Cluelessness is Not Next To Godliness

Tragically far too many believers seem to glide through life completely oblivious to the various wars and battles we are in, the array of enemies encircling us, and the ever increasing anti-Christian bigotry in the West. Everywhere the faith is under attack and under threat, yet sadly everywhere most Christians are sleeping through their own execution.

Let me say it right now: there is absolutely nothing virtuous or Christlike about being clueless, naïve and uninformed. In fact it is sinful. We need to repent of this wretched mentality and start getting on the ball. Jesus said we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Paul said we should not be ignorant of Satan’s devices. In the Old Testament we read about the sons of Issachar who “understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do”. We sure do need some folks like that today. We have churches who seem to be so unaware and so undiscerning as to what is taking place around them that many are just falling by the wayside.

clueless 2This has certainly been the case in Europe, and Australia is not far behind. I have lived in Europe and know how bad things have gotten there. A brand new article by Michael Brown highlights some of these disastrous outcomes for European Christianity.

He documents some of the tragic cases found there of church decline, spiritual dysfunction, religious deception, and churches selling their souls. The sad cases of selling out to Islam in the name of dopey interfaith dialogue are among the many problems he mentions. And the failure to evangelise and emphasise the uniqueness of Christianity is another.

He chastises these compromised and clueless wonders, and closes with these words:

Do they not realize that, if Christianity is not a missionary faith, then it is no faith at all, and that just as Jesus came into the world “to seek and save the lost” so He sends us to seek and save the lost? As David Livingstone once said, “God had an only Son and He made Him a missionary.”
Yet this blasphemous position paper, entitled “Pilgrim Fellowship and Witness in Dialogue with Muslims,” argues that, “A strategic mission to Islam or meeting Muslims to convert them threatens social peace and contradicts the spirit and mandate of Jesus Christ and is therefore to be firmly rejected.”
This not only makes a mockery of the blood that Jesus shed on the cross. It also makes a mockery of the blood that our brothers and sisters have shed in the Muslim world as they lay down their lives to reach them with the good news.
Ironically, while these European churches are selling their souls to make peace with Islam, in Norway, it was reported, “A Muslim interrupted a child christening in church by running to the sacristy with the Quran in hand, yelling that Allah is the only true god.”
Oswald Smith famously said that the church that does not evangelize will fossilize. The reality is that these churches already gave up the great commission years ago, becoming nothing more than fossils of the faith. Their blasphemous actions today simply reflect the previous death of their spirit. They have no more right to be called churches than ISIS has the right to be called compassionate.
May God raise up a powerful, witnessing church in Europe before it is too late, and may He strengthen those who are still standing strong in the midst of the current apostasy.

Things are little better here in Australia. In the name of inclusion, tolerance and acceptance, more and more churches – even so-called evangelical ones – are going all silly about Islam, thinking we are all one big happy family who can live together in peace and harmony.

Consider just two examples: The leftist open slather asylum seeker welcome group #walktogether has been joined by various churches, including Riverview Church in Perth, of which it says, “Riverview Church sent a delicious message to anti halal meat scaremongers.” It had a halal sausage sizzle to show how into diversity and acceptance it was.

Adelaide pastor Brad Chilcott is a moving force behind this as well as Welcome to Australia – another group which is seemingly also all about throwing open our borders to one and all. It has many players, with secular groups and various religious groups involved, including Mission Australia.

It says in part: “The Welcome to Australia team includes people of a range of cultures, faiths, ages and political persuasions – we’ll partner with anyone who wants to offer a warm, positive and dignified welcome to asylum seekers, refugees and other new arrivals and who is committed to the vision of an inclusive, welcoming and just Australia.”

Now a number of different but related issues arise here: asylum seeker policy, multiculturalism, interfaith dialogue, the nature of Islam, the issue of halal foods and halal certification, and so on. Each of these are quite large topics on their own, and each of these I have written about in many dozens of articles, so I cannot repeat myself here.

But what can be said about many of the initiatives just mentioned above is a decided absence of some hard-headed realism about just what is involved in all these issues. And by that I mean a hard-headed biblical realism as well. Scripture never enjoins undiscerning open-border policies.

It never advocates for false interfaith dialogue, and the unity and oneness of all religions. Scripture never allows us to be cavalier about idolatry, false religions and false gods. Scripture never insists that we are to be inclusive and accepting when it comes to truth claims.

The Bible never places all religions on a par. It never tells us to throw out our brains, rationality and discernment in the interests of a sentimental love and a mushy moralism. We are never told to just accept whatever the world is trending with, but to judge all things through the filter of the Word of God.

Chilcott, Jarrod McKenna and others fully involved in these movements are all radical leftist religious leaders who think we should be open to Islam, to halal, to all manner of asylum seekers, but think Christians should ease up on issues like abortion and the defence of marriage.

That pretty much tells us where these folks are coming from. They are happy to push all the lefty trendy causes that most secularists are running with, but won’t dare be caught in standing up for vital biblical concerns like the protection of the unborn, the sanctity of human life, and the tremendous importance of biblical sexuality, marriage and family.

They are, in other words, clueless wonders when it comes to things like stealth jihad, creeping sharia, the dangers of halal certification and terrorism funding, the radical homosexual agenda, interfaith deception, and so on. Their attempts at tolerance, unity and acceptance may be well-meaning but in the eyes of many, quite misguided.

