AI, Transhumanism and Religion

The religious basis of transhumanism:

Many of the folks pushing things like transhumanism, AI, posthumanism and so on have often made clear the religious nature of their endeavours. They see all this as a new religion offering full and final salvation – but of a radically different sort than traditional religion does.

While many atheists and secularists are enthralled by the bright promises of a new technological future, others with a religious bent are also a part of all this, and are quite happy to tell us how old religions are being transcended and replaced in this world of AI and techno-futurism.

A critic of all this, James Herrick, has written extensively about these matters. In one 2017 collection of essays he offered this summary statement: “Transhumanists speak confidently of achieving goals such as technological immortality, creating computer deities, and radically altering the human race through technological enhancements including genetic and nanotechnological interventions.”

And in another 2017 book he puts it this way:

Religious categories such as miracle, resurrection, eternal life, and God are now contested territory, with old-style spiritual religionists pitted against new-style technological ones. It is no longer a question of science vs. religion, but of new scientific religions vs. old traditional ones.


A number of observers have suggested that we are currently witnessing the emergence of a powerful new technological religion. Some embrace the possibility while others detect in it serious dangers. As narratives that mingle an aggressive technological agenda with spiritual aspiration, technofuturist myths address the longing expressed by artificial intelligence specialist Hugo de Garis to “invent something” that would satisfy spiritual longing “and satisfy the criteria from your intellect, from your knowledge, from your science.” For de Garis this dream of wedding spiritual longing to technological realities constitutes “a kind of scientifically-based belief system that energizes, that creates a vision, that excites.” De Garis labels this hope, “the idea of god building.” Neuroscientist Sebastian Seung, a critic of Transhumanism, secures the point in writing, “The Bible said that God made man in his own image. The German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said that man made God in his own image. The transhumanists say that humanity will make itself into God.” Yet, the ethical details of this new technological religion are conspicuously absent from the discussion. De Garis, Seung, and many others raise the question: How should we think about the religious aspirations present in the Transhumanist vision?

Image of Visions of Technological Transcendence: Human Enhancement and the Rhetoric of the Future (Rhetoric of Science and Technology)
Visions of Technological Transcendence: Human Enhancement and the Rhetoric of the Future (Rhetoric of Science and Technology) by Herrick, James a (Author) Amazon logo

Two recent items making headlines around the world illustrate the sort of brave new techno-religious worlds we are heading to. And these matters should concern not just Christians but all of us who care about the road we are now travelling on.

The first comes from something Yuval Noah Harari recently has said. You remember him: the atheist, homosexual historian who is often associated with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and the Great Reset mob. He routinely says stuff that is all rather shocking, and his latest offering was no different. As one report states:

Harari — who has written Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century — spoke last month about the future of AI and said it may soon greatly influence spirituality:


“It’s the first technology ever that can create new ideas. You know, the printing press, radio, television, they broadcast, they spread the ideas created by the human brain, by the human mind. They cannot create a new idea. You know, [Johannes] Gutenberg printed the Bible in the middle of the 15th century; the printing press printed as many copies of the Bible as Gutenberg instructed it, but it did not create a single new page. It had no ideas of its own about the Bible: Is it good? Is it bad? How to interpret this? How to interpret that?”


Harari then dropped a bomb: “AI can create new ideas; [it] can even write a new Bible.” He added that “throughout history, religions dreamt about having a book written by a superhuman intelligence, by a non-human entity” and that “in a few years there might be religions that are actually correct … just think about a religion whose holy book is written by an AI. That could be a reality in a few years.”

They may well try, but a combination of humans and technology producing a ‘Bible’ will not and can not ever be anything like the real Bible which is a combination of human and divine authorship, fully authoritative because it is God-breathed and God is a God of truth.

