Truth is Now Hate

George Orwell once said, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” As I have documented countless times now, not only do they hate truth and those who speak truth, but they also somehow manage to argue that such people are full of hate for simply speaking the truth!

The new rule of thumb seems to be this: If I don’t like what you are saying – even if it is true – I will simply dismiss you as a hater and your words as hate speech. There you go – simple. Now we no longer have to deal with truth – we just dismiss it as hate.

Thus truth is now hate for those who hate the truth. We see this happening all the time. I sure do. You ought to see all the hate mail I get. These guys are exploding in hatred, yet they keep accusing me of being the one guilty of hate! Go figure. Needless to say it is very hard to argue with such folks. Anything you say, any truth you present, is simply dismissed as hate; end of story. Discussion closed.

I can see why there are so few willing to take a public stand from truth nowadays. It is a very risky thing to do so. Most people would rather just remain silent, and live a quiet and peaceful life. But they of course are only kidding themselves. As we remain silent, the enemies of freedom and democracy are rolling along, crushing all opposition.

We will all be impacted by this new totalitarianism. When thoughts and speech become “hate crimes” then we will all be adversely impacted. So the moral of the story is this: better to speak up now while we have the freedom to do so, than to sit back and hope all this blows over. It won’t.

Another prime example of this comes in the form of American actor and Christian, Kirk Cameron. For daring to speak the truth about the issue of homosexuality, and having the gall to actually claim marriage is really between a man and a woman, all hell has broken loose. He has been vilified and pilloried big time.

Right now he is public enemy number one in the US – all for simply proclaiming truth. One news story puts it this way: “Actor Kirk Cameron says he shouldn’t be accused of hate speech for responding honestly when he was asked what he believed about homosexuality and ‘gay marriage.’

“Cameron told CNN’s Piers Morgan that marriage ‘was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve – one man, one woman for life.’ He added that in his view, homosexuality is ‘socially destructive,’ ‘unnatural,’ ‘detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization’.”

Wow, finally someone with the guts to stand up and speak truth. You can see him making these remarks in this video clip:

But for having the courage of his convictions the tolerance brigade has gone ballistic in demonising and condemning him. He is now subject to a super-vicious and venomous campaign of hate and vilification. And I know exactly what he is going through, having experienced it time and time again myself.

Perhaps the most ugly and idiotic thing said about him so far comes from Hollywood secular lefty Roseanne Barr. Incredibly, she actually said this: “Kirk or kurt or whatever Cameron is an accomplice to murder with his hate speech. So is rick warren. Their peers r killing gays in Uganda.”

There you have it folks. Witness the utter logic and pure reasoning of the activists: anyone who dares to defend marriage and take their faith seriously in public is an accomplice to murder! Wow, this is staggering stuff. We are all just blown away by the brilliance and sensible nature of their arguments.

Fortunately not everyone is taken in by this patent nonsense. Much more clear thinking commentators have shown the complete poverty of such notions. Michael L. Brown for example deconstructs the twisted thinking and rotten rhetoric of Ms Barr this way:

“First, the technicalities: It is not true that ‘peers’ of Cameron and Pastor Rick Warren in Uganda are killing gays. The much discussed anti-homosexuality bill is still not law, and the killing of a gay man or woman in Uganda is a crime. And American Christian leaders like Rick Warren have been outspoken in their criticism of the bill as initially written. (For the record, when I was asked about the bill in 2009, I told a local gay correspondent that ‘I have very serious issues with the proposed law as currently constructed. I believe it has the potential to hurt far more people than it could possibly help, potentially inflicting great suffering on many.’)

“Second, the larger realities: It is completely and utterly false to claim that Cameron’s words make him in any way ‘an accomplice to murder with his [alleged] hate speech.’ Can anyone calmly, rationally, and logically make such a ridiculous accusation? Or is this asking too much, since over-the-top gay rhetoric like this is hardly the product of serious thought (or, conversely, is hardly meant to provoke serious thought)? And since when was it forbidden to express views like those held by Cameron?”

