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If I have said it once, I have said it a zillion times: the homosexual militants will settle for nothing less than the complete and total silencing of all opposition. They will not stand for even one contrary voice, and they are working overtime to ensure every single voice raised against them is forever banished.

Thus these militants are amongst the most totalitarian, fascist and anti-democratic folks you will ever be unfortunate enough to encounter. They are bent on completely stifling any debate, and in making sure alterative opinions on this matter are never heard.

Consider what has happened here. This is shocking news. Behold the power of the homosexual militants to completely shut down entire websites. Check out what happens when you click on this link:

You will not get the site you are looking for. Instead you will get the following bleak announcement: “The MassResistance website was suddenly taken off the Internet on Monday afternoon. Homosexual activists threatened our Internet hosting company and unfortunately the company capitulated. More information on that coming soon.”

Wow. Nazi Germany would be proud as punch about something like this. The gaystapo are on the march, and they will not rest until all individuals, groups, sites, books, magazines and so on are gathered up and burned in the streets. This is war folks.

Massresistance has been an absolute tower of strength in these wars. Ever since the American state of Massachusetts legalised homosexual marriage on May 17, 2004, all hell has broken loose. Freedoms of ordinary citizens have been stripped away at a frightening pace.

Thus massrersistance was set up to monitor this war against faith, family and freedom, and to offer resistance. It has been so successful that the homonazis have once again bullied and intimidated everyone in their path. Now they have badgered this ISP so severely that they have caved in and taken the site down.

While the militant thugs are salivating over this, it is just another blow struck against freedom and democracy. Right now this website no longer exists. So who will be next? My website could well be down the next time you look. And I have been warning about this for years now.

So don’t say you haven’t been warned. In the meantime, it is hoped that massresistance will get up again on another server. Until then, it is a very good thing I had copied some of their invaluable information previously. So now in the interests of showing solidarity with our pro-family, pro-freedom and pro-faith friends in Massachusetts, and in the interests of getting truth out into the public arena – before it is too late – I repost something of their material I have earlier posted:

One concerned father, Brian Camenker, was so appalled by all this that he wrote up the very real results. While his entire article deserves careful reading, I here offer large slabs of it. This is vitally important information which everyone needs to be aware of. Here is what this concerned Massachusetts father has to say about how the public schools have been impacted by all this:

Anyone who thinks that same-sex “marriage” is a benign eccentricity which won’t affect the average person should consider what it has done in Massachusetts. It’s become a hammer to force the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality on everyone. And this train is moving fast. What has happened so far is only the beginning. On November 18, 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court announced its Goodridge opinion, ruling that it was unconstitutional not to allow same-sex “marriage.” Six months later, homosexual marriages began to be performed.

The homosexual “marriage” onslaught in public schools across the state started soon after the November 2003, court decision. At my own children’s high school there was a school-wide assembly to celebrate same-sex “marriage” in early December, 2003. It featured an array of speakers, including teachers at the school who announced that they would be “marrying” their same-sex partners and starting families either through adoption or artificial insemination. Literature on same-sex marriage – how it is now a normal part of society – was handed out to the students.

Within months it was brought into the middle schools. In September, 2004, an 8th-grade teacher in Brookline, MA, told National Public Radio that the marriage ruling had opened up the floodgates for teaching homosexuality. “In my mind, I know that, `OK, this is legal now.’ If somebody wants to challenge me, I’ll say, `Give me a break. It’s legal now,’” she told NPR. She added that she now discusses gay sex with her students as explicitly as she desires.  For example, she said she tells the kids that lesbians can have vaginal intercourse using sex toys.

By the following year it was in elementary school curricula. Kindergartners were given picture books telling them that same-sex couples are just another kind of family, like their own parents. In 2005, when David Parker of Lexington, MA – a parent of a kindergartner – strongly insisted on being notified when teachers were discussing homosexuality or transgenderism with his son, the school had him arrested and put in jail overnight.

Second graders at the same school were read a book, “King and King”, about two men who have a romance and marry each other, with a picture of them kissing. When parents Rob and Robin Wirthlin complained, they were told that the school had no obligation to notify them or allow them to opt-out their child.

In 2006 the Parkers and Wirthlins filed a federal Civil Rights lawsuit to force the schools to notify parents and allow them to opt-out their elementary-school children when homosexual-related subjects were taught.  The federal judges dismissed the case. The judges ruled that because same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, the school actually had a duty to normalize homosexual relationships to children, and that schools have no obligation to notify parents or let them opt-out their children! Acceptance of homosexuality had become a matter of good citizenship!

