Apostasy, Wicked Leadership, and the Death of a Nation

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” (Proverbs 13:34)

“At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.” (Jesus in Matthew 24:10-11)

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.” (Paul in 1 Timothy 4:1-3)

“For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.” (Jude in Jude 1:2-4)

When a nation is going to hell, that is not the time for niceties, cushy talk, and fake diplomacy. That is the time to speak truth forcefully and clearly, like a sword flashing through the air. What we see happening in America and Australia right now is the death of a culture, and the time for playing games is over.

All of the most vital goods which God has bestowed upon us are now being dragged through the cesspool of contemporary culture. Marriage and family are the most important institutions created by God. Human sexuality was to have been a tremendous gift and blessing.

All three are now being smashed before our very eyes, and most Christians don’t even give a rip about it. The church is so caught up in the spirit of the age that it sees nothing wrong, it cares about nothing, and it cannot stir itself out of its deep slumber.

In Australia the rot is setting in all over the place, and from the top down as well. On national TV last night our Prime Minister told the world that Jesus cannot be trusted, the Bible is so much foolishness, and he knows better than God about sexuality, ethics, marriage and family.

Our Prime Minister is a fraud and an apostate. He claims to be a Christian but he is nothing of the sort. He is wallowing in demonic deception and has shaken his fist at God, at holiness and righteousness, and at the clear teachings of the Word of God. His performance on ABC’s Q&A last night was as expected as it was deplorable.

When challenged by Christian Pastor Matt Prater on why he was promoting homosexual marriage which is clearly contrary to Scripture, Rudd gave a pathetically bad and deceptive reply. He assured us that homosexuals are born that way and cannot change, thereby calling Jesus a liar for telling us he came to set people free from their sinful lifestyles.

He offered some foolishness about how we have to support slavery if we are against homosexuality. Talk about logical fallacies: what does slavery have to do with anything here? And of course it was the New Testament and Christians who actually helped bring slavery to an end.

Rudd said that the New Testament’s fundamental message was “one of universal love and loving your fellow man”. It is nothing of the sort. It is about the truth that we are condemned sinners heading to hell, and that Jesus died for our sin so that through faith and repentance we can be set free and made right with God.

He said we shouldn’t be “obsessed” with a particular definition of love based on sexuality. Um, just who is being obsessed here? For millennia throughout all human cultures marriage has always been about a man and a woman. It is the activists and their deceived supporters like Rudd who are so obsessed with homosexuality that they want to utterly destroy marriage and family as they force it upon every one of us.

The situation in America is of course no better, with a pro-sodomy president running that country just as badly. But it is not just the evil leadership, but a decadent and vile culture as well. The disgusting display of trash on MTV by Miley Cyrus is just one of a million examples of American decay and debauchery.

And yet I heard “Christians” say it was not so bad. All that tells us is how desensitised we have become, where something considered to be pornographic vulgarity just a few short decades ago is now just viewed as a bit of harmless entertainment.

I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. Others have been speaking out, and the words of Matt Barber in his most recent article shows that he too sees a nation nearly gone – a product of self-destruction. He has no time for mere pleasantries either, and goes straight for the jugular.

He quotes the most appropriate bit of Scripture we can use here: Romans 1:18-32. Imagine writing an entire column on this hard-hitting and scathing passage for a secular website. He entitles his piece, “America’s Fall: The Modern-Day Roman Empire”. He begins:

“Throughout the book of Romans, Paul warned of God’s unfolding wrath against the Roman Empire – indeed, all of humanity – for mankind’s embrace and practice of pagan morality. Approach Paul’s words with a modicum of objectivity and the reader is left with this dreadful realization: The words of Christ’s hand-picked messenger likewise paint an eerily accurate portrait of America, A.D. 2013.

“The negligible difference is that ancient pagan morality has been sanitized with a new euphemism: postmodern ‘progressivism.’ It is unbridled hubris that presumes America – lest she depart the wide path to ancient Rome – will not suffer that empire’s same fate.”

After unashamedly quoting from Romans 1 he continues: “Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun. Sexual impurity in all its ugly forms – fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pornography, et al. – is celebrated by these ‘progressive’ ‘fools.’ American culture revels in the degrading of our bodies while purity is mocked. God has given us over to sinful desires….

