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Political ideology can drive the masses to do horrific things. Just look at how ideology drove the Germans to slaughter millions and demonise the Jews. Look at how Marxism resulted in the Gulag and the death of tens of millions of people. Look at how wild, frenzied, politicised crowds can unleash such great evil.

But I must insist that political ideology alone cannot explain all this. Indeed, as a Christian I must look deeper. And there is no doubt in my mind that so much of these ugly political manifestations are in fact rooted in a spiritual source. This evil and this ugliness, this rage and this hate, comes straight out of the pit of hell.

There is no other way to explain such barbarism, such malignancy, such utter hatred and bile. There is sheer demonic activity behind so much of this. Anyone who calls himself a biblical Christian should have no problem at all in accepting such truths.

We know there is an evil, personal devil, who along with his demonic forces, is causing all sorts of havoc on planet earth. Jesus certainly spoke much of his reality. He said that the “thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy” whereas he “came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

Satan is the polar opposite of Jesus Christ. God is about love, life and beauty – Satan is about hatred, death and ugliness. And we sure have seen that on display in the past day. So what am I talking about? Just look at the pictures. Go ahead, look at the pictures! What I have to say pales in comparison with what you can see here:

There are over two dozen photos of the peace and love brigade in action here. You know, the secular left which goes on and on about the need for acceptance, tolerance, diversity and inclusion. You can see all that and more in these pictures. The love and tolerance just oozes out of these shots.

They have to do of course with the demonic hatred which has spilled onto British streets at the news of the death of Margaret Thatcher. The secular left has hit the streets to show us about the acceptance and love they are always talking about.

And it sure don’t look pretty. After you have looked at the pictures for a while, let me fill you in on a few more details. This is how one newspaper account reports the activities of the love brigade: “Hundreds took to the streets as macabre ‘Thatcher death parties’ were held late into the night across the country, organised by critics of the ‘Iron Lady.’

“Smashed shop windows, paint bombs and police being attacked were all consequences of the Left’s sick ‘celebration’ of Baroness Thatcher’s death from a stroke yesterday morning. In Brixton, south London, riot police were deployed as the crowds, which had been drinking since 5pm, started to become more aggressive smashing shop fronts and throwing paint bombs.

“In Liverpool, flares and fireworks were set off outside Lime Street Station by revellers, while in Bristol, seven police officers were injured – one seriously – as violence erupted at a street party of 200 people and police were pelted with bottles, cans and rubbish….

“In Bristol, six officers were injured – one seriously – when violence flared at a gathering to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher. Wheelie bins were set on fire by the mob and a police car was damaged by the flying missiles. Some of the injured police needed hospital treatment and one male officer was still detained today with a neck injury. One man was arrested for violent disorder and it took police more than two hours to restore calm. It was not until 3am that most of the police units sent to the scene were stood down.

“The party had started outside the Chelsea Inn in Easton, which is one of Bristol’s poorest and multi-cultural neighbourhoods. The air was thick with cannabis smoke as revellers toasted the death of the Iron Lady, chanting; ‘Maggie Thatcher, Maggie Thatcher, she’s not living anymore. She’s not living anymore’….

“Meanwhile, in Glasgow, more than 300 people gathered in the city centre for a street party, organised on Twitter. Members of organisations including the Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation, the Communist party, the Socialist party, the Socialist Workers party and the International Socialist Group, were joined by members of the public in the city’s George Square.

“A chorus of ‘so long, the witch is dead’, along with chants of ‘Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead,’ could be heard among the popping of champagne bottles. In Leeds, people cheered and even handed out ‘Maggie death cake’ at another of several street parties across the UK last night.

“In west Belfast, a crowd assembled on the streets outside the Sinn Féin office in the Lower Falls road where music was played as people danced and passing motorists sounded their horns. People were seen huddling in a crowd as they drank and sang to celebrate the 86-year-old’s death. Petrol bombs were thrown at police in Derry amid celebrations and missiles were thrown at police.”

