More Episodes From the ‘Religion of Peace’

It’s been a busy period for the religion of peace. On a daily basis we hear of Islamist terror attacks around the world. These have included the quite recent attack on a Coptic Christian church in Egypt and the assassination of a Pakistani governor.

In Alexandria 21 Egyptian believers were killed and 100 were wounded in a New Year’s Eve bomb attack on a worship service. This was in part brought about by Islamic religious leaders making inflammatory remarks about the Coptic Christians a few months earlier. Indeed, it is part of ongoing persecution of Christians in Islamic Egypt, something which the government is doing little to stop, and in many ways seems to be encouraging.

As Mark Durie states, “I deplore the lack of freedom of religion in Egypt, the authorities’ apparent unwillingness to protect the indigenous Christian minority and its places of worship, and the lamentable track record of the Egyptian justice system in securing criminal convictions against those who have targeted Christians for attack. I call upon Egypt’s leaders to respond to these abuses honestly and with integrity, without making excuses or indulging in denial.”

As to the murder of the governor of Punjab in Pakistan, those responsible for it said it had to be done to stop blasphemy. The governor had denounced the state’s blasphemy law, and this Muslim terrorist found this to be quite unacceptable.

But he is not alone in this. Now some 500 Muslim scholars have issued a statement endorsing the killing of governor Taseer. The statement said in part, “We pay rich tributes and salute the bravery, valor and faith of [the killer] Mumtaz Qadri. There should be no expression of grief or sympathy on the death of the governor, as those who support blasphemy of the Prophet are themselves indulging in blasphemy.”

These are but two recent episodes in an ongoing war of attrition against the West by militant Islamists. And all this in the name of peace. One organisation has been keeping close tabs on all this, and has especially kept close accounts of Islamist terrorism since the Twin Towers attack nearly ten years ago now.

The numbers are horrific. Since September 11, 2001, there have been 16,614 Islamic terrorist attacks carried out. With just nine months to go before the tenth anniversary of 9/11, one can only imagine what the numbers will look like by then.

Let’s just look at the sickening numbers for last year. In 2010, there were 1,987 such attacks in 46 different countries. These attacks resulted in the death of 9,175 people, with 17,436 people critically injured. Or let’s simply focus on the last week of 2010. In that week there were 25 jihad attacks resulting in 128 deaths and 204 injuries.

There is something wrong here big time with a religion which talks so much about peace yet engages in so much constant bloodshed, terror and hatred. But mere numbers alone may not mean much, so let me conclude with a more personal episode, a bit closer to home.

Toward to the end of last month, a person asking for bacon on a burger in a Sydney KFC was abused horrifically by an Islamic worker. The sorry image has been caught on video (see the link below). It is a sad indictment on where we are heading as a nation when an Australian has to fear about making such a simple request.

It seems the KFC store was halal friendly. But it certainly was not very customer friendly, judging by the ugly reaction of the worker to this request. Some are now suggesting that this was a setup. I don’t know, but even if it was, this is certainly a bad case of customer relations. And it does not say much about the peaceful religion of Islam.

I was asked to comment on the story for a TV current affairs show. If anyone was set up, it was me. They wanted my thoughts on the video clip, and I gave it. But then the show twisted the whole story around to say there are hate groups out there targeting Muslims!

Excuse me! They wanted my thoughts on this bizarre behaviour of the KFC worker, and I gave it, but then they sought to turn the whole thing around so that somehow I was the bad guy, as was the person wanting a bit of bacon on her burger!

There was a lot I told the TV reporter that never made it into the story which aired tonight, including these home truths: If a Muslim wants to come to Australia and eat only halal foods, fine. But it is another thing altogether to force all other Australians to comply with halal observance.

And we would like to see some two way-traffic here. Somehow I just don’t think it would be seen as very kosher if I waltzed into a restaurant in Saudi Arabia and demanded a ham sandwich. One simply respects local customs if one wants to get along in the international community.

But I don’t see a lot of that going on here. Muslims are coming into Western nations insisting that their special needs be catered to, and that others quietly submit to all this. It is called creeping sharia and it is taking place all over the Western world.

And many Westerners are rightly getting a bit sick and tired of it all. An Australian in Australia should not have to worry about being chewed out for simply asking for a bit of bacon on a burger. This in itself may be a small matter, but of course it does not end there.

The push for sharia law does not just involve the issue of foods of course, but extends to all areas of life, whether it be sharia finance, sharia family law, or what have you. Today we might have to give up the right to eat bacon burgers. Tomorrow we may be asked to give up the right to something far more important.

If Muslims do not like the way things are done in the West, there is a simple solution to that. But if they think they can Islamify the West without some resistance, then they had better think twice. So whether it is making things hard for Westerners to get some bacon, or whether it is blowing up churches, there is clearly a war going on right now.

Who wins this conflict will in large measure be up to us.

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  1. I saw that report tonight Bill and I was just impressed that they had someone like you on at all. I was also impressed that they let you say what was allowed to air!

    Believe me that report seemed balanced compared to other reports they have given.

