WCF Versus the Haters, Bigots and Tolerance Brigade

Those who scream the loudest about tolerance and acceptance are again proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they refuse to tolerate and accept anyone other than themselves. Indeed, if we did not already have proof positive of how great the hate, and how deep the diabolical savagery of these folks can be, we have certainly witnessed it lately.

A pro-family conference is being “tolerated” by bullies and thugs who are intent on shutting it down. So much for free speech. The regional conference of the World Congress of Families is due to be held this Saturday somewhere in Melbourne.

wcfBut the jackboots of political correctness and hate are doing all they can to shut down freedom of speech and democracy. Of course the hate brigade has been saying for quite some time how they intended to show tolerance, acceptance and diversity. Consider this for example from the Green/Left site:

Victoria police are vetting registrants and scouting venues to try to provide security for the besieged World Congress of Families in Melbourne on August 30. The final venue for the event remains unclear as they try to avoid clashes with widespread community opposition.
Activists are already causing chaos for conference organisers Babette Francis of the Endeavour Forum (formerly Women Who Want to be Women) and John Brennan of the conservative Catholic men’s group Knights of the Southern Cross.
Notorious bigot-baiter Pauline Pantsdown has encouraged her thousands of followers to register for the extreme-right, anti-feminist and homophobic conference. Pantsdown’s Facebook page is awash with hilarious correspondence between activists and Francis. Francis openly admits that police are vetting all registrants, even to the point of checking the addresses provided.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex activists, feminists, First Nations people, unionists, pro-refugee and anti-racist activists, and atheist and religious people against bigotry are organising a disruptive “Unwelcome Ceremony”, Equal Love demonstration and family-friendly “Block Party against Hate” wherever the congress tries to meet. Police have told organisers that the venue is unlikely to be either of the two advertised by the congress.

The Coalition to Beat Back the Far-Right put out this Media Release well before the conference:

Activists are pleased to announce an entire day of subversive activity against the upcoming gathering of rightwingers and bigots, the World Congress of Families, to be held in Melbourne on August 30th. Beginning at 8am with a “welcome they deserve,” the day will feature a protest hosted by Equal Love at 11am and a Block Party against Hate in the afternoon.

And they even admit that they will seek to trash this peaceful conference and take away freedoms of ordinary Australians:

Meet the people disrupting the extremist World Congress of Families
Kerrie Davies (Council of Single Mothers and their Children)
Gaye Demanuele (Reproductive Justice Activist, Radical Women)
First Nations spokesperson (TBA)
Louise O’Shea (Equal Love)
Mohammad Ali Baqiri (Former child refugee from Afghanistan detained on Nauru, Refugee Rights Activist)
Marisa Sposaro (Disability rights and prison activist)
Naomi Farmer (National Union of Students)
Anonymous (Public sector worker and unionist)

If that is not clear enough, consider this threat: “Naomi Farmer, National Queer Officer for the National Union of Students and Demonstrator Organiser, told MCV they were expecting over 100 people to protest the event. ‘They key thing we want to do is actually stop the event from happening, so we do intend on blockading the gates in the morning,’ she said.”

And Debbie Brennan, the head of the socialist feminist organisation Radical Women, said “We will exercise our free speech right to make it as hard as we can for people to get into the congress. Certainly, we will be out there in force and having loud things to say.”

So very typical: in the name of tolerance and acceptance, they will not tolerate those with opposing ideas, and they will not accept anyone who dares to differ. They will disrupt and carry on like the fascists of old to shut down public debate. In the name of freedom of speech they will do all they can to strip freedom of speech away from those they disagree with. Go figure.

And they talk all the time about “hate”. The whole world can see where all the hate is coming from. And it is not coming from those who celebrate love, life, marriage and family. It is coming from the rent-a-crowd of the radical secular left who always roll up to shut down and shout down any event not to their liking.

