Two Liberation Movements

As I have just written elsewhere:
Liberators enter the Libyan capital to oust an inept and corrupt ruler.
Liberators enter the Australian capital to oust an inept and corrupt ruler.
I hope both groups have great success.

Of course in both cases it is still early days yet. We will have to wait and see how both situations unfold. But it may be the case that in both scenarios we have people power at work, seeking to stand against governments which have lost touch with their citizens.

Rebel forces have now entered Tripoli, the Libyan capital, and it looks like it is all over for the cruel dictator who ran that nation for four decades. One report says a son of his has been captured by rebel forces. But all this is unfolding as I type, so things are likely to change by the minute.

And one must always be cautious here. The general conservative principle of “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know” is usually worth preserving. But here we have a largely isolated and unpopular dictator which his many Middle Eastern neighbours do not necessarily have high regard for.

So while it is always good news to see the likes of this creep being disposed of, we have to wait to see who in fact will take his place. Hardline Islamist groups may not be much better. Of course this is true about the uprisings taking place all over this part of the world.

It is one thing to get rid of oppressive regimes, but what will follow? Will the new regime be any better? So we must bide our time here. But let me mention one further thing before moving on to the next protest group. When Obama sanctioned this intervention in Libya, he assured us it would just be for a few weeks.

It has now been a half a year. Make no mistake: if it had been a Bush or a Howard government that had done such a thing, the lefties and their MSM supporters would be screaming bloody murder by now. They would be carrying on about militarism, and warmongering, and meddling in other people’s affairs, and having blood on our hands, etc.

They would be out on the streets with their inane chants of “No war for oil” and other equally idiotic slogans. They would be demanding the scalp of a Bush or a Howard. But because this has been backed by Obama, there has basically been silence on all this.

What we have here is just another example of the glaring double standards of the lefties. War and intervention is evidently not all wrong – only if it is conducted by conservative governments. But if leftist governments do it, then no probs.

The other major protest movement which has entered a nation’s capital is the Convoy of No Confidence here in Australia. Truckers from all around the nation are pouring into Canberra to protest the Carbon Tax in particular and the Gillard government in general.

In the face of so many lies, so much corruption, so many broken promises, and so much inept and derelict leadership, they are rightly calling for an election now. And with their latest disaster zone teetering on the rocks, this may come sooner than later.

Embattled MP Craig Thomson is a walking mess, with all sorts of charges of ugly, unethical and illegal behaviour hanging over his neck. But given that Julia is reigning over a hung Parliament, she of course cannot afford to see him go, so she is supporting him to the hilt.

And she and Labor sought to win last year’s election by talk of good, sound ethical leadership. Yeah right. But what is really reprehensible is the way the lame-stream media has been reporting this Canberra protest. The ABC has been especially – and oh so typically – reprehensible.

The comrades there have been barely able to contain themselves, and have been mocking and ridiculing this entire protest, claiming it is a flop and that basically no one has turned out for it. This is typical ABC editorialising in the name of news reporting.

They did the same thing last week with the National Marriage Rally and the anti-carbon tax rally held on Tuesday. I wrote up this deplorable coverage – or lack of coverage – here:

News and opinion have become forever intertwined at the ABC, and they show no shame in replacing objective reporting with leftwing political commentary and editorialising. And we still have to pay for this wretched bunch with our hard-earned tax dollars.

But what is even more galling are reports emerging which are telling us that trucks have been prevented from entering into Canberra! If true, this is scandalous. So much for democratic Australia. And if this has been the case, will the ABC report this?

I will not hold my breath. They not only should report it, but they should issue a public apology and retraction for their ugly political commentary which they try to pass off as actual news. But this too is quite unlikely. The ABC has long ago abandoned any pretence of impartiality and objectivity.

It is arguably the most biased, bigoted and agenda-ridden news outfit in Australia. And there would be plenty of other contenders for that title. So as always, we need to go elsewhere to seek to get some balance in what is happening in our world.

That in part is why this website operates. As long as the secular left has a stranglehold on the media in this nation, then I and others will seek to provide an alternative voice. Until they shut us down, that is.

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  1. The news reports I have seen have been scathing of the convoy because it is asking for a double dissolution election, which is apparently not constitutionally possible in current conditions. What they don’t appreciate is the people’s desire to be heard.

    I would hope that Mr Thomson falls quickly and the Liberal party takes power. That will give the greens the opportunity to block any and every policy and quickly drive us to a double dissolution election and provide us the opportunity to bury the sacrilege called the Greens.

    Aaron Downs

  2. Thank Aaron.

    Incredibly, the Labor Party is calling this the convoy of no consequence. And just who was this convoy made up of? Working class people of course, the very people Labor claims to champion. Yeah right. They are turning on the working class as they align themselves with the greenie middle class. Hyprocrites!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Bill, with Libya it was, I understand, an Anglo-French initiative at a time when the US (and Germany) were dithering; the US only came in later. What people here are wondering is just why PM David Cameron decided to get involved, when there’s really no British interest in Libya … but there was the Lockerbie bombing (a US plane downed over Scotland by a Libyan, probably acting for the regime; subsequently pardoned). And Gaddaffi did supply Irish terrorists …
    John Thoms, UK

  4. “It is arguably the most biased, bigoted and agenda-ridden news outfit in Australia”.

