OK, We Can Now Finally Declare: Sweden Is Officially Insane

Sorry if you happen to be a Swede, but I can now categorically state that Sweden is a basket case. At least those folks running the place are number one candidates for the funny farm. As I have documented time after time, this is one of the most far-out nations on the planet.

If it were any further off the planet, it would be in Saturn. This nation has led the way in every PC bit of silliness one can imagine. Just how much more “progressive” it can become before it totally self-destructs is a moot point. Certainly when it comes to families, marriage and children, it almost makes the old Communist regimes look tame.

Consider the latest example of Swedish moonbattery. And this is just not something anyone could make up. Even though Sweden has some good just-say-no policies on drugs, some of the contraband goods must have been discovered and deeply enjoyed by some of the Swedish political elites. All I can do here is let you read for yourself:

“Men who work for the Sörmland County Council in central Sweden should sit down rather than stand up when urinating in office toilets, according to a motion put forward by the local Left Party chapter. The Left Party in Sörmland is taking a stand to ensure men take a seat when emptying their bladders in the county council’s own toilets. According to the party, there are two very important reasons for the proposal encouraging men to sit instead of stand when they urinate.

“One reason has to do with hygiene and a desire to ensure that no one who uses the toilets at the county council’s offices will be required to walk through puddles or residue left by stray urine which happens to splash out of the bowl and onto the floor when male employees pee standing up. The Left Party also cites medical research it claims shows that men empty their bladders more efficiently when they are seated.

“The improved bladder evacuation not only reduces the risk for prostate problems, according to the party, but also helps men who sit rather than stand achieve a longer and healthier sex life, the local Folket newspaper reported. As a first step in its quest to get men to take a seat, the Left Party proposes labeling toilets which are designated for men who absolutely want to remain standing when they pee.

“The Left Party’s Viggo Hansen, a substitute member of the county council and the man responsible for the proposal, wants the office toilets to be genderless and as a result, is pushing for the ‘sit-down only’ requirement. He insisted, however, that the move doesn’t represent political meddling in people’s bathroom habits. ‘That’s not what we’re doing. We want to give men the option of going into a clean toilet,’ he told Sveriges Television (SVT).”

Yes folks, you actually did just read that. Those illegal drugs must be especially potent in Sweden. The mind absolutely staggers at this lunacy. But it must be pointed out that there is in fact a third – and much more likely – reason for this moonbat proposal.

You see, Sweden has taken the prize for decades now as being the most committed nation on earth to establishing – even by force – complete and total androgyny. Year after year now it has done everything it can to force its own citizens to embrace a gender-free society.

It seems to think its main purpose for existence is to completely eradicate the notion that there are any differences between men and women. Such thinking is absolutely verboten in Sweden, so don’t you dare try to let little Bjorn play with a truck, or little Ingrid play with a doll.

In the eyes of these enlightened progressives, that is about as bad as you can get in terms of child abuse. In Sweden it is just fine to abort your children; to bring them into the world without a mother and a father; but don’t you dare let boys be boys – or girls be girls for that matter.

In case you think I slightly exaggerate here, let me just remind you of some earlier pieces I wrote on this social engineering laboratory. I cite just a few examples from my recent articles:

“Absolute PC lunacy seems to be a national pastime with this country, and it seems to want to outdo itself with each new case of moonbattery. Consider the latest example of moral hari-kari, the latest example of its war against marriage and family.

“Here is how one news report covers the story: ‘At the Egalia preschool, staff avoid using words like “him” or “her” and address the 33 kids as “friends” rather than girls and boys. From the colour and placement of toys to the choice of books, every detail has been carefully planned to make sure the children don’t fall into gender stereotypes. “Society expects girls to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing,” says Jenny Johnsson, a 31-year-old teacher. “Egalia gives them a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be”.’”

And again: “Once upon a time bestiality was seen as the utter epitome of moral depravity and sexual suicide. Now the only thing the Swedish authorities are worrying about is whether the sheep was injured or not. As long as both parties are unharmed – especially the animal – then everything is just peachy.

“This is where contemporary Sweden had gotten to. Put these various ingredients together – super secularism, sexual anarchy, and a war against the family – and you have some very fertile ground for this sort of behaviour. Indeed, the article goes on to say this: ‘Sex crimes against animals have been reported to be on the rise in Sweden earlier this year with an increase in reported cases of sexual mutilation of horses and other livestock’.”

And just one more: “A couple of Swedish parents have stirred up debate in the country by refusing to reveal whether their two-and-a-half-year-old child is a boy or a girl. In an interview with newspaper Svenska Dagbladet in March, the parents were quoted saying their decision was rooted in the feminist philosophy that gender is a social construction. ‘We want Pop to grow up more freely and avoid being forced into a specific gender mould from the outset,’ Pop’s mother said. ‘It’s cruel to bring a child into the world with a blue or pink stamp on their forehead’.”

And sadly there are plenty more examples from where those came from. This is one sick puppy of a country. Its war against gender, against family, and against common sense – not to mention biology – seems to know no bounds. It just keeps getting loopier as time goes on.

Admittedly there are some good Swedes who are fed up with all this utter nonsense, but apparently not enough. Indeed, some folks might object: “But it is the Swedish rulers who are insane, not the Swedish people”. To which I would humbly ask: “But who voted for these num-nums in the first place?”

It just might be time for this land to be put out of its misery. While we all may enjoy the occasional spin in a Volvo, or some bookcases from IKEA, or a tune from ABBA, this country for the most part has been one lean mean gender-wrecking machine. And one hates to imagine how it could get any worse. But those Swedes are an innovative and ingenious bunch – alas.


