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Although it may not be well known to many people today, when the war in Europe was won by the Allies in 1945, one of the many actions taken to right the wrongs was to force ordinary German citizens to walk through the concentration camps and see for themselves what they had allowed to take place.

This was part of the larger process known as Entnazifizierung (Denazification) which the Allies undertook after the war to rid Germany and Austria of all things related to Nazi ideology. As part of this, numerous films showing the horrors of the concentration camps were made and shown to the German public.

hitler 24But forcing German citizens to actually see what was taking place all around them was a major part of this. Not only did they have to tour the camps, but often they had to bury rotting corpses and/or exhume mass graves. The sights and the stench were certainly powerful wake-up calls to many who claimed ignorance or denied any responsibility.

“But we didn’t know” was just not a sufficient excuse. Many of these folks did know, or at least should have known. Where were all those train cars going to? Farmers had received tons of human ash to use as fertiliser. Where did that come from?

Tons of human hair from murdered women also was received by manufacturers. Were no questions asked? What about the continuous cries of the tortured? Was it all just a wailing of the wind? Even if they did not know all about the details of what was happening in the death camps, ordinary Germans in the millions voted for and supported the Nazi program.

Ordinary Germans sang hymns of hate in mass rallies. They cheered on Hitler and the Nazis. They believed in the myths of German supremacy and the inferiority of other races and peoples. So they were responsible for this, and they cannot be allowed to be exonerated here.

One account of this – of many – is worth citing here. This one involves General Eisenhower and what he did following the war’s end:

As Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in World War II, General Eisenhower had been given information about the Nazi concentration camp system well before he led the invasion to liberate Western Europe (June, 1944). Reports on the massive genocide inflicted on Jews, Gypsies, political prisoners, homosexuals, dissidents, and other groups by the Schutzstaffel (SS) had been circulated among all the Allied leaders. Very few of the Allied commanders, however, had an accurate conception of what is now known to the world as the Holocaust until their troops began to encounter the death camps as they marched into Western Germany.
On April 4, 1945, elements of the United States Army’s 89th Infantry Division and the 4th Armored Division captured the Ohrdruf concentration camp outside the town of Gotha in south central Germany. Although the Americans didn’t know it at the time, Ohrdruf was one of several sub-camps serving the Buchenwald extermination camp, which was close to the city of Weimar several miles north of Gotha. Ohrdruf was a holding facility for over 11,000 prisoners on their way to the gas chambers and crematoria at Buchenwald. A few days before the Americans arrived to liberate Ohrdruf, the SS guards had assembled all of the inmates who could walk and marched them off to Buchenwald. They left in the sub-camp more than a thousand bodies of prisoners who had died of bullet wounds, starvation, abuse, and disease. The scene was an indescribable horror even to the combat-hardened troops who captured the camp. Bodies were piled throughout the camp. There was evidence everywhere of systematic butchery. Many of the mounds of dead bodies were still smoldering from failed attempts by the departing SS guards to burn them. The stench was horrible.
When General Eisenhower learned about the camp, he immediately arranged to meet Generals Bradley and Patton at Ohrdruf on the morning of April 12th. By that time, Buchenwald itself had been captured. Consequently, Ike decided to extend the group’s visit to include a tour of the Buchenwald extermination camp the next day. Eisenhower also ordered every American soldier in the area who was not on the front lines to visit Ohrdruf and Buchenwald. He wanted them to see for themselves what they were fighting against.
During the camp inspections with his top commanders Eisenhower said that the atrocities were “beyond the American mind to comprehend.” He ordered that every citizen of the town of Gotha personally tour the camp and, after having done so, the mayor and his wife went home and hanged themselves. Later on Ike wrote to Mamie, “I never dreamed that such cruelty, bestiality, and savagery could really exist in this world.” He cabled General Marshall to suggest that he come to Germany and see these camps for himself. He encouraged Marshall to bring Congressmen and journalists with him. It would be many months before the world would know the full scope of the Holocaust — many months before they knew that the Nazi murder apparatus that was being discovered at Buchenwald and dozens of other death camps had slaughtered millions of innocent people.
General Eisenhower understood that many people would be unable to comprehend the full scope of this horror. He also understood that any human deeds that were so utterly evil might eventually be challenged or even denied as being literally unbelievable. For these reasons he ordered that all the civilian news media and military combat camera units be required to visit the camps and record their observations in print, pictures and film. As he explained to General Marshall, “I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to ‘propaganda.’”