World Congress of Families leader Larry Jacobs had to weigh into the debate, offering some truth about the whole affair:

World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs praised those leaders who signed an International Pro-Family Leadership Open Letter to the People of Australia in support of the August 30th “Life, Family and Freedom Conference” in Melbourne.
“We are thankful and humbled by the support of the 80 leaders from Romania, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, Venezuela, the Philippines, Canada, France, South Africa, the Republic of Georgia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Colombia, Jamaica, Trinidad, the Netherlands, Chile, Serbia, and the United States for standing with us against attacks on the Melbourne Conference and the international pro-family movement,” Jacobs declared.
The petition notes that sexual radicals and extremists have launched a smear campaign alleging that to promote positive ideas regarding the natural family somehow “shames” others, including single-parent families, the divorced and homosexual couples.
“That’s absurd,” Jacobs countered, “As a child raised in a loving home by divorced, single parents, I would never advocate for policies that would promote hate or shame mothers and fathers. The real truth is that our natural family solutions to the social crisis help all parents and children by reducing poverty, improving education, maximizing mental and physical health, and saving lives. A wealth of social science data demonstrates conclusively and unequivocally that children do best in married families with a mother and a father in the home. To state that simple truth does not demonstrate a lack of compassions for those in different circumstances. Just as saying that marriage is a social good doesn’t ‘stigmatize’ or ‘shame’ the unmarried.”
The Petition/Open Letter notes: “The natural-family philosophy was set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, which observes that ‘men and women of full age… have the right to marry and found a family’ and that the family is ‘the natural and fundamental group unit of society’ and, as such, is ‘entitled to protection by society and the state.’ This language is repeated in the constitutions of more than 100 nations around the world.”
Moreover: “For the past 3,000 years, in every culture, this definition of the family (a man and woman united by faith and tradition, raising their children in a loving environment) has been considered beyond dispute. Only in the past few decades have competing ‘models’ of the family been offered as the new norm. The natural family is also affirmed by every major religion.”
Jacobs said: “Attacks on proponents of the natural family and marriage are part of a cynical campaign by sexual radicals to avoid an honest discussion by labeling those who disagree with them ‘hateful.'”
Jacobs concluded: “If you want to see ‘hate’ in action, look at efforts to deconstruct human dignity, re-define marriage, and marginalize the natural family which, if successful, will result in untold human suffering especially for children.”

Former US Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is also a signatory to this open letter, and was also featured in a newspaper article here:

“Sexual radicals have launched a smear campaign to discredit the Melbourne conference, which misrepresents the international pro-family movement and the positions of the World Congress of Families,” says the open letter, which has been signed by 80 people. The letter says criticism of the group’s support for a traditional family is unfair because “social science data shows clearly and unequivocally that children do best in families with a mother and father”.
The letter cites the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which says “men and women of full age … have the right to marry and found a family”. The group writes: “The goal of sexual radicals is to deconstruct marriage and marginalise the family, and thus to transform society into something unrecognisable to generations past. Like all social experiments that attempt to create a ‘new man’, these are doomed to failure.”

All this commotion – pro and con – has been taking place long before the actual day of the conference. If the conference does in fact go ahead – no thanks to these fascists who are seeking to shut it down and stifle free speech, all in the name of tolerance of course – then I will be there, and I will certainly write up what takes place. So stay tuned for episode two.


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37 Replies to “WCF Versus the Haters, Bigots and Tolerance Brigade”

  1. I recall this lot coming to my Melbourne business address with about 120 people on tow (mainly women) armed with loudhailers and banners demonstrating against me for supposedly being against diversity.
    The problem for them was that my business involved sound system hire, sales and rehearsal/recording studios so when the Police informed me of the pending demonstration I organised a semi to use as a stage, BBQ facilities, a Rock and Roll band and a 5,000 watt PA system.
    The end results were that the LGBTQ group complained to the media that I had “hijacked their demonstration”. As to diversity, I politely indicated to them that diversity means religion, creed, race and not homosexuality, debauchery, pedophilia, degeneracy, corruption, bestiality and certainly not to put children amongst those who practice such sordid activities.
    I even practiced audience involvement when I asked that lot if diversity included lesbianism and homosexuality to put up their hands and many did at which time the decent persons left the demonstration. I had a wonderful time. That evening, the media called by phone and indicated that I “had outclassed the opposition” to which I responded: “not hard to do – there is no class in the opposition. I have the video recording of the event and invite anyone to see it.
    Let me at em, all I need is a microphone.
    John Abbott

