Dangerous Relations

If all goes well, later this week the printer will have my latest book, Dangerous Relations: The Threat of Homosexuality. As a follow-up to my previous volume, Strained Relations, it continues to document the very real war we are in regarding sexuality in general and the militant homosexual lobby in particular.

While I also have a book on the life issues well underway, with the speed in which things have been moving in the culture wars over marriage and family, it seemed best to put all my attention into this volume, and get it out as soon as possible.

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At the risk of appearing to slight the tremendous efforts every mother goes into to bring a child into the world, it seems at least some parallels can be made. The finished product (in my case, a printed book), is the joy that helps keep an author going during the long and arduous birthing process.

Plenty of obstacles, hindrances, setbacks and difficulties lie ahead of any budding author, and sometimes it seems like the book will never see the light of day. Like my previous volume, this one also has seen plenty of problems and unwelcome delays.

But it is now nearly ready for the printer to do his thing. And when it is completed, it will be available right away on amazon, and soon thereafter I will have copies to make available for those interested. And as that hopefully does well in terms of sales and coverage, I can then get back to finishing my next book.

Following that I hope to do a series of The Best of CultureWatch books on various topics, such as Islam, or bioethics, or theology, or sermons and devotionals, etc. So there are plenty of projects I am now working on, or hope to soon be working on.

In the meantime, for those wondering what my latest offering will be all about, perhaps the best way to discuss this is to simply print here what is found in my Introduction to Dangerous Relations. So that I shall do, and here it is:

In my 2011 book Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality I detailed just what is at stake with the rise of the militant homosexual agenda. In that volume – which is now in its fourth printing – I examined in detail the many myths put out by the activists (“It’s all genetic,” “Ten per cent of population is homosexual,” etc.). I also warned of the various attacks on marriage and family, looked at their various strategies, and rebuffed the theological revisionists.

Little did I realise however how quickly all this would escalate, and how much worse things would become in such a very short period of time. Since writing my first volume the attacks on faith, freedom and family have especially taken off, with new horror stories appearing almost on a daily basis all around the Western world. And so too have the demands of other activist minority groups, emboldened as they are by the successes of the homosexual activists. Now all sorts of other fringe sexualities are being championed by various activist groups.

While my first volume covered just about all the bases in the homosexual debate, much more can always be said. This follow-up volume to Strained Relations will act as a supplement to what was presented there, and include new information and material to further round out my case.

Chapter One of Dangerous Relations looks at the many cases of homosexual intolerance of anyone and anything that dares to resist their radical and militant agenda. And I can say right now that as soon as this book goes to the printers, it will already be out of date in this area. There will be many dozens – perhaps hundreds – of new cases of anti-faith and anti-family bigotry which will have occurred in the short period of time needed to produce this book at the printers.

Chapter Two documents how families, parenthood and family identity all suffer as we allow the institutions of marriage and family to be redefined and recreated in the image of the activists. Children in particular suffer in this brave new world of social engineering.

Chapter Three offers several prime examples of the growing problem of the slippery slope. More and more activists are now very publicly and passionately pushing for paedophilia, polyamory, incest rights, and even bestiality, buoyed by the successes of the homosexual activists, and following on with the very same arguments and rationale.

Chapter Four provides some much-needed background information to head off some of the common criticisms made by the activists and their supporters. Specifically it will rebuff the silly notion that heterosexual marriage is just a recent invention, and that marriage has always been a wildly fluctuating and changing institution with no clear boundaries at all. Thus it takes on the oft-heard myth that the two-parent family is basically just an invention of the 1950s, and that families have – and can – come in any shape and size you want them to.

Chapter Five discusses the importance of fathers and mothers and demonstrates how both are absolutely vital for the optimal raising of children. Advocates for homosexual adoption rights need to let this data speak, and not allow emotional wants and desires to trump the wellbeing of children.

I conclude my book with three appendices. The first offers a recommended reading list for those who want to take these matters further. Then I feature two appendices containing the moving testimonies of a former homosexual and a former lesbian.

As stated, this book is built upon and follows from the wealth of information contained in my previous book. With over 700 footnotes, that volume properly laid the groundwork, and dealt with all the common criticisms and objections. I recommend that you obtain a copy of Strained Relations for a much more detailed and fuller account of all the various issues involved in the debate over homosexuality, the homosexual agenda, homosexual marriage, and so on.

These two volumes go together. With some 500 endnotes here, that makes for well over 1200 endnotes in total, and over 500 pages all up. Many other good books on this topic exist, but almost all are from America or England. There is nothing quite like these two volumes currently on offer in Australia, where I live; however the material here covers plenty of information, data and statistics from both Australia and overseas. My hope is that people from throughout the world will find these books to be of great value and assistance.

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  1. Awesome! I’m going to buy a copy of your book Bill as soon as it’s published. I think this will make a great read. You must have researched this meticulously. I read widely and rarely do I see that many endnotes. I’m beyond excited. Thank you sir.

  2. Good luck with the release of the book Bill, I’m going to buy this book and I want to buy all of your books.

  3. Bill, it’s great news that you’re considering releasing the best of Culture Watch. In a similar style to Lewis & Chesterton you’ve developed an effective way of conveying important truths in an engaging entertaining but uncompromising way…a bit like Father Brown!

  4. I’m just now reading your Strained Relations and Dangerous relations books. Very eye opening subject matter. What do you think we should be doing here to inform the electorate etc.?

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