You can see an actual newsreel on one of these forced visits here:

So why do I raise all this now, nearly 70 years after the fact? Two reasons really: One, we must never forget. With a new war against the Jews being witnessed today, even in Europe, we must remember what took place not all that long ago.

Two, we have another sort of genocide, or Holocaust if you will, also occurring today, with far more victims. I refer to the war on the unborn. This attack on an entire class of human beings claims some 45-50 million lives each year. This slaughter is going on all around us, yet many people will say, “But we didn’t know”.

In an age of information, and especially in the Internet age, ignorance is no excuse. We should know what happens in these death clinics. We are rightly aghast and horrified at the beheaded victims of Islamic jihadists. Abortion also results in beheaded and dismembered innocent victims.

Our abortion mills are flowing with the blood of murdered babies. But people are claiming ignorance. Perhaps we should force everyone in favour of such baby killing to tour an abortion mill, and look at what happens, and handle the remains of a burned or dismembered baby.

Had German citizens seen what things were really like before 1945, maybe many would have risen up against the Nazis. If people today could see how the victims of the abortionists are treated, they too just might rise up and make a stand.

What will it take to end this genocide?

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  1. Thanks, Bill.
    I have been saying precisely this to friends of mine in recent months. I would force journalists in particular to see movies of the abortion procedures which they want to dismiss as scaremongering, just a Gen. Eisenhower forced Germans to walk through the camps, bury the dead, and watch movies of the results of Hitler’s policies, which they in detachment admired so much.
    To wit: lock up journalists in a room and force them to watch just what happens in an abortion; force them to pick up the dead babies (I refuse to call them ‘foetuses’) and look at the results of the policies they have long endorsed. Then give out the clear message in plain, forceful language: “This could have been you, and would have been if your parents had been so disposed!”

  2. It’s not that most people today don’t know about the abortion scourge; in fact, it’s not even that they don’t care – they actively support and encourage it.
    Even a tour of a “planned parenthood clinic”, or a “fertility clinic” would make no difference whatsoever; in fact, many of them would probably just laugh.
    Most of today’s society is simply incapable of feeling empathy, shame or revulsion. It serves no purpose to compare this generation with the one that existed post-WW2; it’s like comparing different planets.

  3. Bill, you have it right here. Though I can half understand the man in the street really believing the MSM`s coverage of all newsworthy events, even though it`s filtered through the Lefts truth strainer. We need Christians in the media, Christian editors and shareholders, we need to support Christian media and implore them to front page the truth that the man in the street does not see. We also need these Christians to be truthful no matter what, as an unjust biased media loses credibility fast.

  4. And yet, despite the truth of all this, here in NZ, with the National Election less than a month away, feminists have got their way in the Green Party to call for free access to abortion as a woman’s “right” over her body. (Obviously to heck with the problem human foetuses and any basic human right to life they should have…). We are surrounded by that very “culture of death” that all recent Popes haave rightly condemned as absolutely contrary to the true Gospel of Life that Jesus was Himself and so preached.

  5. It is also something we should show about the barbarity of the Islamic movement and how they are beheading people. We should make people watch them to show just how vile they are.

  6. Yes we need to see and feel this, like been dragged over the coals then put through the ringer.
    Yes I totally agree and see the link between this and the so called woman’s right to choose.
    And the link to Iraq.
    Here’s a sign I made for a march in Perth.

    Disabled and Scared
    We enter this world.
    The rights of some
    Trickle on the floor.

  7. I’ve talked about turning our town’s abortion house into an abortion holocaust museum once we peaceful protestors shut it down. The neighbours thought the protestors were bad in a semi-residential street? Wait till bus loads of students fill the streets. (In my dreams)

  8. We are currently reading Joel Rosenberg’s latest thoroughly researched historical novel Auschwitz Escape. At once brilliant, authentic, educational, and horrific.

  9. Use facebook, buy likes, apparently it is quite legit, not all will delete them, some will look and, please God, be touched softened and wakened out of their sleep. While the Lord is on His throne, there is hope.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  10. As an author, homeschooling mother, and woman who carried a baby for nine months in order to give him up for adoption after a teen pregnancy, it is extremely frustrating to me that there seems to be so many limits on how to get information out there in such a controlled media environment. I hope some day to have my own publication ON PAPER, in which articles based on Christian principles are not constantly rejected in favour of being politically correct. The current media bias is a huge part of the problem

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