberately put to the test by these mischief makers.
    Kind regards
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  26. The idea of someone like Elton John having parental rights over any child is scary in itself. But your overall comments are well taken. In any healthy society, children stand on the pinnacle, as they’re ultimately what any society, nation or civilization worthy of the name is all about. And the building blocks of all these are the family. When the family becomes an anathema (as it tends to be in any secular/socialist bent society) the status of children necessarily declines as well. This, in turn, indeed demotes them from being our treasures into a sense that they are mere tools- at best- in adults’ own personal agendas. And those agendas can be chilling in places where virtue has been erased. Perhaps in no other venue is this more expressed than in the entertainment industry. You need look no further than such films as “Kick Ass”, “The Fish Tank” and “Hounddog” to see this in play.
    Steven Mark Pilling

  27. Anyone who suggests that there should be nothing unusual about two men “marrying” and adopting a baby, should be asked “Now which one of you blokes wishes to breast feed the Baby?” It would make just as much sense.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  28. It’s a bit late for that now.

    You speak a lot about a child needing to be with his or her biological parents Bill and I fear that if the homosexual community keeps pushing it’s rights to children and the scientists keep pushing to see what they can do there will come a time when male/male and female/female reproduction becomes possible in a test tube.

    Kylie Anderson

  29. This is an excellent article, Bill. We are in the age of throwaway children.

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