Islam’s War Against Christianity and the West

In his new book Christianophobia, Rupert Shortt says that “Christians are afflicted on a great scale and in many places”. In some 300 pages he carefully documents this war against Christianity. He notes that most of this is under-reported.

And referring to a survey on religious liberty conducted by the US think tank Freedom House, he notes that it “makes clear that the greatest curbs on religious freedom take place in Muslim-majority countries”. And he also shows how increasingly this attack on Christianity is occurring in the West.

Thus we have an Islamic jihad against Christianity in particular, and the freedoms and democracies of the West in general. I have documented this often on my site. Here I want to examine just one more case of this, involving the Danish historian, writer, and freedom fighter, Lars Hedegaard.

The President of the Danish Free Press Society knows all about Islamic persecution. He has experienced it first hand – and it has almost cost him his life. He, like Dutchman Geert Wilders, and Austrian Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, knows all about how tolerant Islam is.

Lars was tried and found guilty of ‘hate speech’ and ‘racism’ in 2011 for simply pointing out that in Denmark there is a higher incidence of child abuse in Muslim families. He was fortunately acquitted in 2012. Even though he had made his remarks in private conversation, it is clear that the ability to say anything critical of Islam in most of Europe is now receding rapidly.

As Mark Steyn has written, “Officially, Mrs Sabaditsch-Wolff and Geert Wilders and Lars Hedegaard are in the dock as heretics against post-Christian Europe’s new religion of ‘multiculturalism’.” Quite so. And his situation did not end there however; on the fifth of this month, an assailant attempted to kill him at his home. Thankfully he survived the shooting, and has since spoken about his experiences. The actual event goes like this:

“The assassin came to his home dressed as a postman. When the historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard opened his front door, the man — whom Lars describes as ‘looking like a typical Muslim immigrant’ in his mid-twenties — fired straight at his head. Though Hedegaard was a yard away, the bullet narrowly missed. The mild-mannered scholar (70 years old) then punched his assailant in the head. The man dropped the gun, picked it up and fired again. The gun jammed and the man ran off. More than a week later, he has yet to be found.”

He is now in hiding in a secret location, but was able to give a phone interview. He said, “We have had quite a few attempts to silence people here. [The Danish cartoonist] Kurt Westergaard was almost killed a couple of years ago by a man from Somalia who came to his house and broke into it with an axe and tried to kill him. We still have prominent politicians under police guard, the former leader of the Danish People’s Party Pia Kjærsgaard, and also the former Conservative politician Naser Khader, who is of Syrian descent, a liberal Muslim. And now me.”

Given all that, did he not know he might be next? “I never speculated about that, because you can’t live your life that way. If every time you sit down to your computer to write something you have this idea in the back of your head, ‘I may be killed if I write this’, then of course you won’t be as good as you could be. You’ve got to distance yourself from fear if you want to be a true writer and a true intellectual, which is what I’m trying to be.”

And recall that this is in Denmark, not Pakistan or Saudi Arabia: “The leaders of the Ummah [Islamic nation] now evidently believe, or want to demonstrate, that Sharia law has already gained force in places like Denmark. In other words it has supplanted our constitution in their minds. Of course it didn’t use to be that way, it used to be the way that you could draw Mohammed or paint him or say whatever you wanted in the Dar al-Harb [‘The Land of War’ — as opposed to the ‘Land of Islam’] because this was outside what Islam considered to be its territory. Now they are implicitly claiming that we are already under Sharia law.”

Image of Londonistan
Londonistan by Phillips, Melanie (Author) Amazon logo

English commentator Melanie Philips has already penned a whole book on the erosion of freedom and democracy in her own home land and the West. Entitled Londonistan, it is a first class look at the very things we have been talking about here.

She documents how stealth jihad and creeping sharia are slowly but surely strangling Western democracies and destroying our freedoms. I review her very important book here:

She has just penned an article on the situation of Hedegaard. Let me offer her closing paragraphs here:

“The attempted murder of Lars Hedegaard for speaking out against Islamist violence has received virtually no public attention – except in Sweden. As reported here, several Swedish newspapers published wicked distortions about him in order to portray him entirely falsely as an acknowledged racist.

“Hedegaard’s Free Press Society campaigns for the rights of journalists and cartoonists to express themselves without fear of being murdered. Now an attempt has been made to murder Hedegaard himself, after he was dragged through the courts in an attempt to stifle his warnings about Islamic violence by labelling these protests ‘hate crime’.

“Yet far from the uproar one might expect in any sane and decent society following these attempts to destroy both the reputation and the life of a man who fights for freedom from tyranny, Hedegaard finds himself now victimised three times over – by the Danish judicial system, a fanatical would-be assassin and a European liberal class for whom fighting Muslim extremism and violence constitutes ‘Islamophobia’ and must be stopped.

“The message from this most chilling tale of our times is that in Sweden and other western ‘progressive’ circles, anyone who protests at the phenomenon of ‘honour violence’ that terrorises Muslim women and children is a racist; and if a supposed Islamic fanatic tries to murder that protester, well, that just proves what a racist the protester is. Stalin would have approved.”

Yes, a rampaging Islamism, coupled with Western states already locked into dhimmi status, makes the continuation of freedom of speech and the rule of law increasingly more difficult, if not impossible. The very fact that so many of these freedom fighters are living in fear and under constant security proves their point.

The Islamists have won, and we are now all dhimmies.

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4 Replies to “Islam’s War Against Christianity and the West”

  1. I was sent pictures of hundreds of muslims prostrate on the ground outside a mosque on 42nd St and Madison Ave, New York City. They can’t fit in the mosque so every Friday between 2 and 4pm they spill out unto the street and hold up the traffic for a couple of hours. The same happens on 94th St and 3rd Ave. with even greater numbers.
    What would happen if Christians did the same? We would be moved on quick smart. The law does not seem to apply to muslims.
    In Queensland you can go to jail for 8 months for standing outside an abortion clinic.
    Des Morris

  2. Has anyone noticed that Islam never speaks against the ‘gay’ movement? Both systems exalt male supremacy, and demand unquestioning obedience; for both ultimately have the same author.

    As Jesus said, if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand… (Mark 3:26).

    Michael Watts

  3. Many years ago, I was a teacher at Lakemba Primary School in Sydney. On a Friday afternoon I could not drive past the mosque at Lakemba, on my way home, because of all the Muslims packed into the street there – and I was afraid to do so because one driver who dared to sound his horn to warn one of these people was dragged out of his car and brutally assaulted.

    Jan Greig

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