Strained Relations

OK, so why does a guy spend nearly 20 years working on a book which will never become a bestseller, will never make a lot of money (or even a little money), and will only result in a lot of grief, misery, and persecution? The reason is simple: truth matters, and truth needs to get into the public arena.

That is why I have this website, and that is why I have written this book. Given that the mainstream media will never touch something like this – except to criticise it, mock it, and condemn it – another avenue is needed to get truth out as far and wide as possible.

My new book is now available. It is called Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality. What started out as a ten-page research paper nearly two decades ago has mushroomed into a 270-page book with over 700 footnotes (707 to be exact).

Image of Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality
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It pretty well covers every aspect of the contentious issue of homosexuality. While plenty of books exist extolling the homosexual lifestyle and promoting the militant homosexual agenda, books on the other side of the fence are rather rare.

Indeed, in Australia there is almost nothing like this book. The only other book-length treatment of this subject from a pro-family and pro-faith perspective is the excellent 1984 volume by Andrew Lansdown, Blatant & Proud: Homosexuals on the Offensive (Perceptive Publications). It of course has long been out of print.

It is perhaps a good thing that Lansdown did not take my advice and issue a revised and updated version of his book. Had he done so, it is possible mine would never have appeared. He was certainly ahead of the game back then to see the warning signs so clearly.

His 183-page book with some 240 footnotes was a clarion call to wake from our slumbers and be aware of the onslaught of the radical homosexual agenda. Unfortunately his calls went largely unheeded. Now we are paying the price for not being more alert and more concerned.

One amazing feature of his book is a listing of homosexual organisations in Australia. He lists well over 200 such groups! And this was nearly three decades ago. There would likely be a thousand such groups by now. Sure, most would be quite small in number, but they make up for this with lots of activism, a very loud voice, and continual intimidation of anyone who dares to oppose them.

Thus things have gotten much worse since his book first appeared. Indeed, I document case after case of homosexual activism, whether in our schools, our media, the judiciary, in politics, our culture, or in society as a whole. I also document how Christians especially are being targeted by the militants. They are working overtime to silence, threaten and bully any church, Christian group, or believer who dares to stand up for biblical faith and the institutions of marriage and family.

The reason I have put so much time and effort into this book is that we are in a war. It is an ideological war, a cultural war, a political war, an intellectual war, and a spiritual war. It is certainly a war of ideas. And in any war of ideas we desperately need ammunition.

This book hopefully provides that intellectual ammunition. It offers a wealth of data, facts, quotes and research on the battle we are in. There are many dozens, if not hundreds, of quotations from the homosexual press, from homosexual activists, from homosexual books, and homosexual websites.

There are also numerous quotes from the scientific literature, the medical literature, the social science literature, and world experts and authorities on this topic. Yet I can already predict how the other side will respond to all this. Indeed, I will put good money on this.

They will go ballistic, and will basically seek to shoot the messenger. Instead of dealing with all of the data and evidence I present here, they will simply attack me big time. If I thought I was getting a lot of hate mail and death threats already, just wait and see what lies ahead.

But we already know how the other side operates. Indeed, I also document this very carefully in my book as well. The truth is, as this book becomes better known, all hell will break out. The activists will be spitting chips, if not foaming at the mouth.

And the MSM, well, we know they will have only two possible responses. They will probably just ignore the book altogether. This is a favourite tactic of the MSM. This silence effectively censors any point of view it disagrees with. By refusing to even mention this book, that is one good way of covering the public with a blanket of censorship.

The other option of course will be for the MSM to mercilessly attack me and the book. Indeed, I can already imagine the various hostile reviews the MSM will feature. I will in fact be very much surprised if just one favourable review appears anywhere in the Australian MSM.

Indeed, I would be happy just to have one balanced, objective, and fair review of this book. But I doubt very much if any will be forthcoming. We will soon see, I guess. But I certainly will not hold my breath on this.

I was going to conclude by saying, happy reading. But reading this book will probably not be a pleasant experience. It may depress you or anger you. But it is not likely to leave you un-impacted. But as I said, it is imperative that truth gets out into the public arena – especially on this topic.

So I hope you grab a copy somewhere. I certainly don’t say this because I think I might get fame and fortune from it. I already have all the negative press I can take, and I am not likely to get any financial return on this. But I did not write it for those reasons.

