Angry Atheists Gonna Hate

There are a few truths you can count on when it comes to angry atheists: they are absolutely certain that there is no God, and they hate his guts. Indeed, it always amuses me to find that the folks who most hate on God, and are the most obsessed with God, are the ones who are most adamant that he does not exist!

These folks usually have real issues, and they are not primarily intellectual. And they certainly need prayer. I deal with them all the time alas. They can be really very nasty and hate-filled. For the most part they do not offer reasoned and logical arguments against theism or Christianity.

They usually just lash out, emote, and reveal all the anger and bitterness that is consuming them. They clearly are in an emotionally and psychologically bad way, and that almost always results in them being in a rather damaged mental state as well. Their minds have turned to mush as all the hatred and animosity consumes them.

When they speak, the hatred just pours out of them. As I have dealt with so many of these people over the years, it seems they almost always have issues that need to be dealt with. Any number of things may have happened to them earlier on, and God – and God’s followers – become the object of their wrath and venom.

Instead of dealing with their issues, they just lash out in rage and vitriol. It is pretty pathetic to behold actually. Often you can only pray for them, as they are not acting rationally or reasonably, and they are not open to facts and truth. They are just speaking out of their hurt and bitterness.

And the strange thing here is when an atheist asserts that there is no God, he is putting himself in the place of God. He is declaring that HE is the centre of the universe, and he will call all the shots and determine what is true and false, right and wrong.

Yet for all their new godlike status and power, they still cannot even come to grips with their own internal issues. They just lash out in anger at others, and at the God they claim does not exist. What sorry lives these are. As mentioned, there may have been all sorts of things that have set them off.

On the lighter side, perhaps a young man was rejected by a girl he liked in Sunday School, and he thus is mad at God, and has hated Christianity ever since. Sure, it could be something more serious: perhaps there was real hurt or betrayal or abuse they experienced in church when they were young.

Much of that is of course wrong, and those who did such wrong will stand before God and give an account. But the victim of this needs to deal with it, come to terms with it, and not just live in anger and bitterness for the rest of their life. We all have had lousy things happen to us in life, sometimes even from church people.

Of course the truth claims of Christianity do not rise or fall because of some poor representatives of the faith. Yes, they may do damage to the witness of Christ, but the truth or falsity of theism in general and Christianity in particular does not rest on Christians who may have poorly modelled the life of Christ, and must be determined in other ways.

For those who have been hurt by the church, forgiveness, healing and restoration is possible if you desire that. But many of these folks just want to stew in their juices, and keep on hating God and Christians. That is easier than coming to terms with the issues in their lives that need to be dealt with I guess.

Case study

There are plenty of these irrational and hate-filled misothiests that we could run with here. One woman who is the perfect example of this is the very messed up Australian “comedian” and commentator, Catherine Deveny. I have written about her often before sadly, given all of her ugly outbursts. See here for example:

Consider just some of her many edifying tweets from over the years:

“Sometimes I wish Jim Wallace and Fred Nile would just suck each others co*ks and get it over with #dontknockittillyoutriedit”

“Here are the top ten causes of violence 1. Men 2. Men 3. Men 4. Men 5. Men 6. Men 7. Men 8. Men 9. Men 10. Men”

“I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid” (speaking about then child star Bindi Irwin)

“Rove and Tasma look so cute … hope she doesn’t die, too” (speaking about Rove McManus and his wife Tasma, referring to the death of his first wife Belinda Emmett who died of cancer in 2006)

“This Campbell Newman business is enough to have me strapping explosives to myself and taking it on for the team”

“Jessica Watson! I hope you don’t die and I hope you get laid” (speaking of the Australian sailor who was awarded the Order of Australia Medal)

“I wish him arse cancer” (speaking of Paul Ramadge former editor-in-chief of The Age upon his retirement)

Or consider one of her Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows entitled, “God is Bulls**t: That’s the Good News”.

Wow, what a sicko. She is utterly obsessed with God, with sex, with death, and a host of morbid and twisted thoughts. This gal has some real issues. When you virulently hate on God you always end up virulently hating on his creatures as well. So she is now just a walking poisoned well, spewing out horrific bile every time she opens her mouth.

Consider her latest diabolical outburst, offered on one of the most sacrosanct days of the year in Australia. She said this in a tweet: “ANZAC Day. It’s Bogan Halloween.” And she said this on Facebook:

“ANZAC Day is f**king disgusting and should have gone in the bin decades ago. As it gets closer my head feels tighter and tighter and I feel more and more nauseous. I blame the collective cognitive dissonance seeping in. I abhor Anzac Day and can’t wait til it’s over. I am so delighted to hear the chorus increasing every year saying ‘Anzac Day is bullsh*t. It’s a Trojan horse for racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, violence, homophobia and discrimination’.”

And this is not the first time she has spewed out such reprehensible ugliness on such an important day. Back in 2010 for example she said this about Anzac Day: “Men only enlisted to fight for the money, for the adventure or because they were racist. Anzac Day Sh**s Me. Anzac Day IS a glorification of war. They didn’t die for us but because they were risktaking testosterone fuelled men with a pack mentality.”

Wow. Just wow. Catherine Deveny certainly needs therapy, prayer, and probably even an exorcism, but she does NOT need a public platform to spew her vile hatred. She is a very messed up woman and her bizarre hatred of God has impacted her entire being it seems.

