Terrorism in Melbourne, Once Again

Another day, another terror attack, this time yet again on the busy streets of Melbourne. So far at least 14 people have been taken to hospital for treatment after a speeding SUV ploughed down crowds of pedestrians in one of the busiest intersections in the city.

Here we go again. Sounds vaguely familiar. In fact, way too familiar. It can become a bit ho-hum after a while. I fear some watching the event unfold on television will be saying things like, ‘Honey, change the channel. I want to see what the Kardashians are up to.’

We have gotten so inundated with these regular acts of terrorism, both here and overseas, that we are in danger of taking them for granted. It just becomes so routine that we want to switch off. That is what happens when the West refuses to take seriously a threat such as Islam’s declared war on us.

While it is still early days, and we do not know for sure if this was another act of Islamic jihad, we do know a few things. The terror attack took place on Flinders Street between Elizabeth and Swanston streets, in the very heart of Melbourne. A pre-school aged child was among those injured, and is in critical condition.

The white SUV hit a concrete bollard and that put an end to their evil plot, otherwise many more may have been injured or killed. After the crash, two men were dragged from the terror vehicle and arrested by police. And now we know very little else.

It was again interesting to see how the MSM covered all this. Depending on which part of the media you watched, you would have gotten rather differing takes on all this. Leave it to the ABC for example, which I had on for at least half an hour. As they were interviewing eye witnesses about the car attack they did not ask one question of them on the identity of the driver, the looks of the driver, the possible ethnic background of the driver.

That would have been crucial information that everyone would want to know about. But it seems the ABC didn’t want to spill any politically incorrect beans here. After tiring on this lack of proper reporting, I flicked the channels. The very first thing I saw on Ch. 7 news and then Sky News was a picture of a handcuffed man sitting on the foot path.

He was quite clearly of middle eastern appearance with a long black beard! Indeed, both men were dark skinned with black beards. Hmm. Some inconvenient truths here? Why the potential cover up here? And why do the authorities seem to bend over backwards in playing down what we all seem to know?

Indeed, one wonders how long they may remain tight-lipped. It sure is hoped that we will not have a similar scene as the recent Las Vegas massacre. We are still in the dark on that one. We have been told next to nothing about what happened there, why it happened, etc.

It is as if the authorities have something to hide, and we will have to keep on being victims in the meantime. While so many in authority and so much of our media pretends to know nothing, in fact we do know some basic home truths here. For example, we do know this for certain:

-The jihadists have clearly told us to kill the infidels.
-The jihadists have clearly told us to slaughter innocent men, women and children.
-The jihadists have clearly told us to use any means necessary, including cars and trucks.
-The jihadists have clearly told us to especially target busy Western streets and boulevards.
-The jihadists have clearly told us it is neat if this can happen over holiday periods such as Christmas.
-The jihadists have clearly told us that this will send the Islamist straight to paradise should he die in the process.

Yet we have the police saying, ‘yes, it was a deliberate act, but we do not know what the motivation might be’. Really? Why is it that everyone plus their uncle seems to know full well what the motivation was and who was likely responsible, but our media and authorities remain tight lipped?

Yes they need to do their job, and further investigation needs to occur, but it seems all this is part of a much bigger and badder problem in the West: a culture of denial. Whatever these attacks are about, they just CANNOT be about Islam.

No, it was a lone wolf (or two in this case). He obviously had mental issues. Western culture likely drove him to do this. We must not rush to judgment. We must not accuse Islam of being violent. We must assure everyone that Islam is a religion of peace. Yada, yada.

And we get the same old same old from our political leaders each time this happens: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims” etc. Um, many of these leaders have likely prayed very little in their lives, and many would worship only one god – themselves.

Instead of getting serious about terrorism – which is overwhelmingly Islamic terrorism – they keep on mouthing platitudes. And they keep on defending those who have sworn to kill us. Until they get serious about modern terrorism, and the major terrorist political ideology in the world, we will keep having these attacks.

We will keep getting these massacres. We will keep seeing men, women and children being mown down in our streets. We will keep witnessing such bloody attacks. And many of them could have been avoidable. If we took seriously the threats of militant Islam, and acted accordingly, we might have a number of these people still with us.

We dare not take all this for granted, or get used to it. But I fear that is what may well happen. This just becomes the new normal. This is just something we have to get used to, as Western leaders have insisted. All this is a recipe for disaster. I don’t want to live in a world like that.

But until our politicians and leaders especially pull their heads out of the sand and get serious about the war that has been declared against us, we will keep seeing more blood on the streets. Yes, we must pray for all impacted. But we need some political courage and realism here, or we will just see things get worse.

I will never get used to this.


The police have just held a press conference. So the guy who deliberately sped down a busy sidewalk crushing innocent men, women and children is not a terrorist. The 32-year-old male of Afghan descent simply has – surprise, surprise – mental health issues.

Why of course! It has nothing whatsoever to do with a political ideology that begins with ‘I’ and ends with ‘slam’. Interesting how THAT is the common thread to all these attacks. I should have known! Isn’t it something how it seems that every time some Middle Eastern guy commits an act of carnage like this, he simply has mental health issues.

I guess that is the narrative they want us to run with. ‘Move along, nothing of interest here…’

BTW: I wonder how many genuinely mentally ill people had deliberately ploughed down innocent people on footpaths with cars and trucks before IS said this would be a terrific way to slaughter the infidels. Maybe the MSM or police can answer that question for us.

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  1. Yes we live in a world were the minorities have more impact on the decisions that politics have on all of us which will affect us all in due course, we must take a hard stand before its all too late as our children will be affected by these decisions. Hopefully the victims involved recover and the defendants responsible are put to death or are placed beyond harms way indefinitely until they die regardless if they are terrorist or just common criminals!