“God’s ‘due penalty’ is non-discriminating. America’s official endorsement of ‘gay marriage,’ ‘gay pride,’ homosexualist indoctrination in our schools, ‘transgender’ bathroom bills and bans on counseling to help with unwanted same-sex attraction will not end well. Ask the Romans.”

He concludes: “We have arrived. Shame on you, America. Our children – our adults – are depraved. They are ‘occupied’ by envy. They attack innocent people, beating and killing them for sport. They murder one another in the streets without love or mercy. They disobey, gossip, slander and hate God. They are insolent, arrogant, boastful ‘little monsters.’ They invent ways of doing evil. Hannah Montana is what America once was. MTV Miley is America today. She ‘evolved’ because we ‘evolved.’ You saw it on display. It’s ugly. It’s Satanic. It’s ‘progressive’.”

Australia is just as far down the gurgler. And the worst part about all this is that most Christians don’t care one lousy bit. They just don’t give a rip. We are witnessing the end of our cultures with casualties mounting up everywhere, and most believers just don’t give a hoot.

In fact some Christians will actually go and vote for Rudd at the weekend. They are just as much a part of the problem as anyone else. They, and all of us, should stop all that we are doing and read, and reread, Romans 1 until it starts sinking in.

Otherwise we really are doomed.


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  1. Well said. Come to WE WILL NOT BOW on Facebook bro. We can use the support.
    Ed Sumner

  2. Kevin Rudd’s claim that people cannot be set free from homosexuality is an outright lie! I have been producing a documentary film about a former transsexual who was living in a homosexual relationship and who was transformed by God’s grace. He is now a born-again follower of Jesus Christ and his powerful story and short film can be seen at http://www.comingoutfilm.com

    Stefan Kruszewki

  3. Hi Bill,
    I’m so pleased you addressed Kevin Rudd’s appalling performance on Q&A tonight. I watched that exchange myself and almost wanted to kick the TV in after witnessing this proud “Christian” publicly display his utter contempt for the words of Jesus, accompanied by that ridiculous argument that the Bible was pro-slavery.
    I did feel for Paster Prater – he was clearly on his own in that room. I’m not a huge fan of Tony Abbott, but It would be nice to see Mr Rudd get booted out of office on Saturday.

    James Brimblecombe

  4. Thanks for posting on this topic. I heard it on the radio this morning and was ready to vomit. His answer is designed to appeal to anyone who is not a Christian. A true Christian will see straight through his deception and disingenuous use of the Bible to justify his position.

    Graham Jose

  5. Sorry Bill, still frustrated and angry with Mr Rudd’s comments last night. Who in the MSM has the courage to call him over it? Even the Murdoch press is reporting how the PM really showed that pastor. Most of our mainstream right wing columnists also lack the gumption to tackle this issue.

    How is it possible to distill the message of the New Testament down to a single word – love? Even entertaining that such a notion has any veracity at what point do you make the quantum leap that equates love to sodomy? Aargh!

    Graham Jose

  6. If Christians actually wore the badge then they would leave the church in droves
    The opposite is actually happening. People who have list their faith or consider God to be irrelevant are moving out.
    What about Teresa Gambaro, a supposed conservative. She has publicly reversed her stance on SSM to appease the militants.
    It seems that Tony Abbot will be under intense pressure to relent
    I can almost guarantee, he will.
    As you say Bill it is time to take a stand.

    Dameon McManus

  7. I wrote on both Tim Blair’s and Andrew Bolt’s blogs the following:

    Mr Rudd’s theology is abysmal, his exegesis is terrible, and highly selective. He sets aside the clear words of the Bible to peddle his own views. He has no right to call himself a Christian.

    And he is scientifically wrong – there is no gay gene, there is no fixity of homosexuality at birth, there is absolutely no scientific foundation for his view.

    I notice also that the real question the pastor put was about Mr Rudd’s flip-flop changes in his views to garner votes, and Mr Rudd shifted gears to answer a different question.

    But he did it so smoothly that I suspect he knew that question was coming, and had prepared himself to derail it.

    As I listened to the video clip of Mr Rudd spouting forth on Q&A, I was shouting responses, and exploding with my frustration.

    That Pastor exercised greater restraint than I managed. I refuse to take part in the audience of those formats – there is no room to actually debate. You get one question and no right of reply. The guest gets to say whatever they like (unless they are a conservative when the host will interrupt them!).