Hatred comes out of her lips far too readily. As I said, those who believe in prayer must keep her in prayer. For all her God-hatred and people-hatred, she is still made in God’s image and is still one for whom Christ died. Pray that she has a Damascus Road experience before it is too late.

It is clear that she has some very deep issues in her life to deal with. She must have had a lot of lousy experiences to become this hateful and irrational. But the good news is, there is help, hope and healing for all those who desire a new life – even for Deveny.

Join with me as we pray for this tormented soul. It would be wonderful if she found real healing, real restoration, real peace, and real forgiveness in Christ. And that is true of all the angry atheists out there. Keep them in prayer – they sure need it.

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17 Replies to “Angry Atheists Gonna Hate”

  1. What a horrifying excuse for a female she is!! So full with hate, yet she puts herself in the category of ”comedy”?? I’m thinking that with the so many issues she has, all the prayer in the world won’t help her and her hate-filled like minded fools. I feel very sorry for someone who has so much awful hate in her heart.

  2. Yes Shirley, she is in a real bad way. But through prayer and the grace of God, even worse individuals have found new life in Christ. So keep praying!

  3. I have noticed that atheists over recent years have become vile and nasty. 40 years ago atheists seemed to be a lot more nicer. Something has changed over the last few years.

  4. Wow, I couldn’t believe anyone would listen to her.. but then I snapped back to reality.. Unfortunately some find vulgarity to be entertaining..
    I pray she will see that Jesus is the source of joy and laughter.. He can turn that heart of stone into flesh..

  5. The only types of comedy (for want of a better word) these days is foul mouthed stories about nothing, or mocking God. More and more people seem to find that hilarious; it’s because there is no fear of God anymore.

  6. Deep down I believe she knows she would not have lasted 1 minute in the frontline of war so she belittles what she will never be able to achieve. She sounds very angry and unhappy. Finding out she is an atheist is no surprise!

  7. I was wondering if “Aunty” ABC mentioned her. So, I did a search and it appears as though they are ignoring her.

    I wonder why?

  8. Bill, in 2013 she featured as feminist of the week here

    One of the questions she was asked and answered is very telling –

    When did you have your feminist awakening?
    Spending an hour every Sunday for the first 18 years of my life sitting in a medieval torture chamber listen to a man bang on about his invisible friend in the sky and call men god, the son of god, not made in the image of god and women as virgins, martyrs or whores.

  9. Re Catherine Deveny’s “feminist awakening”
    Well, she got that pretty mixed up. The Bible is not exactly bristling with female martyrs (can she name one for us?) But since when did an angry atheist ever get the Bible right?
    This bit – “call men god, the son of god, not made in the image of god” is a mess of words. Does she mean they should be called “made in the image of god” RATHER than being called “god”, or instead of being called “son of god” or both? Or does she mean the bible calls men “god” or the “son of god” or “not made in the image of god”? I don’t think she knows.

  10. Young children often find that doing and saying very anti social activities gives them (much needed) attention. Most grow out of this behaviour as they grow up and mature.
    Unfortunately CD has not.
    Her biography says there is 3 children in her household. I would say 4.

  11. It is perhaps germane to compare our treatment of astrology. There is a tiny group of people who consider it their role in life to debunk astrology, but most people who don’t believe in astrology simply go about their lives without any reference to astrology.
    Likewise, most people who don’t believe in God simply go about their lives without any reference to God. Even if they have a crusading personality, they are aware that there are a lot worse social evils worth fighting than religion. Indeed, many of the irreligious don’t even rise to the level of atheism. After all, an atheist is someone who has done the minimum amount of thinking (often very minimal) to actually reject belief in God. But many of the irreligious, although they may have rejected the community religion, if you asked them what they believed about the ultimate nature of existence, they wouldn’t be able to tell you.
    But the people Bill is describing are antitheists. They have some sort of irrational, even pathological hatred of religion. The psychological reason for this is something we might investigate. In many cases it is probably an attempt to suppress their conscience. Also, as we know from Paul Vitz’s book, Faith of the Fatherless many (?most) of the major atheist philosophers had serious issues with their earthly fathers.

  12. It’s amazing how obsessed atheists are with God and they seem to know the bible more than most. They want to be the lawless ones who make up the laws to hand down to other people they don’t agree with. There are ancient words of wisdom in the bible, such as Psalm 127: “ Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.” Whether or not one understands this or believes it, the proof is in the outcome.

  13. Atheists can’t live out their belief that their is no God because if they did they would have to say there are no moral absolutes and so what is good or evil is a matter of opinion (ie, relativism) and so they would have to admit Hitler is no better or worse than say Mother Teresa. As a result anyone who is logical, reasonable and realistic has to admit that there must be moral absolutes and so there must be a moral law giver, which means there must be a supreme being above all mankind.

  14. We were discussing atheism in my small group. Some asked, why the atheists you mention, need to be so hateful, and make a show of what they believe?

    Some atheists we know, quietly disbelieve in God. They do not feel the need to mock those who do believe.

    What a contrast to the likes of Deveney.

  15. My God, I Believe, I Adore, I Hope and I Love Thee. I ask pardon for those who do not Believe, do not Adore, do not Hope and do not Love Thee. Amen

  16. Thanks Bill
    I have noticed this too in my exchange with atheists and you have helpfully brought to clarity for me that once you hate God then hate for others inevitably follows. This helps heaps with the barbs that come and shows how sad these people have become. May we respond always in prayer and mercy and pity.for them in Jesus

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