  2. Tomorrow is ‘wear it purple’ day at many schools and students are encouraged to show support for LGBTI community by wearing purple. Last year I heard a report from a parent who said that the students who did not wear ‘purple’ on this day were harassed, humiliated and called ‘homophobic’.

    I just wanted to put out a warning to any parents who were unaware of this event in case your childs’ school is one of the 130 schools registered to be involved in this.

    If you want to know more, read about it here:

  3. Such fierce opposition to this respected, well-researched, socially strengthening work embodied in the WCF event graphically betrays the lies, bigotry and dangers of the ideology of these strident protesters.

  4. Don’t call them sexual radicals, the proper term for them is abnormal peoples; interested in reducing the world population, rather than ensuring there is a next generation raised to continue on society including taking care of us when we get old.

    Understand this term applies only to people interested in population control. Does not apply to single parents, still concerned about raising their children.

  5. Important thing is that we need to pray for them, for their salvation.

  6. I pray for all those involved in any way, whether as conference participants or as protesters, that ALL may learn to respect each others freedom to make whatever right or wrong choices they believe to be best for themselves, after all our Heavenly Father has already given us that freedom. The right to hold an opinion and to express it (without venom or aggression) is a very basic right in a democracy. To attempt to deny people the right to gather peacefully to celebrate a shared belief is ,beyond question, a denial of human rights. I have never witnessed or heard of any violent, aggressive or deliberately insulting protests against Mardi Gras parades, yet these events often contravene public decency and appear to have the deliberate intention to denigrate Christianity.
    It saddens me to hear of such a campaign of hatred against a peaceful gathering . Apart from anything else it is ,as you say Bill, radically intolerant.

  7. Wherever it happens, we need a couple of people with video cameras ready to record any evidence of violence and hate from the “tolerance people”. They may be more restrained in the face of cameras.

  8. This lot’s incessant harping on about prejudice and discrimination wears a bit thin with me. Why is it that people find the sight of two lesbians tongue kissing each other at a tram stop less confronting than my stroke victim brother who walks with a limp?

  9. We will be praying for you and the others at the conference Bill. Hopefully the demonstrators will be a no show (especially if they don’t know where it is).

  10. I see that The Gardian reports that senior constable Andrew McDowell, from Cheltenham police command said that “The police had a good working relationship with all involved in the event, including the organisers and demonstrators, and we are all for free speech”. So I have to wonder who these demonstrators are who the police are working with who are all for free speech, given that, according to website Mamamia “There are many groups who oppose this conference even being held in Australia”. Are the police ignorant of all the other groups (other than the ones they are working with) who are planning on being disruptive? Or are the police complicit in assisting these groups by misrepresenting their intentions? (Of course, another possibility is that the police have been misreported by The Gardian.)

  11. The quote from the Green/Left site suggests that all those mentioned are united in what they appear to be protesting about. Hopefully, anyone with any objectivity will see the irony, not to mention the doublespeak and confusion. They do indeed need prayer.

  12. Hi Bill, being in Perth I had not heard much about this. Thanks for the update on the trials and tribulations you are all enduring.

    However, one piece that has been missed was a reference to the WCF Conference in the Q&A ep with John Stackhouse. A member asked about Kevin Andrews’ attendance at the Conference where the Southern Poverty Law Center had labelled the WCF as a radical, racist group. The question centred around Kevin Andrews’ opening the conference as endorsing hatred against the LGBTQI.

    This person was either an activist or useful idiot.

    Right, like the Southern Poverty Law Center labelling a different group racist, bigoted, hate-filled doesn’t highlight it’s own bias.

