How the Other Side Deals With Opposition

It is a truism that what happens in the US will almost always happen a short time later in Australia. Thus I am a bit worried. You see, the tolerance brigade is at it again, and it is only a matter of time before the grubby little tricks they are up to in America make their way here. And if they do, I will be amongst the first to be targeted.

You see, the activists who speak the most about tolerance are in fact the least tolerant of any opposing points of view. What they really want is to shut down all public debate, and ban all opposing points of view. They delight in calling differing points of view “hate speech” and they want every person who dares to disagree with them to be subject to “hate crimes” legislation.

That of course is one way to always win an argument: simply demand that every time your opponent opens his mouth he be fined, thrown in jail, or hounded out of town. That is what the activists think about free speech and genuine debate. They can’t stand either, and are working overtime to shut down any resistance to their agendas.

Consider what the militant homosexual activists are now up to in the US. They are alerting the media to pro-family groups, seeking to discredit them, and effectively have them banned from making public comment. One report on this story begins this way:

“The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced today its new ‘Commentator Accountability Project,’ which seeks to ‘educate’ journalists about spokespeople from organizations that hold a biblical view of sexuality.

“In an interview with Politico blogger Dylan Byers, GLAAD Communications Director Rich Ferraro said the 36 people networks need to be ‘educated’ about — including Focus on the Family President Jim Daly, family formation studies director Glenn Stanton and education analyst Candi Cushman — ‘aren’t experts’ but people who ‘represent nothing but extreme animus towards the entire LGBT community.’ Therefore, Ferraro said, journalists should put any comments they make ‘into perspective’.”

Those groups deemed to be unacceptable by the activists also include: “Exodus International President Alan Chambers, Catholic League President Bill Donohue, THE FAMiLY LEADER President Bob Vander Plaats, the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher, Prison Fellowship Ministries Founder Chuck Colson, Wallbuilders Founder David Barton, former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, Bishop Harry Jackson, marriage expert Jennifer Roback Morse, pastors Jim Garlow and Lou Engle, radio personality Kevin McCullough, and Princeton University Prof. Robert George.”

The article continues: “Gary Schneeberger, Focus’ vice president of communications, said the biblical view of marriage and sexuality is badly needed for balance in mainstream media. ‘What Focus on the Family’s analysts and experts bring to the national discussion in their media appearances are reasoned, passionate and compassionate insights that help families make sense of, and make their mark in, the world around them,’ he said.

“‘Our views on issues like same-sex marriage and the sanctity of human life are mainstream Christian positions — and in most cases, majority Christian positions. It is always our goal, when expressing those viewpoints, to do so in a way that upholds God’s truth, yes, but also models Christ’s love.’

“Schneeberger added that GLAAD’s campaign was ‘rather chilling. This is an attempt to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of religion by trying to intimidate the media into forfeiting their constitutional right to freedom of the press,’ he explained. ‘They’re seeking to saw three of the five legs of freedom off the stool that holds up the First Amendment. America was founded on debate and discussion; that formula has worked pretty well for us for more than 230 years. It makes you wonder why GLAAD would want to eradicate it’.”

Yes it is simply more war against free speech and more anti-Christian bigotry. Chilling stuff indeed. Another commentator has weighed into this frightening new development: “I found it fascinating to read the announcement yesterday that I had been included in a list of 36 dangerous radicals who should be banned from national television and print outlets. That’s definitely a first.

“But rather than feeling the shame it was intended to create, I guess I’m feeling rather honored to be included alongside the likes of Focus on the Family President Jim Daly; Prison Fellowship’s Chuck Colson and the head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Albert Mohler. All of whom are compassionate, biblically minded leaders who unabashedly proclaim the redemptive truth that we’ve all fallen short of God’s plan for humanity and that we are all equally in need of a Savior.”

She lists a number of hate-filled comments found on the activists’ sites, and then continues, “Often, these comments will blitz our sites after a homosexual activist group has posted an inflammatory call to action akin to what GLAAD issued yesterday. So I am concerned that the actions of GLAAD and other groups – endorsing a public effort to silence faith-based viewpoints and marginalizing individuals for daring to affirm a Biblical point of view – are also emboldening the people sending these kinds of vitriolic messages.

“It begs the question: Is GLAAD also publicly opposed to ‘defamation’ against individuals who simply want to express a Biblical viewpoint in a loving and respectful manner? Because that’s exactly the goal of thousands of students who participate in the Day of Dialogue – and who were the target of hateful messages listed above.

