The War Against Faith and Family Continues Unabated

It may be a new year, but it’s the same old same old when it comes to the militant homosexual assault on family, faith and freedom. Their ongoing war has not eased up the slightest over the Christmas and New Year break, but is going ahead full steam.

The militants will not rest until every last bit of resistance to their agenda is utterly stamped out, and anyone who dares to oppose them is imprisoned, fined, or kicked out of their job. And we have plenty more examples of these very things just in the past week or so.

Let me offer just three of these recent cases. They are taking place all around the Western world and are all very frightening examples of how the gaystapo are targeting all those who would remain true to their own consciences, values and beliefs. And liberties are falling fast as a result.

The first case comes from the US with this headline: “Wedding Vendor Opposed to Same Sex Marriage Shuts Down”. The story begins, “A company in the wedding industry based in Annapolis, Maryland will close its doors, rather than face lawsuits for refusing to serve same-sex marriage couples.

“Discover Annapolis Tours, which runs old-fashioned trolley tours in Annapolis, will close their $50,000 a year business. The owner of the trolley tour company would rather shut down his business than compromise his moral beliefs when same-sex marriage law becomes legal at the beginning of the year.

“Wedding vendors who refused to provide services to same-sex couples have faced discrimination lawsuits in the past – and lost.  Glendora Hughes, general counsel for the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights stated: ‘If they’re providing services to the public, they can’t discriminate who they provide their services to.’ According to the Maryland Wedding Professionals Association, Discover Tours is the second company to refuse business because of the same-sex marriage law. The law was upheld in the November election.”

And the homosexual activists keep insisting that nothing will change when they get special rights and marriage rights. Yeah right. Try telling that to this small business. What about their rights? What about their freedoms? It seems talk about rights is just all one-way traffic here.

The second story comes from Europe with this headline: “Socialist politician says Spanish bishop should be ‘muzzled’.” The story reads in part: “A socialist government official in Andalusia, Spain, called for a local Catholic bishop to be ‘muzzled’ for arguing that men and women are both different and complementary.

“Bishop Demetrio Fernandez of Cordoba should be silenced for leveling attacks against ‘real and effective equality between men and women,’ charged Miguel Angel Vazquez, a member of the Socialist Party and spokesman for the Andalusian provincial government.

“In a Jan. 4 post on his personal blog, Vazquez labeled Bishop Fernandez ‘a true representative of religious fanaticism’ and said that the prelate provokes ‘controversies that are at odds with the individual and collective rights embodied in the constitution.’

“Calling the bishop’s defense of marriage and the family ‘backwards,’ Vazquez said that he would ‘rather burn in hell (if it exists) than renounce equality.’ In a recent pastoral letter, Bishop Fernandez critiqued sexual philosophies that hold the differences between men and women to be a social construct rather than a biological reality.

“Such ideology, displayed in radical feminism and the push for universal acceptance of homosexual behavior, ‘destroys the family and breaks every tie man has with God through his own nature,’ he warned. ‘A series of educational, medical and academic programs exist at the service of this ideology in an attempt to force it upon everyone, causing tremendous harm to the consciences of children, teens and young people,’ the bishop said.”

Wow, the ideology fascists are really coming out in force here. And the bishop is being “backwards” for recognising that men and women are different, and he needs to be silenced? Mind-boggling. One might as well try to muzzle those who say the law of gravity exists, or that 2+2=4, or eating is a necessity of life.

The third example, also from Europe, has this incredible headline: “French government warns Catholic schools to stay ‘neutral’ on homosexual ‘marriage’.” Stay neutral? Yep, that’s what it said. The story starts in this fashion: “As French Catholics prepare to mobilize on January 13 for a national march against the creation of homosexual ‘marriage,’ the country’s education minister is warning Catholic schools against participating, claiming that it could cause ‘homophobia’ against homosexual students.

“National Education Minister Vincent Peillon has written a letter to all of the country’s 8,300 Catholic school principals, claiming that they have the responsibility to maintain ‘neutrality’ regarding the debate over homosexual ‘marriage’ in their institutions, according to reports by Le Monde and the French Press Agency. ‘It is your responsibility in effect to ensure that the debates that are occurring in French society not be expressed, in the schools and establishments, by the phenomena of rejection and homophobic stigmatization,’ wrote Peillon.

“‘I call you to the greatest vigilance regarding the conditions of the legitimate debate regarding marriage for all … notably in private establishments under contract,’ he said. ‘It is therefore proper to call for restraint and neutrality within all of the institutions so that schools are not made the object of any manipulation’.”

Wow again. Now the state is warning religious bodies to disregard their own beliefs and teachings and simply submit without a fight to the secularist agenda of the state. It is just incredible that roughly one per cent of the population has managed to hold the rest of the nation to ransom.

But we see this happening all over the West. The very tiny but very vocal homosexual lobby is transforming society and nations, whether the other 99 per cent like it or not. That is not freedom and democracy. That is tyranny and oppression.