I wrote it primarily because I am worried deeply about my own children and the kind of society they are growing up in. I want it to be a far better place for them than what it now is. But that may not be the case, unless concerned citizens stand up and be counted.

And part of how they can make a stand is to become informed and energised about these sorts of issues. It is my hope and prayer that this book will help you to become just that.

If you are interested in getting a copy of this book, there are a number of places where this can be done. One is the publisher:

Another is Koorong Books, which are in all major cities:

Word Bookstores around the country also hopefully soon carry this volume:

Hopefully soon amazon and other international online book sellers will be carrying this as well. While there is a lot of Australian data here, most people from overseas should find very much of value in this book as well.

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  1. Wish your book every success Bill.

    Brendan O’Neill in Saturday’s The Australian described the type you have to deal with. When so much public money (climate change grants) and prestige (prophetic climate saving status) is available and the support flimsy – harass and harangue those on opposite side of political debate.

    With marriage redefinition – the same money and power is up for grabs (need a HUGE state as arbitrator if autonomous desire of individuals is our social principle, non-married libido units are more easily advertised to) and so you’ll have to cop the same trick given the statist’s case is just as flimsy. Harass, harangue and attempt to deny public respectability to supporters of marriage and any sources of independence and authority apart from the state.

    Martin Snigg

  2. I am looking forward to obtaining a copy. Thanks for being bold and brave enough to tackle this important issue. With the homosexual greens controlling our Government at the moment your timing or maybe God’s timing is spot on.
    Garry Brown

  3. Thanks for making this grand effort. I will certainly get one this coming week.
    Col Maynard

  4. May your book get in the hands of people in position and are inspired about your intent and value the book’s contents.

    Something that has recently encouraged me and is being promoted very well is:

    It would be great to have something like this on YouTube for ‘Strained Relations.’

    The last thing I want to see is for your book to be left for just a few in ivory towers to read! Marketing is just as creative as the writing process. May the right doors be opened.

    Happy Father’s Day
    Chris McNicol

  5. Thanks
    for the effort and courage in putting together and releasing this book – this is great news to hear on Fathers Day – God bless you Bill.
    Stephen Lewin

  6. Happy Father’s Day Bill! Hope you were served breakfast in bed!!
    Jane Byrne

  7. It is humorous that your readers are already predicting that your book will be ‘silenced’ – please be aware that in academia scholarly work is not ‘silenced’ for reasons of political correctness, scholarly work is ‘silenced’ on the basis of academic dishonesty and unbridled manipulation of existing literature. When predictions are made, in the early stages of publication, that work will be silenced – it suggests that this backdrop is being created as an important means of shielding oneself from the academic baselessness of ones beliefs. The beliefs you present are wholly and entirely unsubstantiable within the realms of any reliable science or area of academic study.
    Professor Bern Willson

  8. Thanks Bern

    You just gotta love it when the other side so very nicely makes your case for you. I was going to mention in my article that there will be a third response from the other side and their MSM cronies: do a hatchet job on the book, without even having read it!

    So what do you have from our illustrious professor here? (BTW, professor of what? And where? Please inform us all of your relevant credentials and qualifications.) We have him doing exactly this! We all love your last line: “The beliefs you present are wholly and entirely unsubstantiable within the realms of any reliable science or area of academic study.” What a ripper! You have not read so much as one lousy sentence of my book, yet you already feel pre-eminently qualified to write all about it and pass judgment on it. Wow, you have greater powers than God himself! You can comment on something you have never even seen. You are just incredible!

    Thank you so very much for proving the very thing I discussed in this article. I just love it when the other side comes along and proves everything I have just said. You have made my day. Care to try again? We would all love to see you perform more mental gymnastics here once again.

    And of course as to any predictions as to how my book will be treated, one need not make any predictions at all. One simply goes on past experience. We know exactly how it will be treated. No guesswork at all here. This is how your side operates time and time again. It is as predictable as it is intellectually dishonest. As I said, the reaction will be either complete silence, or a hatchet job, or best yet – as you so brilliantly confirmed to all of us – condemn the book out of hand without having read one word of it. You guys are amazing! I could not have paid someone to come out with such an incredible comment like this, making my very case. Thanks again. Are you sure you are not really on our side?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. God bless you and your book Bill, I look forward to reading it! (and I am sure our most learned Professor Bern will too)

    If this were in any way true, and forgive me if I quote you Bern, “…scholarly work is ‘silenced’ on the basis of academic dishonesty and unbridled manipulation of existing literature.” then Kinsey would never have had five minutes of anyone’s time.

