Jihad in Paris

The story is still unfolding as I type, but at least 12 people are dead with others injured by two heavily-armed hooded gunmen in central Paris. Crying “Allahu Akbar” and shouting “We have avenged the Prophet,” they attacked the Paris office of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

parisThe two jihadists managed to get away in a car, and are now on the loose in Paris. The magazine had criticised Islam in the past, and was working on a piece on Islam as the attack took place. As one report states,

Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad in 2012, forcing France to temporarily close its embassies and schools in more than 20 countries amid fears of reprisals. Its offices were also firebombed in November 2011 after publishing a caricature of Muhammad on its cover. The magazine’s last tweet before the shooting showed a cartoon of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of terrorist organization ISIS.

Of major concern is how the dhimmis in the mainstream media are covering this. Already we are hearing over and over the same old baloney which follows every Islamic terror attack in the West: this is just another lone wolf attack, it is not clear why it happened, and “Islamophobia” must somehow be to blame.

More than one clueless wonder (what the MSM refers to as an ‘expert’) has said words to this effect: ‘It is too early to tell who did this and what was their motivation’. Hogwash. We know exactly what their motivation was – they have clearly told us what it was.

All we need is a new hashtag campaign to start and our dhimmitude will be complete.

In the meantime, a new book which has just appeared is much more relevant and prophetic than what many people might think. As one report states:

The BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris reports on the publication of a provocative new book which depicts France as an Islamicised country where universities are compelled to teach the Koran, women are made to wear the veil and polygamy is lawful.
In the year 2022, France has continued its slow collapse and a Muslim party leader takes over as the country’s new president. Women are encouraged to leave their jobs and unemployment falls. Crime evaporates in the banlieues. Veils become the norm and polygamy is authorised. Universities are made to teach the Koran.
Torpid and decadent, the population reverts to its collaborationist instincts. It accepts the new Islamist France.
Such is the characteristically provocative plot of the new novel by France’s most famous living author Michel Houellebecq. Soumission (Submission) goes on sale on Wednesday, but for a week now the arguments have been raging.
Is the book anti-Islamic scare-mongering in the guise of literature? Does the excuse that it is fiction have any validity if the book gives succour to the far-right?
Or on the contrary, is Houellebecq simply doing the job of an artist: holding a mirror to the world, exaggerating perhaps but honestly telling the deeper truths? The row is all the more intense because Islam and identity are already at the heart of a fierce national debate in France.

No, this is not fear-mongering or the fantasy of the so-called far right. This is becoming reality all around much of Europe and England. This is exactly where the West is heading. And given all the Islamophilic foolishness being uttered by our dhimmi commentariat over this jihad in Paris, it will happen perhaps even sooner than this novelist imagines.


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  1. War was declared on the non-Muslim world about 1,400 years ago by Mohammed and it has waxed and waned ever since. It is now waxing in the Middle East, Europe and America. The question is what is going to make it wane, and when, if ever?

  2. Hi ! I am French (living in France) and I can tell you how horrified we all are… not to mention scared.
    The French Government has now launched the maximum rate of danger and soldiers are all over the place ! (Plan vigipirate).
    This was an attack on journalist and comics who would satire people, famous or not … from any political party or religion (not just muslims). This newspaper had received a lot of threats of such an attack…
    First step here is to attack those who mock islam, next one is to attack those who will not adhere to islam !
    I live in northern france, in an area where there is a lot of muslims and where the police have arrested thousands of suspects of jihadists…
    My question now is : how will I stand for Christ? WIll I let my fear overwhelm me?
    After the attack Australia had to go through a few weeks ago, now Europe is a target….how far will it go?

  3. The crucial test for the West is whether any newspaper will reproduce the pictures of Mohammed for which the cartoonists were killed.

    Otherwise this act of Jihad has achieved its aim.

    Mansel Rogerson

  4. Guerrilla warfare in our cities.

    The “caliphate” has declared war on the decadent West, but these dhimmis are appeasing the enemy.

  5. Was up late enough last night to see some of this on TV. Part of the video showed an image containing the word “tolerance” and that’s what we need.

    From the Islamic community/immigrants.

    If someone wants to follow Islam in their country I can’t stop that, but in other countries I expect people to

    tolerate people doing things differently
    tolerate the values of that society
    tolerate their children learning and taking on new values
    tolerate that we laugh at and make fun of things

  6. Practically every mainstream media report on this comes with a reminder that Europeans are becoming increasingly racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic.

    The harder Islam attacks it seems, the harder the mainstream media accuse Westerners of being racist for politely protesting being murdered by Islam.

    At this point Muslims could detonate a nuke in a Western city and the West would declare war on itself to set Islam free from racism.

  7. The apologists are despicable.

    In The Camp of the Saints Jean Raspail predicted that third world immigrants would flood into France, championed by the usual ‘compassionate’ PC idiots. I think Houellebecq will similarly be proved correct.

