On 1000 Articles

OK, another cryptic title. Some with a bit of knowledge of ecclesiastical history might be thinking of the 39 Articles (the 1562 Anglican statement of faith). No, that is not quite what I have in mind here. Actually, the title is not so mysterious – it simply refers to the fact that this is the one thousandth article on this website.

Now anyone strange enough to pen 1000 articles (totalling well over one million words) probably needs to make some sort of defence, or offer some kind of rationale or justification for such verbosity. Thus this article: I simply wish to remind my readers why this website exists.

The short answer is pretty basic: I am greatly concerned about the condition of Western society. I fear greatly for the moral freefall taking place; for the assault on truth and reason; for the attack on faith; and the war on life and family. I fear greatly for the sort of world my children are growing up in, and my grandchildren might experience.

And the mainstream media is no help here. It not only will seldom cover these sorts of issues, but often it actually aids and abets those responsible for such stuff. The MSM is often promoting these anti-faith, anti-life and anti-family agendas. Thus the need for alternative sources of information. Thus the need for websites like CultureWatch.

The truth is, there is a war going on. And much of this war is a war of worldviews, a war of ideas. And as I have often said, ideas have consequences. Moreover, bad ideas have bad consequences. On a daily basis we are witnessing bad ideas and their bad consequences.

That is why I write so much. If every day there is a new outrage being perpetrated, then every day someone must chronicle such events, and raise the warning flag. As the prophets of old stood along the wall and acted as watchmen, so too today we need those who will keep a sharp eye upon what is taking place, and sound the alarm when danger and threats approach.

Of course I make no bones about the fact that I am writing from the Judeo-Christian perspective. Everyone has a worldview that they are working from, and I am happy to acknowledge mine. And I happen to think it is the correct account of things. Others may disagree.

Indeed, that is what makes the free West so worth preserving: contrarian voices can still be heard – at least for the time being. And this website is an interactive blog site, with plenty of debate, discussion and disagreement. There are well over 8000 comments here, with many coming from my critics, my opponents, and my detractors.

So this website proudly seeks to defend the truth claims of the Judeo-Christian worldview. And this becomes more important with each passing day. Not only are there many individuals and groups working overtime to decimate or eradicate the Christian church and its voice, but there is a general historical amnesia at work as well.

More and more people today simply have no clue as to the Judeo-Christian heritage of the West, and of how the story of Western civilisation is in many ways the story of Christian civilisation. Many people in the West today are ignorant of even the most basic of Christian history and teachings.

As but one example, consider a recent comment made by a journalist/columnist with the Herald Sun. He tells the story of a shop assistant who was asked for some jewellery with a cross. She replied to the customer, here is a cross “with some bloke hanging on it”. When we have to explain to people what a crucifix is, then our religious literacy is pretty much at rock bottom.

Indeed, the same article speaks of two related cases of religious ignorance. Another jewellery shop assistant thought a Madonna medal was a recent marketing ploy of an American pop star. The other incident concerns a shopper who noticed that a Christmas nativity scene was hidden away in a shopping mall. Upon complaining to the centre management, the response was: “What’s a nativity scene?”

So simply seeking to keep knowledge of basic Christianity afloat is another part of the reason why this website exists. Again, an aggressively secular and biased MSM is doing its best to suppress any knowledge or understanding of religion in general and Christianity in particular.

So this site exists to make up for that lack, and to counter that challenge. With 52 different subject categories on this website, there are obviously lots of different topics worth writing about. I make no claim to being an expert on them all. Indeed, I might be regarded as a jack of all trades and master of none.

But I have as much right to speak out as the next guy. Those who disagree with me are free to set up their own websites. Or they can send their comments here, and I will do my best to reply, provided these are honest questions and not just an excuse to argue and push agendas.

Of course there is a genuine question as to how long a website like this will be allowed to remain. All around the Western world the heavy hand of Political Correctness and censorship is being brought to bear upon alternative opinion makers. More and more the right to free speech is being whittled away, and those who dare to take an alternative perspective are being accused of “hate speech”.