He then deals with the oft-heard charge that any opposition to homosexuality leads to gay teen suicides: “First, we should point out that gay kids do not simply kill themselves because they are told that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. In the vast majority of cases, gay teens kill themselves (like other teens do) because of deeper emotional and psychological problems, so we must do whatever we can to help them deal with the deeper issues in their lives. Without a doubt, each of these deaths is a terrible tragedy, but these kids must not be used as pawns to advance a social agenda, nor should they be told that their suicides are somehow expected or unavoidable.

“Second, we should ask gay activists if anti-obesity campaigns are causing obese kids to commit suicide. If so, wouldn’t this make Michelle Obama complicit in the suicides of kids who were bullied because of their obesity? (In no way do I minimize the horrific tragedy of a teen suicide, whatever its cause. I simply want to expose the folly of the ‘accomplice to murder/suicide’ accusation.)

“Third, since evangelical Christians like Cameron and I are being criticized for our faith-based convictions, we need to stand up even more strongly for what we believe, proclaiming without shame that we have a message that saves people from suicide, depression, hopelessness, substance abuse, and a host of other things. (That message is called ‘the gospel,’ which means ‘good news.’)”

Brown of course makes perfect sense here. But common sense or any other kind of sense is clearly lacking in the activist camp. They thrive on empty reasoning, wild rhetoric, and demonisation of all opponents. They can call those who speak truth haters all they like, but every time they open their mouths they make it perfectly plain just who is doing all the hating here.

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30 Replies to “Truth is Now Hate”

  1. A great deconstruction by Michael Brown – what a champion.

    But when has anyone sensible actually listened to anything Roseanne or Rosann or whatever Barr had to say?

    Garth Penglase

  2. Bill,

    THANK YOU for being so unwaveringly courageous – along with the Kirk Camerons and Mark Steyns and others of this world.

    You are so right, most of us are afraid to speak out clearly what we believe because it causes such a vitriolic reaction that most of us would rather avoid.

    It’s cliched to say it but it seems we really are well entrenched in the Orwellian world where our right to express our opinions in a sensible and reasonable manner is now lost and I really fear that true free speech is in serious peril.

    I for one appreciate that you continue to speak reason and truth into this increasingly crazy world, and that you continue undaunted by all that hate mail. Thank you for your courage to do that for those of us who stand silently and unseen beside you.

    Stephanie Miller

  3. You really are a bastard. Gay kids kill themselves because of ignorant; one-eyed bigots like you who have the gall to think that they have the sole franchise on truth.

    They kill themselves because they constantly get told that the feelings they have are a choice. They are not, they are their natural feelings.

    So, by your logic, if homosexual feelings and orientation are a choice it would mean that you and other heterosexuals had a choice between homosexuality and heterosexuality and chose heterosexuality; a crock of fecal material.

    Note to Westboro practitioner Billy-boy M here in Aus. “Go home you Yankee Redneck. Your hatred and bile are not wanted in this country.”

    Graham Douglas-Meyer

  4. And as if on cue, we have a “comment” which perfectly illustrates the very thing I am talking about. We love it when you guys so brilliantly make our case for us. So thanks for that Graham.

    We all can feel the love, warmth and acceptance oozing out of every pore of the tolerance brigade. As usual, no arguments, no facts, no data, just a string of invectives and mud-slinging. But ad hominem attacks and shooting the messenger are always so much easier than actually making an intelligent and cogent case.

    But you better be careful Graham, if you keep this up people will start to suspect I am paying you to write these comments.

    As always however I will keep you in my prayers. In the end truth always wins out.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. Dear Bill, George Orwell was right! Many people are confused now about what the Truth is because Satan has never been more strong and active than he is today. Confusion is what he wants and he will direct hatred towards those whom he knows speak the Truth out of love. That means you Bill!
    Patricia Halligan

  6. Yes quite right Patricia. That is why your prayers are so very much coveted. No mere man can withstand all this hatred and abuse. But with sufficient prayer cover and the grace of God we can continue to spread truth into a world starved of it.

    As Adrian Rogers once put it: “It is not love and it is not friendship if we fail to declare the whole counsel of God. It is better to be hated for telling the truth than to be loved for telling a lie… It is better to stand alone with the truth than to be wrong with a multitude.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. Hi Graham, thanks for that thoughtful, fact-filled response to Bill’s article. Always enlightening to hear from the gay brigade.

