Syria and Role Reversal

Several things can be said about the incredible move by Obama to side with and arm the Islamist rebels in Syria, and potentially drag the US into war there. The first of course is the sheer hypocrisy of the radical left. Just imagine if Bush were doing this: there would be mass marches in the streets of the US and elsewhere by now, with screaming protestors demanding the immediate end to this belligerency and war mongering.

There would be all the usual mindless banners: “No war for oil.” “Make love not war.” “Don’t fight another rich man’s war.” “Try Bush for war crimes.” “Impeach Bush.” “Bush is the real terrorist.” But here we have the leftist Messiah Obama doing the exact same thing, and we don’t hear a peep out of the loony left.

Where are they all? Why the deafening silence? So this blatant duplicity and hypocrisy of the left is speaking volumes here. It is as reprehensible as it is typical. But also to be noted is the incredible role reversal taking place here. Indeed, how the tables have turned.

For so many decades Russia was rightly known as the evil empire. The communist USSR was the greatest force of evil, bloodshed and murder perhaps ever known. And for such a long time America, with all her faults, was a force for good in the world. It was a light on a hill, and a defender of faith, freedom and democracy at home and abroad.

But all that is now changing – and changing radically. America under Obama is quickly losing any claim to greatness. He is of course the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, and anti-Christian POTUS ever. He is single-handedly destroying a once great nation.

And in the meantime Russia under Putin is moving in the other direction. He is taking a very strong stand to protect marriage, family and children, all the things Obama is seeking to obliterate. I have looked at their divergent stances on homosexuality elsewhere:

But when it comes to the Islamists, this contrast is becoming clearer by the day. Barack Hussein Obama has done more to promote Islam (while undermining Christianity, democracy and freedom) than any other US president. Putin on the other hand fully understands the very real threat of Islam, with plenty of Islamist hotspots of his own to deal with.

Thus Putin is siding with Assad here. Of course Assad is no pinnacle of virtue, and he is bad news in many ways. But as with all the other moves in the Arab Spring, what we don’t need is yet another Islamist Winter. Everywhere more or less moderate leaders have been dumped we have simply gotten in much worse regimes.

Just look at Egypt as your prime example here. A moderate leader willing to live with the US and Israel has been replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood which hate both. In Syria we have al-Qaida linked rebels who are no friends of the West or Israel.

They will turn Syria into another Middle-East hell hole, just as they have done in so many other countries there. Christians are already being slaughtered and driven out by the rebels. Entire Christian villages have been destroyed by them:

Check out the photos in that link of all the poor massacred children. And to see even more clearly what we are up against, one simply needs to look at this horrific video. It shows one of these murderous Islamist thugs actually eating the organs of a murdered Syrian soldier. Warning – graphic content:

Or what about the 14-year-old boy executed by the rebels for supposedly insulting Muhammad?

Or again, what about the Syrian rebels who beheaded a Christian and fed him to the dogs?

The religion of peace is in fact a demonic horde of cannibals, terrorists and misfits. And Obama wants to support these guys! Plenty of other commentators have warned about the insanity of American support for the Islamists. Daniel Greenfield writes:

“The Free Syrian Army’s Farouq Brigades went door to door expelling Christians in Homs. Of the 160,000 Christians in the city, there are now barely a 1,000. Christians in Aleppo have faced kidnappings and car bombings. Some have chosen to arm themselves against the rebels. ‘We see on TV armed young men with beards shouting, “Allah is great!” and calling for jihad. We have the right to defend ourselves,’ one Christian in Aleppo said. But Obama won’t be supplying the Christians with any weapons. Those are reserved for the bearded young Allah-shouters.

“In Qseir, the city recently recaptured by the Syrian Army from the Sunni militias, whose loss partly triggered the rush to war by the Western allies of the Muslim Brotherhood, most of the Christians had fled a place where they were once 10 percent of the population following Sunni Muslim persecution. The 10,000 Christians of Qseir were ordered to leave the city by loudspeakers on mosques. If Obama’s intervention helps the Islamist militias retake Qseir; there will soon be no Christians left in the city at all. And the same goes for Homs and Aleppo.

“Intervention in support of the Islamist militias in Syria is nothing more than a Christian ethnic cleansing project. And those supporting it should be treated like any other advocates of ethnic cleansing. Obama’s intervention in Libya turned Benghazi over to Islamist militias who have persecuted Christians. His intervention in Syria will ethnically cleanse Christians while rewarding the Muslim Brotherhood with another building block for their caliphate plans.”

He concludes, “Obama lied the country into war in Libya. Now no one even blinks as an official admits that he was prepared to lie the country into war in Syria. Before the campaign, Obama yammered about nation-building at home. Libya isn’t home. Neither is Syria. While Obama botched Afghanistan, he has insisted on committing the United States to intervening in every nation-building war that the Arab Spring can throw up.