    The truth is that works are silenced because they are true and make many so called academics feel very uncomfortable. Gee, it might even bring some of their research into question and we can’t have that now, can we?

    Lynn Nerdal

  10. Well done Bill!!! Derek Prince quotes Matthew 5: 11,12 in the “you tube” reference cited in Point four of Strained Relations. “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.”
    Brian Hof

  11. Thanks Jonathan

    Yes I too did a google but to no avail. He or she does not seem to exist. It appears these guys are just as deceptive in their comments as in their identity. Once again, this all confirms what I have been saying here. Playing fast and loose with the truth seems to be par for the course for these guys.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  12. Congratulations Bill, I will be grabbing a few copies and spreading them around.
    Happy Fathers Day (I guess even this event may become a thing of the past when we are demonized for offending some lesbian couple with their IVF children by using such a gender specific term…or maybe it will become meaningless when we introduce a bill like they have in Canada which stops anything that may be offensive to our transgendered population).
    What might we be calling ‘Fathers day’ in years to come? …the mind boggles.

    Standing with you Bill.
    Annette Williams

  13. Bill, I wish you success (regardless of whether I end up agreeing with what you say in your book or not) – obviously, I haven’t read it yet, so I won’t jump the gun! – because there is very little of substance on both sides of this debate and I have observed you to be a man of sound morals, solid scholarship, impartiality, and common sense. There is hysteria on both sides, which I find very off-putting, but you have always avoided making unfounded and emotional claims. This book should (but probably won’t) be welcomed by anyone seeking a balanced and fair discussion of this matter. It is long overdue. Well done!
    Mishka Gora

  14. Dear Bern Who-ever-you are, I seem to recall that it is an offence to claim academic qualifications one does not possess.

    Spineless wonder. First read the book, then attempt to refute its claims with evidence of your own, if you can, using your real name & stating your qualifications & institution.

    Bill and I don’t agree on everything but he’s a better man – sorry person – than you’ll ever be.

    David Williams

  15. I agree it would be good if there was a release on amazon . It would be particularly good if it’s also made available there as an eBook.
    Matt Vinay

  16. As a gay Christian I am literally staking my life on whether being gay is a sin or not, so I’d want to get it right. Sometimes the bible uses the word Eunuch to mean “Gay man” and not “Castrated man”, and In Matt 19 it states that Eunuchs don’t need to accept the idea that man should be united with woman and I’ll prove it to you now.

    Eunuchs which are raised all throughout the bible can have a few meanings. In Matt 19 Jesus says there are 3 types of Eunuchs, Born Eunuchs, Man made Eunuchs and Eunuchs from Abstaining. All of which involve not having sex with women. The Ancient Roman jurist Ulpian (available to read at any good Law school library) contains a definition of exactly the same distinctions of Eunuchs classed by Jesus. Digest, Book L 16.28 Latin: “eunuch is a general designation: the term encompasses eunuchs-by-nature, then thladiae and thlibiae (Thladiae and thlibiae are derived from words for crushing or abrading, so those words are standing in for the man-made eunuch), and any other kind of eunuch.” Then goes on to define a “Born Eunuch” Digest, Book XXI 1.6.2. Latin: “to me it appears the better view that a eunuch is not diseased or defective, but healthy, just like a man with one testicle who is also able to procreate.”

    So we have a man who is perfectly fit and well to have sex, yet for some reason doesn’t have sex with women. Do a little bit of research and you can find much Ancient Roman literature on how Eunuchs describe their love for other men in poetry and story’s. I’ll give you a link to some places where you can find these at the end to prove that point.

    Jesus not only raises the issue of Homosexuality in the bible, but also defends it, saying that the idea that man should be united with woman is not for them. Please reply after you’ve read the links and done the research as I have. If you’re really in search of the truth, then you’ll find it….And I gotta say, you speak like you have a big chip on your shoulder, not in a loving way at all…but with hate. I’m just reading other stuff you’ve put up on this site and seeing language you use….Gods 2nd greatest commandment you’ve thrown out the window.


  17. Thanks Saris

    Unfortunately you have managed to get just about everything wrong here, even your inability to give me a full name as my commenting rules clearly state.

    There is of course no such thing as a gay Christian just as there is no such thing as an adulterous Christians. I Corinthians 6:9-11 makes this absolutely clear. And I discuss this much further in my new book. Either God is right here and you are wrong, or you can insist on being right, in which case you are declaring God to be a liar.