    What about the thousands, even tens of thousands of ‘gays’ who have turned from homosexuality? Even as few as ten examples of this would disprove that gays are stuck with their unnatural desires. And using your argument, then it should be perfectly OK for paedophiles to feel the way they do and not be told otherwise – or do you support their ‘right’ to paedophilia too?

    The unpalatable but statistically proven truth is that homosexuality is dangerous and detrimental to not only homosexuals themselves but also to society at large. Helping people realise the truth of this, and assisting people to chose otherwise often amounts to saving significant distress, even saving their lives.

    And those who take the time to care enough are doing a valiant thing.

    And didn’t you read the article – which points out how ridiculous it is to blame teen deaths on those who say the truth and are seeking to help teen homosexuals to turn from this destructive path by showing them that there is another way and they don’t have to be slaves to their lusts? It’s such an illogical argument, given that the whole homosexual community is characterised by significant psychological trauma and suicides.

    Anyway, you know all of this, otherwise you wouldn’t be responding with such a vehement attack.

    Garth Penglase

  8. Thanks guys

    While we realise that the ‘tolerance brigade’ is not in the least bit interested in truth, facts, or evidence, for those who are, let me remind them that my new book contains all the documentation you will need on this and related issues. I have an entire section on the myth of homosexual suicide rates.

    As but one fact: places such as San Francisco, Sydney and Amsterdam which are the most pro-homosexual – and where “homophobia is all but extinct – have the same suicide rates for homosexuals as anywhere else in the world. This and other facts clearly demonstrate that it is not “homophobia” that is behind this, but the lifestyle itself – one that is inherently high risk and dangerous. It is a lifestyle that directly leads to plenty of emotional, psychological, physical and mental health problems.

    The most loving thing we can do therefore is tell homosexuals the truth that they do not have to be trapped in this harmful, dead-end lifestyle, but can be set free is they so desire. As Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. We must never tire – or be afraid – of proclaiming that good news.

    My book, Strained Relations, is available here:
    -Freedom Publishing:
    -Koorong Books:
    -Word Books:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  9. Graham, you misunderstand, it is not the feelings that are a choice, we all have a variety of feelings, it is what we do with those feelings that is a choice. Having a certain feeling doesn’t make it right or legitimize acting on them. What if a married man has feelings rise up towards another woman? He has a choice to deny them ground and remain faithful to his wife.
    If this world ran on natural feelings we would have a living hell.
    Rob Withall

  10. I honestly thought what Graham wrote was satirical, it was so ludicrously unhinged. It’s unbelievable that someone could write something like that and seriously believe they hold the moral and intellectual high ground.

    Graham, whatever feelings someone has, male and female are identity that do not change – indeed it can be extended to point out everybody has a mother and father. The fact you deny this, with over seven billion strikes against it (and this is not even counting people who have died), with zero evidence for your paradigm, shows just who is contributing more to the anguish of those considering murdering themselves.

    Jesus Christ offers hope and healing and life and truth for people who are in confusion, it’s what you support that traps people and condemns them to a lifelong internal dichotomy where they have to live a life at odds with the evidence of their own body. That conflict must be terrible to live with.

    I can only wonder what you would say to someone in the homosexual lifestyle actively seeking someone who can help them out of it.

    Mark Rabich

  11. Nothing is new as they say; there is an old adage that says “if you stop telling lies about us, then we’ll stop telling the truth about you.”
    Receiving fundamentalist, militant, bigoted hatred from gay devotees must be quite a common experience to those of us who are not in standing ovation mode for their proclivities. But it is worse when it comes from our so- called Christians and useful idiots. I have a theory that this is somehow connected with Stockholm syndrome, whereby people who have become abducted or kidnapped, fiercely defend their captors, as was the case with Patty Hurst.
    Essentially, this is a defence mechanism against the fear that we cannot cope with; so people fiercely defend those who have them in their power whilst attacking anyone who attacks their jailors.
    I believe it happens in war time when subjugated peoples, like those of Vichy in France, became cowards.

    David Skinner, UK

  12. [Perhaps the most ugly and idiotic thing said about him so far comes from Hollywood secular lefty Roseanne Barr. Incredibly, she actually said this: “Kirk or kurt or whatever Cameron is an accomplice to murder with his hate speech. So is rick warren. Their peers r killing gays in Uganda.”]