    Damien Spillane

  2. Hello Bill
    As somebody who has closely followed the whole question of the impact of growing Muslim influence on the West, by both studying the past and seeking out and questioning people who have personal experience of living and working in the Muslim world, there are some very important common denominators with this historically recent revival of Muslim conflict with the West. One critical and essential point all Westerners must keep in mind is many words do not have the same meaning to a Westerner and to a Muslim. You used the term ‘religion of peace.’ I know what you mean when you use the word ‘peace’ and you know when I use it. However, ‘peace’ to a Muslim can only come about when the entire world has converted to Islam. Until then conflict will continue between the West and Islam. This is nothing new – this has been clearly set out in Islamic texts from the beginning of that faith. As the Islamic utopia will never eventuate this conflict will continue until the end of the world. For the West to successfully resist this new era of Muslim aggression, as it has done in the past, at least the language used by Muslims must be understood.
    Bill Spence

  3. Thanks Bill

    Yes you are quite right. Peace in Islam has quite a different connotation than what we think of. I have written about this elsewhere. For example, in one article I state this: “Indeed, true Muslims believe that there is perpetual conflict between the dar al-Islam (the house of Islam, where Islam rules) and the dar al-harb (the house of war, where Islam does not rule). In classic Islamic thinking, until the whole world comes under dar-al-Islam, peace will not be possible.”

    This is why so many Christians in the interfaith movement are getting things so very wrong. They simply take Muslims at their word, without realising the very different usage of their words!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  4. Of course, it needs to be stated that there are two major enablers of this trend in society. The first is political correctness, and the second is the mainstream media which refuses to fully report on what is going on. At best reports only contain half-truths. There is no mention of the total lack of the same kind of ‘tolerance’ in Islamic countries, and that the clear longterm outcome of this kind of direction is the complete Islamification of everything. ‘Creeping sharia’ is exactly right.

    As a prime example of the extreme stupidity the media peddles on Islam, just go to the link below to see Katie Couric making an absolute fool of herself just a few days ago:

    Keep in mind she is paid $US15 million a year. Wow, if only I could be that incompetent to make that kind of money…

    Mark Rabich

  5. Nice editorial in the Washington Times titled ‘Islam’s Blasphemy Murders’ on the weak-kneed Obama administration vis-à-vis state sanctioned terror

    “America could stand up for Mrs. Bibi and Mr. Mossa and give meaning to Taseer’s sacrifice, but the Obama White House apparently is more fearful of offending the chanting mobs than it is willing to inspire the secularists and others seeking progress in the Islamic world. The extremism that imposes the death penalty for purported affronts to Islam should be as offensive to the United States as the extremism that kills with suicide vests, and equally worthy of condemnation. Instead of pretending this evil doesn’t exist, the Obama administration should openly side with opponents of this form of state terrorism.”

    Damien Spillane

  6. Just repeat ‘the religion of peace, the religion of peace’ as you watch the following:

    No, didn’t work for me, either. Wonder if this will be the lead story on a mainstream media ‘current affairs’ program any time soon? Bit too difficult to spin, methinks.

    Believe it or not, I had arguments last year with ‘Christians’ who thought it was ‘hateful’ to point these things out. Unsurprisingly, it turned out they loved watching the ABC yet were convinced they were informed and could think for themselves on these matters.

    Mark Rabich

  7. Hi Bill,

    I hear this Erick Stakelbeck on Michal Savage’s talkback show, The Savage Nation all the time. I have always found Erick to be informative and confronting. I found just this Youtube video-

    And Erick’s own website for you to look at and possibly bookmark –

    As for bacon issue in KFC’s. It is already happening in the UK, where some stores are not supplying it-–halal.html

    Here is KFC’s UK official website on halal food-

    Carl Strehlow

  8. Stephen Green of Christian voice is criticised in Britain for his confrontational methods of defending the Christian faith. However, he is a fearless “activist” and watchman on the wall, which is maybe one reason why he is shunned by so many Christian organisations. He is no appeaser.

    Here he highlights the surging tide of Sharia sweeping into Britain that most people prefer to ignore.

    David Skinner, UK

  9. Interesting that you elsewhere quote Churchill regarding this article, Bill. I am currently reading his book on the events leading to WW II. Seems like history is repeating itself when it comes to western peace-loving leading to “heads in the sand” and bending over backwards to understand the “other” viewpoint at the expense of facts and truth. Seems like we are facing increased war. The killing of a moderate Islamic voice in Pakistan will help silence such people and push the troubled nation into further fascist extremism. This is Al Qa’eda’s goal: a unified and extremist anti-western Islamic world. It’s Hitler all over again by other means.
    Jon Newton

  10. Every time you buy something that is halal or from a establishment that serves halal food you contribute to the Sharia creep.
    Michael Mifsud

  11. Speaking to my sister about this incident at KFC Punchbowl, she said halal outlets should be banned. I don’t want any such thing. KFC should be free to run a halal only store. We are, as non-Muslim Australians, equally free never to buy KFC again from any outlet anywhere in Australia. I for one will be encouraging everybody I know to boycott KFC.
    Lucy Zubova

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