    As to your baloney about eunuchs, I have already dealt with that here:

    And I am not in the slightest interested in your “research”. I have seen it all before plenty of times. It is utter theological nonsense, so give it up already. You are simply trying to justify your rebellious lifestyle and it just won’t wash. You can try to fool people but you can’t fool God on this.

    And I must also call your bluff on your unbiblical understanding of love. Jesus always ties in real love with keeping his commands, something it appears you are not all that interested in doing here. But I speak about this elsewhere as well:

    You really have only one choice here. Agree with God, repent, and allow Christ to transform your life, or remain in your sin and rebellion. The choice is up to you, but I will pray for you. I know plenty of people who have been set free from this sinful, dead-end lifestyle, and Christ can do that for you as well, if you stop playing games, get real with him, and let him move in your life.

    If you wake up, like the prodigal son, and realise that you are in a dead-end pigsty and living a lie, and come to your senses, and go back home to the Father, he will run to you with open arms. But if you continue to shake a clenched fist at him, he will not be able to give you anything.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. At long last!
    Bill you are one of the very few standing up for Truth in our country, Bless you. Can’t wait to devour the book!

    Thank you for all you’re doing, and truly making an impact in our lives…

    Matt Lister

  19. Saris, you make the assumption that abstaining from sex with women justifies men having sex with men. But using this logic, why stop at just men?

    Saris, the human body is made male or female, and there are about 7 billion verifications currently alive on the planet of the human species alone that endorse God’s design and repudiate your contention. Both Jesus in Matt 19 and Paul in Romans 1 use as their basis for their different arguments a sense of ‘let’s go back to the basics’. Their common source text? The creation story in Genesis 1 (& 2 in the case of Jesus). Both Jesus and Paul argue a kind of – ‘this is how it was originally planned, and this is how it has gone wrong’ sequence – and homosexuality clearly does not fit the paradigm (as Paul makes clear) and is a misuse of the design of the human body. I find it dishonest that so many opponents of Christianity consider the Bible archaic and therefore wrong on matters of sexuality, but it’s difficult to see how it could match up with the reality of human biology and social outcomes more. There isn’t a human alive on the planet that exists outside of the meeting of male sperm with the female egg. And by far the best social context for this meeting is marriage. Both Jesus and Paul agree that God’s design is good, but in our rebellion against God we get it wrong.

    So, do you really think all this is trumped by some dubious claims about ancient Roman eunuchs? And even if what you wrote was true, on balance – where does the weight of evidence point to?

    Further, your contention that it is not loving to point out a very clear truth to someone who is deceived is mistaken. Please explain how telling you of the health risks of homosexuality – let alone wishing you to avoid the fully intentional prospect of a completely fruitless sexual life – is not in fact the most compassionate and loving thing anybody could do for you?

    You are 180 degrees mistaken about the nature of love. What would not be loving is to allow you to continue believing in lies unchallenged. God has made your body a certain way but you want to deny even this obvious message to you from the creator’s hand. If you are not open to the obvious testimony of your own body, then I doubt that very much light on Scripture will come to you. The Spirit of God does not enlighten where wilful deception is embraced on an ongoing basis, and the deception of homosexuality – especially the very common mixing up of identity with behaviour – is as serious as it gets. Your body is simply not meant for it, and I hope that deep down you still are open to receive this. You seem to be aware of the seriousness of this issue, otherwise you would not have written about “literally staking (your) life” on it.

    Please wake up! The darkness you are living in is profound. The term ‘gay Christian’ is a clear oxymoron.

    Mark Rabich

  20. G’day Bill, I have not read your book, however well done! I shall get to it, once I have devoured these books in front of me. Cheers & blessings,
    Jeffrie Trika

  21. Lansdown’s book was an eye opener. What a pity it was not updated and re-issued.

    Thank you for your effort.

    John Snowden

  22. Funny how you’re always up in arms whenever anyone says anything remotely critical of your religion, Bill. But then you act all hurt when people criticise you for writing a book-length missive attacking gay people, and maintain a website built for that purpose.

    It’s your life, you can do what you like. I’m sure your book will sink without trace as most people have grown out of fire and brimstone angry religion. But if you can’t take it, don’t give it. Being an Xtian, gay, or a gay Xtian is no better than any other law-abiding citizen. You’re not special. Sorry.

