When Vice Becomes Virtue

I have said it often before, but it is worth saying again. The law can do one of three things when it comes to various activities, behaviours and lifestyles. It can prohibit, or it can permit, or it can promote. Often we find the law moving through these three, in that order.

What was once considered to be wrong and immoral and was therefore prohibited eventually becomes accepted and permitted. But eventually it is not just acceptance, but active promotion and celebration of what was once considered to be out of bounds. Thus we move full circle, and vice becomes virtue.

And it works in reverse as well: virtue becomes vice. Those who still seek to uphold moral values are denigrated, mocked, vilified and treated as pariah. The promotion of virtue is seen as a vice. So we have complete moral inversion taking place.

It is just as the prophet Isaiah warned about two and a half millennia ago: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (5:20). That is exactly what we are seeing unfold today. It is a chilling situation indeed.

I document this perversion of values and this erosion of morality all the time here. I just came upon another example of this which is a real shocker. It seems that the enlightened city of Sydney now has a museum devoted to the glories of homosexuality – at least a temporary one. But they are hoping to turn it into a permanent fixture to commemorate and celebrate this high-risk lifestyle.

Just imagine if the city of Sydney, complete with full tax-payer funding, set up a museum to extol other lifestyles like this? What about a tobacco and smoking museum, celebrating this lifestyle? Why do I suspect that the government would have nothing to do with this, but in fact take active steps to prevent it from even happening?

Both are high risk and dangerous lifestyles, yet the state has done a complete reversal here. When it comes to tobacco, it has moved from permission to prohibition, in many respects. Yet the other lifestyle has been shifted all the way to active promotion. It is encouraged, glorified and given hero status.

But let me cite the article about this: “A museum dedicated to Sydney’s gay and lesbian history is as important as institutions that preserve Jewish history and Australia’s military past, says a leading broadcaster and gay rights activist. ‘I’d compare it to the Australian War Memorial,’ said Julie McCrossin. ‘It would deepen personal relationships and community understanding.’

“Ms McCrossin campaigned for gay rights in the 1970s and said: ‘My memory of that time was you had an illness, it was against God’s will and it was unlawful for men and, by implication, for women.’ She was speaking before the opening on Tuesday of a temporary exhibition charting the history of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras from its origins in 1978.”

It continues, “The exhibition, in Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, will be opened by the lord mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, and features a documentary about the mardi gras’s origins as well as photos and parade costumes. The Schwules Museum in Berlin and the GLBT Historical Society Museum in San Francisco are considered the only two permanent gay and lesbian museums in the world.

“David Wilson, a director of Sydney Mardi Gras, leads a committee that is planning the museum and has identified the T2 Building at Taylor Square as a potential site. Cr Moore said she supported the idea of commemorating the history of the gay and lesbian community. ‘The temporary museum being provided by the city during mardi gras will help gauge public support for a permanent museum,’ she said.”

This is utterly mind-boggling stuff. So our boys went overseas and shed their blood so we can openly promote and celebrate sodomy? That is why they suffered and died? The total upheaval of all morality and sanity is now complete it seems, at least in places like Sydney.

So what will our ruling elites next dream of? Will all Australians have to salute the rainbow flag each morning, and pledge allegiance to the new religion of homosexualism? Will they have to swear to support this activist agenda to the max, or risk being deported from the country, or rounded up and herded into concentration camps for re-education?

This is exactly where all this seems to be heading. Whenever governments start promoting something by giving special rights to activist groups, then it will demand that everyone else fall in line – or else. If they all do not bow to the new homosexual ideology, there will be consequences.

In fact, this is happening already, as I have documented time and time again here. Anyone who dares to resist the activist agenda of the gaystapo and their state supporters will face the music. And they are; all in the name of tolerance of course.

This museum will claim to be one big celebration of “diversity,” “acceptance” and “tolerance”. Yet this tolerance is all just one-way traffic. All opposition will be dealt with. Indeed, I urge all of you to click on the link below and look carefully at the photos included in the article.

One is especially telling: there we have three homosexual activists laughing and having a good old time as they display a painting of Christian politician Fred Nile. And how is he depicted? His decapitated head is on a platter, displayed much like John the Baptist’s was. And they think this is so funny.

And oh so very tolerant as well. You gotta love how all this acceptance, diversity and tolerance oozes out of these guys. Just imagine if some conservative or Christian painted a similar picture, with the chopped off head of McCrossin, or Bob Brown, or Penny Wong, or Michael Kirby.

All hell would break loose. The MSM would be all over this with front page coverage. Every radio and TV news show would cover this as a lead story. Demands for apologies and immediate destruction of such art would be heard from all quarters.