“Despite slashing the military to the bone, he hasn’t slaked his appetite for new wars. Even though he has dismantled the ability of the FBI to track Islamic terrorists at home, he has busily devoted government resources to helping them win abroad. Syria is not America’s war. It is the Muslim Brotherhood’s war. Instead of nation-building at home, Obama is caliphate-building abroad.”

And forget the “red line” baloney Obama is pushing about chemical weapons. At best, it appears that it is the Islamists, not Assad, who is using Sarin nerve gas in this conflict:

Let me conclude with these words from Michael Brown: “The Syria conflict is also part of a wider battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran for regional influence. Sunni fighters from Iraq and Lebanon have crossed into Syria to help those fighting Assad, while Shiites from Iraq have joined the battle on the regime’s side.

“Then, of course, there are the implications for the safety of Israel in the case of either an Assad victory or an Assad defeat, the former assuring Syria’s ongoing cooperation with Hezbollah and Iran, the latter assuring the rise of a more militant Islamic regime to Israel’s north, with dangerous implications for Lebanon as well.

“In light of these realities, and in light of our government’s failure to exercise more foresight in dealing with the Muslim world, we do best at this point to avoid military involvement in Syria while doing our best to provide humanitarian aid to the suffering country and looking for ways to help end the bloodshed. But short term or long, we should not delude ourselves: This is a hornet’s nest.”

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8 Replies to “Syria and Role Reversal”

  1. Let me be the first to comment here.

    While I kept my article on a secular level, there are of course spiritual dynamics at work here, and biblical truths could have been mentioned. Christians must realise that this is still God’s universe, and he still rules in the affairs of men and nations. Because Obama is intent on destroying America and the West, God is even able to raise up a former communist nation to achieve his purposes. God is still in control, and he still rules the nations. America may continue to sink while Russia may rise. I would not doubt that God is able to work in that way to achieve his purposes.

    I discuss all this here:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  2. I have to admit I’ve been impressed with Russia’s stance on marriage and family. It really is an eye-opener.
    I do not like seeing Obama in Europe, doing all these trade deals; it makes you wonder what they’re all really up to, though almost certainly a war is at the bottom of it. I’ve never liked the man—-gut instinct. And how does a Muslim manage to promote homosexuality to the extent he does and get away with it? Truly there is something very evil at the base of it.

    Chris Dark

  3. “Of course Assad is no pinnacle of virtue”… no, he’s an absolute butcher, as was his father. Splendid understatement.

    If the rebels (at least some of them, because it’s impossible to put them all in one bucket) are “a demonic horde of cannibals, terrorists and misfits”, then it just means Syria is another example of what happens all over the Muslim world: blood-thirsty Shiites killing blood-thirsty Sunnis and vice versa, until the cows come home, with masses of innocent collateral damage. Has it ever not been that way?

    But anyone who loves life must recoil at this; must hope and pray for better; must desperately wish that no more innocent blood is shed.

    Indeed there is no easy solution here, but sitting back and “looking for ways to end the bloodshed” sounds like a whole lot of nothing to those caught in the middle of it.

    Well may your analysis and that of the commentators you quote be right, but it’s heartbreaking and feels a lot less than an adequate response.

    Alister Cameron

  4. Nice work if you can get it Mr Hague and the rest of the European Union (Warning – some of these videos are graphic):

    David Skinner, UK

  5. A certain level of education and love of culture may have been the last bulwark against the final expression of wicked intent of Islam, which can make Assad appear in a lesser shade of black against the rebels. I feel sorry for those who have in their ignorance put their trust in the promise of democracy given by the rebels only to find themselves under an even more oppressive Islamic rule.
    Have you heard of a book called “I confess” by a now Australian ex-Iranian? It sounds like it might be able to shed light onto the situation in Iran.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  6. What a huge mess—may God’s perfect will prevail and may we never stop praying for His mercy on us all as we seek to serve Him.

    Anna Cook

  7. I am enormously impressed by your incisive perception of what is going on in Syria and the hard-headed no-nonsense approach of the Russians to this situation.

    Having been very critical of Vladimir Putin in the recent past I suddenly realised a few days ago that he hit the nail right on the head when he bluntly confronted the West with the brutal contradiction in our position: aiming to arm rebels amongst whom the most powerful elements are now the very terrorists that have attacked us!

    And then I also realised that within Russia Putin is standing firm against the homosexual tide that has been let loose by loony liberals in our midst and which we appear to be powerless to contain.

    And I have also realised how right the Russian Orthodox priests and officials were to prosecute those grotesque young women who deliberately insulted the faith of many ordinary Russians by their stupid antics in that cathedral.

    Like you, Bill, in my youth I admired the USSR, but soon realised how wrong I was and ended up highly critical of that régime. Much of that antipathy flowed uncritically over into a deep suspicion of post-Soviet Russia. But now I have to pause and begin to appreciate the sea-change that has come about. Is a re-emergent Holy Russia going to help us to overcome our decadence?

    Dominic Baron, NZ

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