But We Told You So

So, do you know what ‘compersion’ means? Do you know what a ‘vee’ is? Are you up on your ‘NRE’s? If not, you had better get up to speed real quick, because this is the future, and the future is almost here. And when all this has come upon us, and some of you are not too thrilled about it, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

I know I am not supposed to say, ‘I told you so’ but I must tell you so and I will keep on telling you so, until it is too late for me to do so, and I am imprisoned for my “hate crimes”. But while some freedom remains, I will keep making these warnings, and hope that they don’t all fall on deaf ears.

The truth is, I and others have been warning for years now that opening the door to same-sex marriage will simply open the door to group marriage and other “loves”. There is a very real slippery slope in other words, and we had all just better start getting used to it – unless we will finally stand up and be counted here, and start speaking out before it is too late.

In my new book I show in great detail how the arguments for SSM are the exact sorts of arguments being used for other types of “love”. Polyamory, bestiality and incest are all argued for in the same way homosexual marriage is being argued for.

After all, love is all that matters, and we need real marriage equality, and love doesn’t discriminate, blah, blah, blah. These limp arguments which are routinely dragged out for SSM are fully applicable to all these other sorts of “love”. I have documented this time and time again. Consider a few recent articles:


Indeed, the push for polyamory (group love) is getting almost as strong as the push for SSM. Just today in the Weekend Australian we find a major article on all this. It is worth quoting the opening paragraphs: “For weeks, Sydneysiders and Melburnians who believe menages-a-trois and other polyamorous relationships can be just as committed, loving and valid as marriage between a man and a woman, slaved away together to earn their place in the sun. They drew up plans, sawed wood, hammered nails.

“Finally, in early March, it was ready: the first float celebrating polyamory to join the colourful flotilla in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. For psychologist Nina Melksham, it marked the moment when the poly community, like gays and lesbians a generation ago, had come out of the closet to stand up and be counted.’The polyamory community has always been supportive of the values of equality and acceptance,’ Melksham told Inquirer this week. ‘Participating in the Mardi Gras was a natural way for us to affirm these values.’

“Boosted by this success, Melksham and her polyamorous friends are planning an even bigger show for next year’s festival. The polyamorous community has a further cause for celebration. They believe last weekend’s vote by the ALP national conference to change the party platform to legalise same-sex marriage is a base on which they can build.

“The agenda now is to seek recognition and the removal of prejudice against multiple-partner relationships, perhaps legislation to grant them civil unions and even legalised polyamorous marriage. ‘My personal view is that any change that moves us towards a more loving, open and accepting society can only be a positive,’ Melksham says.

“Melksham runs a counselling practice in Lilyfield in Sydney’s inner west catering to polyamorous clients. She describes her own domestic arrangements as ‘a bit complicated at the moment’: she lives with her former husband, who she describes as her ‘best friend’, and is in a ‘vee’ relationship with two boyfriends who live separately. ‘I had the experience of being deeply in love with more than one person at a time. I had the choice to either deny the reality of the situation or grow and become a more accepting and tolerant person’.”

Do you see how the rhetoric and sloganeering is exactly the same? ‘Tolerant,’ ‘accepting,’ ‘loving,’ ‘open,’ and so on. The exact same brainless phrases, rancid rhetoric, and empty arguments being used for SSM are being used by all these other sexual libertines.

And the sad part is, so many of us have been warning about this for so long. Yet for the most part our warnings have gone unnoticed. And those who should be the most concerned don’t seem to even give a rip. We have so many Christian leaders and celebrity pastors who have actually thrown their lot in with the sexual activists.

Even more sadly, decades ago pro-family groups warned that when marriage gets messed with, the slippery slope will come into play big time. They warned back then that if de facto relationships were put on a par with married couples, then the door would forever be open, to even same-sex marriage.

They were of course loudly and widely derided and vilified at the time. They were told they were nutters and that this would never happen. Of course today I and others are being told exactly the same thing. I am called an extremist and a nutter and a panic merchant because I warn about the slippery slope today.

Homosexual activists especially target me and seek to mock me and ridicule me. Yet the move for other types of “love” is all around us, and as they see SSM come to pass, as certain as night follows day, they will promote their “love” and keep on demanding their “rights” until they too get just what they want.

And when all this comes to pass, all that will remain will be for people like me to say, from our jail cells, ‘We told you so’.


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  1. What concerns me about this Bill, is that a psychologist is pushing this line. As a professional counsellor, I’m horrified.
    John Bennett

  2. I read that piece this morning. Its terrible where things are going.

    Sadly your predictions are coming true, Bill.

    Damien Spillane

  3. In the last days People will be:
    lovers of self and be selfcentred
    lovers of money….
    They will be abusive-blasphemous and scoffing..unholy and profane
    They will be without natural affection
    intemperate and loose in morals and conduct,uncontrolled and fierce and haters of good.
    Avoid all such people.

    Yep St Paul’s 2nd letter to Timothy probably more relevant today than ever. Oh the UCA and the celebrity pastors probably overlook this and say Paul was speaking to his culture!!
    Wayne Pelling

  4. Speaking out as an individual is a high risk business as you are only too well aware. What those who see their civilisation being trashed need is to be part of a well led campaigning group, just as the those who are doing the trashing have. And that takes a lot of organising and finance as well as courage.

    The satanic mission initiated by the Frankfurt School to seduce the west’s intellectuals into leading it towards a new barbarism has become self perpetuating. All the originators are well dead but their ‘evil news’ of false freedom in sexual license continues to be broadcast by the mass media they corrupted years ago.