“In fact, I invite our readers to review the Web site for themselves. They will see no reference to ‘hate,’ but can find several statements like these: ‘A Biblical perspective teaches us that every person was created in the image of God and has innate dignity and worth, no matter how they identify. That’s why we treat all people, even those with whom we might disagree, with kindness and compassion. And that’s why Christian students in particular should be the first to stand up for those around them being hurt or harmed.’

“I’m also struck by the audacity of GLAAD’s statement that its goal is to educate media outlets that commentators who boldly express a Biblical worldview ‘do not accurately represent the “other side” of those issues.’ Are they are claiming that they not only have the authority to determine which viewpoints are legitimate, but also to dictate that to national media outlets? I can only imagine the outcry if a group put together a list of homosexual activists who they deemed unworthy of media interviews. It would be immediate – and deafening.

“And indeed, such an action would be extremely wrong and shouldn’t happen – because it would represent an un-American form of blacklisting that is an affront to the principles we hold dear, including free speech, freedom of the press, open dialogue and the belief that all persons are created equal regardless of their viewpoint, religious affiliation or identity.

“So more than revealing anything about the spokespeople it’s targeting, GLAAD’s ‘project’ reveals the intolerant mindset driving it: The belief that only one perspective—that which is completely aligned with homosexual activist groups—is legitimate, and that all others should be censored and eradicated from the public realm.”

Of course we must be forewarned here: Australia has lots of similar groups. These same grubby attempts at censorship and stifling of free speech will be tried here. And I will be on the top of their hit list, along with other pro-family groups such as the Australian Family Association, FamilyVoice, Life Ministries, Salt Shakers, and so on.

So be forewarned. This new ploy will soon enough be raising its ugly head here. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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  1. In today’s local (Mackay, NQ) paper there was a letter from a “proud gay man” who reported tearing up brochures (not brochure) given to him by a local political candidate (QLD state elections in 8 days) because the candidate had the temerity to “proudly announce he’s been married for 31 years with 10 kids.”

    I wrote “Proud gay man KM of Mackay destruction of …’s advertising material exemplifies the homosexual’s community’s attitude towards freedom of speech. Destroy and legislate against all expressions of opinion they do not like. Live and let live would be an acceptable attitude, but as per KM, that is not what they, nor the Greens and many within the ALP want.”

    Yeh, a couple of typos in there. Don’t you hate it when you email something then discover the typos immediately thereafter.

    Have to wait and see whether it gets published.

    All the more reason to join your favourite political party and speak out for Christian values, both within and outside of the party.

    Graeme Cumming

  2. Wow. This is such classic mob behaviour. Ann Coulter was so right about them in Demonic.

    The brilliant Ed Feser’s description is so applicable to the homo-activists and lefty mobs;

    “The reason is that reason is impossible with a crowd. Serious matters require calm reflection, sufficient background knowledge, careful distinctions, the give and take of objections and replies, and always the willingness to submit oneself to superior arguments and objective truth. But the thinking of a crowd is, in the best circumstances, dumbed down, slipshod, and banal; and at its worst there is no madness or evil to which a crowd might not descend. A crowd shouts, chants, emotes, and is always, always demanding this or that — it is appetitive rather than cognitive. In a crowd, the rational in rational animal is always in danger of giving way, leaving just the animal, indeed a herd of animals. The individual, or a small group of friends, can dispute with Socrates about the good, the true, and the beautiful. The crowd votes to execute him. The individual, or a small group of disciples, can have their hearts moved by Christ. The crowd shouts for His crucifixion.”

    Damien Spillane

  3. I just listened to the end part of an interview on lifematters about an American radio host making some really off comments about this lady who was interviewed regards to Obama’s health insurance thing. Apparently her lifestyle was not what we could call chaste, but the obviously rightwing rather than Christian radio commentator made some really bad remarks and the other side is hanging that on the republican argument in defence of their position for so called “women’s rights”. This is a real big problem I see cropping up everywhere. Sadly there are many “right wing” people who hold our values, but lack the grace of God in the way they express those values. They do the Christian cause much damage. Not much we can do about that except pray and I have also been guilty of not always speaking the way I would imagine Christ would speak, calm and to the point when discussing marriage and life issues that I am very passionate about. I had always presumed that all Christians held the same views on these matters and got very upset when I found they don’t. So, I am trying to learn to speak “with gentleness and respect” when talking about these things. C.S. Lewis started a club called “the Socratic club”. That would come in very handy today. While the other side is less and less able to talk rationally, we must learn it more and more, for though it often looks otherwise, the war will be won the same way as it always has, with truth and reason, as well as God’s power.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

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