    John Angelico

  8. I agree with the sentiments of this article save for one small item: Why refer to active homosexuals as ‘gay”?

    I take particular insult to the misuse of such a noble expression in that my children play gaily before the family home and are all Parisians homosexuals for living in gay Paris?

    The propaganda of a few misguided individuals has apparently hoodwinked the many and the Heny Penny syndrome appears to be taking hold in that by changing the wording we have a whole new meaning.

    In my book, manure is manure and calling manure a rose will never make it smell better.

    Homosexuality is a very dangerous activity and mankind may well end up paying a terrible price for even accepting its existence and claiming that it was not homosexuality but ‘gay’ activity will not save us.

    John Abbott

  9. I find Rudd’s ignorance of the Bible extraordinary but entirely unsurprising… Seems he gets his scripture information from some “infidels” or “secular web” website. Just pathetic!!!
    Need I remind Rudd that the Hebrew people were the only group in ancient times whose religion required them to free all slaves every 50 years (and that said slavery was in fact voluntary servitude). Bonhoeffer would be appalled at Krudd’s crank exegesis and heretical theology!!!

    Joel van der Horst

  10. Thanks for writing the truth again Bill, I saw the Q & A this morning on the net, mainly the part with the Question from the Pastor. I wonder if the Pastor’s of these megachurches such as Hillsong and others raised their voices what would happen? But they are silent, they have nothing to give at this crucial time, just more motivational rubbish. God will have His way, let’s not be discouraged. Fight the good fight of Faith Bill. God bless.

    Liz Gee

  11. Good work Bill.
    I am pleased to see how quickly you jumped on Q & A last night. It’s certainly making waves on the MSM today.

    Des Connors

  12. Dear Bill,

    I want to tell you that this particular Christian lady DOES CARE! And, I will continue to write the truth at my blog – no matter what people think, say or do against me.

    I see that you have your own type of “Obama” in your current leader – Rudd. For that man to appear on TV and spew such blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy; it’s just unconscionable!

    But you and I are not surprised. God’s Word has informed us that such things will happen the closer we get to the end times.

    I would like to invite you and your readers to my blog to see a post I wrote recently:


    A progressive person named “Jenny” made a comment, and I answered it as best I could at the time. If you have more words of wisdom to share I’d love to hear them!

    Bill, I know Christians who are falling into the trap that you mentioned of thinking that gay “marriage” isn’t so bad. Why is that? It’s because they are not grounded spiritually in Christ and they are not studying and applying the Bible!

    And you are right! There are churches that are falling away in record numbers! I was SO DISAPPOINTED that a church where I attended a women’s Bible study for many years has a pastor who refused to “get involved in politics” and ignored the Prop. 8 fight in CA back in 2008! Personally, I think that is a sin of omission!

    And, last Good Friday I attended a service at my former church. The “sanctuary” stage area was turned into a triple jumbo-tron of screens (not necessary because it’s small and you can see the pastor very well from the back of the church!). What’s worse is the fact that they took away the name of JESUS, that had always been written in huge letters up front and center behind the pastor’s podium!! I could share many more details about this particular church and their fall from grace, but I won’t bore you.

    I thank God for you Bill! You ALWAYS tell it like it is with the wisdom and knowledge that you have gained through your relationship with Christ and your study and application of the Bible! I’m sure that Jesus is smiling down from heaven with his approval!

    God bless!

    Your American friend and sister in Christ,
    Christine Watson, US

  13. Keep up the good work Bill. Even though such lies and deceptions had been applauded loudly, we must stay steadfast and continue to present the truth regardless.

    Jeremy Wong

  14. Great article Bill. I am disgusted by Rudd’s performance on Q&A last night. I think that he genuinely believes that he knows better than God on this topic, and probably all topics. For him to say on national TV that the words of Jesus Christ are laughable, and then to claim he has considered this through his “Christian conscience”, well lets just say it made me burn with anger and I genuinely fear for his soul.

    “…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” (Matthew 12:34)

    I neither see nor hear any evidence of Christ in Rudd’s heart.

    God will not be mocked and I can’t see how he will tolerate this for much longer.

