Gender Insanity vs Gender Reality

The best way to destroy a culture is to turn everyone into brainless zombies. And that is exactly where the militant homosexual and transgender agendas are taking us. Every day we see new horror examples of idiocy running amok, and common sense being thrown out the window.

The activists and their useless supporters in government, media and elsewhere are actually demanding that we deny reality, biology, reason and our very DNA as they foist upon us the most radical and outrageous social engineering agendas ever seen.

In Orwell’s prescient novel 1984 the Big Brother torturer could manage to get the hero to say that four fingers being held up were actually five. Today we do not even need the torture. The activists have come so far that our clueless leaders have hopped on board without even putting up a fight. Every moronic and anti-reality bit of nonsense the militants throw our way, the authorities and politicians cheerily acquiesce to.

Consider two recent cases of this complete insanity taking over our governments. Both cases come from Queensland. Just what are they putting in the drinking water up there? It is scary stuff indeed. My first example is a breaking story, and it shows that the minds of Queensland bureaucrats have clearly turned to mush. Get a load of this:

Transport bureaucrats have scrapped gender on all Queensland licences after complaints from the LGBTI community, in a politically correct overhaul of the licensing scheme. A requirement for Queenslanders to detail their height has also been removed, after concerns that the collection of personal information by transport authorities was potentially discriminatory.
The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) last night confirmed the move but blamed the changes on a need to make driver’s and marine licences compliant with new anti-discrimination laws. However, an internal document obtained by The Courier-Mail states that gender and height are being removed because of complaints that collecting the information may be viewed as discriminatory.
Further personal information including eye and hair colour is also being scrubbed from records attached to licences because it may be “perceived as discriminatory”, the document reveals. The State Government last night confirmed there had been a handful of complaints about drivers’ gender being included on licences.
But a spokesman for Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the main reason for the change was federal anti-discrimination laws and improvements in technology that meant the data was not needed to identify someone.
The Transport and Main Roads department quietly stopped recording people’s gender and height for all new and renewed licences in October 2016. People who have a current licence but do not want it to show their gender or height are able to apply for replacement card without this information.

Good grief! Idjuts! How completely bonkers have these bureaucrats become? The next step is surely to get rid of drivers’ licences altogether. After all, how discriminatory! Why should toddlers be excluded? Or triple amputees? Or those in a coma? Or dead people? Or Martians? How dare you be so bigoted and narrowminded!

I object, so I fully expect on the basis of my sole protest that the Queensland government henceforth scrap every licence and every other requirement for driving. End this ugly bigotry now! Stop the oppressive discrimination and hate!

It is clearly time to remove all bits of identification from identification cards! The ugly hate and prejudice must stop now. It is clearly time to ID all ID cards as discriminatory. They have no place in a loving and tolerant society! They must go now!

Thankfully a few other folks were not thrilled with these numbskull ideas. As one wit posted on the social media:

Dear Queensland Transport,
I note you are removing gender and height details from driver’s licences to avoid potential discrimination for a section of the community. Please also remove the date of birth as this enables age discrimination. And the photo as this allows discrimination against those who are not photogenic such as myself. Also remove the address as this discriminates against those who do not want to have personal identity information potentially stolen. Oh and finally, please remove the word Queensland as this allows for discrimination against those not born here who may still support the Blues in the State of Origin.

And a breath of sanity was found in the newspaper article:

Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington described the changes as “madness” and said the Government needed to focus on real issues, not political correctness. “It is offensive to taxpayers that their hard-earned money has been wasted on this rubbish,” she said.

But wait, there’s more. Consider an earlier example of Queensland idiocy, also having to do with the denial of reality. The news item began:

Volunteers for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have been told to use gender-neutral language to avoid causing offence. The Games Shapers handbook, which has been handed to 15,000 volunteers and official staff and contractors instructs workers to avoid phrases like “ladies and gentlemen” and “boys and girls”. It also includes instructions to use the term parents instead of mother or father and partners, rather than husbands or girlfriends.