The Prime Minister would utterly condemn this, as would the Opposition leader. It would be the subject of talk-back radio, current affairs shows, and the blogosphere for days on end. Yet the militant homosexual activists get away with the very same thing, and we don’t hear a peep out of anyone.

Thus I have to cover this here, since hardly anyone else seems interested. Our media and ruling elites are just as despicable and guilty as those doing all this ugly vilification. Indeed, where are all the supporters of vilification legislation when you need them?

Why are they not shouting and jumping up and down about this, urging the artists and the museum operators be taken to court to face charges of inciting to violence, of offensive behaviour, of gross vilification? Oh yeah, I forget: these laws are meant to be all one-way traffic.

These laws only apply to those criticising the homosexual activists. Christians and conservatives are the real target of these laws, while the other side can get away with murder here, and nobody utters a peep or gives a rip.

Welcome to the brave new world of homosexual hegemony and intolerance. We have moved from prohibition to permission to promotion. And we have not yet even begun to see how much worse it will get for all those who will not embrace this social revolution and moral freefall.

But do not say you have not been warned.


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20 Replies to “When Vice Becomes Virtue”

  1. Dear Bill, Your article is in sad contrast to a news item from Moscow, Russia. The Russian National Parliament moved some new laws which, among other things, disallowed minors from being told about homosexuality. During that parliamentary session, some people outside the parliament chanted “Moskva nya Sodom”. That means Moscow is not Sodom. The lord Mayor of Sydney should be ashamed of himself.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  2. The real significance of the Australian War Memorial is not the collection of old photos, guns and tanks and bits and pieces of mini subs etc. The real significance of the Australian War Memorial is the list of the names of those we loved so much who gave their lives in defence of our country (that means us); we will never ever forget them. If this ‘gay’ memorial is going to liken itself to the Australian War Memorial, in all honesty, it must publish the list of its dead otherwise it is nothing more than a collection of old photos etc.

    B T Walters

  3. In some ways, as well as being plainly evil, these promoters of gay marriage etc are acting like young belligerent teenagers of below average intelligence.

    They are either very dull or quite dishonest when they say they can’t see the foolishness of empty slogans such as “equal love”, “marriage equality”, and, as in France at the moment, “marriage for all”. And these types are being given full rein to lord it over normal, decent people.

    As you imply, most of our leading politicians are too scared to take a stand according to what they must really believe in their hearts.

    David Morrison

  4. I have a bit of rebel in me. I want to do things that, The Prime Minister would utterly condemn. That old holy spirit rebel.

    Daniel Kempton

  5. As Bob Hope once quipped: “I hope they don’t make it [homosexual behaviour] compulsory…” and we all laughed. I wonder how far we are away from that. I bet teachers will start taking school groups to this “museum” in the interests of sex education soon. Isaiah 5:20 completely fulfilled.

    Lindsay Smail

  6. Well, let the Lady Mayoress have it as she says:

    ‘The temporary museum being provided by the city during mardi gras will help gauge public support for a permanent museum,’ she said.”

    Let’s pray for the community to show its level of support by staying away from it completely.

    John Angelico

  7. Supporters of homosexuals are the true Homophobics – they are man-pleasers and scared to stand up for truth & righteousness. They are responsible for leading people to an eternity in hell, where there is no exit door!!!
    As for me I would far rather be Theophobic – God fearing.
    Barb Hoc

  8. What else can one expect from the Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.
    Surely it is time for all Christians to say “enough is enough” – you have crossed the line for the last time. Unfortunately under the guise of Art!!!! they get away with such disgusting things.
    Apart from insulting Fred Nile, this mob should be condemned for equating The Australian War Memorial to their so called gay memorial.
    Madge Fahy

  9. “Thus I have to cover this here, since hardly anyone else seems interested.” Right on, Bill.

    Terry Darmody

  10. Last night at the National Civic Council dinner I was given a book written by Miriam Grossman M.D. by my darling friend Terri Kelleher who is an amazing woman, so genuine, full of integrity and a very sharp & brilliant lawyer. This book is called “Sense and Sexuality: The college girl’s guide to real protection in a hooked up world.” I scrolled through the pages quickly, as we do! I came to section 6, “The rectum is an exit, not an entrance. Anal penetration is hazardous. Don’t do it!” Straight away I thought of Bill and how for so long he has been trying to expose the evil of “sodomy” – Simple as that! Call it same-sex marriage, call it whatever you like! But at the end of the day it is just plain evil! God bless you Bill for your amazing witness to all of us!! I can’t imagine what we would do without you! We would be so watered down to the point of complacency! May God love and bless you for courage and persistence in your work!!

    Mrs Jane Byrne

  11. As usual very good comment Bill, and encouraging supporting letters.
    Mrs Jane Byrne’s contribution and quotation from Miriam Grossman is particularly relevant and powerful.