    Steve Wood

  15. New to this site I have found like mindedness and the gold of truth. Keep up the good work Bill. God bless and prosper this ministry.

    David Barnes

  16. Hi Bill, Like I felt myself, last night watching Q@A, I can just imagine, and see steam rising above your head as we heard these abominations. Kevin Rudd did more damage to his own good then at any other time I have watched him perform. His popularity did not rise during this episode. His treatment of Pastor Matt was despicable. We can now see clearly how the man fell our with his own cronies.
    The face of pastor Matt Prater spoke a thousand words without uttering a word in response to Kevin’s evil lies.
    Did you note how the camera kept focusing on that face, which expressed utter dismay for a lost soul. He was not speechless, just awstruck with concern for such public disgrace.
    The Australian people will judge him on Saturday.
    Bill Heggers, Perth

  17. For Mr. Rudd to compare marriage with slavery made it very clear that he does not know the difference between a creation ordinance which, like mathematics, cannot be changed without impunity, and an allowance that God made after sin had entered the world. Slavery, eating meat and divorce in case of infidelity are examples of the latter.
    What really made me chuckle was, and I am sorry I chuckled, because it is really so serious. In his address to the ACL make it count forum he said that he came up with his support for ssm after prayerful consideration and that he accepts the fact that other people come up with the opposite view after similar prayerful consideration. My God is not schizophrenic, so I am sure Mr Rudd and I are not talking about the same God when we talk about God. Interestingly, the compare of the ACL forum referred to both party leaders as “christian leaders”. Hmmm, not sure about that.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  18. I urge as many people as possible to vote for the party Australian Christians!

    Jeremy Woods

  19. At least Christians can now be absolutely sure that Mr Rudd does not take the Bible seriously.
    Or even semi-seriously.
    Perhaps his novel KRUDD version of the Bible condones slavery as an excuse to make slaves of all of us: Slaves to the gaystapo, slaves to Islamic dimmitude, slaves to big government and carbon tax stupidity, slaves to the maddening media.
    No Christian could possibly tick his box now. Not possible, no way. Surely the pencil-on-a-string would break under the stress of conviction.

    Tim Lovett

  20. Dear Bill.

    Thank you for your very clear analysis of what Kevin Rudd said. He is obviously not a Christian, but a follower of a false man made god, being made in Rudd’s image. An image that will decay and be nothing very soon.

    What he said I believe is actually a good thing because every Christian in Australia worth their salt will be horrified that the PM could say such a thing. Rudd’s world belief system is there for everyone to see. He most probably has put a nail in his own political coffin.

    My prayer, is that Christians wake up and wake up NOW. My prayer is that Christians stand up for Christ NOW. My prayer is that Rudd loses his seat in the electorate.
    My prayer is that Christian prophets like yourself, will join you in standing for Truth.

    God bless you Bill, and keep up the good fight. God is with you as are many Christians.

    Paul Copeland

  21. I accidentally caught that part of the Q&A last night, not knowing it was on, expecting to be watching the beginning of Lateline. Infuriating, in a word. Rudd’s manner was exceedingly boorish and combative. Ungentlemanly. His reasoning was baffling – no, that is too complimentary. His response was unreasoned, intellectually barren, self-contradictory, notably unscientific – on the whole, pathetic. A sorry, sorry low-point in a slippery if inevitable descent no-one with any sense of pity can enjoy watching. A great deal more might be said in contestation of his ghastly illogic, never mind the issue of values (something I mean to attend to as an exercise in intellectual and theological self-cleansing). Believe and defend whatever you want, but – “for goodness’ sake” – back it up with something at least vaguely credible. Too many of my Progressive friends, approving of the values expressed, will miss completely the haggard stupidity of his argument. He’s a creep as well as a dope. And no – I shall not be voting Labor at this election.

    Stephen Phillips

  22. Exactly right Stephen. Yet how many gullible and undiscerning Christians will still vote for this fraud on Saturday? The mind boggles.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  23. Yes to all. How any Christian can vote Labor this election is beyond me. Far better an honest atheist like Julia Gillard.

    David Morrison

  24. Hi Bill, the following message has gone to all my email and Facebook contacts and to all MPs & Senators. Thought you may find it worthy for your column.

    Rudd’s Deception:

    Last night on Q & A program, Rudd said “the Bible also says slavery is a natural condition” when he was question about the words of Jesus in the Bible about marriage as being between a man and a woman.

