The PC Honours List

It’s the Queen’s birthday so we today have the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Various prominent Australians are recognised and honoured on this list. However, it seems far too often to be more like a PC honours list. It seems to focus on all the usual suspects who are politically correct, left of centre, and hostile to faith, life, family, and freedom.

Let’s look at just a few of this year’s winners. Joan Kirner, former Victorian Premier and a noted founder of Emily’s List (the radical pro-abortion group), got the nod. This hardcore feminist and pro-abortionist is not someone I would wish to honour. With 20,000 unborn babies killed every year in Victoria, this is nothing to celebrate.

Then we have Gareth Evans, a former Cabinet Minister in the Hawke and Keating governments (1983 to 1996). He is famous for many things, but one thing certainly sticks in my mind. He was reported some years ago as stating that children wanted a right to sexual freedom and education and “protection from the influence of Christianity” (Sydney Morning Herald, May 7, 1976, p. 11).

And last but not least, there is Peter Singer, the ethicist and former Monash University professor who now lectures at Princeton University in the US. Here we have one of the most diabolical ethicists of our time, someone who ardently champions not only abortion and euthanasia, but infanticide as well.

Yes you heard me right – he is in complete favour of killing newborn babies. And here he gets this high honour. I have of course written about him many times before. Let me just cite a few paragraphs from some of my earlier articles:

“And in the September 16 [1996] issue of The Spectator he again argues for infanticide, stating that we need to determine whether new-born babies should be allowed to continue living: ‘we should have a ceremony a month after birth, at which the infant is admitted to the community’.

“Such barbaric anti-life views are the inevitable result of one who has rejected the source of all life, the Creator God. Singer’s atheism drives him to a position that many in Nazi Germany would have been quite comfortable with.”

“As he notoriously wrote with Helga Kuhse in the 1985 volume, Should the Baby Live?: ‘We do not think new-born infants have an inherent right to life’. Or as he wrote in a July 1983 edition of Pediatrics: ‘Species membership in Homo-sapiens is not morally relevant. If we compare a dog or a pig to a severely defective infant, we often find the non-human to have superior capacities’.”

“Princeton University’s Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics, Peter Singer, is on record as stating that there is nothing wrong with having sex with animals, as long as it is consensual, and no harm is done to the animal. The vegetarian and animal rights crusader was not laughed out of court when he wrote this.

“Incredibly, most of his colleagues and fellow academics found nothing unusual or alarming about his remarks. That tells us a lot about where academia in particular and the West in general are at. If world-renowned intellectuals can get away with defending bestiality, then we really are coming to the end of Western civilisation.”

“There you have it: abortion, euthanasia, and even infanticide, with a bit of bestiality thrown in on the side. And this is from a world leading ethicist. No wonder the world’s ethics are so incredibly screwed up. With a guy like this teaching thousands of students a year about these kinds of values, it will be hard not to be heading for moral meltdown big time.”

Does the Queen actually know that guys like this are being honoured in her name? These guys are moral monsters who hate life and hate faith. Not quite what the Queen would normally be known for. When will some decent and truly deserving folks get the salute?

Indeed, just who should have been on this list? I can think of a few names. What about someone like Graham Preston, who is now languishing in jail? In fact, he has been in and out of jail for some years now. So he should be honoured? Yep. You see, his crime is this: he thinks unborn babies should not be slaughtered in the tens of thousands every year in Australia.

I have written him up at least twice already because of his courageous and principled stance, one which is costing him and his family so very dearly. He is a true Australian hero, and we need more like him:

Other names come to mind, including some of the great pro-family, pro-life and pro-faith warriors in Australia, such as Babette Francis, or Fred Nile, or Margaret Court, or David and Ros Phillips, or John Fleming, or David van Gend, or Anna von Marburg, or Bernie Finn, to name a few.

Of course the trouble is, once you start naming names, you can go on for quite some time. Many others could be mentioned. And of course it is possible that one or two of these folks may already have received some honours over the years.

But many more folks like this should be getting such recognition. The real heroes in this nation are largely going unnoticed. They certainly are not on the radar of the MSM and our political and social elites. Yet they are doing more good for this nation than these anti-life and anti-faith activists who got the nod today.

But we expect the world to love its own. It will not acknowledge those who are doing the greatest good for the nation, and for the planet. Indeed, the most worthy recipient of every conceivable honour was spat upon, mocked, tortured, and crucified on a wooden cross.

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  1. Hmm. I wonder what Singer’s definition of ethics is?
    I’ve known David & Ros Phillips for many years, I certainly support their nomination. Maybe we should start a non-PC awards list. Unfortunately they would then cop even more flame than they now get.
    John Bennett

  2. In terms of Australian pro-life activists, Margaret Tighe should be the first one honoured.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  3. Typical of the left. Rewarding the lowlifes of the country. It is simply amazing that someone like Singer could get rewarded for his disgusting views.
    Ian Nairn

  4. Thanks Bill.
    The nomination of Kirner, Beattie, Evans and Hill are just the usual suspects. Although Kirner was perhaps the worst premier in Victorian history, just shading Cain Jnr. Look at youtube for Kirner and you will see Ms Gillard as a backing dancer! Whenever I think of Mr Evans, the words ‘Cheryl Kernot’ always come to mind, as well his decision to use the RAAF to spy on the Tasmanian Govt. I was at a function the other night where this gentleman spent 15 minutes to say nothing and poorly. Why this fellow is regarded as other than a pseudo-intellectual, telephone-throwing blowhard is beyond me. He used to head a pacifist think-tank that achieved three-fifths of five-eighths of bugger-all.
    As for Mr Singer, this nomination really crosses the line. How can such ALP people as Kevin Rudd, Mark Bishop, Joe De Bruyn and Ursula Stephens support the nomination to the highest Australian honour of a man who has advocated both the killing of newborns and bestiality (provided the creature involved has signalled ‘consent’). HRH QEII is obliged to accept any nominations, so she cannot be blamed. The fault lies squarely with the ALP and particularly the PM. Do we have a PM that does not publicly support homosexual ‘marriage’ but supports the killing of newborns and bestiality? How low can these people go?
    And more importantly, how they can be so incredibly ignorant of their own nominees? Vale the ALP.
    Dennis Ryan

