More Bad Consequences of the Sexual Revolution

In 1956 Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin wrote The American Sex Revolution. In it he said, “This sex revolution is as important as the most dramatic political or economic upheaval. It is changing the lives of men and women more radically than any other revolution of our time. . . . Any considerable change in marriage behavior, any increase in sexual promiscuity and sexual relations, is pregnant with momentous consequences. A sex revolution drastically affects the lives of millions, deeply disturbs the community, and decisively influences the future of society.”

Those words were penned over half a century ago. How true they appear in 2009. If we look at just one nation – England – we quickly discover how accurate Sorokin was. Consider three recent reports coming from this country concerning the issue of sexuality. They certainly speak of “momentous consequences”, and do not auger well for the future of civilisation.

The first story concerns a National Health Service leaflet which states that school kids have a “right” to a hot sex life. The NHS has produced a document called “Pleasure” in which it tells teens that along with eating lots of fruits and veggies, “sex or masturbation twice a week” is good for their health.

The slogan of the campaign is “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”. I wish I could say I was making this up, but alas I am not. According to one media report, the knucklehead behind this campaign “believes that as long as teenagers are fully informed about sex and are making their decisions free of peer pressure and as part of a caring relationship, they have as much right as an adult to a good sex life.”

Never mind our skyrocketing rates of teen promiscuity, teen pregnancies, teen abortions and teen STDs. Our dizzy sexperts want our kids to just do it. For them the highest value in life seems to be an orgasm, and the worst thing in life seems to be acting like a human being who does not need to descend to the level of animals and give in to every sexual urge that comes along.

But this is all part of how our elites are running the asylum. They have simply told kids to give in to whatever craving they experience, and forget about such things as self-control, temperance and delayed gratification. And they have especially told the kids to forget about anything smacking of morality.

Indeed, the second story has to do with more English sexperts spewing forth their perverted understanding of human sexuality. It seems that the children’s minister, Beverley Hughes, is about to circulate a government leaflet which tells parents to keep morality out of sex lessons.

As the Sunday Times reports, “Parents should avoid trying to convince their teenage children of the difference between right and wrong when talking to them about sex, a new government leaflet is to advise. Instead, any discussion of values should be kept ‘light’ to encourage teenagers to form their own views, according to the brochure.”

Great, just what hormonally charged teenagers need to hear. Forget all this business about right and wrong – just go for it. Perfect advice for wild dogs and mountain goats, but is it what impressionable young people need to hear?

In truth this is sheer madness. A moral framework is exactly what young people need as they confront such heady issues as human sexuality. To pretend that such a vital area can be a moral-free zone is absolute lunacy. Our prisons are already filled with amoral sex offenders, who have had drummed into their heads the mantra that we should just do whatever feels good.

Children need moral guidance in every area of life, not least of which in the area of sexuality. As social commentator Christina Hoff Summers has rightly remarked, “To my mind, leaving children alone to discover their own values is a little like putting them in a chemistry lab and saying, ‘Discover your own compound kids.’ If they blow themselves up, at least they have engaged in an authentic search for the self.”

Yet these mentally challenged sexperts want to strip the whole discussion of sexuality out of the moral framework in which it belongs. As former US Secretary of Education William Bennett put it, “Sex education has to do with how boys and girls, how men and women, treat each other and themselves — or, rather, should treat each other and themselves. Sex education is therefore about character and the formation of character. A sex education course in which issues of right and wrong do not occupy center stage is evasive and irresponsible.”

But we have now had decades of sex ed which tells kids all about the mechanics of sex, without a word about morality and what human personhood is all about. And the truth is, this approach has been a colossal failure. A number of reports on the success of amoral sex ed courses have appeared, and the verdict is not good.

Consider a very recent report, documenting how English sex ed courses have fared. As one English press account puts it, “A multi-million pound initiative to reduce teenage pregnancies more than doubled the number of girls conceiving. The Government-backed scheme tried to persuade teenage girls not to get pregnant by handing out condoms and teaching them about sex. But research funded by the Department of Health shows that young women who attended the programme, at a cost of £2,500 each, were ‘significantly’ more likely to become pregnant than those on other youth programmes who were not given contraception and sex advice.”

Are we supposed to be surprised? For a half century we have been telling our kids that they are really just animals in an evolutionary world; there is no right and wrong; instant gratification of one’s desires is just hunky dory; all one needs is a condom; and notions such as self-control and learning to say no are antiquated Victorian hangovers.