Every day we see freedoms being stripped away from ordinary citizens, with religious freedom especially in the crosshairs of the militant activists. We are losing it quickly, and right before our very eyes. If we don’t wake up real soon and start standing up for our freedoms, we will lose everything.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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13 Replies to “The War Against Faith and Family Continues Unabated”

  1. Thanks, Bill, for keeping before our minds the ever-increasing oppression that homosexual activists are exerting on the general population. It is astonishing that such a small percentage of the population can push their ideological agenda, apparently without restraint. Indeed, the more one becomes aware of the power of Identity politics and Gender politics, the more it becomes clear that homosexual activists would not have the success they have without the subscribers in government to Identity and Gender ideologies. I propose that Identity and Gender politics explain much of Nicola Roxon’s political behaviour – especially her push ‘to freshen’ the anti-discrimination laws.
    Gerard Wilson

  2. What has happened to all men’s God given rights of expression? What has happened to all men’s Constitutional right of freedom of speech? I will stand up for these rights and I will express my beliefs whether it be from the pulpit or in blogs or in the public arena it matters not to me. What matters most is my moral conscience and my integrity and standing before the Lord, my best friend and my God.
    Leigh Stebbins

  3. Thanks for your articles Bill.

    So the French Government wants those who are against same sex marriage to ‘remain neutral’ eh?

    How can anybody do that in such a situation?! If you are nuetral, it means by default that your will sit back and allow same sex marriage to happen!

    But then I guess thats their plan….

    Mark Lambert

  4. In Ephesians 3:14b-15a, Paul calls God “the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named” [ASV]. God Himself invented fatherhood and the family… They are far more than mere evolving human social constructs.

    Those who have an avowed distaste for patriarchy and the authentic family are bound to associate opposition to the God of the Bible with their pursuit of newly-won alleged sexual rights. Sigmund Freud understood his rejection of the God of his fathers as a rejection of a cosmic father figure.

    John Wigg

  5. Another argument demonstrating the internal contradiction of the homosexual agenda goes as follows:

    If heterosexuals are discriminating illegally against homosexuals on the basis of gender orientation, then what are homosexuals doing among themselves?

    They clearly discriminate on the basis of gender orientation in favour of their same sex. A homosexual man discriminates against lesbian women as much as against heterosexual women. And a lesbian woman discriminates against homosexual men just as much as against heterosexual men.

    So, either their accusations against heterosexual people are just as effective against themselves, or they are all homosexual by choice, and not deserving of victim status.

    Anyone want to unpack this further?

    John Angelico

  6. Same sex marriage laws should be challenged by libel and slander laws. The implication is that someone who, in conscience, cannot condone same sex marriage therefore must be committing a “hate crime” or be a bigot is patently untrue. It is quite wrong to say that disagreement with a concept equates to personal hatred of a person who agrees with that concept. Slander is oral defamation of character prompted by malice to do harm. Libel is the written or broadcast-over-the-airwaves form of defamation causing harm to a person’s reputation and ability to earn a living. One could add the current grievance of someone claiming victimhood, which is implemented by the politically correct ideology and that is “hurt feelings”. The laws of libel and slander still exist. Why are we not hearing about them? We will soon be getting to the absurd situation of anyone who cannot actively condone homosexuality being accused of crimes against humanity, as demonstrated in the link below.
    Rachel Smith, UK

  7. Well I have to confess openly that I have a hatred & fear of young children.

    Why you ask?

    Well because I don’t think they should be able to marry, have drivers licenses, or vote in elections.

    God forgive me, what a terrible person I am.

    David Williams

  8. Perhaps we spend to much time appealing to the “middlies”, the vast proportion of society who are easily swayed either way, depending upon which way the wind is blowing. If the gay agenda is being driven by a small but determined bunch who are prepared to burn in hell, why cannot a small but determined group who are not prepared to burn in hell, or see anyone else burn in hell, mobilise those who will not bend the knee the phallic god, and drive the agenda the other way. What I am saying is that we should cease wasting time trying to convince those who are not yet on the page and instead educate and equip those who do not need convincing. It those we should be working with. Then the middlies will just go with the flow, because that is what the do best.

    David Skinner, UK

  9. It’s too big! Prayer is the only way!! Thanks for your warning!
    Jane Byrne

  10. The homosexual ‘rights’ lobby is getting its way because it is supported by politically powerful neo-Marxist/neo-Freudians who believe that by emasculating other men and weakening traditional families they can rule the roost and make everyone subservient to them.

    They need to be exposed. Their big weapon is political correctness but very few people realise the concept itself was invented by Lenin to control his Bolshevic followers. More people need to know they are being taken for a ride by surrendering themselves to it.

    Alan Williams, UK

  11. Thank you for alerting people to these shocking examples of the war against God and the human race. It is very true to say that a tiny perverted minority is imposing its tyrannical will on the vast majority of western communities. I think it important however to note that there are powerful spiritual forces behind the human activists. These can only be resisted by those who are totally committed to Christ and have learned of Him the means (chiefly prayer) to engage such powers. Keep up your good work and may God Almighty bless and help you.
    Roger Winter-Smith

  12. I think, the bishop actually hit the nail on the head in his very succinct statement that men and women are complementary, but different. If you think about it, there is no complementarity without difference. Even the 2 halves of a human face are a mirror image with many similarities, but not identical. If they were, they could no more make a face than 2 men make a married couple.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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