But another headline that has appeared is even more ominous and bizarre: “AI-powered church service in Germany draws a large crowd”. One write-up on it begins this way:

On Friday, over 300 people attended an experimental ChatGPT-powered church service at St. Paul’s church in the Bavarian town of Fürth, Germany, reports the Associated Press. The 40-minute sermon included text generated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot and delivered by avatars on a television screen above the altar.


The chatbot, initially personified as a bearded man with a fixed expression and monotone voice, addressed the audience by proclaiming, “Dear friends, it is an honor for me to stand here and preach to you as the first artificial intelligence at this year’s convention of Protestants in Germany.”


The unusual service took place as part of a convention called Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag (German Evangelical Church Congress), an event held biennially in Germany that draws tens of thousands of attendees. The service, which included prayers and music, was the brainchild of Jonas Simmerlein, a theologian and philosopher from the University of Vienna. Simmerlein told the Associated Press that the service was “about 98 percent from the machine.”


In this case, the remaining 2 percent went a long way, since ChatGPT doesn’t work by itself. Simmerlein guided every aspect of the service’s creation, working from the event’s motto: “Now is the time.” The sermon, which was led by computer-generated avatars of two men and two women, focused on topics of leaving the past behind, overcoming fear of death, and never losing faith.


“I told the artificial intelligence, ‘We are at the church congress, you are a preacher … what would a church service look like?’” Simmerlein told the AP. In his ChatGPT prompt, he asked for the inclusion of psalms, prayers, and a blessing at the end. “You end up with a pretty solid church service,” Simmerlein said.

Good grief. While all Christian activity is in one sense a product of the human and divine, the very thing that brings life and renewal and transformation is entirely divine. Without the Holy Spirit there is no church, no church service, no pastor, no sermon, no ministry, and no life. All you then have is just humanistic mush.

But we now want to replace even God in our lives, and some churches are happy to go along with this. Sorry, no true Christian ever will. God words without God are nothing. ‘Church services’ without God are nothing. Religious rituals and ceremonies without God are nothing.

For two thousand years we have been battling the push by Satan to render God null and void – or at least to render God irrelevant and peripheral to the work of the Christian church. It has always been resisted by true believers, and it must be now.

And of course the move to ditch God never ends with that vain attempt. The vacuum must always be filled – or attempted to be filled. If we really think that machines and technologies and things like ChatGPT can somehow fill the void, we are even bigger fools than we imagined.

Fallen man – aided and abetted by the devil – has always declared war on God and sought to displace him. This move toward a posthuman religion or a transhumanist, AI-based Christianity is simply the latest attempt to fulfil this diabolical urge.

The quote that appeared above by Seung is worth sharing here again, in a slightly different form:

The Bible said that God made man in his own image.

The German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said that man made God in his own image.

The transhumanists say that humanity will make itself into God.

They can try all they like, but we know who will have the last laugh. As we read in Psalm 2:1-4:

Why do the nations rage
and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth set themselves,
and the rulers take counsel together,
against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,
“Let us burst their bonds apart
and cast away their cords from us.”
He who sits in the heavens laughs;
the Lord holds them in derision.

[1437 words]

12 Replies to “AI, Transhumanism and Religion”

  1. Genesis 3:5
    The first and oldest lie: “and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

  2. We are dealing with a God who has created everything, who holds in being all that is, and who transcends all time and bound: He is Lord of all, knows everything, from beginning to end.
    How futilely abject it is for mere humans to think they could create a ‘god’ out of AI, to somehow displace the Lord of all that is, has, and will be!
    Satan’s followers are pathetic. No one can beat God. Why even have the discussion!

