This Is Sydney, Not Saudi Arabia

Let me state a few basic truths here: Perhaps most Muslims are peaceful and decent folks who pose no real threat to our way of life. But that just cannot be said about Islam. This is a religion – really more of a political ideology – which is steeped in and based upon bloodshed, violence, jihad and misogyny, to name but a few traits.

Its view and treatment of women alone should persuade most people that this is not a religion we want taking over the West. But sadly it already is slowly but surely taking over. Creeping sharia and stealth jihad are alive and well all over the West, as I have documented hundreds of times now.

islam 31And that includes the appalling treatment of women. Based on the life, example and teachings of Muhammad, and followed through in the Koran, hadith and sira, women are simply at best, second-class citizens in Islam, and at worst, mere flesh to be abused.

Worldwide we see that both now and in the 1400-year history of Islam. But sadly it is not just in Muslim-majority nations where we see the horrific treatment of women. All over the West we find examples of this as well. And when it happens in places like Sydney, and not just places like Saudi Arabia, then you know we are in big trouble.

A major piece in the Weekend Australian should go a long way in dispelling any illusions about this. The entire piece is worth reading, but let me offer some lengthy quotes from it. It is entitled, “‘It is the young flesh they want’”. It begins as follows:

On a hot summer’s day earlier this year, a beautiful young Pakistani girl named Amina stood in the living room of her western Sydney home, listening in horror as her father explained how he planned to murder her.
“I am going to kill you now, right here!” he shouted at the 16-year-old. “And no one will say anything about what I do to you. I am too powerful in the community.” Amina’s parents had promised her to a man 13 years her senior and she had made the mistake of refusing to marry him. Her arguments would not sway her father and even when her husband-to-be beat her in front of him, her dad remained resolute, telling her: “He is already your husband in front of God.”
“She adored her father but he believed that by refusing to marry this man, she was damaging the honour of the family,” says Eman Sharobeem, manager of the Immigrant Women’s Health Service in Fairfield, Sydney. “I have no doubt that he would have killed her if I hadn’t intervened.” Amina might have been raised in Australia, adopting the attitude and dress of her teenage friends, but to her father she was “just a good sale item, a stunningly beautiful girl who would bring a good dowry”.
The child’s father eventually agreed to spare his daughter’s life — not out of any sense of mercy, Sharobeem says, but because he realised it would be difficult to kill the girl and get away with it. So he packed Amina off to Pakistan, where she has been held in his family’s home for the past two months. “She texted me the other day,” says Sharobeem. “She said, ‘They won’t kill me because they know you know. But they will keep me here until I agree to marry that man.” Her last text said: “I might give in.”
For years, child marriage in this country has been hidden under layers of culture and tradition in tight-knit communities — a fringe issue that’s been difficult to gauge and hard to investigate. Then came news of a 12-year-old girl who was “married” in January to a 26-year-old Lebanese university student in an Islamic -ceremony at the girl’s home in NSW’s Hunter Valley, and the layers of secrecy began to peel away. On best estimates, the number of girls in Australia being forced into marriage here or overseas is in the hundreds every year. Girls as young as 12 or 13 are disappearing from schoolyards, packed off to the countries of their parents’ birth to wed men they have never met, while others are taken from their homes in southern Asia and the Middle East and brought into Australia to marry.
The National Children’s and Youth Law Centre has identified 250 cases of under-age marriage over the past 24 months, while Sharobeem, who was herself married to a cousin at the age of 14, says there are at least 60 child wives living in south-western Sydney alone. In Melbourne, Melba Marginson, executive director of the Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Coalition (VIRWC), says she sees 150 women a week who are in forced and violent marriages, many of them married off when they were still children. “But what we are seeing is only the tip of the iceberg,” she says.

It is the tip of the iceberg alright. And our refusal to speak out about this, for fear of offending others, or being labelled a “racist” is simply resulting in many more of these tragic cases. It is time to call a spade a spade. It is time to call out Islam on this. And it is time to admit that our misguided multiculturalism policies have been absolute disasters.