    To brethen and sisters ‘down under’ please spare a little time to pray about the situation in the UK, where on Tuesday evening the first important Parliamentary debate on SSM takes place.
    It has already deeply split the “Conservative” party wide open, with a large number of “rebel” Tory MPs set to vote against the new ‘Marriage’ Bill.
    However, because the Labour Party and the Lib Dems. are largely supportive, the Bill will probably get through the Commons.
    However much will hang in the balance when the Bill reaches the House of Lords. Still plenty of scope for the Lord to intervene – as of course He can at any time.

    Graham Wood, UK

  12. They haven’t even got any new ideas. They had Fred Nile’s head on a platter 22 years ago if I remember right.
    So where is their creativity?
    Daniel, I wish we had more Holy Spirit rebels like Bill and you.:)
    Well, they have made an effective push against the public funding of the chaplaincy programmes in schools, what is stopping us from mounting a similar campaign against our tax money being used for such filth?
    Somehow I guess, in our case simply speaking out will just be ignored. I wonder how much the large demonstrations for marriage are achieving in France in real terms?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  13. God bless you Graham! I promise to ask everyone to pray! Most especially the beautiful” Missionaries of Charity” situated right here in Fitzroy Melbourne Australia. Mother Theresa would be most proud of your prayer intention..she was tough and never walked away from the “Rockface”

    Mrs Jane Byrne

  14. So the rotting corpse of heterosexual marriage is to play host to teaming new life in the form of “Equal marriage”. People, such as the UK Prime Minister, enthuse that marriage is a great institution and should be opened up to all to promote commitment and social stability. Er hello? Same sex couples have a strong message that they do not see monogamy as a priority and aspire to a far more open arrangement where you can have sex with who you like. It is the selfish way of having what you want as opposed to the unselfish way of caring for others. It does not require any restraint or character-building exercises. It is clear to me that many people have gone off the idea of marriage because of the prevalence of divorce and broken families and the collateral damage it brings. This has left a lot of embittered people and has contributed to the polarisation of the sexes. Hence the large scale support for a minority issue. People are being coerced to go along with the “equality for all” line but this is a trap. It is more like a push for a new order built on failure, envy and despair of all those disaffected and embittered people. You only have to listen to how these aggrieved people cannot tolerate a different opinion but can only scream abuse and vilification to any opposition, even threatening death to anyone who disagrees with them. That is the sort of person who wants their own way. This is the picture I am seeing – and it’s not good.

    Rachel Smith, UK

  15. Where is the church in all this? It is a question that can be asked time and time again! These days it would seem that our churches are increasingly filling up with people who want to skip along to the services, sing all the songs, do all the hand movements, sprinkle their conversation with all the right religious buzz words, talk about their cell groups and Bible studies but ask them to get involved in the above mentioned matters by asking them to write a letter to a politician and watch the reaction, it is like touching the antennas of a snail, I used to do this as a kid and as soon as you touched them, they quickly shrunk to nothing, too many Christians think that a civic duty is a no no, they think it is all only spiritual, God gave us this land to live in and what do we do? We spit in His face by standing by and hiding behind Matthew Chapter 7 while this sort of stuff overwhelms us, and the land he gave us goes spiralling down the toilet, a great way to say thank you for the land you gave us! And we have the gall to moan about our kids lack of appreciation! Could you imagine what a force we would be to be reckoned with if we actually collectively stood up against these things? I will leave that to the imagination of whoever reads this!
    Steve Davis

  16. It’s got my imagination bounding with strides almost unrestrainded, Steve.
    If only the saints would gather, blessed be thy name.
    Daniel Kempton

  17. Thanks Daniel, now let’s see if we can multiply people like you by say, oh, about 500,000?!?! I would say that is probably a reasonable estimate of actual practising Christians in this country, sadly, and I say this with a heavy heart, the rest are probably just religious window dressing!
    Steve Davis

  18. thank you Bill, for this information, I think that Matt:24-25 says it all, I cannot remember ANY sermons warning the Church, or the Government about the loss our Spiritual or physical health, as the general population accepts the lack of moral judgement displayed by those in power, allowing this Sin to become acceptable.

    Ian Angliss

  19. Thanks for this post Bill. I have been ‘catching up’ as for some time I have been laid up with a couple of broken bones – I was really blessed, in Emergency Room, Ambulance, care in Hospital etc. Unfortunately, I had completely missed ‘news’ of the LGBT museum. How dare anyone compare it to our War Memorial. Every time I visit my daughter in Canberra, I go to gaze at the name of my husband, and the comparison being made is to desecrate what many Australians think of as a sacred place.
    I guess, that I will have to get back to writing to MPs etc. and to praying more – I mean really praying with all my heart and soul.
    God bless you and all your readers, Bill.

    Joan Davidson

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