    But Kevin chose to deceive by implying explicitly that if I support the Biblical marriage as between a man and a woman, I should also have to support slavery! How manipulative and deceptive can he get to secure some votes!

    In Chapter 5 & 6 of the Book of Ephesians, Apostle Paul saw marriage breakdowns & disharmony; parents exasperating their children and the disobedience of children; and masters mistreating slaves & slaves disobeying in exasperation: Paul in his wisdom was advising them on how to have harmony and peace with one another and that “…there is no favoritism with Him (Christ)”. Jesus came to set us free from sinful and harmful ways.

    John Newton, on conversion, repented & quit his slave trade; became a strong & active supporter of the abolition of slavery, and wrote the “Amazing Grace”. President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery; and Reverend Martin Luther King fought for equal rights for the African Americans, both under immense opposition. The word of God, the Bible, was their source of wisdom & empowering strength. But Kevin chose to deceive!

    What has Gay Marriage i.e. Man marrying man, woman marrying woman, has to do with abolition of slavery and racial discrimination. Gay marriage is not a discrimination or racial issue! It is also simply not the same and equal to a man-woman marriage for so many reasons!

    Ken Hutcherson, an influential black pastor from the Seattle area, put it well: ‘It has been said loudly and proudly that gay marriage is a civil rights issue. If that’s the case, then gays would be the new African-Americans. I’m here to tell you now, and hopefully for the last time, that the gay community is not the new African-American community. Don’t compare your sin to my skin.’

    Richard Chieng

  25. Thank you Bill – well said.
    Tim, you’re right – Kevin has blown his cover. No true Christian could now accept him as a brother in Christ, after he so blatantly expressed his contempt for the Bible.
    I agree with the comments, they express the same disgust and anger I feel. God bless Pastor Matt for standing up for the truth.
    Jan Greig

  26. Gods justice is harsh and you’d better believe it. You can’t get away with mocking God or indulging in same sex relations or simply doing evil things. The book of your life will be opened and you will be judged.
    Rudd may have his day of adorations but his followers will be the unrighteous babble.
    The flood is recorded in nearly every known ancient civilisation. How many then survived Gods judgement when he determined that all men’s thoughts were evil? You can count them on two hands.
    Those who pursue evil in any degree or form will eventually be greater in number those that oppose them with righteousness. Then Blaspheming God they will try to rid the world of all his statutes and his creation but, it will be they who will be left behind on this burning ember we call earth with the corruptness of their governors and with every conceivable evil coming to the fore as lawful and untouchable. Ultimately evil will compete against evil until Satan has total power over this a corrupted earth.
    Let those who want it in its putrid state, stay and pursue their evil course destroying the principles that give us the Lords blessing and a good life,
    Such people are living in a dream world in their short little lives believing they will live forever. Judgement may not even come in old age it can happen on the way home or just about anywhere in the blink of an eye when least expected. They do not understand that the only thing that makes this place liveable, allows them to pursue their selfish corrupted ways alongside Christians and even those of their own persuasions whilst constantly blaspheming against God is the fact that Christian righteousness and morality though being slowly overwhelmed still flows within civilisation enabling even sinners to survive. But to what end?
    When the wheat has been harvested and the tares are left without either morality, righteousness or hope what then? When peoples lives are governed by fear and filth and when there is no hope they will surely regret their ways and what they have brought upon themselves.
    But as the bible says there is a great gulf fixed between heaven and hell and no one can return to tell the sinners the judgement is real. When the dominance of those that believe they only have responsibility to themselves and when love has been replaced by Lust. Surely it is time to change and truly accept Jesus as our saviour and Judge, for the narrow gate that leads to our Lords Kingdom beyond this world is looming overwhelmingly before us.
    Dennis Newland

  27. Concerning a man involved in incest, Paul writing to the Corinthian church told them to remove him from the church. Jesus Christ said that it would be better to remove an eye, hand or foot if if it was leading us to sin, rather than the whole of our bodies to be thrown into hell.

    Certainly we need show love and compassion to repentant sinners who want to escape from the slavery of sexual bondage, but we do not tell them to love their sin that leads to death.