So I cannot guarantee how long this website will last. There are numerous examples from around the world of censorship, persecution and opposition to those who seek to speak out, especially from the Judeo-Christian point of view. I might be next to be shut down or accused of some crime against the state.

But for the sake of my children, and any future grandchildren, I will continue to speak out as long as I can. I will continue to present truth in the public arena. When that finally becomes a crime, then I may be forcibly silenced. Time will tell. But life is short, and things are too important to give up because of a bit of opposition, or to opt out and lead an easy, undisturbed life.

My Lord did not take this path, and neither can I. Jesus Christ gave everything for me, and I can do no less in return. That is why this site exists. Indeed, earlier in my life I was heavily involved in so much of the decadence, revolt and mess that I now write about. But a life-changing encounter with the risen Christ has set me free, and I wish now to share that good news with others.

I greatly covet your prayers. I desperately need wisdom, discernment, love, boldness and humility as I seek to do this work. I know I make many mistakes. I don’t always get things right. I can get off base at times. So pray that I can more effectively and accurately represent the truth of the Gospel and the Christian worldview in an increasingly anti-Christian world.

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24 Replies to “On 1000 Articles”

  1. Congrats Bill on penning or should I say typing out your 1000th article, that must have been a lot of work….. Keep up the good work of challenging us to stay true to our most holy faith, in the midst of the madness and chaos that we live in these days.

    More Grace

    Nigel Onamade

  2. Congratulations Bill on reaching the 1000th, although four postings today certainly helped you race towards the milestone. Your site is a blessing and full of great wisdom and endeavour. Keep up the great work and do not be discouraged by the hecklers both from within and outside of the body of Christ. Blessings to you.

    Geoff Peet

  3. Bill – thank you for being the flag bearer for values many of us hold.
    Stephen White

  4. Congratulations Bill, on the milestone. Althought I have only been a reader of your blog since mid year, I have to say it has been a very useful reasource in dealing with this very disheartening world.

    As a young Christian, in my lifetime your fears of oppression will most likely become a reality. So, alas, keep going while you can! Trust that you are getting to a wider audience then you might think.

    I am certainly glad to have you around to give a specifically Christian response to the major issues in Victoria, from the mad racial distrimination laws (with love from Activist-General Rob Hulls) and of course the Abortion Laws. At least you are putting our views out there.

    Thanks, keep up the good work Bill.

    Dale Bates

  5. I am frequently impressed by the timeliness and relevance of your articles. I greatly appreciate your views and your steadfast commitment to Christ and common sense. May there be thousands more articles and may your articles turn the tide. Being a frequent reader but an infrequent commenter, I suspect that there are many more readers around the world than even you would realise, who share your concerns for our culture.

    Keep up the good work.

    Lennard Caldwell, Clifton QLD

  6. Congratulations Bill on this milestone. You should consider running for parliament – if that is not insulting. You would join King O’Malley and Norm Sanders as two American born parliamentarians.
    We all need to be watchmen/women on the walls alerting our civilisation to it’s waywardness, and we need for Christians and other profamily/prolife to work together to oust this current State Government and the Green party that hang like leeches off the skin of the ALP.
    Wayne Pelling

  7. Stand strong, Bill, we have God on our side.
    Keep up the great work, your aritcles are Bible based, topical and relavent.
    Wll done for 1000th, may there be many, many more.
    Judith Bond

  8. Thanks Bill for a 1000 articles.
    I don’t always find myself agreeing with you but thanks for stirring the pot and stimulating thinking and doing it with good grace.
    Mark Wilkinson

  9. Congratulations, Bill. That is quite the output! Like Mark, I don’t always agree with you. Sometimes I agree with you wholeheartedly. I appreciate your genuine care for the things of Christ, and the for the society around you. I also appreciate your contribution to debate and discussion.
    Cheers, Simon Kennedy, VIC