    If you want an equivalent opinion outfit, check out The Punch. For instance, this article on the National Marriage Rally and attacking Miranda Devine’s article about fatherlessness in Britain:

    Every morning at work I scour the internet for news updates (much like you do). Perchance I stumble across an article on The Punch my response is nearly always one of great frustration and disappointment.

    The video in The Punch article I’ve linked above is particularly exasperating ( I say, Bill, you’ve done well to avoid going crazy from some of the nonsense that you come across in your long tenure at CultureWatch.

    Cameron Spink
    Resistance Thinking Co-ordinator

  5. Thanks Cameron

    Yes one can get quite overwhelmed by all the madness and mental and moral mush out there. Sometimes a bit of righteous indignation is the way to go. Last night on ABC’s Q&A we had another example, and it was so maddening. As usual there were 2 conservatives against 4 lefties. This is a fair debate in the eyes of the ABC.

    One lefty activist was labelled a “human rights worker” while US Middle East expert Daniel Pipes was labelled a “conservative commentator”. Perhaps the worst part of the night was when host Tony Jones made perhaps one of the most blatantly idiotic and pathetic comments yet. He actually suggested there is no difference between the lack of church and state separation in Muslim nations and the US! I kid you not. Even Jones had to later retract that and pretend he meant something else. He is a contemptible leftist twit who would not know truth if it bit him in the face. So yes I can and do get hot under the collar at times over all this nonsense.

    We obviously need to keep praying for people like this, and keep challenging them when needed. But too many believers are far too apathetic and indifferent. They need a shot of Holy Ghost boldness and a bit of righteous indignation.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Thanks guys

    I just read this elsewhere:

    “Gillard tells Gaddafi to give up power as he no longer has the support of the people. Anyone else see the irony in that?”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. Like yourself Bill, I also become extremely frustrated at the lack of objectivety in the ABC. I was more appalled at Anthony Albanese calling the Convoy of No Confidence, the “Convoy of No Consequence”. This quote shows exactly shat is wrong with todays’ Labor Party – the complete and total disrespect for the Australian citizen. It seems that they really don’t give a hoot about Mr. & Mrs. Average Citizen, and this perception grows each timne we hear this type of remark from our Government Members.

    I have to admit, that oftentimes I am praying for our Leaderes with gritted teeth – but the Bible tells us we are to pray for our Leaders as God himself allowed them to have these positions.

    Joan Davidson

  8. Thanks Joan

    Yes Labor claims to represent working men and women, the very people who drove into Canberra, the very people who will be ruined by this inane carbon tax, the very people who don’t give a rip about same-sex marriage and other trendy activist causes pushed by the Greens and minority groups. So Labor is spitting in the face of working class Australia. They are a pretty despicable lot really.

    As to prayer, we can always pray that God would improve them or remove them. And the way things are going, they will be removed very soon, because they seem beyond improvement at the moment.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. Thanks guys

    There have been many leftists who have recently critiqued the direction of the Labor Party. I write about it here:

    Given Labor’s appalling treatment of the working class heroes in the truck convoy (and in so many other ways), this is a good time to resurrect the great line from Kim Beazley Sr: “When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now all I see are the dregs of the middle class. And what I want to know is when you middle class perverts are going to stop using the Labor Party as a spiritual spitoon.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. Bill,

    Love that Kim Beazley Snr. quote. Can you reference it? Book which I could purchase?

    Graeme Cumming

  11. It would be of benefit to Australia if they shut down the ABC and used their enormous funds for something worthwhile. How any group could have the unmitigated gall to use other people’s money to push a far left agenda that is really alien to our culture, is beyond me.
    Frank Bellet, Petrie Qld

  12. In relation to Libya and the other middle east countries I feel your question “What will replace these regimes” most appropriate. Given that democracy appears to be the name of the game, we are likely to end up with a group of democratically elected Islamic republics. I feel that this “clay mixed with iron” type of government will have global implications if not particularly to Israel. It is one thing for world governments to restrain the behaviour of oppressive regimes but another to withstand what is a so called democracy, the lefties and lovies quite simply would not allow it. As to the situation in Australia, I dont know enough to make a constructive comment but do trust their will be amiable solution.
    Paul Wilson

  13. Any fair-minded person watching Q.and A. could note the contrast between Daniel Pipes’ balanced and rational assessments and the blinkered views of some of the others. Tony Jones was his usual self — no surprises there!
    Anna Cook

  14. And so say ALL of us! We would also comment on the ABC coverage. The ‘journalism’ is appalling, it isn’t reporting or proper research and the composition leaves much to be desired as well. We must say one good thing about the ABC though. Kerry O’Brien has gone from every night to weekly – now that is a positive, hopefully the Q&A Presenter Tony whats his name will go next.
    Maybe then the ‘audience’ will be real NOT hand picked.
    Marion Minty, Victoria

  15. Cal Thomas offers some wise words on the situation in Libya:

    “Name a single Arab or Islamic state, which, after a revolution that has overthrown a dictator, came to embrace political pluralism, religious tolerance and equal rights for women. You can’t, can you?”

    “None of the nations now experiencing revolutions or unrest have a history of democracy, freedom or human rights. That’s because they believe in a God who wants his followers to violently impose their religious beliefs on those who believe differently.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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