The Misotheist Scrooges Are At It Again

You can always tell when it is Christmas – or Easter, or other major Christian events – because the militant God-haters come out in force, seeking to make life miserable for everyone. In true Scrooge fashion some of these folks have decided it is their mission in life to destroy Christmas, or at least attack anyone who dares to enjoy it.

There have been all sorts of news stories coming out this month about how the militant secularists are doing their bit to censor the reason for the season and make life unbearable for those who still celebrate the Messiah’s birth. Plenty of examples can be mentioned here. Just consider four such cases.

The first one comes from the US state of Montana. It goes like this: “A group of parents upset over a Montana elementary school’s Christmas program claim the presentation is unfair, unconstitutional and is a form of bullying. The parents — whose children attend Chief Charlo Elementary School in Missoula, Mont. — outlined their concerns in a letter last week to the superintendent of the Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) district.

“The school’s program is completely legal, said Matt Sharp, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) legal counsel. ‘Courts have responded in favor of schools playing Christmas music, as long as it serves an overall educational purpose,’ Sharp said, adding that it would ‘give students a truncated view of our culture to remove these songs. From what we’ve seen, the school appears to have chosen a perfectly reasonable, balanced mix of songs like “Up On a House Top” and “Joy to the World” and has correctly emphasized that the musical program serves an educational purpose, reflecting long-standing, nationwide traditions,’ said Candi Cushman, CitizenLink’s education analyst.”

Boy, what a bunch of grumps. But the misotheists usually are. You’d be grumpy too if you spent your entire life raging against someone you don’t even believe is there.

The second case comes from Canada: “Ashu M.G. Solo, a Saskatoon atheist, has issued a complaint to the city after he was apparently offended by a ‘Merry Christmas’ message that appeared on electronic displays on Saskatoon Transit buses. Solo explained in his letter that Christmas wishes are offensive and discriminatory because it not only gives preferential treatment of one group over another, but it also violates the separation of state and religion.”

So an angry misotheist is now claiming a cheerful Christmas message is offensive and discriminatory. Go figure! Even Scrooge did not come up with something that stupid and reckless.

A third, and quite incredible, example is from Arkansas: “A church in Little Rock, Ark., canceled one performance of ‘Merry Christmas Charlie Brown’ after an atheist organization complained and said students should not be exposed to a show with Christian themes as part of a school field trip.

“Happy Caldwell, pastor of Agape Church, issued a statement on the church’s website on Wednesday, stating that while he believes the school was within its constitutional rights to bring students to the production, the church has nevertheless decided to cancel a Friday showing for students.

“‘It is not our desire to put hard working, sacrificial teachers and cast members in harm’s way,’ wrote Caldwell. ‘What we want said is that we love our city, our schools, parents and families. People are at the heart of the matter to us.’ He also said Principal Sandra Register of Terry Elementary School took a ‘courageous stand’ when she decided not to cancel the trip after learning that someone had complained about it.”

Unbelievable. Those ornery God-haters sure are good at wrecking the joy of everyone else. Scrooge would be so proud of them.

Finally, this from New York: “A group called American Atheists has posted a high-profile billboard in New York City’s Times Square depicting Christianity as a ‘myth,’ apparently mocking Jesus Christ on the cross. The group, which first launched its Christmas ‘myth’ campaign in 2010, ramped up its campaign with a giant sign that features an image of Santa Claus, an equally large picture portraying a suffering Jesus on the cross, along with the phrase, ‘Keep the Merry — Dump the Myth!’

“David Silverman, president of the atheist club, claimed in a press release that his group thinks ‘a large population of Christians are actually “atheists” who feel trapped in their family’s religion.’ He declared that ‘you do not have to lie and call yourself Christian in order to have a festive holiday season. You can be merry without the myth, and indeed, you should’.”

Wow, for a bunch of folks who deny that there even is such a thing as God, they sure do put a lot of time, effort and attention into his supposed nonexistence.

Talk about the misotheists who stole Christmas. It seems that these guys really need to get a life. If they hate Christmas, fine, but their obsession to destroy it for everyone else really does reveal their true colours. They not only hate God, but they hate everyone who dares to enjoy a life lived in relationship with him.

But we can keep praying for them. Some of them may yet have a radical turnaround, just as Scrooge eventually did.

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11 Replies to “The Misotheist Scrooges Are At It Again”

  1. Dear Bill, It seems some grumpy old atheists refuse to see what Christmas is about. They cannot stop me, my family, and many other Christians from celebrating Christmas. Jesus lives, but apparently so does the Grinch! I wish you and your family a happy and holy Christmas.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  2. Recently I read Christina Rossetti’s marvellous poem “Advent”, where the Advent season is dramatically counterpoised with a vibrant longing for and cerebration of the Lord Jesus’ promise to return and claim His rightful place in the world where He was born and crucified. “Watchman, what of the night?” Maranatha!
    John Wigg

  3. Funny, how atheists never go out of their way to disturb non-Christian religious celebrations and worship… The Name of Jesus has real power in it – some day all atheists will bow at the feet of Jesus Christ, whether they want to believe this fact, or not. Our God is so powerful that we do not need to defend Him. Hallelujah!
    Monica Craver

  4. Gee I bet these grumblers are a barrel of laughs at the Christmas party. I’m wondering about the fact that, I know many people who don’t believe and yet manage to give a hearty hand shake and a best wishes. So what’s the deal here? Maybe their depressed and looking for some happy people to take it out on. Maybe they should go to a doctor and tell the doctor… “doctor I feel miserable and hate happy people”.

    Daniel Kempton

  5. The local ABC radio service here today featured a segment – part of a series of non-Christian approaches to Christmas – a segment called “An Atheist’s take on Christmas”. The atheist spokesperson knew all about the Saturnalia. He even seemed a little disappointed that the Christian feasts of Advent and Christmas eventually replaced the Saturnalia!

    The supplanting of old pagan feasts by Christian celebrations is part of the history of Christian tradition. However, to equate the historical fact of the earthly life of Christ with pagan entities such as fairies and goblins as the atheist spokesman did today is to me too much like comparing apples with bitter gourds!

    Christ’s promise to come again is surely amply supported by his resurrection from the dead. When He returns, the only remaining atheists will no longer be in rational contact with observable reality…

    John Wigg

  6. I have just read an online article by Phillip Jensen where he says he agrees with the “Keep the Merry- Dump the Myth” poster- it’s just that each caption is with the wrong picture.

    One of the two characters pictured is almost completely a myth, even if there was some historical figure on whom he is based. The other person’s life, death and resurrection are so well documented that only ignorami could call him a myth.

    Now back to practising carols with my aging fingers and feet. Not one of them mentions Santa Claus.

    David Morrison

  7. Let us not forget Monash Council who voted against their decorations being Christian. It has caused quite a stir amongst those who are angry with the way Council members voted. It would seem that even the Mayor supports ‘political correctness’.

    May the blessings of the Christ child be with you and your family Bill. Jesus is the only reason for the Season of Christmas.

    Madge Fahy

  8. Bill,

    Again, an excellent expose of the God haters. We have our own version here in Australia. Take a read of On Line Opinion and the discussion, ‘Merry Christmyth from the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc’ at

    I hope some of you may find the time to provide a Christian comment or two to challenge these misotheists.

    May you all have a blessed and Christ-filled Christmas season.

    Spencer Gear

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