  2. It looks like they will blame mental illness and drugs to this evil act by an Afgani national. There appears to be a complete blackout by every single media on this event. We are not allowed to even comment on the articles in the paper. Bill, are there any other Australian websites / blogs like yours that may be prepared to speculate on the truth as you do? I would love to know. Thanks

  3. Mental health issues? Bill, earlier this year one of your articles drew my attention to an American list of 45 communist goals. Goal #38 included these words: “Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders”

  4. Hey Bill, I have never seen this analogy used before but can it be argued that “moderate muslims” are like progressive Christians? What I’m saying is that progressive Christians love to cherry pick parts of the bible they don’t like and rewrite it (for example, Paul saying homosexuality is a sin.) Moderate Muslims I heard, only like the luxuries of Islam but thankfully never do anything violent. I’ve actually heard of a quote from someone who said the biggest fault with Christians is they don’t live up to Jesus’s example, while the best thing about Muslims is most don’t live up to Mohammed’s example.

  5. It is becoming wearisome to listen to the constant “mental health” excuses for these attacks. What concerns me is whether authorities will eventually start to label ALL mental-health sufferers as potential terrorists….irrespective of their geographical origins….and heaven knows where that would lead. I’m sorry to hear Oz has had to suffer more carnage…it seems all the western world police and politicians are utterly sold out to P.C and none of them are listening to truth.

  6. In Melbourne there is a statue I prayed alongside just weeks ago the one of Gordon of the Nile who defended children and Women of the Sudan against the uprising of Islam. This statue is in a park close to Vic parliament and is a reminder of the need to engage the reality of the threat to our people. We thank those who responded but look to strong leadership in our States that will take appropriate action and the church in the city becoming a true house of Prayer for all, as in the case of many cities in the world today.

  7. I read that the second man was filming the incident and police found a number of knives on him. Sounds very suss. How long till Victorians take matters into their own hands?

  8. Well, we can revoke citizenship of radical Muslims and monitor what they teach in their schools and mosques, or we can…
    Endure 30 minute delays getting searched to board a plane
    Install concrete bollards on every street in Australia that has lots of pedestrians
    Pay the Dhimmi (Halal) tax every time we buy food
    Be wary of women drivers who can’t see through the side of their burqas
    Somehow magically check the identity of burqa-clad figures in parliament, banks, breath tests…
    Magically make buildings aircraft-proof, trains bomb-proof and police bullet-proof
    Pay welfare payments to four wives, plus disability allowances
    Put up with Muslim businesses that never pay tax
    And all the while proclaim Islam a religion of peace!

    Well, there seems to be one vestige of law and order left in Australia. Fisheries. They regularly fine these anti-Australian anti-assimilation foreign “citizen” law breakers with whopping fines for raiding our coastlines and ignoring the rules. Oh well, I’m sure you can pay the fines, just sell your 10th house you got with drug money, taxless restaurants, temporary building companies and welfare fraud.

    The only time big brother is welcome is when you drive past a boatload of middle-eastern men where fisheries inspectors have jumped on board.

  9. Great article Bill. It is so refreshing and rare to read the obvious truth instead of the gutless PC coverage dished out, albeit to varying degrees, by our mainstream media.

  10. A Facebook post (by a Galifrey Jones) “Terrorist Response Guide” comes to mind:
    1. This has nothing to do with Islam.
    2. The guy was on drugs or a mentally ill ‘lone wolf.’
    3. Those who object to points 1 & 2 are racist bigots.
    4. Change Facebook profile pic with flag overlay.
    5. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march.
    6. Wait for the next slaughter to happen.
    7. Repeat.
    Cynical? Just seems to be the way it is.
    PS: I noticed that Daniel Andrews mentioned thoughts but not ‘prayers.’

  11. Blind Freddie and his dog know from the attitude of our politicians, political leaders and bureaucrats that the majority are ‘he’ll bent’ on bringing Islam into Australia as the dominant religion.

  12. It is sad to know that they take advantage of our permissive social values and lax laws, and their refugees abuse our generous hospitality, and yet our public attitude is one of ignorant ‘y’all right mate’.

  13. As a resident of Melbourne, I must say, I am thoroughly fed up with the State Government – and that includes the Victorian Police. Just about as much as I’m fed up with the Federal Government and the Australian Federal Police. They have managed to completely evaporate the trust I had in them to keep us safe and to do the right thing by our nation.

    I look at Daniel Andrews, nervously lying away in every press release and interview about this massively serious issue and all I can think of is just how much I distrust him, from the very bottom of my heart.

  14. Refreshing to see the “I” word used Bill. To all our media it is the word that dare not speaketh its name !

  15. It’s the media’s fault, as this Police report concludes:


    …. Media ”sensationalism” is unfairly linking Islam to terrorism and inflaming tensions between Muslims and other Australians, a detailed study has found.The first comprehensive study of community attitudes in Australia into radicalisation, written by Victoria Police and Victoria University, found most of more than 500 community leaders, government stakeholders and everyday Australians surveyed regarded the risk of terrorism as fairly low.They were deeply critical of media sensationalism when covering the risk of terrorism, which an ”overwhelming majority” said was unfairly linking it to Islam. Some respondents felt the reporting was so far slanted that they wanted greater regulation or monitoring of media organisations. Victoria Police’s Dr Hussein Tahiri and Victoria University’s Professor Michele Grossman were the research authors

  16. Thanks Rav. Yes leave it to the Age to come up with that spin. So it is not the fault of Muslims committing acts of terror against the infidels in the name of Islam – it is the media for reporting on Muslims committing acts of terror against the infidels in the name of Islam!

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