Surprise, surprise. In such an environment, we have even more problems with teen sexuality. Duh. Maybe it is time to round up all those sexperts and government bureaucrats and force them to take up real jobs, and return to the traditional wisdom that has served us so well for generations.

To our ruling elites today, it may sound all very old-fashioned, but give me the advice of Alan Keyes any day: “If we encourage our kids to believe they can’t control their sexual desires, what of their greed, their anger, their prejudice, and their hate? What condoms will we distribute to protect them from the consequences of those? Perhaps it’s time we remembered that for a free people the first challenge of education is not to fill our children’s heads with knowledge, but to instill in their hearts the confidence they need to quell the storms and tempests of unruly passion.”

Edmund Burke was quite right when he wrote, “Society cannot exist unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

In the area of sexuality – as in so many other areas – we are in a moral freefall. While our elites promise us that freedom is the outcome of such sexual libertinism, the opposite is the case: we simply succumb to a new slavery, and in effect dig our own graves.

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26 Replies to “More Bad Consequences of the Sexual Revolution”

  1. I agree, we live in a world that wants to get as far away from the knowledge of God and his righteousness as possible. This world is very disceived and they want to disceve each other, especially our children.

    2 Timothy 3:13: But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

    Donna Opie

  2. Since when are teenagers free of peer pressure? They try to free themselves of parent pressure, but not peer pressure.

    Keeping morality out of sex education is child abuse.

    There is no such thing as a right to a “good sex life”. Rights are supposed to be precise, easily recognised. You can’t have a right to a fuzzy, ill-defined something called “good sex life”.

    “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”. That is absurd. More does not mean good or better. If the perpetrators of this nonsense want to practice what they preach they should take up prostitution.

    John Snowden

  3. Buh…



    I’m flabberghasted.

    Has anybody out there got any brains? We know, KNOW, teenage brains are not fully developed. We know, KNOW, that teenagers are unable to evaluate consqequences and make mature decisions like adults. We know, KNOW, most teenagers regret their first sexual encounter. We know, KNOW, that bad habits and patterns in teenage years damage development and health (Body, mind soul) into adulthood.

    Romans 1:32

    …they not only continue to do this very things but will not be happy until they have forced everyone to do so.

    Michael Hutton

  4. Please. Since when are teenagers entitled to a “good sex life”? I know plenty of married adults who don’t have that (due to jobs, children, and other responsibilities of being a responsible human being).

    This whole era of entitlement without consequences is a joke. A sad joke, but a joke nonetheless.

    Alex Esplin

  5. Dear Bill, We are made for different stages in life. From infancy to adult life we learn when we are challenged to gain different knowledge. this I believe is so that we can cope so that we may go through maturing processess in our own mind and soul as different people have different stages of maturing and coping. God gives us different challenges in life at different stages to mature our soul to make us into better human beings,to contribute towards the betterment of mankind and MAYBE be able to achieve salvation. How is it that these people miss the point of all this. By forcing young people to learn about something especially sexual maturation without considering all sorts of factors or even just the mere forcing of the issue shows that they lack in wisdom or thought of consequences. It is all about what they think should happen. All over again its about interfering with lives and social engineering, never mind the consequences on the young people or their individual maturation. Their need to be children and then later learn about being an adult. Shouldnt a child have the right foundation to grow into adults that can contribute fully to society later in life and there is a time and place to learn stage by stage about the different facets of life that we have to face?.
    Siti Khatijah

  6. Bill,
    How are we to teach young people that sex is for marriage when adults don’t regard marriage as a sacred institution anymore but something to enter and leave as we wish, and marital faithfulness of little importance. Who are the role models?
    Tough situation we are in. It’s today’s moral values. Pointless to debate how we got here. Can only think of prayer as a solution to this hopeless situation. The church seems so impotent.

    Barry Koh

  7. Good article Bill. This is the destination towards which we are heading as long as we consider humans to be merely animals. Any sex ed without reference to morality denies that we are beings made in the image of God. Ironically their desire for freedom enslaves them to their desires. Whereas acknowledgement of our God-given morality frees us from being slaves to our desires and allows us to make real choices.
    Chris Cullen

  8. Bill,

    I think that last article on the brothel is actually a positive thing. It seems they want to show the destructive nature of sex-for-hire. They want to put a human face behind the industry, which is what is so wrong with prostitution, it dehumanises the most personal of gifts God has given to married couples. It’s what our whole society is doing, and this initiative seems to me from the article to work against that..

    Assuming the information is presented in the right context, I think I would be happy for my boy in year 11 to go and find out how degrading and debased the industry is and to realise it’s not ever a place for him to go to.