Ah, the sweet sounds, smells and sights of the love bunch; so great to see all their tolerance and acceptance in action. Just imagine if they ever showed us what intolerance and hate was like. As I say, mere politics cannot account for all this death, destruction and hatred.

This is coming straight out of the pit of hell. Satan knows he has but a short time, so he is unleashing all his venom and violence against all that is good, right and holy. And the political left has long been a nice tool of all this.

I like how one Australian politician, Bernie Finn, described all this: “Watching the Left celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher reminds me that hatred is their oxygen. Without something – or someone – to hate, the Left has no reason to exist. They deserve our pity.”

Yes they deserve our pity and our prayers. Many of them are simply in the clutches of demonic spirits and satanic bondage. But they also deserve our condemnation. No civilised society can last with this kind of anarchy, hatred and bloodlust.

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  1. Revelation 11 describes the celebrations of a culture of death. Activities recently in Syria, Egypt toward Coptic Christians, with post Thatcher death parties, and the much larger and media empowering of such, like the unscreened blogging of the haters of Rick Warren voicing their ‘sensitivities’ immediately after the tragic suicide of his son. It all makes Fred Phelps (who is a similarly hateful and maniacal) look tame and miniscule in influence by comparison.

    It *is* demonic, clearly. And even in the book of Revelation in chapter 11, it is followed quickly by the culturally approved persecution of Jews and Christians described in chapter 12. Clever demonic distraction from holocaust remembrance month (April) and the hope of the gospel through the power of the resurrected Messiah!

    Joe Whitchurch, Indiana, US

  2. Whatever one thinks of the poll tax and the privatisation and contracting out of government services during the Thatcher era, to celebrate the death of an essentially decent woman with street parties is nothing short of extremely bad taste and a vicious ad hominem approach to public life which insists on always “playing the man and not the ball”.

    John Wigg

  3. Yet even in all this, Margaret Thatcher’s words still ring true: “I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph.”

    Annette Nestor

  4. Even the oldest of the protesters in the photos would have hardly been out of nappies when Mrs Thatcher was PM.
    This nothing more than ignorance on ignorance stirred up by some evil power.

    Remember the London riots of some months ago? Some of the participants didn’t even know what it was about.

    Certainly its the same here.

    Bruce Knowling

  5. Dear Bill

    I was just “gob-smacked” when I saw and read about the events “celebrating” the death of Margaret Thatcher especially so as some of the worst of it happened in my home town of Bristol. (I am now in Perth WA). What happended to decency and respect for the dead? What happened to decency and respect full stop?!!!

    Some time ago I was reading 2 Timothy 3. When I read this passage at the time I couldn’t help re-reading and re-reading it marvelling (if that is the right word) of how accurate it was on describing the people (generally speaking) of today. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! It was one of those all too rare times where God’s word “leapt” from the page!

    The passage is as follows:-.

    3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God

    The words, “brutal” and “without self-control” and “abusive” seem particularly apt here. As are the rest I guess!

    I’m not sure if we are in the last days or not, I tend not to get bogged down on that issue but surely it can’t get much worse “out there”.

    Regards and may God bless and strengthen you at all times

    Dave Billingham

  6. It’s very true what Anne Coulter said; the Left is the party of the mob. No one hates like a Leftist.

    Damien Spillane

  7. Your last paragraph Bill: ‘Many of them are simply in the clutches of demonic spirits and satanic bondage.’ The only logical explanation I believe but to my knowledge modern catholic authors don’t seem to have addressed this topic. Perhaps someone could recommend a couple of good books. I have Horrobin’s book. Thank you Bill.

    B T Walters

  8. I am glad that at least she was spared these things while she still lived, though I am not sure if that is because they had simply forgotten about her if they were too scared to do it then.
    I wonder where the people are who condemned those who celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden. Those “celebrations” weren’t nearly as crass as what you described Bill.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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