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Adult Selfishness, Child Suffering

Jul 16, 2009

One of the big problems with living in an age of rights is that when one person demands his or her rights, often someone else will suffer as a result. In the past people were more willing to forego rights

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Homeschooling and the War Against Children

Jul 12, 2009

Children are our future. The way our children develop determines how society develops. And when ideological battles are being fought in a culture, children are the trophy. Those who can control the children will be able to control a culture.

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Redundant Males, Redundant Humanity

Jul 9, 2009

Two recent bioethics announcements have added a few more nails to the coffin of humanity. While these new biomedical breakthroughs promise much about medical research, cures, and progress, what they are really about is the end of man – both

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Love and Marriage

Jun 29, 2009

A very brief news item caught my attention just recently which is worth commenting on. It had to do with where modern marriage is heading, and how some people are seeking to change the usual marriage vows to reflect their

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Paying People to be Responsible

Jun 29, 2009

The concept of personal responsibility has taken a battering lately. People are quite happy to blame anyone and anything other than themselves for their behaviour and actions. We are happy to pass the buck and shift the blame instead of

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More Jaundiced Journalism

Jun 22, 2009

To get a job in the mainstream media today is not all that difficult. Let’s say you want to write for one of the major newspapers, such as the Age or Sydney Morning Herald. You do not necessarily have

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PETA Deada in the Heada

Jun 18, 2009

Sometimes the day’s news is so bizarre and so manifestly insane that one is left wondering whether laughter, crying or hari-kari is the most appropriate response. What I have just stumbled upon online is one of those perfect examples.


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Science as Saviour

Jun 17, 2009

Modernism can be described in many ways, but central to the modernist project have been several related emphases: man by reason alone can come to all truth; science is the chief source or basis of this truth; and unfettered scientific

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More Concerns About IVF

Jun 15, 2009

For those couples who have genuine biological infertility problems, various assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF can seem like a real godsend. The desire for children is of course most natural, and the inability to have children is always

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The Lifestyle Police Juggernaut Roles On

Jun 3, 2009

All around the Western world the forces of radical activism and moral anarchy are hard at work. And a leading player in all this is the militant homosexual lobby, along with its government supporters. They are on a crusade to

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Abortion, Tiller and Murder Compounded

Jun 1, 2009

A notorious abortionist was shot dead yesterday in Wichita, Kansas. Should he have been shot dead? No. That was murder. At this stage we know nothing about the man who did the shooting, what his motives were, or why it

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Climate Change, Celebrities, and Reality

May 27, 2009

A small news item caught my attention today. It was about yet another Hollywood celeb pontificating on climate change, urging us to act immediately or else we will all perish. Why it is that these Hollywood elites think they are

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Liberal or Conservative?

May 22, 2009

I have said many times that Christianity transcends party politics and political ideology. Thus my faith is more important and vital than my political allegiances. Having said that, however, it is also true that we are called to live out

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The NRL: No Wonder it is in Such a Mess

May 15, 2009

Australian sport is taking quite a hammering lately, with a number of sex scandals coming to light. The National Rugby League has especially come under the spotlight recently. The group sex saga involving Australian rugby players and a New Zealand

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