    I think it’s sad that such places exist. And in such multitudes, and with public approval.

    Has anybody done the research? Have legal brothels lowered the rape statistics? Somehow I doubt it.

    Thanks for your information.
    God Bless,
    Michael Hutton

  9. Thanks Michael

    I am not sure if I am with you on this one. I don’t think I want to expose my kids to all sorts of evils which are out there, be it to put a “human face” on it all, or to warn them of the dangers of those activities. Learning about what is evil seldom requires that we immerse ourselves in all the gory details of that particular evil. We are reminded in Scripture that it is a shame to even speak of those things which are done in darkness (Eph. 5:12). It doesn’t recommend that we carefully check out all the evils in the world to see how bad they really are.

    So we may have to agree to disagree here!

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  10. Bill,

    I take your point. I think you’re right with regard to the phone call. You don’t need to inflame teenage curiosity about the list of “services” provided nor the descriptions of the workers.

    But I think the story of the abducted girl is a useful thing for people to hear. If you visit a prostitute you support this industry. You are part of the slave trade. How best to present it would need to be worked out.

    Thanks for the good discussion,
    Michael Hutton, Ariah Park

  11. Thanks Michael

    The issue can be complex and is worth reflecting on. What do we do if we want to deter people from certain things? Sometimes we show people the consequences of bad behaviours or risky activities, as in the TAC ads. Wilberforce would take MPs to slave ships to see firsthand the realities of the slave trade, but they were adults of course.

    So what steps we take to send warnings, how much gory detail we go into, and what age is appropriate to do so involves some careful thinking indeed.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  12. “I think that last article on the brothel is actually a positive thing”.

    Don’t agree. The positive thing to do is close the brothels down as a good moral example to the students. Why? Because in all societies female prostitutes are the lowest status females (male prostitutes are even lower). Even high society prostitutes servicing aristocracy in ages past did not have substantial status. If you care for the dignity of women, then you have to amend status overall. If you don’t think very visible prostitution influences how some men think of women then you know nothing of the language of men amongst men. If talk of status seems odd, then read up on Goldberg and his work on the sociology of patriarchy (all human societies are status-driven patriarchies). You will get more respect for women when there are more of them in high status professions like medicine, law etc. You won’t get any from letting them sink into prostitution.

    John Snowden

  13. This sex thing is more a symptom than a cause.

    What is really happening is selfishness. “We know what we’re doing.” Any higher authority can go to Hell (or at least the Lake of Fire). The entire structure of our society (defective, functional, or otherwise) is being disassembled without any obvious plan for replacement.

    Parents, from a secular point of view, are simply older than their offspring. There is no plan to pass down knowledge, let alone (ghasp!) control. Never mind the observation that such passage of information & control is how we were designed to operate.

    Leon Brooks

  14. Hi Bill,

    I read the line above “they have as much right as an adult to a good sex life” and you know what. I wholeheartedly agree with that idea.

    In what meaningful sense does anybody have a _right_ to a good sex life ?

    The lunacy of a concept of rights that thinks “a good sex life” is something that can be a right is just unfathomable. The freedom to pursue a good sex life might be a right (actually better a liberty really, as in free to do it, but not free to expect some obligation on others in your pursuit of it) but to actually acheive this ? How can that even meaningfully be a right?

    Then again, the rights talk insanity of western culture is the source of endless problems and the attempts to deny the reality that “your right is my obligation” just makes it worse.

    Oh well, when you are heading towards a waterfall, surely it makes sense to paddle faster towards it. Right?

    Jason Rennie

  15. Those silly sexperts. Don’t they get that we see right through them? They try to tell us to remove morals from the conversation and ‘educate’ our children, but part of education is giving both sides of the story and then allowing a decision to be made. What they are doing is, as you Bill, have said before, putting another nail in the Christian coffin.

    And if any of these so called sexperts are interested, the definition of educate is :give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (someone, esp. a child),

    Enough said.

    Michelle Guillemaud, Canada

  16. Very well written, but I would like to bring out two more things:

    1. As you said, the bad sex education/revolution has been going on for some time now – therefore today’s teachers themselves are the product of this system: they cannot teach what they do not possess, understand, or practice.

    2. Sexuality is in a category of its own in terms of how one should talk about it. It is sacred, it is mysterious, it is protected by modesty. No one is tempted to own a slave from seeing a slave ship, but respect for human sexuality can be damaged even by trying to teach by counter-example, such is the power of scandal.