    Let put the shoe on the other foot here for a second. rosanne or whatever bar is an accomplice to murder with her hate speech. So is Graham. Their peers are killing Christians in Egypt, Somolia, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, etc, etc.

    As can be plainly seen, by anyone with the honesty to actually look at the ridiculous statements (both of them), that it is easy to just throw accusations out there and tar every member of a group (left, right, centre etc) with the same brush. I, if a betting man, which I am not, could almost guarantee that if I made that statement at a member of the left, they would glorify in the death of Christians and assure us that we wholly and solely deserve it, whilst wishing more death and torture on us.

    When the left uses that tactic on me, I simply tell them that I was in the army and the army has the absolute best insulters paid by man, thus their pitiful attempt at insulting me is woefully inadequate for the task at hand. plus as an ex soldier, we are 6 foot tall and bullet proof don’t you know.

    Keep it up Bill, they have no argument, hence the personal insults based on nothing but the little book of leftie insults. they really need to get some new and innovative insults happening, we have heard them all, and non are worth the time taken to type them and hit “add your comment”.

    Neil Waldron

  13. Graham, seriously now, as a 61 year old heterosexual male, married to the same woman for some 37 years and counting, I must constantly (and I mean every single day, and most waking moments) fight against all sorts of my feelings, sexual or otherwise. I must resist the temptation every time I walk into a newsagency (let alone walking down the street) NOT to look at any number of soft, hard, fuzzy, whatever porn magazines ranging from Hustler to Women’s Weekly. I must constantly resist the temptation to indulge myself with every single gustatory goodie so as not to double (easily) my current 100kgs frame. I fight against feelings of anger and frustration daily by the bucket-load. I do so, in all of these cases, so as not to violate God’s clear commands against idolatry, adultery and murder. I do so to honour commitments to my wife (and by extension my now grown-up children) that I made when I married her. I do it out of gratitude to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And yes, I have homosexual friends and members of my very own family, so please spare me the argument from feelings. Believe it or not, we are trying to save your soul and the souls of millions trapped on a one-way train to hell. Sorry if you don’t like that assessment–find a belief system that makes you ‘feel’ better and go for it!
    Steve Swartz

  14. If people want to see why Britain is far ahead, led by Anglican Bishops flapping with capes and mitres, down the Gadarene slope, one only has to view this programme on BBC’s Question Time. Again Goebbels the German propaganda chief would be pink with envy.

    Watch from 26 minutes 30 seconds and be appalled.

    David Skinner, UK

  15. Gee, Bill, so many alert and rapid posters (are they “bill posters”?).

    From our home reading after dinner tonight:
    Hosea 9:7
    The days of punishment are coming,
    the days of reckoning are at hand.
    Let Israel know this.
    Because your sins are so many
    and your hostility so great,
    the prophet is considered a fool,
    the inspired man a maniac.

    Says a lot about the present day, doesn’t it?

    John Angelico

  16. Sadly, I don’t think, Graham is listening any more, but if you are, Graham, we have no monopoly on the truth, we have only submitted to the One who has. As Steve said, we all have to constantly submit all things to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and we do it gladly because we know that the blessing, on the other side far outweighs whatever fleeting pleasure sin or those feelings you were talking about, could offer.
    There is not only the promise of eternal life, but peace, untroubled family relations, health and long life and sometimes even financial prosperity in this life. What your life of going by feelings can offer, doesn’t hold a candle to that.
    Many blessings,
    Ursula Bennett

  17. Graham, I understood that a large part of the reason why gay kids are killing themselves is because they feel isolated by their sexuality. However, society is now much more tolerant of homosexuality, so surely the suicide rate among gay teens should be dropping? If not, perhaps we need to look for other explanations. (For example, perhaps we need to work on ways to boost their resilience – I was picked on and vilified most of my childhood and teen years for various reasons, but I was resilient enough to get past it.)

    At the end of the day, we are all entitled to our opinion. You are entitled to your opinion that I am a bigot because I don’t believe that homosexuality/bisexuality etc is as good a lifestyle as heterosexuality. Even though I have friends who are gay who I treat with every kindness and respect. But I completely agree with Bill’s argument – none of us can afford to allow others to outlaw our right to express our dearly held beliefs. We should always be suspicious of the motives of those who would seek to remove our right to disagree!!