    Just because someone is pro-family doesn’t inherently mean he is anti-gay. To think otherwise demonstrates inherent intolerance.

    Prayers for all the people trying to organise and attend this conference.

  13. I attended a World Congress of Families in London in 2012.

    It nearly never happened because the original venue, the Law Society cancelled the event, as did the Queen Elizabeth 11 Conference Centre in Parliament Square, Westminster, London. Their reason for cancelling the event was that the conference went against equality and diversity.

    The Chief Executive of the Conference Centre, Mr Ernest Vincent, who was managing it on behalf of the Government, thought that values and morality of Christian Concern didn’t marry with those of the QEII Centre and that consequently the Colloquium would be ‘inappropriate’. His decision was based on the Centre’s ‘diversity policy.’

    Clearly what is considered as being appropriate and diverse is sodomy, fornication, prostitution, pornography and every conceivable sexual perversion under the sun.



    David Skinner UK

  14. In the UK we have Section 5 of the Public Order Act which makes it a criminal offence to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others in a public space. It says,

    (1)A person is guilty of an offence if he—
    (a)uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or
    (b)displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting,
    within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.

    I have attended Christian protests against gay marriage where we have been shouted down, deafened by loud music and generally intimidated by the gay hordes. And yet no arrests are made.

    Were we to demonstrate the same kind of behaviour at a gay event our feet would not touch the ground. This privilege of being able to discriminate against Christians whilst allowing the gays to behave however they will wish, is not sustainable. They had better enjoy it whilst it lasts before there is a backlash.

    David Skinner UK

  15. I like how they are saying that WCF is a “far right” organisation. Just shows how far to the left the whole world has shifted.

  16. “widespread community opposition” and “block party against hate”. IF it wasn’t so serious, I would be rolling on the floor laughing. Now instead, I am on the floor on my knees praying.

    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  17. We know from the Bible that there will be a new period of a thousand years where towards its end Satan will be loosed again and possibly all the things abnormal to humanity will be spread throughout the land.
    In this one has to look at this situation to try to understand how such pervasive absurdity gains a foot hold and in my view it is the all encompassing sickness or Political Correctness that limits the expression of the majority and its ability to define unnatural ideas and practices as normal whilst legally binding all opposition.
    In all things there has to be a plan, If a building is to be constructed then it has to have a plan if that plan is not adhered to then the building will fall. God had a plan and when humanity ran it completely off the rails he shut it down.
    I often wonder why God does not interfere more with our lives to maintain his plan. But in essence that choice is ours not his for he gave us that responsibility and we have shirked it. However one day he will enforce it by picking only those souls that have held fast to his plan. Then which judge will these deviants turn to when they are denied access to his promised realm.
    At that time there will only be one law and one judge and absolutely no political correctness to bind the power of righteousness. In that day the voices of all foul mouthed God deniers will be lost in the wilderness and their sounds of pleading will be just vapours in the realms of infinity.
    Jesus said that when you pray, pray in the spirit. To do this we have to come close to God in our spirit. however if they do not have a spirit able to recognize his being and his ultimate authority. How then can they in spirit pray to something they neither believe in nor fear. This is where God speaks to us (and not as the scot’s would say) as we blether repetitiously from our mouths.

    The one thing that amazes me is that these people who appose this natural order do so purposefully as an act against God. If they do all this to appose his design then they are the enemies of God and to be an enemy of God one must first recognize the enemy as the living God.

  18. I notice that an article which appeared on a Fairfax website in the past hour says that there will be ” homophobic speakers” at the conference. If that is the standard of journalism we can expect giving news of this event it is about as poor as it can get. Any decent journalist might have written “there will be speakers whom some might call homophobic”. Of course the reference might be to homophobic parts of the PA system. Such journalists are silly enough.

  19. Everybody has said what I was going to say! The irony of them and their ‘free speech’ manifesto….I know about the Wear Purple day and my children would be proudly non mufti that day if it were at their schools and complain if anyone hassled them.