The situation is similar in the UK. One brave writer there was willing to stand up and challenge the myths about multiculturalism, and to look at the real nature of Islam. Allison Pearson’s piece, “Trojan Horse debate: We were wrong, all cultures are not equal” is also well worth reading in full. A few quotes:

Unfortunately, the great lie underpinning the creed of multiculturalism, as spouted by Francois Cerrah and her ilk, is that all cultures are “equally valid”. Well, patently, they’re not. The reason irate Pakistani patriarchs are not chucking bricks at their errant daughters in the Birmingham Bull Ring is because Britain has a basically uncorrupt police force, a robust judiciary and an enlightened, hard-won system of liberal values that regards women and girls as equals, not third-class citizens.
But instead of standing up to barbarism and ignorance, too often we have looked away in embarrassment or fear. How many teachers have averted their gaze when 13-year-old Muslim girls suddenly disappear from the classroom to be taken “home” for a forced marriage, because this would present unwelcome evidence that some cultures are less valid than others?
How many health professionals in Bradford are concerned, but never say so, that intermarriage in the Muslim community – 75 per cent of Pakistanis in the city are married to their first cousin – is causing babies to be born blind, deaf and with other disabilities? Back in 2008, when Labour environment minister Phil Woolas said that British Pakistanis were fuelling the rate of birth defects, he was slapped down by Downing Street, with a spokesman for prime minister Gordon Brown saying the issue was not one for ministers to comment on. Government after government has filed this thorny issue in “The Too Difficult Box”, the title of a timely new book edited by former Cabinet minister Charles Clarke.

After looking at how Islamic school children are treated because of the archaic beliefs of their parents, she says:

Growing suggestions that all faith schools should be banned because some Muslims cannot be trusted to prepare their children for life in contemporary society are simply outrageous. Why should Catholic, Jewish and Church of England schools, which provide a terrific, disciplined learning environment for millions of children, be forced to cease their good work and shut down? Why must the tolerant be made to carry the can for the intolerable?

Needless to say she is being mercilessly attacked for daring to say such things, just as anyone is who has the courage to confront the failed experiment of multiculturalism and the blood cult of Islam. But for the sake of children, of women, and of a free society, we must speak out.

The only way Sydney and Australia will sink into the hellhole that is Saudi Arabia and the Islamic world is if we stand by and do and say nothing. The choice is ours.

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  1. One day soon Christians will be asked why they did not speak up about Islam and the practices they keep, then we`ll been seen as so tolerant, we`d lose all credibility.
    Got this idea from some blog I read the other day.

  2. Thanks Bill. Well the so-called moderate Muslims are certainly not taking a stand now, so we cannot really expect them to start speaking out when heads are being lopped off.

  3. “Moderate” really just means “lukewarm” and thankfully many Muslim’s are happy to live lukewarm versions of Islam. It has a semblance of righteousness to satisfy a desire for personal piety and is often more cultural tradition for these Muslims, not much different to lukewarm Christians or those who live according to some Christian teachings and cultural values but who deny Christ and his power.

    Anyone who really follows the Sira, the “perfect Muslim example” set by Mohammed, will of course do what Mohammed did and there is so much detail about Mohammed’s life – literally from how he held cups, how he ate, how he stood when he urinated, how he had sex, and how he interacted with the unbelieving Kafir. It goes into prolific detail about how he behaved and what actions are permissible and which are not for Muslims.

    True Muslim’s will know the Sira well and follow it closely, from the permissible deception of Taqiyya to the polygamy to the Jew-hatred.

    Moderate Muslims can usually only make vague references to the Qur’an or the five pillars.

    The moderate Muslims, like anyone else who builds a house on sand, will be shattered under a strong Islam, just as lukewarm Christians will be exposed at the appearing of Christ.

    “Moderate” serves as a way for the west to temporarily escape the reality that there is no greater or more willing threat to western civilization than Islam. Even as it gains strongholds in Europe, these deniers still turn a blind eye, either out of fear or political correctness. It’s like talking about “moderate crocodiles” and pretending that they can be safe pets.

    In the end, everyone has a good reason to fear Islam, none more so than all the Muslim’s who suffer under it even today.

    Unfortunately, many of these moderate Muslim’s will probably cave under the growing pressure of ‘sharia zones’ as they appear with the growing Islamic presence in Australia. The children of Muslim immigrants seem to demonstrate a much greater hunger for real Islam than their parents, many of whom probably escaped Islamic nations as refugees and asylum seekers.

    The upside is it’s a great opportunity to preach Christ to them and the church does strengthen under pressure but at the same time, Islam decimated the ancient Christian world and Asia minor, the home of the seven churches, is but a shadow of its former glory where being a Christian can be very dangerous.

    There is very good reason to assume Islam intends the same for the west in our time.

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