    Sandi Toksvig

  23. Thanks Sandi

    Usually a comment like yours which contributes absolutely zippo to the debate goes straight into the bin. But since you so nicely again illustrate the very thing I have been talking about, I will be happy to share your remarks with the whole world.

    Notice again everyone: this person has not read one word of my book, but she thinks she is fully competent to discuss it, judge it, and dismiss it out of hand. Thanks again for so nicely making my point for me.

    And when did I ever claim to be special? You are quite right: there is nothing special about me at all. All I can do is agree with the words of John Newton, the former slave ship captain: “I am a great sinner, and Christ is a great Saviour.” He found new life in Christ, as have I. I will pray that you find it as well. That is ultimately why I wrote the book, and why I have this website.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  24. Dear Bill

    I am so heartened by your direct and frank discussion on topics people try to wiggle around. I have just recently started following Bruce Coleman (Choices of Life) around local schools as he too shares honest truth with young people regarding the facts surrounding abortion. In our society that says it values education I find it stunning factual information such as 50% of teenage pregnancies end in abortion is generally unknown. I’m really not trying to plug something else here-just my personal awareness of how truth is silenced in our supposedly educated society.

    I love reading your material and cant wait to read the book. I am also a scripture teacher so I know the truth of the fact that the left factions in our society are desperately trying to silence Christians at every opportunity. God Bless you Bill.

    Neena Tester

  25. Keep up the good work, Bill. I admire and appreciate your courage and valour in standing up for biblical truth. May God richly bless this particular endeavour, and may it spur others to join the fight for true worldview of the living God, and for the lordship of Jesus.
    Simon Kennedy

  26. All the best with the launch of the book, Bill! I’m intending to read it when I can grab a copy. I tend to think your prediction of the MSM pretending it doesn’t exist will probably be the case. But that aside, the truth will not go unheard nor will it return void.
    Jess Hagen

  27. Congratulations in getting the book published, Bill. I look forward to reading it. It would be nice if we could make sure it gets into the hands of key politicians, especially those who are defending marriage.
    Don Batten

  28. Thanks Don

    Yes we need to get books like this out to the MPs, as they are always being bombarded with material from the other side.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  29. Great news about your book Bill. Rest assured it will produce ripples (if not waves). If only the lives of a few are shaken out of a lie and into seeing the truth, then all is well. For we can barely begin to imagine how our infinitely-creative Father God can orchestrate change in peoples’ lives.

    Paul Reid, Melbourne, Australia

  30. Thanks Paul

    Yes that is a major purpose of this book: to set the captives free, and offer them hope of new life in Christ.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  31. Well done Bill, I hope the book does get out in the wider public arena, I think it is about time that the other side of the coin was revealed. If it is anything like the way you write all these blog articles then it will be a book most definitely worth a look regardless of what the topic was.
    Steve Davis

  32. Congrats Bill. I’ll buy a copy on principle. I reckon that just about anything you write is worth reading and worthy of serious consideration.
    Terry Darmody

  33. Has this book been distributed yet? Koorong seem to be taken ages to get one for me?
    John Harris

  34. Good news, Bill. Koorong Adelaide took my order a little over a week ago and I hold it in my hand. Your book rates with Mark Duries book “The Third Choice”. Both books give the reader a fair and balanced view. That’s what we expect when difficult issues are discussed. Thank you. You will remain in my prayers.
    Brian Hof

  35. Lucky to get yours Brian H. I placed my order at Koorong at the Gabba, Brisbane two and a half weeks ago and still nothing.
    John Harris

  36. Hi Bill,

    You say in your book the following:
    “Also we know that homosexual relationships (especially among men) are less stable and more transient than heterosexual relationships. Homosexuals also tend to be much more promiscuous”

    This is very much a generalised statement based on nothing more than your own personal opinion. In many ways this is yet another way in which you promote irrational fear and ignorance.

    What do you say to Michael Kirby who has been with his partner in a committed relationship for over 40 years? What would you say to the many other couples that are in the same situation?

    You are so willing to promote an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality that you have actually forgotten how to love. Surely there is a better way forward in the same-sex marriage debate. I have gay friends and a lesbian cousin and your words are not helping anyone!

    And as for Saris’ comments….I totally agree. There are heaps of gay Christians and Jesus affirms them very clearly in the gospels. You may disagree but that doesn’t mean that you have a right to speak on what God does and doesn’t say.