    Sebastian Szyszkowicz

  17. Thank you Jason, you have argued cogently against the rights/liberties aspect.

    I would like to challenge the basic idea that children or teenagers are the equal of adults, and therefore are entitled to the same liberties. I believe that this comes also from the misguided Enlightenment theories of equality (meaning sameness or any form of mathematical equivalence).

    Biblically, each person is unique, but everyone is treated with both justice and mercy by God. So, in one way, God treats everyone equally, but in another, individually or uniquely.

    Thus the modern bundle of ideas labelled ‘equality’ is inadequate to embrace the ‘both-and’ of God’s dealings with us – both equally and uniquely.

    We already recognise in our consciences that there are times in life where certain things (such as marriage and sex or on a trivial level, driving a car or holding a job) are permissible for some but not for others because they are at different stages, or they do not qualify.

    We also recognise that certain rights/responsibilities can be forfeited if we fail to fulfill our part of the “bargain”. Marriage is for life – if we can’t ‘make a go of the relationship’ we don’t have any Biblical mandate to divorce and then try again.

    Or, having a criminal record precludes a person from holding certain public offices. There is no need to consider remorse, forgiveness or rehabilitation because there is merely a simple requirement for qualification.

    This we see in the OT, where there was no point arguing that a Benjamite would have made a better priest. The Mosaic Law said that priesthood came through Aaron and the Levite line. If you didn’t qualify, that was the end of the story.

    John Angelico

  18. Hi John,

    I agree with you there as well. Children don’t have the same rights/liberties/responsibilities as adults.

    I was just floored by the idea that anybody would argue for the idea of “sexual fulfillment” as a right at all. There is something fundamentally diseased about his notion.

    Jason Rennie

  19. Shocking, just shocking!

    As a teacher, one who has taught sex ed many times over the years, I am grateful for the moral and spiritual framework that I deliver as part of the program. How can they be separated?

    Yes, I count it a joy and honour to work as a Pastoral Worker in a Christian college. I know that many of my students do not come from a home with a Christian morality, and I feel great that I and other similar staff, may in part do a little bit to try to stem this stinking raging tide imposed upon our precious young ones.

    May God give us strength to continue to fight. God help them, and help us all!

    Thanks for fighting the good fight Bill.

    Note: Our college uses the “No Apologies” program produced by Focus on the Family.

    George Kokonis

  20. Well, Michael Hutton (and others, probably), I’m not in the least flabbergasted. This is just what we expect in contemporary Britain (unless we’re blind, or very bad). It’s an evil world ruled by evil people (sorry – is that a bit extreme? well, I think it’s calling things what they really are, and that – above all – is what we need). We have a long way to go, yet, towards the total breakdown of everything … but we’re going there …
    John Thomas

  21. Sexuality is in a category of its own in terms of how one should talk about it. It is sacred, it is mysterious, it is protected by modesty. No one is tempted to own a slave from seeing a slave ship, but respect for human sexuality can be damaged even by trying to teach by counter-example, such is the power of scandal.

    Very beautifully put. And very true.

    Isn’t this whole sex push really coming from The Ideologues who just want the populace to be obedient to their will? You know, a Bread and Circuses kind of deal.

    Louise Le Mottee

  22. The first story concerns a National Health Service leaflet which states that school kids have a “right” to a hot sex life.

    Actually, I had a thought about this. This is just the beginning of the process to make pedophilia acceptable. After all, if kids have a right to a hot sex life, they will need sex partners and what better than an experienced, older partner?

    Pedophilia is currently seen by most Aussies as an abominable crime. How long ’til it becomes a “human right”? I give it 10 years.

    Louise Le Mottee

  23. Thanks Louise

    A horrifying thought, but sadly you may well be right. The way things are heading, such a scenario is not all that unlikely.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  24. I am 46 years old and the good Lord saved an undeserving wretch like me three years ago. Words cannot accurately describe how truly grateful I am. Living in the secular world, my eyes were closed – I could not begin to comprehend the depravity of our society. My eyes are WIDE open now – and this is just one more confirmation as to why I have emptied my bank account to send my daughter to Christian school and why I work hard to become more Christ like and to raise a Godly child. THANK YOU heavenly Father and thank you Summit Ministries! I have just discovered you and I will certainly be a regular visitor to your site.

    Peace and Grace
    Joanne Sturgess
    Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

  25. i do agree of that, now a days teens tend to make love without using any protection so at the end, girls became pregy and what will happen next? if the man is not responsible enough they might sacrifice an innocent life… so it is very important to the teens to be informed and be educated about the facts that might happen if teens under go sex in the wrong time.
    Vince Sityar

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