Think about that: Because same-sex marriage is “legal”, a federal judge has ruled that the schools now have a duty to portray homosexual relationships as normal to children, despite what parents think or believe! In 2006, in the elementary school where my daughter went to Kindergarten, the parents of a third-grader were forced to take their child out of school because a man undergoing a sex-change operation and cross-dressing was being brought into class to teach the children that there are now “different kinds of families.” School officials told the mother that her complaints to the principal were considered “inappropriate behavior.”

Libraries have also radically changed.  School libraries across the state, from elementary school to high school, now have shelves of books to normalize homosexual behavior and the lifestyle in the minds of kids, some of them quite explicit and even pornographic. Parents complaints are ignored or met with hostility.

Over the past year, homosexual groups have been using taxpayer money to distribute a large, slick hardcover book celebrating homosexual marriage titled “Courting Equality” into every school library in the state. It’s become commonplace in Massachusetts schools for teachers to prominently display photos of their same-sex “spouses” and occasionally bring them to school functions. Both high schools in my own town now have principals who are “married” to their same-sex partners, whom they bring to school and introduce to the students.

“Gay days” in schools are considered necessary to fight “intolerance” which may exist against same-sex relationships.  Hundreds of high schools and even middle schools across the state now hold “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender appreciation days”. They “celebrate” homosexual marriage and move forward to other behaviors such as cross-dressing and transsexuality. In my own town, a school committee member recently announced that combating “homophobia” is now a top priority.

Once homosexuality has been normalized, all boundaries will come down. The schools are already moving on to normalizing transgenderism (including cross-dressing and sex changes). The state-funded Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth includes leaders who are transsexuals.

He also examines how business has been adversely affected by all this:
-All insurance in Massachusetts must now recognize same-sex “married” couples in their coverage. This includes auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, etc. Businesses must recognize same-sex “married” couples in all their benefits, activities, etc., regarding both employees and customers.
-The wedding industry is required serve the homosexual community if requested. Wedding photographers, halls, caterers, etc., must do same-sex marriages or be arrested for discrimination.
-Businesses are often “tested” for tolerance by homosexual activists. Groups of homosexual activists often go into restaurants or bars and publicly kiss and fondle each other to test whether the establishment demonstrates sufficient “equality” — now that homosexual marriage is “legal”.  In fact, more and more overt displays of homosexual affection are seen in public places across the state to reinforce “marriage equality”.

After examining a number of other key areas which have been impacted by this, he concludes with these words: Homosexual “marriage” hangs over society like a hammer with the force of law. And it’s only just begun. It’s pretty clear that the homosexual movement’s obsession with marriage is not because large numbers of them actually want to marry each other. Research shows that homosexual relationships are fundamentally dysfunctional on many levels, and “marriage” as we know it isn’t something they can achieve, or even desire. (In fact, over the last three months, the Sunday Boston Globe’s marriage section hasn’t had any photos of homosexual marriages. In the beginning it was full of them.) This is about putting the legal stamp of approval on homosexuality and imposing it with force throughout the various social and political institutions of a society that would never accept it otherwise. To the rest of America: You’ve been forewarned.

And to the rest of the world: you’ve been forewarned.

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  1. Thanks Bill. I have tried to post links to Andrew Bolt’s website from lifesitenews and a message appears that reads: ‘this site is blacklisted’- access denied.

    You are spot on about our freedoms being stripped away.

    Thankfully- it still allows links to your site.

    Annette Williams

  2. It’s like living through a nightmare! Amazingly, at about the same time as I was reading about this, a pastor commented on Facebook that opposing homosexual activism “would not even rate in my top 10” issues of concern for the church! And this because homosexuality “was rampant in New Testament times, yet the New Testament mentions it only a few times.” Yes, but a lot of other serious issues didn’t even get one direct mention in the New Testament, and I don’t think the homosexuals were running the government back then like they are today.

    Ewan McDonald, Victoria.