    David Skinner, UK

  28. Excellent piece Bill, as usual.
    Thank you for all you do.
    God Bless your ministry.

    Annette Williams

  29. I have not seen it utilised as a comment on this site but are you aware of an article dated 17th Nov 2010 in the Advertiser. It states in the headline “Labor made secret same sex pact”. The first paragraph states “Kevin Rudd agreed to back same-sex civil unions at last years ALP National Conference, in a private deal with key Left faction leaders.” It also went on to state Kevin had strong Christian beliefs. Sadly it seems his spiritual guru is not the same as the one in the Bible. When I hear of him having a ‘recent’ revelation & change of heart I shudder at the apparent hypocrisy & cry out as to where are the Christian leaders proclaiming truth & righteousness – sadly we know the answer to the latter question – they are scared, timid, worried as to their empire & wage etc…
    Dr David Squirrell

  30. Christine Watson, thank you so much for that last, brilliant link, revealing the hatred of the gay militants. The wraps are off. The gays have become so confident that they no longer pretend to be tolerant. This link clearly shows that what they intend is all out war on Christians, the family and the nation. I just love that that last statement in the video where the guy says “It is time to take up arms.”

    Well folks according to article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights we have a right to defend life. Bring it on


    David Skinner, UK

  31. The time is past for polite debate. Our opposition mock and pour scorn on reason and morality. They play games with us because we mistakenly believe that they still abide by decency and democratic discourse. They are prepared to play this game as long as we are prepared to play it. Time for talking is over.

    First we have to allow pictures of their depraved life styles, as revealed in the broad light of day in the Gay Parades, their menu of dangerous sexual practices as revealed in the material being pumped into schools under the heading of sex education, and above all picture of children appearing and being used in festivals like the Folsom Street Fair.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words and though these compilations take time and energy to compose and though such images will offend many sensitive Christians, it is time to expose from the roof tops the depravity taking place in our towns and cities.

    “A dog returns to its vomit,” and, “A sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the mud.”

    This is the picture we need to show to our nice respectable Christians who can only look on those things that pure and of good report, whilst their children are being sodomised, literally and spiritually.

    David Skinner, UK

  32. Liz Gee- one Australian megachurch pastor did speak out on this issue. I speak of course of the courageous Rev. Margaret Court pastor of the 2nd largest church in WA http://www.victorylifecentre.com.au/blog/2012/02/a-call-for-a-return-to-biblical-values-as-same-sex-marriage-debates-looms/
    And she was pilloried by the press and attacked by the militant gay lobby. Attacking an event that Bill spoke at her church I think last year.

    Joel van der Horst

  33. Dear Bill.

    I have put up the video of Kevin’s blasphemous statements at my youtube site.

    I have also added your comments (edited for space) and also added many of the responses here (without the names).

    Some folk here might like to post a comment at the video.

    Kevin Rudd has hung himself by his blasphemous words. This will not go away, and as someone else said ‘God is not mocked’. Regarding the statement ‘God is not mocked’, that is exactly what I said to an African pastor friend of ours when the born again atheist got her job. God indeed was not mocked and Julia is now very sad history.

    It will be Kevin Rudd’s turn next.

    Here is the link to the video I uploaded


    Paul Copeland

  34. Well stated Bill, there is little or no difference between the way many ‘Christians’ live these days, and the way the secular culture functions. Before we can take back the culture, we need to take away the worldly dross and mindset of Christians. The November conference will offer another chance to sound the warning, yet again.

    John Heininger

  35. To everyone who has commented on the issues of so-called “gay marriage” and same sex attraction, my sincere thanks. As a fellow Christian, I too share your expressed concerns.
    May I also encourage us all to remember Jesus’ own warning to his apostles not to be surprised that the world will hate us just as it hated him for speaking God’s truth. This very thing was brought home to me a few years ago when I visited the Colisseum in Rome and remembered that many Christians died there because of their faith in Jesus and his teaching.
    I pray that just as Jesus was strengthened to trust in His Heavenly Father in the garden of Gethsemane, that all of us may be too.

