More Christian Bashing

For some reason Levi’s jeans seems intent on offending and outraging Christians in particular, and religious folk in general. Remember their kissing lesbians bill board ad of several months ago?

Well now they are at it again. A few weeks ago I saw the latest example of religious vilification by Levi’s on prime time TV. It was an ad mocking Christian baptism. It features a sensuous women being ‘baptised’ in her Levi’s jeans. The ad has the phrase “born again” attached to it as well, so it is a clear take off on one of Christianity’s most important sacraments.

Levi’s seem intent on deliberately provoking and offending millions of religious Australians (and potential customers). Imagine the uproar if they attacked a major Aboriginal or Islamic religious symbol. The truth is, it is open season on Christianity. People are not to offend or vilify anyone else, but Christianity is fair game. The double standards of the new tolerance are quite incredible.

Please complain to Levi’s. Share with them your objection, and tell them you will not be buying their products as long as they think they can deliberately attack the faith of millions of Australians.

The ad can be found on this website:

Click on this site, then click on the ‘help and info’ button, then click on the ‘feedback ‘button and register your strong protest. Please speak out on this anti-Christian bigotry. If we don’t things will only get worse.

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