  20. I just read that Kevin Andrews will not be addressing the conference. How sad.

  21. Yes sadly all four standing Liberal politicians have pulled out of their commitment to speak. That is 1 for the radicals, and 0 for freedom of speech.

  22. Thanks, Bill.

    John Abbott, excellent work, too! BTW: Could I have your email address or number of your business? I need some sound-system advice – & possibly hiring equipment – for the Christus Rex Pilgrimage this year, which occurs at the end of October. (Perhaps you could forward to Bill, who might kindly send on to me.)

  23. Phobias and philias are deemed to be emotional disorders. If I have either of them I am considered to be irrationally, inordinately and excessively fearful and hate-filled towards an object of revulsion or totally besotted and enslaved towards an object of desire.

    Someone afflicted with the condition of homophilia or islamophilia – or both- may well be normal in the early stages of their development but in time become insane and even demon possessed.

    My response to both conditions, however, are not irrational. Indeed there has not been one recorded case or anyone being clinically diagnosed with either homophobia or islamophobia. [1] It is not irrational fear or hatred that motivates us to resist the pink Islamic monster [2] Our concern for the future of our children and intense hatred of all that goes against God’s values are eminently sane and mandated in the Bible.

    [1] http://www.alphadictionary.com/articles/phobias.html#h

    [2] http://www.muslimsandtheworld.com/do-muslims-watch-pornography/



    David Skinner UK

  24. I too was really saddened to read that Mr. Andrews would not be attending the event in Melbourne. It would appear to be uncertain whether or not this was his personal decision. I feel it is quite possible that the Party has concluded that no Liberal MP should be present. Of course, there is also the distinct possibility that security could be the issue here, as there still seems to be some confusion as to exactly where the event is to be held. I feel somewhat ashamed that this sort of thing is now occurring in Australia. but I can still pray for this conference.
    God be with all those who are present! I sincerely wish it were possible for me to attend as well.

  25. Surely there’s something wrong in Australia when the police cannot – or refuse to – guarantee the safety of people attending a legitimate conference.

    This is reminiscent of the Hanson years. Ordinary people had to fight their way past screaming people with hate-contorted faces only restrained by massive police presence to simply hear her speak.

    Where is our freedom of speech? As others have commented, imagine the apoplectic rage of the homosexuals and the media if Christians tried to block their Mardi Gras which we find so offensive.

    I hope the conference goes well and my prayers are with all who attend.

  26. Further to Joan Davidson’s comments, the new host and venue for the event is the president and office respectively of the Rise Up Australia Party, a rival party to that of the MPs who were to attend. That in itself puts them in an awkward position.

  27. Antonia I thought the same.

    The VIC Police should be reminded that Christian time and money spent on their beat is far bigger and rewarding to Victorian society than that of the gay/political activist time and money.

    And how much police time & money has been spent on this so far?
    And how many dollars do the police spend on policing Christian groups yearly in Vic – in comparison to ‘activist/political’ groups? – The Vic public have a right to know all that.

    And this is all over what exactly – a public meeting announcing the bleeding obvious – that nearly all the young males that the police lock up in the States jails are from fatherless backgrounds?

    Kevin Andrews should start talking about the VIC Police budget – and it’s equation with Federal budget money spent on ‘broken’ Victorian families.

    I’m glad the Christian aligned political parties are now starting to work together in ‘democratic government’ as it gives us a voice that can’t be shouted down publicly.

  28. Thanks Mark. But my family and friends don’t like me going to these things either. So what? Should I just stay home out of fear of the radical ferals? If so, they have won and we have lost big time. Capitulation and wimping out to bullies only strengthens them and steels their resolve to do more bullying. I am not going to live in fear of these thugs. That is why I went, along with 400 other brave saints. Old men and women had the courage to run the gauntlet of the haters, yet our leaders chose to stay home. I know who the true champions were today.

  29. I believe they got a whole 50 people to their pathetic protest and they certainly didn’t stop the conference.

    They are all a load of hot air.

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