    Nicola Saad

  18. What ticks me off is that the gay lobby profess to be the solution to sexual confusion in youths. What will it be Church, being faithful to Christ and placing these kids into the safe arms of the Lord Jesus, or resigning them to a predatory world where they will be targetted for recruitment?
    Anthony McGregor

  19. Male youths need a father who will love them and a brother who will support them, not a male lover who will use them.
    Anthony McGregor

  20. Bill,
    Someone advised me to write and one thing I have wanted to write about is the attempted and sometimes actual persecution of those who in any way are against homosexual activity. However it seems that you are covering this field already.
    Two cases: There was a call to rename the Margaret Court Arena at Melbourne during the Australian Tennis Open because of her views on homosexual conduct. Would we have demanded the same if she had said she was in favour of homosexual conduct?
    A doctor in Australia had his position lecturing at university challenged because of his views on homosexuality. Again, if the professor of geology at any university spoke in favour of homosexuality would we try to have him removed from his job?
    Gradually there is being applied a litmus test: those contrary to homosexual conduct are to be silenced, at the cost of employment, social standing, etc.
    Fr Luke Joseph

  21. Thanks Luke

    Yes quite right. There are now hundreds of such cases. I have documented many of them on this website. We are losing our freedoms rapidly because of this activity, and it will only get worse unless we take a stand against all this.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  22. Get this, you can get an ethical shopping app and there, just as I suspected, the company Sanitarium was marked as unethical because of their stand against homosexuality. There you go, buy more Sanitarium products and maybe someone can invent an app for Christian value shopping?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  23. Great article Bill. I am wondering if like he usually does, satan oversteps the mark and the claims made by the pink taliban fundies are going to get even more outrageous and they will be laughed out of court because of the utter stupidity of their claims?
    Roger Marks

  24. P.S. I have recommended to Malcolm Turnbill who I have corresponded with to get you to speak to the Liberal MPs if they want to know the truth about same sex marriage.
    Roger Marks

  25. Another well written article Bill. I have to remind myself all the time, I`m not to add judgement and/or insult to the debate, I stake my claim on the Scriptures and the word does the rest. I praise God that the scales on my eyes have been lifted, I just need to keep them open.
    Keep shining the Light, untruths needs to be exposed.
    John Archer

  26. I agree with you 99%. Nice post. Check your democracy premise though. Democracy is mob rule, hence totalitarianism. See Hans Herman Hoppe for a great analysis on the topic.
    Scott Walker

  27. Graham Douglas, Everyone is born in sin, however one chooses the sin they practice. If what you believe was true then there would not be a need for laws, no jails because those who molest little boys and rape little girls and women, those who practice stealing, those who murder could just say they were born that way.
    No one is born to be a thief,a Pedifile, a murderer any more than one is born to be a homosexual all are born in sin and fall short of the Glory of God, but God in His mercy sent His only Son, Christ Yeshua to pay your sin debt in full when He took on all the sin into His own body and let them be nailed to the tree. God is no respecter of persons He would have all to be saved. Yes you and I and everyone was born in sin,but anyone who practices a certain sin do so by choice. All Christians are sinners saved by Grace and a true Christian will not practice any sin though they are not sinless they do not practice any sin that Christ paid for with His very Life and ALL sins were paid for but unless you believe and receive you remain in doubt and do without. Your name along with everyone born or will be born has their name written on the Gift left at the foot of Calvary’s tree, but if left there un-received it will be like a gift given you at Christmas that lays beneath a Christmas tree un-open you can not benefit from it until you actually open it until then it is not truly received. The difference is a gift given you by family or friends left beneath a Christmas tree can and will rot rust or turn to dust or be considered out of style, but the Gift of Eternal Salvation will not rot or rust and turn to dust and it will never be out of style because Yeshua never changes neither does the gift only He can give it ever lasting. I want you to pray sincerely and ask the Lord to deliver you from this bondage because He can and will if you truly want to be free because there is nothing the Lord Yeshua cannot do. He arose from the grave He can and will deliver you.

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