  3. Anyone who says that we live in a free country is kidding themselves. The fourth Reich is here and you will submit. Not only are we told that we have to accept all this perversion we are also told we have to like it. How is that possible? How dare anyone think for themselves and hold an independent view especially when it’s something as outrageous as supporting the marriage relationship between a man and woman, what a bazaar concept, man and women. How un-natural and abnormal? To most of us the fact that men and women were made for each other is self evident. Freedom, that’s what these people are re-defining. Pseudo freedom, the freedom you have when you not having freedom. The dim-witted are euphoric that the new order is moving forward and they are seemingly oblivious to the fact that out there somewhere the SS’s are marshalling people who are different from themselves into rail cattle cars headed for ultimate silencing. Moo.
    Greg Sadler

  4. It’s of no value to point out that all these things will happen, ie teaching about homosexual lifestyles, sex, marriage, etc. The pro-gay sector sees no problem with that!
    As for the militant anti-freespeech people, I totally agree. I am still stunned at the strength of my own family members’ opposition to ACL and AMD lobbying, on the grounds that I/they are being extremely hurtful to so many people who just want the same rights as everyone else! “They should just stop what they are doing!” Sadly, I think many Christians are caught in this deception, and mistake changing the definition of marriage for grace and compassion.
    Beth Hart

  5. “Be not afraid, for these things must come to pass…” Yeah, pretty glib, eh? Doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t put up a fight as a witness against these evils, I know.

    This gay stunt is again only one aspect of a probable ‘abomination that causes desolation.’ It’s part of a deprogramming of all that Believers stand for. Satan wants to parallel all that Christ stands for with confusion and for people to unwittingly worship him.

    A parallel to consider is: ‘When you see the daily sacrifice taken away and the abomination set up in the Holy place…’ We WILL be stripped of openly seeking a relationship with Christ. Looks mighty like a form of ‘abomination that causes desolation’ to me when our daily prayer, ‘sacrifice’, is taken away and it’s a crime to even think any opposition.

    Eventually we will be prohibited from buying and paying for anything and be forced to move from sympathetic household to household or bridge underpass to underpass… a total trust in God for deliverance and even then, some of us will ‘tested unto death’. Very glib.

    Grant Squelch

  6. I do not know how to respond to information about this.

    ‘Disturbing’ is my reaction.

    In addition, how the moral values that have underpinned values and ethics for centuries are being watered down in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusiveness.’

    Scott McPhee

  7. If, by God’s grace the west gets to survive this, the time will come when all these things will be reversed, they have to, or there will be no humans left. Just like in Sweden their outrageous drug policies had to be reversed, because it was obvious even to the most reality-blind that it wasn’t working. The churches will be asked to fix a lot of state-caused damage, just like they have been asked in Africa in various communist nations before. And so the circle goes on, very few learn, until the Lord comes back. I’d rather Jesus comes back soon and takes us all home though, but, praise God, that timing is in His hands, so we can’t muck it up with our selfish and impatient desires.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  8. Bill, do you think that the push for multiculturalism was just a ploy to soften us up for this? I think it was in Lutzer’s book where I read that people wouldn’t believe a big lie, because they wouldn’t tell a big lie, so watch out for the little ones, well, I think we already swallowed the little ones – all cultures are equally valid etc. so now we are ready for the big ones.
    But I really would like to hear your thoughts on this, Bill.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  9. I have just looked at some of the news items on that website. I pinched myself, but I wasn’t dreaming. The brainless nonsense of the pro-gay agenda must surely over-reach itself and self-destruct.

    David Morrison

  10. “If I have said it once, I have said it a zillion times: the homosexual militants will settle for nothing less than the complete and total silencing of all opposition” – exactly right, Bill. And if I have said it once, I have said it a zillion times: this about only one thing: power – it’s not about gaining rights and freedoms, it’s not about helping people, it’s not about being liberal (in the true sense, of course), and it is certainly not about individuals, it is about gaining, retaining, and exercising power.
    John Thomas, UK

  11. Bill,

    I agree with you that freedom of speech is essential to all. But is there any chance you and Jim Wallace could stop with the Nazi refrences. Considering how many people they killed because they were homosexuals, it does come across as somewhat hypocritical considering your rule number four.

    Keep up the good fight for what you believe in.

    Sean Goddard-Chase

  12. Thanks Sean

    But if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck….

    More importantly however, you need to read the research on this debunking the myths on this topic. Homosexuality was in fact a big part of the Nazi party. The truth is, homosexuals were mainly perpetrators, not victims, of Nazi terror. But see the historical works by Lively, Abrams and others on this.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. Not long before gay leaders announce The Final Solution to the Christian Problem…

    For now, still has some old versions of

    Michael Watts

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