Real Hate, Fake Hate

The culture wars continue apace, with the battle over human sexuality as usual taking centre stage. In the old days actual arguments were offered to make one’s case, but given that the activists don’t have too many of those – at least not good ones – they now generally stoop to name calling and ad hominem attacks.

Their favourite trick of late is to call anyone who disagrees with them a hater, and to take any disagreement to their agenda as a “hate crime”. But as I have documented so often here, plenty of fake or hoax hate crimes are coming to light, and if there is real hatred out there, it all seems to be coming from the militants.

As to phony hate crimes, I have reported on many of them recently, and here is yet another to add to the collection. The story goes as follows: “Charlie Rogers’ story about crawling at 4 a.m. on a Monday morning – bound, bloodied, and baying – across the street to her neighbor’s house after being brutally attacked by three men seemed too horrific to be true. Yesterday, police in Lincoln, Nebraska, concluded it was just that.

“The 33-year-old lesbian, a former University of Nebraska women’s basketball star, arrived on the front door of her neighbor Linda Rappl’s house on July 22, with a story out of a horror movie. Three masked men had broken into her home, tied her up with plastic zip ties, carved a cross into her chest and anti-gay slurs into her arms and stomach, spray painted hateful words onto her walls, then tried to set her home on fire….

“The town and surrounding area believed her story, too, as her tale ricocheted around the internet. Omaha-based Heartland Pride held a rally last month outside the Lincoln capitol, attracting 1,000 people and raising $1,800, which Heartland President Beth Rigatuso deposited in a bank account for Rogers. First Plymouth Congregational Church held a second event in her honor. Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler, a Democrat. issued a statement declaring, ‘We stand united with our gay and lesbian citizens in denouncing violence directed at any group.’

“But Rogers’ story quickly unraveled. Police say her story changed markedly during the four times they questioned her. LPD investigator Lynette Russell said she found the bedspread, where three men had purportedly restrained and tortured her, ‘evenly placed on the bed and no apparent sign of a struggle,’ and without a spot of blood.

“Then there were the wounds themselves. Russell said they ‘appeared superficial and symmetrical, [and] avoided sensitive areas of the body.’ They appeared to be consistent with someone writing on themselves, she said. At the scene, police found a pair of white knit gloves. ‘She had told the investigators initially that the gloves were the only things that were left behind by her assailants and that they were not hers,’ saidLincoln Police Chief Jim Peschong. But the only DNA the University of Nebraska Medical Center found inside them ‘matched Miss Rogers’.

“Police soon found that she had purchased a pair of white gloves, zip ties, a utility knife, and blades at the local Ace Hardware store on July 17. They matched the bar codes to those sold at the store, and an employee identified Rogers as having shopped there.

“The day after shopping at Ace – four days before the alleged assault – Rogers posted on Facebook: ‘So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me’.”

OK, so the other side is making a habit of lying and concocting fake stories to push their sinister agenda. In the meantime, the real hate seems to be coming all from their side. Take as evidence two more episodes in the ongoing saga over Chick-fil-A.

Consider how one southern university is championing diversity and tolerance: “A liberal arts college in North Carolina has become the first in the nation to prevent Chick-fil-A from being served at campus events over the restaurant’s indirect support of pro-family groups perceived by some as ‘anti-gay.’

“The student organization that controls student funds at Davidson College made the decision last week to prevent the sandwiches from being served at a series of events called ‘After Midnight,’ when students circulated a petition expressing outrage over a Chick-fil-A’s owner’s monetary donations to groups including Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council. Davidson College in North Carolina has become the first university in the nation to prevent Chick-fil-A from being served on campus.”

And even police are not immune from all the hate. One item covers the story this way: “A Dallas Police Sergent arrived at work last Wednesday with a seemingly innocent chicken sandwich. But this wasn’t any ordinary chicken sandwich. It was a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A — on ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’ no less.

“As the Sergent arrived at his post at the Southeast patrol sector, he got in a heated exchange with two female police officers, both of whom happened to be lesbians, CBS DFW reports. The fast food chain has become a symbol for free speech to some, and a symbol for ‘hate’ to others, after restaurant President Dan Cathy decided to publicly back traditional marriage last month.

“It‘s unclear who initiated the confrontation but that’s what police say they hope to find out after conducting an internal investigation. A department spokesperson told CBS DFW  that the issue is not that the sergeant brought a Chick-fil-A sandwich into the substation, but rather whether he made inappropriate or offensive comments while arguing with the two female officers while on duty. He has since been assigned to the graveyard shift — before the investigation has been conducted.”

As long as the activists are on the scene, these sorts of skirmishes will simply continue, and will continue to get worse. As Christopher Agee writes, “Advocates for the gay lifestyle seem to have a never-ending roster of tactics through which to preach their brand of tolerance. While demanding acceptance from those with traditional values, anyone voicing the slightest opposition to their radical agenda is labeled a bigoted homophobe.”

Hiding under the rhetoric of inequality will just not do: “The simple fact is, whether they like it or not, homosexuals are equal. Gays have exactly the same marriage rights as anyone else in America. Discrimination only occurs when someone is denied a right they would otherwise have, and since no one can marry someone of the same sex under federal law, everyone is on equal legal footing. Sure, a gay man may want to marry his partner and even believe he should be able to, but the feeling or belief of discrimination does not make it so.”

Given their lack of a solid case, all the activists can do is bully, intimidate and seek to impose their agenda on everyone else. “For all their activism against bullying, the godless left has no option in disseminating their viewpoint aside from forcing it onto the masses through their virtual stranglehold of areas including media and education. When explaining what they stand for, they are exposed as the anti-liberty secularists they really are. Their screams for tolerance and inclusion fall short when one realizes they refer only to those with whom they agree.

“Castigating the boogeymen on the right, though, gives some the perception they have the moral high ground. Cursory investigation into their stated beliefs, however, will prove the left is merely trying to steamroll the right into submission, with the intended result of 100 percent political correctness. The cost, of course, would be an absolute loss of freedom and the abolition of the Judeo-Christian belief system. For the left, this is just icing on the cake.”

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3 Replies to “Real Hate, Fake Hate”

  1. Dear Bill, I have been participating the local public debate about same sex marriage. There was recently a march held through Rockhampton to support marriage”equality”. The people who support traditional marriage were called “red Necks”. The march was held in the bright sun. None of the people, all 100 of them, wore any hats. My employer would regard that as an unsafe practice. The argument goes on.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  2. It seems to be the high-light issue of our day. Last year my wife and I held up a banner with listed a number of sins including homosexuality, and warned of coming judgment in a small Victorian country town. We held it on the corner of a main road where all the school kids had to walk by to get home after school. Within a matter of days the local council were gathering statements from young people who professed homosexuality or were leaning towards it. Then the police sergeant told us his daughter came home complaining about our denunciation of homosexuality. Then a local female homosexual made her own sign and vowed to follow us wherever we went. The height of concern was not on any other sin but that of homosexuality, and the great fear was that we would be instrumental in stopping young people ‘come out’. Just mention it today, and the termites crawl out of the wood-work it seems. I’ll keep mentioning it to the glory of God and the salvation of homosexuals!
    Forbes Morrison

  3. I know that because I believe homosexual acts are wrong I am hateful, homophobic, and lacking in mental ability, as well as having a few other unprintable attributes. Or so some loving supporters of “equal love” have told me. They must be right. Their reasoning must be impeccable but they never seem to divulge it. Slogans will have to do.
    David Morrison

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