The Significance of the Mosque

Mosques are appearing all over the West. Is this something to be applauded – an indication of healthy multiculturalism at work? Or is it something to be concerned about – another example of creeping sharia and stealth jihad? To properly answer this question, we must look more closely at the role a mosque plays in Islamic culture, history and theology.

And to properly do this, we must understand that in many respects Islam is unlike any other religion. That is because it really is a political ideology bent on world domination. Being radically different from other world religions, we can therefore expect that particular features of it will be radically different as well.

Consider then the Islamic mosque. To most people unaware about basic Islamic thinking, a mosque is simply a place of worship, just like a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue. Sadly however this is simply not the case. The Muslim mosque is far different from either a church or a synagogue, and for a number of reasons.

But before I address this in detail, let me broaden the scope of my deliberations here. The truth is, when Islam comes into a non-Islamic country, there is much going on that most folks are unaware of. While many Muslims may migrate to non-Muslim countries for various reasons, such as to flee tyranny, or for economic and personal reasons, not all do.

Many Muslims come as a part of Islamic da’wa, or mission. They are out to reach the whole world for Islam. But unlike Christians, who also want to reach the whole world for Christ, Muslims see no separation between church and state, or mosque and state.

All is one in Islam, so spreading Islam means spreading an entire way of life, including the political, cultural and legal aspects. Thus Islamic immigration is also far different from that of other religions. One very important book on all this is Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration.

Image of Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam?
Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam? by Solomon, Sam (Author), Maqdisi, E Al (Author) Amazon logo

Written by a former Muslim, Sam Solomon, and E Al Maqdisi (ANM Publishers, 2009), it is a very revealing look at how Muslims in the West are going about establishing a political power base to work toward the eventual takeover of the host nation.

The strategy, as detailed by the authors, is quite clear: set up a beachhead in a non-Muslim nation, consolidate your gains, push for a separate and distinct culture, and work for full rights in terms of separate law systems, finance systems, dietary systems, and so on.

The aim is not to fit in and embrace the values and beliefs of the host culture. The aim is to take over the nation, and foist Islamic values and beliefs on the kaffir (infidel) instead. It is about the establishment of a universal caliphate, and the spread of sharia law throughout the globe.

And the role of immigration is quite crucial here, going all the way back to Muhammad himself. Recall that the migration (Hijra) of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 is the most important event in the Muslim calendar. This initiated the spread of Islam by sword and conquest.

The Hijra “changed the status of Islam as a religion and of the Muslims as a community, transforming them from being a weak people to a powerful political entity … and ultimately into a powerful socio-religious political state.” Thus Islamic migration is still viewed as so very important today.

And a major player in all this is the mosque. As the authors write, “Mosques are at the heart of the community. The mosque is the most crucial infrastructure for the development of any Muslim community. Building mosques is a strategy to emulate and imitate Muhammad.”

They detail how this process works: “The Islamic community consolidation system works through a network of volunteers and other paid ‘pious’ individuals who act as community or mosque liaison officers, who keep a close eye on the community by policing the new immigrant arrivals….

“The major aim is first and foremost to consolidate the existing Muslim community, and only in so doing successfully would it be possible to declare and fight for Shariah and the gaining of a special status for the Muslim community. The first foundational principle for the creation of a successfully visible Islamic society is to be separate and distinct.”

While I recommend that all concerned citizens get a copy of this book, a brief article on the same theme can be offered here. Janet Levy has written a vital piece entitled “A Mosque Is Not Like a Church or a Synagogue”. Discussing the American situation, she writes, “A mosque is a symbol of this ultimate authority and serves the function of organizing every aspect of life in a Muslim community.

“Mosques are modeled after the first mosque established by Mohammed in Medina, which was a seat of government, a command center, a court, a school, and a military training center and depot for arms. Mosque leaders today issue religious decrees, enforce Islamic doctrine, monitor conduct, provide training, punish transgressions, and command actions, including the requirement to conduct jihad.”

Therefore a mosque “is totally unlike a church or a synagogue, entities that serve their communities under the law of the land and are both empowered and restrained under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Under the Establishment Clause of that amendment, the government is prohibited from establishing a state religion or conferring preferential treatment on one religion over another.”

But in “Muslim countries, no separation exists between mosque and state. Islamic doctrine or sharia controls all aspects of a person’s existence, from the correct way to use the toilet to permissible forms of lying, or taquiya. For Muslims, Mohammed is the perfect man, whose every example must be emulated, even though by Western Judeo-Christian standards he was a mass murderer, pedophile, rapist, torturer, and looter.

“Furthermore, Islamic doctrine is immutable, and any criticism of the traditions and practices of Mohammed is considered apostasy, which is punishable by death. No free individual will exists or is allowed when it comes to practices and observances. Sharia must be strictly followed.”

She concludes, “The radical nature of U.S. mosques was confirmed in 2005 by a study conducted by Freedom House, ‘Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Invade American Mosques,’ in which it was determined that 80% of American mosques encouraged Muslims to work for the establishment of the Islamic state and espoused hatred and intolerance toward non-Muslims….

“According to former FBI agent and expert on Islam John Guandolo, we have over 2,000 so-called Islamic centers across the U.S. modeled after the first mosque in Medina. These Islamic centers can be likened to military command centers that imbue jihad ideology and serve as processing centers for jihadist training, Guandolo says.

“In view of the stated intent and the supporting ideology of mosque-proliferation, we would be well-advised to heed the words of former Muslim and professor of sharia law Sam Solomon, who declares, ‘We must never forget that Islam is an all-encompassing ideological system, and as such wherever there is a Muslim community there will be sharia, and wherever there is sharia, there is Islamization of the territory and ultimately the nation.’

