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On Exodus

Jun 21, 2013

It is of course to be expected that in any conflict, there will be various wins and losses, and sometimes even defections to the other side. Some traitors will arise, and some will sell out and effectively side with the

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Weekly Gaystapo Activity Update, #3617

Mar 11, 2012

OK folks, another week, another batch of ugly anti-Christian bigotry and anti-freedom activism from the homosexual thought police. As I have documented many dozens of times now, the militant homosexual activists will not rest until every single thread of opposition

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Cafeteria Religion

Mar 9, 2009

Mix and match eating arrangements are common – and acceptable – in cafeterias. Grab a tray, pick what you like, and pass over the rest. This is fine for eating out. However it does not work so well with religious

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The Trouble With Hate Crime Legislation

May 2, 2007

As has already happened in Western Europe and Canada, and some American states, the US as a nation is now on the verge of passing “hate-crime” legislation. The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act is set to be

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Refugees and “Discrimination”

Sep 11, 2015

With the Australian government now committed to taking 12,000 Syrian refugees, with an emphasis on persecuted Christians, a lot of really dumb reactions have been forthcoming. As usual, it mainly comes from the leftists and their allies, including the Muslim

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Continuing Christian Persecution

Dec 2, 2010

Perhaps most Australian and Western Christians would not have known it, but Sunday November 14 was the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Hopefully some churches did take part in this. The good news is that we set

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Difficult Bible Passages: Leviticus 25

Sep 2, 2010

A text often used by those of the religious left, or those advocating for a type of socialism, is Lev. 25. Here we find Yahweh’s instructions on giving the land rest every seventh year (vv. 1-7), and the Year of

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Hamas, Terrorism and Media Complicity

Jan 13, 2009

Hamas is a terrorist organisation. It is backed by Iran which sends it arms via Egypt. It has been waging a double war: a war against Israel and a war against the Palestinian people. It cares little about the Palestinian

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Why We Are Fighting

Aug 30, 2006

In the war against terror it is always worth remembering what is at stake. Why is the free West engaged in this struggle, and just who or what is the enemy? Jewish commentator and radio host Dennis Prager seeks to

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Questions About Child Care

Apr 30, 1998

With over $1.5 billion a year spent on child care by Australian Governments, child care is big business.  And with over 600,000 children involved, it affects a lot of people. There is no denying that child care is a

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