    With with the minds of the ‘educated’ being closed to the real questions the task to reopen them is truly enormous. Of course we have no choice. Fortunately one of the things in our favour is that in the end people prefer real freedom no matter how much the propagandists say they can make ‘people love their enslavement.’

    Alan Williams

  5. What is the end game? What has happening to our freedoms of speech in just the past decade? When I last heard two people or animals for that matter of the same sex can’t produce offspring. I have a feeling it won’t be just religious people who will be affected either.

    I just see tyranny coming. Just like a coming train wreck, just like the Italian liner Andrea Doria and the Stockholm in July 1956, despite seeing one another on radar, where collusion, no matter how much was tried, is unavoidable. When Bill writes a review of such and such a book and says get it and read it before it gets banned, I would have thought he would be crazy. But he is not the only one saying this. American talk show host Michael Savage says the same things.

    I found this article that it will be soon against the law to criticize Islam. I think this has been on the cards for the past year.


    Carl Strehlow

  6. Bill, does it ever bother you that you have to delete critical comments because they completely demolish your argument?

  7. Jeremy, does it ever bother you that you have a total inability to read and follow rules? My commenting rules are quite clear, yet you seem to think you can come here and violate every one of them. Forget it bud, it’s just not going to happen. You can continue your nasty ad hominem attacks on me and others on your own website to your heart’s content. By I won’t be wasting my time by allowing you to do so here.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  8. A Mardi Gras 2012 performance:

    The Year Of Magical Wanking
    One of Ireland’s most exciting artists and incendiary performers, Neil is a force of nature, a maverick, a 33-year old homosexual with a Mohammed complex. Neil Watkins has wanked more than is healthy, allegedly.

    “Astonishingly brave.” The Irish Times



    Apologies – re-reading that:

    The Year Of Magical Wanking
    One of Ireland’s most exciting artists and incendiary performers, Neil is a force of nature, a maverick, a 33-year old homosexual with a Jesus complex. Neil Watkins has wanked more than is healthy, allegedly.

    “No big deal.” The Irish Times

    John Miller

  9. And I used to respect Cate Blanchett and on the odd occasion support the Sydney Theatre Company – never again. Thanks John.
    Annette Williams

  10. I always knew that there were some very odd things going on behind closed doors but after reading this article, I am forced to admit that looking back, I knew nothing! Once again, where is the church on this? I had a talk with someone last night at a party and asked the same question when it came to opposing same sex marriage, the reply was, “The church is protesting about it but you never see it in the MSM. I thought to myself, ok, what about bypassing the MSM? Surely every parishioner could sign a petition organised by their local church and send it off to their local member?
    Steve Davis

  11. Which society would you rather see, Bill? One where gays can marry even though you object, like much of Europe; or a society like Uganda and plenty of other African nations where gay people are imprisoned, or hunted down and slaughtered by vigilante killers with the implicit approval of the state? Which is your view is the lesser of two evils?

  12. Thanks Don

    But it always amazes me how your guys seem so devoid of basic logic. I of course am not buying your foolish and unhelpful logical fallacy of the false dilemma which you are trying to foist on me. There is a third option: homosexuals as individuals have the same rights as anyone else, but when it comes to relationship recognition, governments are under no obligation whatsoever to promote it.

    Indeed, other dangerous lifestyles are actually discouraged by governments. There is no reason why same-sex relationships should be rammed down the throats of an unwilling society by the strong arm of the law. But I speak to these issues elsewhere:


    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. Don, with respect to Bill here, I have to wade into this by saying that to compare Uganda with its hideous treatment of homosexuals to Christians in the west preaching against homosexual marriage is pretty insulting and naive to boot! True Christians do not hate homosexuals but see them as people that Jesus loves and died for, but will never condone their lifestyle. For supporters of gay marriage to label someone as hate filled and homophobic just because they disagree with their push for marriage tells a level headed person more about them than it does about the person doing the disagreeing!
    Steve Davis

  14. Good point Steve. These guys think that we either have to fully embrace the militant homosexual agenda, or we going around shooting them up. I am not into either. I will love them by telling them the truth, knowing that the truth can set you free.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  15. Councillors? The more they learn about human behavior the more nutty they are. They have already turned our society into wimps who need counseling at the sight of a dead bird/ While in Africa kids survive seeing their parents butchered. The trouble with our society is we have too much time to indulge in feelings below the navel. If we had to work hard and long to earn a crumb we wont have the time for the kind of stuff that is hatching in idle minds.
    Patrick Brahams

  16. No doubt, if the truth be told, the claims that Uganda is executing homosexuals are greatly exaggerated. I wouldn’t accept such homosexual activist anti-African propaganda at face value. And anyway, doesn’t the doctrine of multiculturalism teach us that we can’t condemn another culture for having different practices to our own?!

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria

  17. Whatever happened to being able to stand for Biblical truth? God loves the Homosexual person, but abhors the practices of homosexuality.
    We have a society that abhors God and loves their own sexual pleasures more than God.
    When society learns to receive Gods love they will no longer look elsewhere because His love truly satisfies.
    Friends receive Gods love, there’s no homosexual experience like it nor can their ever be, ask any ex-homosexual who has experienced His love!
    Erminio Franceschini

  18. Erminio’s comment sums it up. We have too many ideas of what love means for a real conversation. What does “in love” mean?
    One of my friends who had been confused by popular culture and even liberal church, heard Michael Green speak about love. And from that point she was single and satisfied till she met the right man and then she was a loving wife and mother.
    Katherine Fishley

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