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25 Replies to “OK, We Can Now Finally Declare: Sweden Is Officially Insane”

  1. Finally a bit of sanity in a mad world! Well done Mathew. I hope many others join in, in rightful protest! I certainly will.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  2. “Those illegal drugs must be especially potent in Sweden” Classic Bill! Just classic! I wonder if they will introduce fines for peeing standing up, maybe they will install cameras to “monitor the situation”… Or maybe, just maybe, for the sake of the health of the population they will ban urinals!

    Fadi Raad

  3. Who would have thought that… what happened to choice?
    It is when they try to make us women pee standing up to prove their moonbattery, that is when it gets really scary.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  4. Ur in al sorts of trouble in Sweden these days!

    Steve Postlethwaite

  5. Thanks Liz

    No I had not seen that one. Love this line from it: “Sonja Abrahamsson, who describes herself as ‘a 27-year old womanlike human being from northern Sweden’.”

    If she may be uncertain about her gender, at least she still believes she is human!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  6. Come on Bill, no country can be that bad (as Chamberlain said of Germany in 1938).

    David Morrison

  7. It almost seems like the moonbats use Sweden as a test case for each of their newest ideas just to see how far they can push this rubbish before people crack.

    Morris Otte

  8. Not yet, Bill. Not yet fully insane. To be totally genderless, they need to remove everything that gives a person gender identity. People should not be allowed to use anything that’s specifically designed for one gender. All make-up cosmetics must be banned. So must tampons, skirts and dresses, men’s suits, bras, high-heel shoes, etc. Men’s shavers are to be banned… at the same time they are not allowed to have any facial hair which identify them as male. Breasts are illegal. They got to start genetically alter babies to make them like flowers – being able to “self-pollinate”. Also, they might as well make it illegal for anyone to speak in a male or female voice tone. And they can in fact go further with their toilets. It seems unfair to force the men to sit. These gaystapos are supposed to be “fair-minded.” Why not have standing toilets only for both male and female? I can come up with dozens of reasons why urinating standing up is healthier and “scientifically” proven – by me.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if some, or all of the things I mentioned here they’re already trying to do. They make my blood boil, Bill.

    Eddie Sim

  9. How do you police something like that? Ridiculous in so many ways.

    Isaac Overton

  10. Isaac, you severely underestimate our eggheads, elites and bureaucrats. They will easily come up with an entire office dedicated to this, along with the Pee Police and everything else. Trust them – they are from the government!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Whoever is in charge of Sweden reminds me of Zimri in King James version of 1 Kings 16:

    10 And Zimri went in and smote him, and killed him, in the twenty and seventh year of Asa king of Judah, and reigned in his stead.
    11 And it came to pass, when he began to reign, as soon as he sat on his throne, that he slew all the house of Baasha: he left him not one that pisseth against a wall, neither of his kinsfolks, nor of his friends.

    Zimri – even sounds Swedish.

    Lex Clarke

  12. I think the guy who dreamt this sitting down pee procedure has been going into the wrong (Oh sorry) Ladies oops err laddies, dammit I mean peoples toilet. Have they never heard of urinals? Perhaps he was raised as a genderless person and has spent his life going to the toilet where knickers are the norm and that can sometimes make sitting down a necessity no matter how cold it is.
    When questioned whether he had any ulterior motives for making this sexless sit down toilet suggestion he replied “I have nothing to hide”!
    Now where are my Long Johns oops Janes err leg warmers??
    P. Percy.

    Dennis Newland

  13. Sounds like these people are bored… Like there isn’t enough real work out there needing to get done!

    Clive Ins

  14. I personally think that any one being voted into a political position and other Authoritarian positions must have some sort of mental check-up as clearly, the nation is being ruled by lunatics.
    Sarah Adwoa

  15. Oh wow! Is monty python running their country? I seriously thought I was reading the script for “the Meaning of Life”, talking about “imposing genders” on these children. You’re absolutely right, they are crazy!
    Ben Peckover

  16. Actually, Sweden’s been on this path for years. I can’t find the link at the moment, but in the childcare centres they make the little boys sit down to urinate.

    As for having the girls stand up? It ain’t gonna happen. It’s all about breaking down the masculine to make way for the ‘softer, kinder’ feminine I believe.

    Men are removed from their position as head of the family with the breakdown of marriage and rise of State-funded support, they are vastly over-represented as the aggressor in any information literature and advertorials about domestic violence when statistically it’s near 50-50 as to who initiated it, are the two examples that spring to mind here.

    Emasculate them more, make them pee like girls, and your civilisational breakdown is almost complete.

    Of course, what the socialists either don’t get or wilfully ignore is that if you don’t have a rock-solid foundation, you’ll just sink in the sand and something else will be built on top of the wreckage. Considering the problems in Scandinavia with the ongoing cultural enrichment, I have no difficulty imagining what’s going to occur.

    Debra Franklin

  17. Why stop at neutralizing Gender? surely we should go the whole nine yards and stop referring to ourselves as Humans.
    Sorry but I’m really a zebra and I answer to the name of “Spot” No I am not a female animal nor a male. Err can i give birth? But as an animal/insect/mamMal/fish of neither gender with dangling bits outside my body and no third orifice it could be a little painful. But then again as I am a swede! oops sorry person/animal! oops sorry Living creature of the planet earth, And as such can change every natural order of things. And as I am so far up myself then obviously a pregnancy must be expected at any time soon. In fact I am seeing the Gyno tomorrow to discuss methods of exit for the thingy. And if that has to be through the dangley bits. My question will be whether or not I should be standing or sitting at the time.

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