  3. The machine cannot create the personal or personal relationships. These cannot be explained. They are mysteries just as is love, choice and the human will. Those who think that being able to achieve immortality through AI and technology, will not be disappointed though. However, an eternity in hell will not be the kind of immortality they would choose. I agree Bill, God laughs and so will we.
    David Skinner Uk

  4. I use Chat GPT to refine letters, help build assessments and assist in writing technical resources. From my experience with Chat GPT so far, I wouldn’t call it artificial intelligence, It is more like a rapid internet topic summariser, with an emphasis on language. Not a bad copy editor, or at least a copy editor’s tool. So I would be scared of ChatGPT if I taught a language/humanities course heavily based on essays. But whenever I have tried to make it do something intellectual (like estimate the probability of Jesus fulfilling a certain prophesy) it just regurgitates what it finds on the internet and waffles on about why it can’t do what you ask. It makes plenty of mistakes though – so you have to check everything. So it kinda acts like a politician, but with a better memory. Maybe artificial intelligence is starting at the very bottom of the scale, political intelligence. Does that mean we could replace Dan Andrews with ChatGPT? Couldn’t do worse – surely… Haha. Anyway, as for generating a sermon for a cold godless church service – no surprise the AI sermon seemed normal to them.

  5. Yes Tim, as one gal said to me online: “Uninspired preachers do something comparable, every week.” Whether machines or apostate preachers, both lack the Holy Spirit and so they can never offer life.
    As to replacing Dan with a machine or some technology – it could be a goer!

  6. Bill I read your article you wrote about 7 years ago regarding wicked rulers as GOD’s judgment on sinful nations.

    I found it because I was so so dismayed and discouraged when states who rise up against the evils of the democrat party in California where I live and Arkansas that banned transgender surgeries and gender affirming care for children…. and a judge appointed by Barak Obama named James M. Moody jr blocked the ban.
    This is so bloody outrageous and I sense the church in general is so quiet in America especially pastors and preachers.
    America is under GODs judgment but the Bible says “Israel found Grace in the wilderness” Jer 31:2

  7. I think Tim is right. Governments create polices on the advice of technocrats, predicting the future on mathematical models. It seem extraordinary how the vast majority of people have forgotten so quickly how the catastrophic lockdown of 2020 and 2021 during the Corona Virus hysteria were due to Anthony Fauci and Neil Ferguson using a methodology not dissimilar to AI. They were given an authority by a credulous society that would make any witch doctor green with envy.
    This same methodology is still being used to solve our economic, educational, social and health problems. These predictive models might work in engineering but not in personal relationships. There are brilliant mathematicians, scientists and engineers, whose personal lives are in a shambles.
    Not only does the present generation not learn from from its own history but it is cut off from it.
    Only God can predict how a certain course of human behaviour will turn out. Deuteronomy 28 which describes the blessing of obeying God and the curses of not obeying Him predicted exactly what would happen to Israel and is happening to us today. Deuteronomy 27 warned against making idols and later Biblical passages such as Psalm 115 describe graphically how the makers of idols become like them – dead, blind, dumb and inert.
    Unless the nations return to God and repent of their idolatry – especially that of the worship of Mother Earth, Gaia, and abortion – they are doomed to repeating the same same folly of 2020 and 2021 extinction.

    David Skinner UK

  8. Thanks Bill. I amazes me that Yuval Noah Harari is supposed to be an Israeli public intellectual and Klaus Schwab is supposed to be related to Hitler – he has a new logo with a swastika in it as this short video shows
    Then there are some so-called bright sparks or satanists trying to open up a portal to hell with their CERN hadron collider in Switzerland near Geneva. They got it going again in July last year but coincidentally it had to be shut down around the time someone or something blew up one of the big stones of the Georgian Guide Stones in USA – the council had to demolish all the anti-God guide stone structure which was a blessing as it had been there since 1980. But I believe God has had enough of all this stupidity. These people have had time to repent and now its time to give them a good Shake especially in Pride month. June is not over yet and the military are starting to appear in different places like something is up.

  9. Lynette, I thought that this was hoax but what you have posted is true.

    However, he might just as well have gone the whole way and used the Global LGBTQ+ swastika:

    In plain sight the Global LGBTQ rights are embedded in the WEF

    David Skinner UK

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