“Rather than allowing the building of more mega-mosques in the United States, we should halt existing projects and seriously consider shutting down existing mosques to prevent the proliferation of an ideology that has publicly pledged to destroy America.”

The situation in America is not unlike that of the one here in Australia. The radically different nature of a mosque means that we must cast a very critical eye over it, and be very wary for calls to establish new mosques. Freedom, democracy and a proper separation of state and religion are all at risk here if we do not keep vigilant in this regard.

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  1. Great accurate article Bill.

    Having said that, I thought I would also like to say, wait for all the moral relativist’s to pile on and have a go at you.

    Just waiting for some of the following:

    But the Christians did XYZ,
    But look at the Zionists (Jews and Christians) are doing to XYZ (you know who I am talking about),

    And my absolute favourite:
    We are a secular society, and we will fight to stop you “evil” Christians from setting up a theocracy, (but do not say anything about islam, or we will call you a racist/bigot/sexist/islamaphobe).

    Yep that will just about cover all the pretzel like actions the left will come up with to be able to ignore the truth.

    But again Bill, great article, could not add anything that is not covered most accurately and correctly.

    Neil Waldron

  2. PC = Perverse Culture

    Unfortunately for Neil ” We are [not] a secular society, and we will fight to stop you “evil” Christians from setting up a theocracy” –
    The “Theocracy” was set up when Christ returned to heaven and He IS reigning [as He has been for the past 2,000 or so years] – just because His rule does not meet “Christians” expectations – too bad. He gave them a job to do – and almost immediately many sat on their laurels expecting Him to come down and rescue them. He didn’t – and hasn’t – and won’t – for quite a while

    – and tells us quite clearly – He will continue giving people over to foolishness – until the catch on…

    Islam will also “get the message” – as many within Islam are Now !

    When slack lazy Christians [of the west] get up of their but – the millions that God is sending to their doorstep are waiting to hear the Gospel !!!

    Here is how !!!

    Get going …

  3. The Great Commission, Matthew 28:16-19:
    But the eleven disciples proceeded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated. When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some were doubtful. And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

  4. The use of Sharia Law has already been endorsed by the England/Wales Law Society, so that Muslims living here can make their wills according to its rules and not ours. And Baroness Warsi is enthusiastic about making London a major centre for Islamic finance. No wonder we call it Londonistan.

    and the Law Society article is a few sections back, on the same blog.

    What with this and other abominations recently legalised by government, there is little doubt that the UK is on the edge of the abyss without a rope. The clouds of war are thickening.

  5. I went to see an Iranian evangelist some years ago. In his lecture, he confirmed that it is already over for Australia.
    In the eyes of the Muslim, the very first mosque in Australia symbolised the conception of the eventual ownership of the country… Australia is already Muslim.
    Any idea how many mosques there are in Australia?
    The Quran espouses any Muslim to lie about anything to infidels in order to justify the spread of Islam
    Who is the father of lies, and where does revelation tell us the destination of all liars?
    God bless you all

  6. Hopefully no christian would support the idea of a secular state, at that word we need to pray, fight, whatever, for the god of a secular state is the devil himself, very well hidden of course, that is his nature he deceives.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  7. The video linked by Phil Ellery was produced by a Muslim group (obvious when you watch it), but using incorrect statistics to apparently scare other Muslims into donating to support the Muslim cause. The rates of conversion to Christianity are nowhere near as claimed in the video.

  8. There does not seem to be much discussion about the mosque on the Temple mount in Jerusalem.
    I am amazed at the Jewish toleration of this unholy edifice at the site where the world changing, Abraham – Isaac drama took place.

  9. Thanks Bill,

    I am probably ignorant of the facts here.
    My reading is not wide enough. But…

    Nowhere yet have I seen a particular word used to describe the Muslim invasion.

    Nowhere yet have I heard any government use this particular concept in dealing with the Muslim take over of a nation.

    The word and concept is “treason”.
    There is a slow but sure “coup detat” going on.
    The death penalty used to be mandatory for this.
    Surely it is as serious as this.

  10. I’ve been trying to explain to people for years now that Islam isn’t a religions so much as a theo-political entity (ok, I made that word up, maybe theocracy would be better).

    To that end, how does Islam differ from the Christian groups (Christian Reconstructionists/Theonomists, for instance) that want to establish the Mosaic covenant through the US government to take back the country for Christ. Many (i.e. Dominionists) believe this is necessary for the second coming of Christ.

    To that end, these folks seem to want to recreate the old covenant theocracy. Sounds similar to Islam in my mind, but maybe I’m missing something (and I mean that literally, not sarcastically).

  11. Thanks Matthew. Yes you may be missing something. First, Christian reconstructionim is a particular theological position not held by the great majority of Christians, and many have written about its various shortcomings. But even if there were a place to restore Israel’s civil laws in modern secular states, one simply has to read the Koran, hadith and sira to see how different they are from what is found in totalistic Islam. And with prophets and priests allowed to routinely criticise and judge kings and leaders, even the OT “theocracy” allowed for some separation of church and state, which Islam of course does not allow for.

  12. Thanks Bill.
    I encourage all followers of Jesus to befriend Muslim people & the love of Jesus may draw them to Him. I pray our churches eyes will open the mission opportunity here on our doorsteps- to introduce Muslims to the real Biblical Jesus. Yes we need to understand the basics of Islam to facilitate this.
    The truth is, unprecedented numbers of Muslims worldwide,are discovering who Jesus truly is & are prepared to pay the price.
    Nothing is impossible to the Holy Spirit.
    New converts need all kinds of help & encouragement as well as schooling in the word of God by the living Word.
    Shalom ian kilminster

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