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More Christian Persecution

Mar 29, 2006

I trust you have been following the case of the Muslim convert to Christianity who has been sentenced to death. I raise some issues about the case in an article below, if you are interested.

A Religion of Peace?


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We can protect our kids

Mar 22, 2006

Labor has announced that it wants ISPs to be responsible for blocking Internet porn, especially to our children. All the media is carrying the story today. But the Liberal Communications Minister Helen Coonan said the plan is unworkable, and computer-based

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Historical Revisionism Again

Mar 16, 2006

It seems that the historical revisionists and terrorist appeasers are at it again. A recent Victorian textbook has made a comparison between the Crusades and the September 11 terrorist attack. Defenders of the textbook say it is merely being deliberately

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Worth getting shook up about

Mar 14, 2006

I have had a long standing concern for our children, and how certain activist groups are targeting them. And I have long held that the homosexual lobby is one of the greatest threats to our children. Thus I reprint below

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Christian bashing thwarted

Mar 1, 2006

Today Senator Ron Boswell sent out this media release. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Democrats mission to abolish prayer fails

The Democrats’ attempt to abolish prayers in the Parliament and remove tax advantages for religious groups was intolerance

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When Nations Commit Suicide

Feb 27, 2006

Many Western nations are committing cultural hari-kari because of their commitment to extremist agendas and radical ideologies. Probably the two most noted examples of this would be Canada and the Netherlands. Both nations have pursued such radically dysfunctional and politically

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Hollywood, Religion and C.S. Lewis

Feb 27, 2006

Hollywood seems to be getting religion lately. Or perhaps more accurately, Hollywood is discovering that there is money to be made in religious films. The Passion by Mel Gibson was a big money-maker, and put Hollywood on notice that they

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Facts on Islam

Feb 24, 2006

Three items on Islam.

One. Peter Costello made some timely remarks on Islam and deserves support. All the papers are reporting the story, so please send in a letter to the editor. An edited version of his speech is

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Clear thinking on RU486

Feb 22, 2006

The abortion drug RU486 has caused quite a stir lately. With so much debate on the issue, the Federal Government recently held a public inquiry into the drug, culminating in a vote in both Houses of Parliament. As a result

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Islam and truth

Feb 16, 2006

Three related items on Islam.

One. Danna Vale has received a lot of flack concerning her comments that Australia is aborting itself to extinction, and we might become an Islamic nation in 50 years. I wrote defending her, and

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Reflections on the Abortion Wars

Feb 14, 2006

The current debate about RU486 has resulted in a flurry of claims and counter claims over the abortion issue. It is worth examining several of these in more detail. They reveal a lot of muddled thinking on morality and public

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Making Sexperts of Our Children

Jan 27, 2006

If Lyn Allison has her way, our 8-year-olds will soon be learning the four Rs: reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmatic and reproduction. The Democrat Senator desperately wants our primary school kids to learn everything they can about sex.

But should they? Most

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The Battle for Marriage

Jan 14, 2006

The battle over marriage has seen its ebbs and flows. And at the moment it looks like the other side is getting a few runs on the board. For example, there are now a number of countries that have legalized

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What Are We Fighting For?

Dec 20, 2005

In the busyness of fighting the many skirmishes in the culture wars, be it the stem cell debate, the battle over marriage and family, the assault on childhood or the controversies surrounding Intelligent Design, we sometimes lose track of the

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A review of Socrates Meets Sartre. By Peter Kreeft.

Nov 14, 2005

Ignatius Press, 2005.

Existentialism was a leading expression of Western philosophy in the 20th century. And Jean-Paul Sartre was a major figure in the existentialist movement. His non-fiction was influential, but his fiction impacted millions.

A solid Christian introduction to

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