    Ben Gresham

  37. Thank-you Bill for a truly enlightening (and alarming) read. I just finished it today (couldn’t put it down, in fact). How anyone can call a work with 703 footnotes “entirely unsubstantiable within the realms of any reliable science or area of academic study” beggars belief. What I found most powerful was how you constructed many of your arguments based on the very words of pro-homosexual activists, studies, media and so on, and in doing so exposed all the lies. Thanks for taking the effort, and for having the guts, to compile your research into one coherent read.
    I’m praying for you as I am sure you face all sorts of opposition.
    Rebecca Heggers

  38. Thanks Ben

    But let me call your bluff. You have not even read the book it seems. For in the very chapter where I make the statement you cite, I also quote heaps of research evidence on this as well as heaps of homosexuals who have themselves stated exactly the same thing. So just ignore all that why don’t you? It is so much easier just to make assertions than deal with all the evidence I have provided. And I don’t give a hoot what you think of my opinion – ignore it completely if you choose. It is the evidence I offer and the homosexual quotes I present which cannot so easily be wished away.

    And mentioning just one person is supposed to be some sort of knock-down counter-argument? Since when does an exception make the rule? And of course I nowhere say in my book that every homosexual is promiscuous. I simply assert that truth that most are not. But I realise my documentation on this means nothing to you, in which case there is little point in saying anything further here.

    And no, Jesus never ever affirmed homosexuality or homosexual relations. He no more affirms “gay Christians” than he affirms adulterous Christians or fornicating Christians. But that too I thoroughly cover in my book – the very one you apparently have not even bothered to look at.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  39. Good morning Bill,

    Just a quick note to congratulate you for this impressive book and for the decade and a half of research that has gone into it. You probably know that in NZ the Homosexual Law Reform Act was signed by the governor-general on 11 July 1986 and came into effect on 8 August that year. It was passed in the NZ parliament by the narrow majority of 49 to 44. At the time I agreed with that change to the law. Given what has happened since would I still? Indeed, would the majority of New Zealanders still agree today? Perhaps they would, and perhaps I would too, if only because what happens between consenting adults in the privacy of their own residences is no business of the state. I disagreed, though, with the age of consent being 16.

    At the time there was an impressive petition of some 800,000 signatures that was presented to parliament opposing that change in the law. Even allowing for the possibility of a percentage of fraudulent signatures, the numbers involved are impressive.

    But it is what has happened since then that is truly concerning, and that is what your book has so thoroughly addressed. The absurdity of a homosexual “marriage” and the oxymoronic notion of a child having two “parents” of the same sex seems to be readily accepted in the media! The situation currently reads like a version of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale about “The Emperor’s New Clothes”: only the politically “correct” and “enlightened” can “see” that the “Gay” Emperor and his male partner are the “parents” of their little princes and princesses! And anyone failing to “see” the Emperor’s “matrimony” as valid is an unreconstructed bigot, of course!

    The clear and uncluttered brain of a child instantly cuts through such nonsense. Your book is that child. Would that we could distribute it to all members of parliaments in the Western World.

    Best wishes,
    Dominic Baron, NZ

  40. Bill,
    I’ve got a copy of your informative book, “Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality,” right with me here in Ghana. I contacted a friend who purchased a copy for me from Koorong. Wow, what a book. It’s my prayer that it becomes a best seller and also be prescribed as a text book for some courses in higher institutions all over the world. I’m really thrilled to see such a masterpiece on my shelf. I wonder what the militant homosexual community would say about the book.The facts in the book would haunt any enquiring and analytical mind who refuses to accept the documented bare facts. The facts are too convincing to reject. May God bless you and keep you strong.

    Kwasi Boateng, Ghana

  41. Many thanks indeed Dominic, Kwasi and Vicki for your very kind words. They make me quite glad that I wrote this book!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  42. Bill, looking forward to buying & reading the book. We are with you ALL THE WAY in the physical realm…& the MAJORITY is with you in the SPIRITUAL REALM.
    May the Lord’s hand of protection be on you & yours & may He continue to use you in a MIGHTY way for HIS KINGDOM. Keep the fire burning!

    Jyoti Mastapha

  43. I work in a Bus company as a mechanic and something interesting happened yesterday. I was chatting with a co-worker about movies/books/world evens etc and he said, yeah I just finished reading a book. I said oh? Yeah it’s called Strained Relations by Bill Muehlenberg.
    Daniel Kempton

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