  5. I think these nominations come with the political and social anti-christian territory/society in which we now live. It might be appropriate to write to the queen and give her a little honest background on some of the nominees, in fact I’ll do just that. I’ll let you all know if I get an answer.
    Anna Cook

  6. Thanks Bill.
    Only one comment, viz. that of our Lord, “The world loves its own.” (John 15:19)
    This spectacle is indeed very sad, but alas, it’s to be expected. The Australian awards system, as with the Nobel Prize committee, has been captured by the godless and evil Left, as Gramsci announced with his “long march” back in the early 1930s.

    Murray R Adamthwaite

  7. Unbelievable. There is no Justice in this world. The people who actually deserve the awards are being treated as criminals, while sick minded individuals are awarded!!!
    There is probably only one I know of that deserved the medal, and that was Captain Nicholas James Perriman, for distinguished leadership in action as the Commander, Mentoring Team Two, Combat Team Delta, Mentoring Task Force Two, on Operation Slipper in Afghanistan.

    But who on Earth would think that it was an honour to be likened to Peter Singer? I wouldn’t. In fact, I would be disgusted at receiving the same award as him!

    Chanade Brandon

  8. Can we get together a nomination team for Graham Preston? Not that these awards are worth getting. But it might at least be a statement.
    Peter Barnes

  9. Singer really does deserve some honors. I mean, he’s spouting off Nazi ideology and he’s well respected in many circles. He’s pulling off a mass delusion. Though perhaps we cannot credit him with the hunger society has for wickedness, but he certainly is feeding it the cream of the crop.

    Of course, this is the only respect he will ever get if he keeps on this path so he ought to enjoy the rewards of his rotten fruit while he’s got it, because it will be short lived in the long run.

    Simon Fox

  10. I absolutely agree with Ewan McDonald, Margaret Tighe should be the first to receive an acknowledgment of her tireless work over so many years.

    The problem with ‘us’ starting our own PC award list is I think it could evolve into pretty much what the secular one is now!
    God is the only one I need a pat on the back from.
    Great thought though
    Carolyn Cormack

  11. How sad that Queen Elizabeth II has so little influence over the honours given in her name. Adding Peter Singer to the honour list certainly makes a farce of it and makes the intention to nominate a person for this list in order to honour that person no longer desirable. What really are the “achievements for the good of humanity” that surely have to be the basis for being on this list that can be attributed to Peter Singer?
    When I heard his name yesterday on the radio, I turned it off in disgust. I just couldn’t believe that it was possible.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  12. I was going to nominate someone for an award. It is easy to do. Get the form from Governmennt House. Fill it in. Send it in. Then the public servants in the Governor General’s Department deal with it. That was some five years ago. Has the system changed? We don’t have to start a new list, though Fred Nile has some awards that his group award annually. We just need to put forward our nominees and then hold the public servants accountable. Use the current system.
    Greg Brien

  13. Yes I too felt literally sick in the stomach when I heard that Singer was a recipient. Some of the others may be questionable but this is disgraceful.

    I sometimes find myself hoping – somewhat perversely I admit – for these people’s sake that they are correct in their atheism. The punishment of a just God for some must surely be more horrific than the worst horror movie ever made.

    David Williams

  14. Thanks Bill.

    I couldn’t find the link but reading the The Australian today I did notice that they covered this story on page 6. under “Award for Singer, “madness””. Various folk (Senator Joyce, Roslyn Phillips from Family Voice Australia and Tim Kelleher from the Australian Family Association) were quoted as being against the award. Not surprisingly the Greens were very pro the award!!! (What planet do these guys live on)!!! The Oz’s editorial though left a little to be desired

    Kind regards

    Dave Billingham

  15. You know Bill when I open your messages and see that what I was thinking since the QBHL, I am glad to know I’m not alone. How other recipients over the years have been working diligently in homelessness, helping the marginalized to see someone get an honour after eight 8 years working in a field, it’s a gob smacker…
    I believe it has made the “awards” system in this country one big fat joke. Roll on election day.
    Lorraine Twentyman

  16. Another aspect of the despicable Gareth Evans is his betrayal of
    a) his wife and family by his infidelity
    b) his country whilst Foreign Minister (betraying East Timor for instance – not in Australia’s interests – now we have to clean up the resulting mess)
    c) the Australian Democrats by pinching Cheryl Kernot and persuading her to join the ALP (part of the effect was to demean the ALP also)

    An all-around nasty character on that evidence.

    John Angelico

  17. Dear Bill, When I heard the honours list on A.B.C. radio on Monday morning my first reaction was “What a — Crew”. We have to have sympathy for Ian Fraser, the High court judge and the head gardener. I think the people who approved that awards list have lowered the status of that award.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  18. There are some fine Christian people who over the years have received honours, as well as many people who may not be Christians but have done good service to the community.

    The giving of awards to people who should rather be named and shamed gives the awards a bad name.

    As for academics, there are many fine people in that kind of position, but there are plenty of politically-correct crazy ones who really are on another cultural planet. But then, as we read, they have their reward here and now. It’s better to wait. I think John Milton said something about it being better to be a slave in heaven than a king in hell.

    David Morrison

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