More good grief! Just what is wrong with these people? Have they got nothing better to do? And we have to pay for their moonbattery with our tax dollars?! Thankfully most normal people are appalled at this lunacy, including, again, Frecklington:

Queensland opposition leader Deb Frecklington said the rules were “common sense gone mad” and urged Games organisers to rethink their instructions. “We might be a bit folksy and we might use a bit of different language but, at the end of the day, let’s just be Queenslanders,” Ms Frecklington said yesterday. “As long as people are being respectful, let Queenslanders be Queenslanders.”
One of the games’ volunteers Liz McCleary, from Southport, also fears political correctness will kill the character of the Commonwealth Games. “It (volunteering) was something I was really looking forward to, but not anymore,” she said. “This whole political correctness has gone too far. For us not to be able to say things like boys and girls, it’s just stupidity.
The rules also state that political opinions should not be expressed by volunteers. “No one wants to belittle anybody, but who says this is belittling anyone? I really feel for the next generation because they are going to be so confused.”

This sheer madness has got to stop. Hopefully most ordinary folks are getting absolutely sick and tired of all this. They have to, or we are all doomed. Something has to give, and soon. This anti-reality insanity just cannot go on for much longer. A bit of realism and common sense is the need of the hour.

And I am happy to report that at least my wife has this by the bucketful. Yesterday we went to see the new Churchill flick. Before it began there was an ad for a new pro-homosexuality film. The trailer finished with these really dumb words “Why is straight the default?” My wife instantly replied, “Because only straights can reproduce.”

I wish everyone was as smart and grounded in reality as my wife is. She would make a better leader and politician than 90 per cent of the clowns and ignoramuses now running the show.

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22 Replies to “Gender Insanity vs Gender Reality”

  1. Please leave your brain at home when you visit Queensland. Dress any which way and nothing will be said, but please don’t carry a Bible as that may offend

  2. “…the data was not needed to identify someone”?????!!!!!

    That’s very concerning. How do they do that? What information do the police and government departments have access to that we don’t know about? What about other organizations that use licenses to identify people? How are they supposed to manage?

    By The way, this is how the Labor Party’s comrades in China treat Christianity:-

    Think it couldn’t happen here? That’s what we said about marriage redefinition and who would ever have thought that men competing against women in sport would ever have been considered anything but cheating?

  3. The problem is, what will Frecklington do about it if she gets into office? Will she scrap this madness or meekly roll over to accomodate it?

  4. This illustrates why we should stop using the word gender but use the word sex. Lots of languages assign a gender to nouns, and this assignment is a human construct.

  5. It’s true Bill – where will this all end? I call it ‘Death by Bureaucrat’ – these moronic, social engineering and unaccountable people who hold all the power to make such rules and have nothing productive or better to do with their time than re-invent the world. They are a class unto their own and the source of the real problem. Time for the ‘public service’ to have a radical and huge overhaul; time to drain that particular swamp! Cheers

  6. The idea of a jury was to hinder the legal elites forming their own club and getting away with biased convictions.
    We need a parliamentary jury system, where a randomly selected group of people can veto stupid time-wasting discussions and pure legislative madness. In other words, a common sense monitor.
    Alternatively, we could tell Christians to get into parliament, through any and every party. Then they could curtail the madness just by being a voice, not necessarily preaching, in the pattern of the likes of Andrew Bolt or Gurt Wilders or Joseph and Daniel in the Bible. Even someone as debauched as Trump has more common sense than the average politician.
    The real problem is that there are too many fringe thinking politicians sitting in seats, whose worldviews are nothing like the average Aussie.

  7. You are right, Bill. All this PC stuff has to stop and SOON. I understand Postmodernism allowed the voice of minorities to be heard, as opposed to simply the narrative of the ruling elite. But there is a also a majority who are now becoming a ‘minority’ – their voice needs to be heard if we actually believe in ‘equality’.

  8. Dear thingy politician. I would like to talk to you about whatsit because I feel that it is thingmabob for anyone to say wotsup or how’s your father as it might wotdoyacallit someones up yours and cause them to effinate and send them to lunaland and as a result lose their ability to pontificate.

    I hope that I have made myself clear and that I can count on you for your sporran.

  9. Does all this mean a male can enter a female toilet and vice versa? It should does otherwise one can scream out discrimination because say a male or female can claim to be anything.

  10. Where will it all end? Simple. We shall get rid of all passports. There will be no nations, borders or categories defining any differences. This is the picture of what the world will look like. It is world where anyone who a fraction of a second out of step with the rest will be eliminated.