  10. Well done Bill. Of course you know that this work puts you in the firing line from all sorts of people and spiritual agents. I ask all readers and contributors to join me in praying for protection for Bill and his family.
    Graham Keen, Singapore

  11. Bill,

    Silly as it sounds, I would probably tell more people about your site if I could remember how to spell it!
    Have you considered getting an alternate domain name, it could point to this one so you could continue with both.
    If you cannot find a .com or .com.au, you could cast around for a ‘friendly’ TLD registrar at . I found that Tajikistan was pretty lenient so I now have pearce.tj, TJ being my initials!

    Tim Pearce, WA

  12. Thanks Tim

    Hey, I even have trouble spelling my name. But you do not need to go that route. I just typed culturewatch (one word) into Google and the first two hits were my website. So thanks for being an evangelist for CultureWatch, but just tell them to Google the name of the site instead of trying to remember the URL, and they should have good success.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. It is not only in the area of sexuality where people are being made to keep quiet. Look what happens if people express alternative opinions about climate change, or even seem skeptical about it. They are shouted down. Political correctness is nothing more than creeping fascism.
    Wayne Pelling

  14. Bill,

    Good work on 1000 articles. Pray for strength, wisdom and humility with the next 1000.

    Nathan Clarke

  15. Thank you Bill. You are indeed a special person for bringing to our attention vital issues that must be discussed, deliberated, defended or denied. I would be lost for words if I did not have your articles to inform and prompt me to action. May God’s wisdom be your daily portion as you continue to serve our wonderful and Infinite Creator God

    Dawn McGregor

  16. May I add my appreciation of Bill’s ministry to stand not only as a watchman on the wall (for there are plenty of other sites where one can monitor the pressing issues of the day), neither has he created a chat room where people spend hours in futile debate. Bill gives us the kind of “briefing room” where soldiers during a war are given a picture of the global battle zones and then equipped to go out and engage with the enemy, wherever we may be. In addition, I have benefited on numerous occasions from his responding personally to specific needs, and I am not talking about a loan till Friday, but how to tackle a specific problem. All this is under-girded by solid Biblical reference which encourages us to look more deeply into the scriptures than we otherwise would have done. So he is not only a watchman on the wall but a faithful builder who frequently holds the plumbline up against it to see if it is straight and true. I have also benefited greatly from the wisdom, experience of others such as Jonathan, Mark, Ewan, Jenny and many others whom I will probably only meet in heaven.

    David Skinner, UK

  17. Many thanks indeed guys for all your kind words. They are much appreciated and they certainly encourage me to keep at it. Of course you share these words because you share my concerns for faith, for family, for life. These are all things worth fighting for with all our strength. I certainly will continue to make them my priority. And thank you for also fighting the good fight as well. We are all in this together.

    As to those who mentioned that they don’t always agree with me: that’s alright – I don’t always agree with myself either!

    Blessings to you all,

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. Bill in your next article series, perhaps you could care to comment about KRUDD’s Christianity in the public sphere. It seems that cultural imperialism, in the form of abortion aid to developing countries will be an issue. His lack of comment in relation to the persecution of Indian Christians, especially in Orissa, to me is of concern.
    Wayne Pelling

  19. Thank you Bill,

    Your articles are a constant source of conversation for all of us in our school. We are constantly challenged by your activity and willingness to speak truth despite the popularity you may or may not receive. Congrats, keep up the good work.

    Ben Soleim

  20. Bill,

    May God continue to give you wisdom and discernment. I personally am inspired by your fithfullness to Christ’s Call.

    Blessings and protection on you, your family and your team.

    Johaan Ernest

  21. Thank you for your website and your writing and congratulations!
    Natasha Sim

  22. Congratulations Bill. Your work and the opportunities for discussion are a great blessing. I learn so much often by just reading it all. God bless and protect you.
    Ryan Foley, Melbourne.

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