Greens: The Party of Death

Arguably the three most important things in the world are life, family and faith. Yet for some reason, it seems the Greens everywhere have declared war on all three. Whether it be the homosexual atheist Bob Brown in Australia, or his human-hating counterparts overseas, the Green political activists seem fixated on death and the destruction of the family, and seek to eradicate biblical Christianity.

Thus the very title of their political parties is a complete misnomer. They do not seem remotely concerned about the environment, but want to instead implement their radical social engineering policies. Thus in Australia the first thing Greens’ leader Bob Brown said his party would push for when the new Parliament was voted in was same-sex marriage and legalised euthanasia.

Just what is it with these maniacs? Why are they so in love with death, and so hate humanity? It really cannot be explained by any rational means; it seems like there is a diabolical death wish hanging over the Greens. How else do we account for the ugly stances they keep coming up with?

I have chronicled these examples of Green ugliness many times before, and like the gift that keeps on giving, they keep offering us more examples to run with. Consider the latest outrageous remarks made by Green Party members, this time in Canada.

It seems a Green candidate there is crowing about an abortion he had with his partner, and how he even ‘thanks God’ for it! Given that he is probably an atheist to boot, he is even throwing in some blasphemy into the mix. And to think that some Christians actually vote for these wretched parties around the world.

Here is how one press item tells the story: “A British Columbia Green party candidate in Canada’s upcoming federal election said he’s glad he decided to ‘get rid of’ his unborn child and appeared to imply that pregnant women look ‘like the back end of a bus.’

“‘I am sick to death about hearing murdering babies,’ said Roger Benham, Green candidate for Skeena-Bulkley Valley, in a candidates’ debate April 20th.  He told the audience that he had conceived a child with a woman when he was 25. ‘Thank God we decided to get rid of it,’ he said, according to the Terrace Standard.”

The article continues, “The party’s position was reinforced earlier this month by Green party leader Elizabeth May, who said that she was anxious to correct the false impression that she’s anything less than fully supportive of abortion.  Insisting she’s ‘very militant’ in promoting access to abortion, May told the Georgia Straight that there is ‘no room for going backwards’ on abortion. ‘A woman has a right to make that choice, and it’s not a morally wrong decision by any means,’ she said.”

And this from a party that does not even know what the word ‘moral’ means. This is clearly the most amoral if not the most immoral political party making the rounds today. It is filled with people-haters, marriage destroyers, baby-killers and faith-bashers.

One of the world’s most influential Greens fully fits into this categorisation. Peter Singer who now lectures in bioethics at Princeton University originally was from Australia. Along with Bob Brown he co-authored the 1996 book, The Greens. He also ran as a candidate for the Greens back then as well.

Fortunately he did not get elected. I may be able to take a very small amount of credit for this. At the time I went through his many books and selected some representative quotations from his works. I found four juicy ones which fully reflected his grizzly worldview, and we had them printed in a large ad in the Australian newspaper just before the election.

Given that the Greens were not going to spill the beans on what they really believed, and the MSM was not very willing to do some serious reporting on the matter, we dished out big bucks to run the ad. For what it is worth, here are the four quotes I selected:

“The evidence for personhood is at present most conclusive for the great apes, but whales, dolphins, elephants, monkeys, dogs, pigs and other animals may eventually also be shown to be aware of their own existence over time and capable of reasoning.” (Rethinking Life and Death. Text Publishing, 1994, p. 182.)

“Not all members of the species Homo sapiens are persons, and not all persons are members of the species Homo sapiens.” (Rethinking Life and Death. Text Publishing, 1994, p. 206.)

“Species membership in Homo-sapiens is not morally relevant. If we compare a dog or a pig to a severely defective infant, we often find the non-human to have superior capacities.” (“Sanctity of Life or Quality of Life,” Pediatrics 72, July 1983, p. 129.)

“We do not think new-born infants have an inherent right to life” (Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer, Should the Baby Live? Oxford Uni. Press, 1985, p. 192.)

All these creepy quotes make sense if we recall that Singer is a gung-ho vegetarian and animal rights crusader; a supporter of abortion on demand; a supporter of euthanasia; and a supporter of infanticide. He has even written in defence of bestiality – I kid you not.

In the distorted worldview of Peter Singer it is just fine to have sex with animals as long as we don’t eat them afterwards. And he is the one who co-authored the Australian Greens policy manual! Yet people have actually voted for the Greens.

What is even more disgraceful and despicable is some people who claim to be Christians have thought that the Greens should be their first party of choice. How far have we fallen as a nation, and as a people of God, if we can get our values so warped that we can dare to call the Greens the good guys and the preferred political party?

But it was nice at least for this Canadian Green to come clean. It is always good when they make complete fools of themselves when they actually start to be up front about what they really believe. Indeed, we recently had the debacle of the Greens-controlled Marrickville Council and their anti-Semitic thuggery.

Instead of concentrating on fixing roads and serving the local people, these morally-vacuous Greens thought that pushing for a boycott of Israel was their first duty of the day. This Party is sick, and the sooner it is put out of its misery the better.

And let me be so bold as to suggest that probably the best thing any Christian can do who actually voted for these moral monsters is to repent immediately. If not, they really should stop pretending they are biblical Christians. Any Party which relishes in killing babies, massacring marriage, and undermining faith, is not in the least bit Christian.

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