    David Skinner UK

  11. We need a Trump like politician or three. I wonder if all the Labor voters ae happy with their choice now.

  12. Slap an agreeable wife or girlfriend on the bum in public, often. #slapdownpc

    Thanks to the Australian police and civilian governments for not differentiating between women, most women are no longer much fun to be with in public, but relationships need fun to survive, and society needs to thrive; disagreeable women can always become lesbians, join the police, and deal with real cases of assault against females. There, it’s all fixed.

    If anyone wants to they can repost this wherever they like.

    God Bless Bill.

  13. Kinda old video but still true today, now transgenders want straight men to be attracted to them otherwise it makes them “transphobic”. Isn’t it funny how the LGBT community claims to being born that way but want to force straight men to being attracted to guys that think they’re a woman? Thank God the lunatic left is not in power in the U.S (atm) otherwise I wouldn’t be shocked if they made it a hate crime for straight males to not want to date trannies.

  14. Have to agree with Tas Walker.

    Someone once quoted an English teacher (maybe even a professor) who would tell his students “People have sex, words have gender”. It doesn’t help Christian witness when we use words of the lowest common denominator as it implies we are OK with things. E.G. IMO we should say spouse, not partner; homosexual, not gay etc.

  15. Hi Bill thanks for the article.
    I feel your frustration and make it mine as well.
    But l have to say to Tim Lovett calling Trump debaunched is a step too far for me.
    All have sinned and gone astray.
    The Donald has done things he is not proud of as have all men honest enough to admit it.
    He has carried through on things that its about time Christians talked about instead of
    chastising him for past sins.
    Let us remember just what the Lord has forgiven us and give other weak men room to breath too.

    I’m no saying he is faultless. I dont like world leaders Tweeting it leads to misunderstanding.
    Bill l think a piece on Trumps achievements is in order and your the man that can do an honest job of it.
    What do you say?
    Julyan Sumner

  16. James Tirrito, it is not that the gays believe that some people are born gay and some people are not, they believe that we all possess the gay gene and so we are all potentially queer. They claim that any differentiation of being either men or women, queer or straight are cultural and social constructs imposed on us by a white, Christian patriarchal and eroto-negative society. They believe have come to liberate us all, to leave the city, homes and families and to join them on the dusty planes of polysexual depravity.
    See here how millions of British children are being led by the Rainbow coloured Pied Pipe, Elly Barnes, onto the nursery slopes of degradations.

  17. Tasmania’s police force is joining in too, with a Mercury headline on December 1 last year, “Person dies in crash”. The article said, “Tasmania Police confirmed the fatality of the person”, but apparently not this person’s sex.

    To stamp out discrimination, vets will no longer record whether your pet is a cat or a dog. Both have four legs and a tail, so no further information is needed.

    The LGBTIQA+ dictators can be played at their own game. If a man can identify as a woman, without being female, a man can identify as gay, without being homosexual. Anyone who says otherwise is clearly homophobic.

    Safe Schools could introduce a gender-fluid Fabulous Finance program. For example, David Unaipon and Edith Cowan are such a loving and committed couple who go everywhere together on the $50 note, but people don’t accept them for who they are. David identifies as Nellie, and Edith as John, because they were born with the financial orientation of being Dame Nellie Melba and General Sir John Monash from the $100 note. My $50 has every right to be treated equally as a $100 note, because my $50 is really a $100 note trapped in a $50 note’s body.

  18. As a follow on to the QLD licence thing I had a discussion on FB regarding the proposal in the UK to take gender items out of the Census. I posed the question ‘How can governments determine funding for embarrassingly gender based things like prostate and cervical cancer if gender is not recorded correctly in the census?’ Firstly I was told that government and other agents don’t use census statistics to determine funding for health. Yeah right! Posted a link to the health and gender section on the ABS site. Then I was told that sex and gender are not the same thing. I looked up some online definitions and sure enough these days your sex (biological) can be male and your gender (how you identify) female. About this time I thought my brain was about to explode so I asked politely ‘So its okay to ask someone to identify their sex on the census but it’s offensive to ask them to state their gender?’ Yes. Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!

  19. If transgender “men” want to be men, why would they object to being called males? Or do homosexual men object to being called males?

    Maybe transgender “woman” don’t want to be called female? Ir is it lesbians that don’t want to be called female?

    Or is this solely for the “non binary genderless “?

    Can I be the queen today – just because I feel like it. My wish is your command.

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