A Review of Crucified Again. By Raymond Ibrahim.

Regnery, 2013.

Sadly the history of how the West deals with expansionist tyrannical ideologies remains constant. We tend to not believe them when they say they want to kill us. Remember Khrushchev? “We will bury you.” Today the Islamists are saying the same thing, yet hardly anyone believes them.

During the communist menace, Lenin famously spoke of the “useful idiots” in the West who do their work and become their apologists. We have plenty of those today when it comes to Islam. But fortunately we have had those who sounded the alarm about the ideology of bloodshed and death communism was.

Solzhenitsyn of course produced his famous Gulag Archipelago, documenting the hellhole of life in the Soviet Union for dissenters, non-conformists and political prisoners. And there was Armando Valladares’ Against All Hope, the horrific account of his 22 years in Cuban prisons for standing up for freedom.

Fortunately we have the modern-day equivalent describing life under totalitarian Islam, and how Christians are being horribly persecuted by this political ideology. It should be a wakeup call to anyone under the illusion that Islam is a religion of peace, and that there are just a few bad eggs spoiling an otherwise nice religion.

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Of course the useful idiots said the same thing about communism. They had their heads in the sand and refused to believe that communism was an evil ideology that can only be sustained by violence and murder. Islam is no different: it is a religion of the sword. It spread by military conquest and it exists by terror and oppression.

While there is plenty of ugly persecution going on in the world, it is Islam which leads the way. Says Ibrahim, “The ratio of Muslims to Christians in any given country is the primary factor explaining which countries see the most and the least Christian persecution.”

And in this important book we find a blow by blow description of all the incessant and diabolical persecution of Christians taking place around the Islamic world. Although Christians have always felt the wrath of the followers of Islam, it seems that things have really hotted up in recent times.

Whether it is the Sudan, or Egypt, or Syria, or Nigeria, or Turkey, or Morocco, or Indonesia, the amount of suffering, persecution, torture and death is simply overwhelming. As such, this is not a pleasant book to read, but it is a most necessary book to read.

In 300 pages we find it all: the rapes, the beatings, the burnings, the bombings, the acid attacks, the honour killings, the lootings, the churches destroyed, the homes razed, the villages decimated, and countless lives lost. And what is so important about this book is the fact that most of this you will never hear about from the mainstream media in the West.

Not only do most media elites in the West share the same hatred of America, Israel and the West as do so many Muslims, but even if they did want to actually cover these stories, and report fairly, most of it is hidden from them. But Ibrahim, who is fluent in Arabic, is able to carefully and daily monitor the Arabic media to find out firsthand what is taking place.

He simply translates the stories from Arabic media outlets, and presents them on his website – and here – since most of the MSM refuses to cover this persecution. And of course Hollywood and academia are just as guilty of the deliberate whitewashing of Islam and its sustained assault on Christians and Christianity.

That is why you will hardly ever hear of imams calling for the death of Christians, the destruction of all churches, and the total take-over of the free West. These calls are being made all the time in Arabic, but our media is either unaware of them or chooses to ignore them.

So both the big picture (Islam’s openly declared war against the West and Christianity) and the smaller picture (stories of individual persecution and terror) are routinely missed by the MSM. But ignorance of Arabic is no excuse here. There are getting to be almost as many atrocities committed in the West by Muslims as in Muslim lands.

As Ibrahim remarks, this manifests itself “wherever significant numbers of Muslims live side by side with non-Muslims”. Thus he has plenty of horror stories from within the West as well. Consider the Muslim child-rape gang in the UK.

Islam views non-Muslim women and children as objects of sexual gratification, and so it should not be surprising that “pillars of their community” were recently found guilty of horrific child sex abuse. In Liverpool five victims (the youngest just thirteen) were plied with alcohol and drugs and “passed around” a group of men aged 24 to 59 for sex in apartments, taxis, and kebab shops.

But the bulk of this book deals with the mind-numbing violence and slaughter of believers in Muslim-majority countries. Sub-Saharan Africa is certainly a major site of jihad on churches, and Nigeria is especially a tragic place. In September 2011 for example, Muslims hacked to death thousands of Christians, including many children and pregnant women. A 79-year-old Christian woman had her throat slit in her home.

In April 2012 Muslim attackers set upon a church service, throwing explosives and opening fire as worshippers attempted to flee. In December of that year four more churches were torched and ten Christians murdered. Twenty houses were burned and other churches assaulted, all to the cries of “Allahu Akbar!”

I can recount such horror stories for hours on end here. But why should I, when it is all found in this book. You must get this book. You must read it. You must let it wake you to the tragic truth that there is a war going on, and your faith makes you the enemy of Islam.

Muslim activists have vowed to kill you and destroy your faith. It is simply not good enough to just sit by and pretend it is not happening. The truth is out there. It is clearly found in this vital book. And knowledge of this means you can no longer say, “I never knew”.

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  1. I favor the old tradition of recognising governments in exile to all despotic enemy regimes, extending it to all kinds of statist and libertarian societies, all only for their volunteers and without a territorial monopoly. With such societies being recognised and already operating in the host countries, as examples of what is possible in this sphere, these alternative governments & societies could become the best possible allies against wrongful regimes and with their quite rightful liberation and peace aims, they could lead to almost bloodless coups against despotic regimes. No existing territorial government has anything better to offer to the captive nations and their repressed minorities. Motto: To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice.

    John Zube

  2. Thank you for this Review. I have just purchased this book from Amazon, and this review has whetted my appetite to read it. I also follow Raymond Ibrahims’ website, and am continually horrified by the tales of Christian persecution. It is difficult to understand just why our Western Media is so reluctant to present any of these atrocities, whereas when Israel defends itself against the Palestinian rockets being fired into its territory, our newspapers scream “Israeli attacks”. So much for balance and truth!
    Joan Davidson

  3. Bad governments won’t stand up against Islam. David Kupelian writes in ‘How Evil Works’ …’when we are in rebellion against God we need lies and deception to maintain our illusions…for those living in denial, lies do a great job of excusing their failings and validating their illusions.Bad governments rely totally on persuasive lying. Islam – the religion of peace – is a big lie. As another leader once wrote; ‘In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted…they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters.’ Kupelian closes with Jesus words; ‘To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth’. John 18:37. Truth is enough, because when properly honed and targeted, it is more than sufficent to annihilate all of their grand seductions – including Islam.
    Mike London

  4. Without even hearing Geert Wilders the media had us believing he was a racist, offensive, bigotted, extremist, and our local lefties joined the protest to silence him.
    Maybe many of us Christians just don`t know how to show alarm without sounding like conspiracy theorists.

    Johannes Archer

  5. Thanks Bill,

    People need to have this information fired at them until they can ignore it no longer. As Solzhenitsyn said: “…truth is seldom pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter.”

    Nick Davies

  6. We deal with many Muslims where I work and even my extreme left-leaning colleagues shake their heads at the attempts at bribery (to allow them to pass assessment), threats, tears and intimidation that go on every assessment period. Their ways are not our ways, let there be absolutely no mistake about that. We think it will not come here. It’s already here. And it’s growing. When evil is allowed to grow in a society, how great becomes the suffering of the most innocent: children and those who are prepared to lay down our lives to follow Jesus.

    Dee Graf

  7. Between this and the west-generated abortion wars, sex-slave trafficking and prostitution-porn etc, who has time to get off their knees? This is truly a time to “pray without ceasing”. This is too big for us we must storm the gates of heaven and plead with God to act.
    God’s richest blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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