Indeed, I have written about many of these issues before, and how good intentions alone can simply make matters much worse:

And as mentioned, I try to offer serious biblical alternatives to the trendy left narrative on these issues, such as in the following subject headings:

Please go to those collections of articles if you wish to see more of my thoughts on those topics. I won’t repeat them all here of course. But my point remains: we have seen in Europe how worldliness, the loss of a biblical worldview, the erosion of biblical authority, and the acceptance of worldly wisdom at the expense of Scriptural absolutes has led to the compromise, capitulation, emasculation and destruction of so many churches.

We are seeing this happening increasingly here in Australia as well. I for one find this a great worry, and will continue to offer an alternative (and hopefully biblical) perspective which withstands the trendy worldly paradigms on offer by both secularists and leftist religious leaders alike.

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12 Replies to “Cluelessness is Not Next To Godliness”

  1. Dear Bill

    Another Great article Bill.
    Ignorance truly is “Bliss” for these stupid lefty Pastors.


    Germany will be a muslim State by 2050. France within 39 years will be an Islamic republic. Clearly the Christian Church will be decimated in Europe. If Christ does not return within 20 years It’s existence will only be as an underground Church. Freedom to openly worship Christ will be taken away.

    This is happening as I type, yet idiots like Chilcott, Jarrod McKenna and Malcolm “neville chamberlain” Turnbull and others deny or ignore the dangers.

    Thanks for your stand
    Phil – Sydney

  2. Hi Bill, to support a friend I once visited Riverview Church, and I must say I could not get out of there quickly enough. It’s big, bombastic and charismatic with no sense of the Holy Spirit at work there. It is extremely experiential and not somewhere I will ever return to.

    I’ve recently been banging the keyboard with Christian haters regarding the Foundation Christian College in Mandirah, and the vitriol is astounding. Probably my first real attempt at defending the faith in the online spaces. As you say, the “don’t judge” and “love the sinner not the sun” just get rolled out with gay abandon. It was an eye-opening experience for me, at least the scale of it.

    I now see how blind and hateful these people are. I’m glad its online and not face to face.

  3. Dear Bill,

    I am not without hope.
    God is moving in the Islamic community now thru dreams and visions despite the LEFTY WORLDLY influence in the Church.

    I expect the outcome of the future Gog Magog war and the protection of the Jews by the true and living God will have a significant influence in turning 1000’s of muslims to Christ

    Interesting times ahead in the next 14-18 years I AM VERY CERTAIN. Sadly many Christians will walk away when it gets too tough.

    God Bless

  4. hello, i just recently found your web site and have been reading your articles, the ones ones on islam are very revealing, however i believe there is one area you have not covered, there big recruitment drive in prisons. i spent seven and half years in the florida prison system and noticed a strong drive to convert young angry men to islam. i noticed they were mainly going after those with short sentences who would return to the streets even angrier than when they came in, this may be one area you may want investigate. thank you, your web site is very informative keep up the good work Paul Campbell. Orlando, FL

  5. Like Matt, I, too read some of the allegedly “tolerant” vitriol in recent Google reviews posted about the Foundation Christian College in Mandurah, WA… Nero, too, was remarkably enthusiastic when it came to sexual and gender diversity… He made Christians into live torchlights for his evening garden parties and is traditionally credited for having St Paul beheaded and strung up on Rome’s city wall: It is high time we awakened from our slumber and put on the armour of light [Romans 13:10-14].

  6. You can spot these leftist Christians by their open-armed willingness to embrace anyone and everyone except Chrisians who stand for biblical marriage and for saving the unborn from infanticide.

    They cry on about their love for sinners but when it comes to doctrinally sound Christians, their wellspring runs conspicuously dry.

    The world seems to love them, giving them prime media coverage too.

    If this doesn’t sound warning bells, then nothing will I suspect.

    At some point we must begin to consider that the great oppression that is Islam may be exactly what the church in the West deserves.

  7. You’re spot on!!!
    Romans 12:2…most ‘christians’ can’t be bothered 🙁

  8. All predicted, folks. Nothing new here. This is what Jesus said it would be like. Watch and pray.

  9. These inclusive and “tolerant” leftist pastors merely perpetuate and echo what the serpent said to Eve right back at the beginning: “No you shall not surely die.” I wonder why people are still trying to come up with a way of enjoying the wages of sin without actually dying. Hasn’t worked yet, will never work and even if it did, what would be the benefit? Are these people deceived or have they joined the deceivers?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  10. Hey Bill,
    That “warning – CLUELESS” cap you feature in this article….Is it for sale??? I know of a pastor I’d like to present it to!!!!

  11. Absolutely correct again, Bill. This is what happens when you give the religious beliefs of humanist secularism precedence over Christian beliefs. Christianity just becomes another theist religion under the overarching religion and control of atheistic humanism with Christianity and Islam made effective equal. This belief, of course, ignores that fact that all Western cultures reached their zenith through Christianity not humanism and that humanism is a religious belief as well, with absolutely no right to this authority that people have allowed.

    I seems to be progressively more obvious that the beast of Rev 13 is this humanist belief and the second beast (the one with two horns like a lamb Rev 13:11) that causes people to worship the first beast, is these sort of people who pretend to be Christian and yet submit to and try to force others to submit to, humanism.

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