    John Ferwerda

  36. Its not that most believers don’t give a hoot. Most of the so-called believers are not really believers. True Christians in the West are becoming an extreme minority. The true Christians are forced psychologically into keeping quiet or they feel helpless against the secular juggernaut. I take the view of Catholic philosopher Alisdair McIntyre, there is NO recovery for the West. It is over. No point bringing water for the fire when the house has already burned down. The West cannot be recovered, although everyone likes to end all essays with a hopeful note. The truth is grim. unless God himself intervenes, the West deserves to get destroyed like Sodom & Gomorrah. Only separate communities like the monastic Benedictines promoted true culture after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    look up: spiral of silence on wikipedia

    Julian DeSouza

  37. Thanks Julian

    You are right that there are few true believers left in the West. And you are right that the West is in real bad shape. But you are wrong to say there is no hope and that it is all over. And you tell us why yourself: “unless God himself intervenes”. It is for that very reason we can never say it is all over and there is no hope. There is always hope. We are not in a position to tell God what he can and cannot do. If he wants to send revival to the West he most certainly can, and we all should pray to that end. If not, then yes, we are toast. But no one I know has that complete assurance and knowledge that God has fully and finally abandoned the West.

    And look at history. Things were indeed grim during the collapse of the Roman Empire, but out of that of course grew Western civilisation. As long as God is on the throne, there is always hope. He may surprise us yet. Indeed, I have already written about how Europe looks like a write-off, but God is still moving there:


    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  38. I read this encouraging psalm this morning:
    “hear oh my people and I will warn you. If you but listen to me oh Israel. You shall not have a foreign God among you, you shall not bow down to an alien God. I am the Lord your God who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. But my people would not listen to me. Israel would not submit to me, so I gave them over to their stubborn hearts, to follow their own devices. If my people would but listen to me, if Israel would follow my ways, how quickly would I subdue their enemies and turn my hand against their foes.Those who hate the Lord would cringe before Him and their punishment would last forever. But you would be fed with the finest of wheat, with honey from the rock I would satisfy you…”
    There is our answer I believe, has always been the same, for Israel for us, really not rocket science. Trust God fully, praise Him only and get rid of idols. How hard is that? But we get what half-heartedness and double mindedness deserve and it’s certainly not victory over our enemies.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  39. I too agree with you on the homosexuality issue. What are your opinions regarding divorce?
    However, reading Brian Houstons comments from Hillsong I’m not convinced that he’s turned to the ‘dark side’ so to speak as much as he’s saying that we should be more open and loving to gays but not necessarily accepting their lifestyle. You know Love The Sinner Not The Sin. Jesus himself spent all his time with sinners and appeared to avoid the holier than thou. Whereas many Christians shun those who are gay, this is just not on, we should love them, after all Jesus loved and died for us while we were still sinners too.
    Chris Weller

  40. A friend of mine asked me what I would say in response to Mr Rudd’s claim the other night.

    Three things:
    1. Mr Rudd, what is the name of the second book of the bible and explain the significance of that?

    2. The bible actually nominates the very worst form of slavery as actually being slavery to sin, which Jesus came to save us from. People carry invisible chains around everywhere they go, and they cannot release themselves. Would you not agree? What are you doing to raise awareness to that kind of slavery and the solution for it?

    3. Let’s assume for a moment that what you are saying is true – the bible supports slavery as normal (or ‘natural’). It is generally understood that Christians believe the bible. So why do you claim to be a Christian given it supports slavery?

    And now, given he’s saying that the New Testament is profoundly anti-woman, you could ask pretty much the same question again relevant to that claim.

    As for the shallow ‘God is about love’ spiel, always remember the order in which Jesus placed the way we direct our love –
    First, we love God with all our hearts and souls and mind (or might).
    Second, we love our neighbour as ourselves.

    (Both commandments, btw, originally come from those horrible law books of Moses, Deuteronomy and Leviticus. It’s especially incovenient how the Leviticus quote Jesus makes comes from chapter 19, right between 18 & 20 – which we know contains…)

    I’m not sure how it’s loving God to tell Him he screwed up male and female even though we all have a mother and father. Matt Prater was spot on to quote from what Jesus said because effectively Kevin Rudd declared Jesus to be a liar.

    Kevin Rudd is either a pathetic example of a Christian, or no Christian at all. It is as starkly clear as that.

    Mark Rabich

  41. David Virtue on virtueonline.org, in his article Two Opposing Views of Anglicanism describes how acceptance of homosexuality is destroying a church. It will wreak just as much havoc in society at large.

    Nina Blondel

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