    The only thing that can save France (and the West) is a genuine spiritual revival.

  8. Adrian, that is precisely the problem.

    They never tolerate, they ONLY dominate.

  9. How does all this differ from the tactics of authoritarians over the centuries? How does it differ from Communist tactics a century ago?

  10. As per usual we have not seen anything in the media where any variety of islam denouncing such violence. Is it because they are not published or are just not saying??

  11. If those terrorists spent their holidays in Syria recently, then Australia is in trouble considering there are a reported 20 or so people who returned to Australia after holidaying in Syria also recently…. Take care Bill as always praying for you an your ministry..

  12. God did not give us the spirit of fear, we condemn what happened and we continue trusting more in God. The winner is the Lord himself. Satan can’t stop us from declaring our authority and power over Islam and other evil tactics. Take heart Jesus overcame the whole world when He died on the cross. The 12 victims are HEROES their names will be written in the book of life. Rejoice Zion although you are crying but the key of the kingdom is given to your ambassadors of peace.

    The Peace of our Lord Jesus be with you all and with our nations.

  13. Hi Bill,

    Do you ever wonder you are on some list? Islam is dead set against freedom of ideas that do not conform with their own and given you have been at time “vocal” against their set ideas you have to wonder. As you know, you and I have different views in many areas but we do not harbour any hate towards each other. You just have to wonder what is going on in their heads???

  14. This is just the latest battle in the war that started 6,000 years ago when two people ate a piece of fruit that they got told not to touch.

    Satan’s seed is just following their masters instructions.

  15. Charlie Hebdo has also published wicked cartoons that Christians would find highly offensive e.g. November 2012, which is too obscene to describe.
    A Christian would consider this as a sign of a reprobate mind and would pray that God would open the publisher’s eyes to the truth of Jesus Christ and repent.
    Bill is right and the main stream commentators are wrong and lying. The Paris killings ARE “regular Islam”. Just as honour killings, and the persecution of Christians across the globe, especially of those who have left Islam, and the general sympathy in favour that so many Muslims have when an atrocity such as in Paris is committed.
    Politicians do indeed need to stop the double talk and face up to the fact that the doctrines of Islam have no place in the West.

  16. Vladimir Bukovsky gave predictions a long time ago of the way the old Russian Soviet union would morph into the Soviet European Union.

    Yuri Bezmenov whose death remains a mystery also predicted the way Marxism would stir up and manipulate all who have a grudge of any kind to jump on the victim bandwagon, whether they by Muslims, homosexuals or feminists, in order to bring down the West.


    All in the name of human rights to absolute freedom, society will be ruled by murderers, queers, perverts, Mohammedan psychopaths, strutting women and children. Barbarism is here already.


    David Skinner UK

  17. Thanks Bill for your courage in highlighting the wickedness of Islam & the equally wicked reporters in Western countries who refuse to speak out against Islam.
    Every newspaper group & every National Government around the world, should join together and in unity, boldly denounce Islam publicly.

  18. ‘This has nothing to do with Islam.’ Ok. Let’s catch these people and bury them face down under a piggery. No complaints, no problem.

  19. The West is clearly on the run:


    Our Cathedrals being handed over by useful idiots, traitors and cowards to Islam.



    Revelation 21: 8 says,
    “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

    Muslims are God’s unwitting servants , little realising that they too are idolaters, when they face East and prostrate themselves before the Moon God and the Kaba stone.


    David Skinner UK

  20. John, you forgot one, “They never tolerate, they ONLY dominate” – and detonate!

  21. Dear Bill, I was searching the web for Solzhenitsyn’s comment in which he saw 1968 as the “tipping point” for Western civilisation – a point from which it was unlikely to recover, and came across your blog. I remember my old man (just prior to his subcumbing to alzheimers), who was very shrewd and thoughtful, stating in 1989 in one of our many discussions on the state of the World that with the demise of communism that the next challenge for the West would be Islam. He was not a racist, far from it but he understood people and politics.

  22. One of the brothers named Cherif involved in the massacre, was portrayed as a mainstream moderate. Cherif’s lawyer portrayed him as a normal young man who had gone astray and realised the error of his ways, noting that he liked to drink and smoke pot and “wasn’t particularly religious,” according to a reporter who traveled to Europe to study the threat of Islam for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in 2005.
    Western intelligence agencies have reportedly intercepted communications from Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) which indicate that the attack on Charlie Hebdo is the start of a campaign of attacks in Europe, Justin Huggler writes.

  23. The Lord spoke to me to put a warning through to the French Government back in April 2014 about what He had shown me when I was praying for them. I did so. Here it is:


    We all need to be praying as well as speaking out, albeit while taking careful stock of our lives to ensure our families are as safe as we can be.

    I have people today who want me dead for the Gospel I preach. Many call themselves ‘christians’ pfffft. come Lord Jesus, come!

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